A Fourth Of July Pep Talk


by Tracey Grissom

The signing of The Declaration of Independence is celebrated on July 4, although it was actually adoopted on July 2, 1776

(Jul. 4, 2011) — Dear Editor, I gave myself a little pep talk today. I needed one because it’s the 4th of July and I am deeply concerned about my country and was feeling depressed.

I said, “Self, you know perfectly well if a person could just see around the corner, there are many times, just when you are about to give up, you are often a mere few feet away from success. There is always hope. Now — this very moment when you want to give up, when it seems Congress is never going to do anything about Obama, then — THIS MOMENT — is the moment to press on. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Don’t give up—never! It might be hell, but you just have to grit your teeth and keep doing what you know is right. Do what you can, no matter how many times you have done it before and keep doing it, until you see results. Sooner or later something has to break. The truth has to prevail.”

Well, my little pep talk to myself must have worked, because I sat down and wrote a letter to my two Senators and my Representative. Like many of your readers, I get so disgusted with Congress because they don’t seem to care or listen to us and I would like to just throw my hands in the air and give up! BUT you can’t win if you don’t even try. I had read an article by Devvy Kidd where she said that writing to Congress using snail mail was better than emails or phone calls “because a member of Congress can’t ignore 300,000 letters delivered by the mailman. Hard copy letters can’t be ignored like email because they’re stacked on a desk to the ceiling.” That made sense to me, so while I usually email them I decided to try writing a real letter and drop it in the mail.

I won’t bore you with the actual letters, and no, I did not use the word ‘impeachment,’ because I am done asking about that, but I cited the telephone poll done by Wenzel Strategies that WND had cited. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.85 points,  and showed “half of Americans would like to see Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens. Even among Democrats, more than one in four – 28 percent – said they now want an inquiry, as do 43 percent of independents and 77 percent of Republicans.”

So I asked them, “If half of America thought Obama’s eligibility should be investigated, then should not half the Senate (50 senators) and half the House of Representatives (217.5 of them) think so, too? I mean IF they represent the American people?”

Then I told them if the subject of eligibility was too much of a “hot potato”for Congress maybe they could at least do something for their constituents by contacting FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III and see how the investigation on the Obama fraudulent birth certificate is going?

Basically that was it, just one page, because I’m assuming they don’t live in a vacuum and they do know what’s going on, so I didn’t see the value of pointing out the obvious to them. I mean, good grief — they have the internet over there in Washington, D.C., don’t they? So with a minimum amount of effort they can figure out all by themselves the meaning of natural born Citizen and that Obama is not, and yes, plenty of Americans just happen to think that’s important. REALLY important! And by now anyone with an open mind, half a brain and an internet connection has figured out Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate (LFBC) released on April 27th, 2011 is one weird document.

Common sense says if a person wants a copy of his 1961 LFBC, then the vital statistics department of one’s state should be able to scan the vault copy they have had since 1961 and that should be that. But the Obama birth certificate is cut and pasted and layered and cobbled together in the sloppiest fashion.  In fact, the only thing missing with the Obama LFBC to make the picture complete is some purple crayon drawings here and there and a little Elmer’s glue holding it together.

Okay, maybe there is one more thing missing. The answer to this question:  WHY, I MEAN WHY– IS IT SUCH A RIDICULOUSLY BAD FORGERY?

And who did it? The White House or Hawaii Department of Health? Or did both add and subtract things?

On page four of the correspondence between the White House and the Hawaii Department of Health, there is a statement written by Director of Health Loretta J. Fuddy:

“Through that authority (as Director of Health), in recognition of your status as President of the United States, I am making an exception to current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy.”

What exactly is a computer-generated certified copy? If you look up the word “generate” in the dictionary, it means you cause something to be; you produce something. So was Fuddy saying that the HDOH had to produce a birth certificate first, then they copied it and certified it?

If that is what she meant, why are they producing one, and what did they do with the one they said they had? Did they lose it?

There are answers. Someone with authority just needs to ask the right questions. I can see two reasons that might motivate Congress to finally ask questions and investigate either the HDOH, Obama, his birth certificate or his eligibility (and one would probably lead to another).

1. Congress wakes up and realizes Americans want them to be representatives –not trustees. A representative does what the people ask him or her to do; a trustee does what they think is in the people’s best interest. Especially after the health-care bill was voted in, it is clear most of our elected officials do not listen to the collective wisdom of the American people but think of themselves as being a trustee. A few more election cycles like 2010 and maybe in a few years Congress will lose the “trustee mentality” and start acting like true representatives, but it’s going to take time and the American voters must stay the course. And by that time, one way or another, Obama will be a chapter in the American history books.

2. Congress decides the only way to get us to shut up is to finally open an investigation or at least start contacting the FBI asking them to look into it.

In the New Testament, Jesus gives a parable in Luke, Chapter 18, that He states was meant to encourage His followers to persevere in prayer, but aside from that, His choice of characters for the parable is interesting. In the parable, there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought, and a widow who kept coming to him wanting justice. The judge kept refusing.

Parables are meant to draw a word picture and this picture is of two people who are on opposite ends of the political, social and economic spectrum. The judge is somebody important, very elite, answers to no higher authority but himself, and feels secure enough that he could not care less what people thought. The widow brings to mind someone who has no family to help her, can’t afford legal counsel, probably not visibly impressive, is absolutely powerless and someone the judge would have considered insignificant and of no account.

Finally he does what he should and grants her request for justice because he says, “…this widow keeps bothering me; I will see that she gets justice so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!”

Attack him? How? I doubt he was afraid she would physically punch him in the nose someday, and it can’t mean attack his reputation because he does not care what people think. Most commentaries agree it must mean because the judge realizes she is never going to give up even when she has been told 100 times that he will not give her justice. She is going to just wear him out with her persistence and never, never shut up. Day after day, there she is. The only way to get rid of her is to finally give in.

If that is what it takes, it works for me.

Have a blessed and happy 4th of July.