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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Recently Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois stated to a group of immigrants that "one of you might be president someday." What does his abrogation of the constitutional requirements for President reveal?

(Jul. 3, 2011) — I’ve been quite amazed at the depths to which our politicians will stoop in order to pander for votes. Take, for instance, Dick Durbin’s latest Senate speech where he asks the illegal immigrants in the gallery to stand and be recognized in order to be admired for some made-up excuse other than breaking at least one of our nation’s laws. He goes on to say that, perhaps in the future, one of the illegals may become President, obviously admitting to the world that he never read the memo that the person currently holding the office of president is already an illegal immigrant, thus showing the world that even Senators can be as foolish as the people who vote for them.

Even though Senator Durbin is disturbingly disappointing as someone who swore to uphold the Constitution, he unfortunately is not the only one. Arguably, the most egregious public servant out there is Janet Napolitano, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, for her acrimonious treatment of airline passengers via the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) goons. Taking the cue from the head Muslim (Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah), the TSA targets average law-abiding citizens for nonsensical searches while allowing women wearing burqas and men (who are obviously Muslim) a free pass to walk by the checkpoints with nary a glance.

Furthermore, our mock Attorney General, Eric Holder, lets the guilty walk, people who were caught on film blocking the path of voters who may or may not have cast a ballot for Obama during the 2008 presidential election. In that instance, through intimidation tactics, the New Black Panthers denied American citizens the right to choose their elected representatives, thereby advancing their own agenda in which the word “freedom” doesn’t exist.  They were actually hastening the end of achievement and welcoming a life without hope, assuring that the rest of their lives will be as impoverished, economically and intellectually, as their present condition. Unfortunately, their shortsightedness is reflected in their world outlook, where color means more than character, and where common courtesy and sense are standards by which their enemy chooses colleagues, friends, and compatriots, but certainly not them.

When news media stop dissembling the truth, and with the new dawn, millions of Americans wake up to the truth being told, when the cat escapes from the bag, then everyone will be a “birther” by default, just for knowing the truth. What follows is the lies exposed and everyone in the current administration running for cover, all of our politicians claiming “They told the same lies to us!” and judges proclaiming that their “hands were tied.”

I’m offended that our fellow citizens are going around with blinders on, and even when confronted with the truth that Obama is nothing but a fake and is destroying this country as quickly as possible, they still don’t care one way or another.  However, the excuse “I didn’t know” no longer holds any water. Even the most ardent supporters of Obama are aware of the lies: place of birth, multiple Social Security numbers, fake social security number, bogus Selective Service records, false Harvard and Columbia University records, immigrant status, and so on. All the world knows that Obama is an imposter and a Muslim.

But most of all, I’m offended by the so-called “Dream Act” where the American taxpayer foots the bill for illegal immigrants to prosper on the taxpayers’ dime.  We have a very, very serious problem with millions of people within our borders who, according to the law, are not supposed to be here. We either have a country where laws are followed, or we just lost America. There is no reason under the sun why each and every illegal cannot be deported. Millions of illegal immigrants are contributing to the total destruction of the United States, and that’s the truth. We welcome legal immigration. “Immigration Reform” is nothing less than rewarding law-breakers, and if we support such legislation, are we not then law-breakers too? Just for fun, search “Aztlan.”