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by JB Williams, ©2011

"E Pluribus Unum" became a U.S. motto by an act of Congress in 1782 and appears on the Great Seal of the United States

(Jul. 1, 2011) — In my search to write something worthy of the 2011 Independence Day celebration, at a time in history when the communist left is totally unified against the remaining and totally divided so-called “independent thinkers” who refer to themselves as “patriots,” my love for the concept of E Pluribus Unum came to mind… a term few “patriots” seem to have ever heard before.

The term E Pluribus Unum dates back to the founding of our once great nation. It was a very simple concept, a Latin term chosen by our Founding Fathers as the official National Motto for the newly formed United States of America, which translates in English to – “Out of many, one.”

The phrase was first proposed by the 1st Congressional Committee on July 4th, 1776 – along with a hand drawn National Seal which would forever display the wishes of the Founders, that our nation be forever united as one in the common pursuit of Life, Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness free from tyranny in all of its many forms.

Sadly, our nations enemies seem to grasp this concept better than our nation’s “constitutional patriots” do today, as the left is indeed “united as one” in the destruction of America while patriots continue to focus all attention on that which keeps them divided and impotent.

The movement to destroy America is multi-faceted, but totally united and very well-funded. They are a hundred years ahead of those who claim to love America in their strategies and they have taken the time to learn all of our weaknesses, first among them, our disunity. Divided, we are collapsing. United, our enemies meet with no significant resistance.

At some point in history, American patriots lost sight of E Pluribus Unumand began to focus only upon self-interests and personal agendas. Today, the Tea Parties and Patriot groups number more than 20,000 separate independent organizations, which spend most of their time fighting amongst each other as the real enemy advances.

I can’t pinpoint the date, but I have no doubt that our nations many divisions on the political right are no accident.

For the record, there is no American who thinks more independently than I do. But I have always understood and revered the concept of E Pluribus Unum, because I have always known that divided over a host of petty issues, the most important issues would be left unattended and eventually, divided, our great nation would fail.

We now reap what we have sown…

As groups across the country fracture further and further into small under-funded impotent political playpens for the hopelessly myopic, a united international left advances through the gates and pushes every American to the brink of utter destruction.

Our divisions are too many to count. Our independent minds have overlooked the very real and obvious need to unify with others in the common goal of defending that which is most important to every American, freedom and liberty.

We are being manipulated by our enemies, to divide our efforts further and further every day, one organizational schism after another, until the true patriots of this land are so divided up in so many competing groups that none of them have the man-power or funding to confront the evil we all hope to defeat, but cannot.

The LEFT is NOT Worried

Despite foolish and overly optimistic comments to the contrary from political newbies, the left is not at all worried about the political right, nor should they be. Divided and distracted, the political right is no match for the united and well-funded political left.

In the good ole days, communists and socialists worked in the closet, below radar where very few Americans beyond Senator Joe McCarthy had any awareness of the gathering threat against freedom coming from within.

Today, they are out in the open, in the streets and in our faces, operating from within our own government, not just Hollywood. The Communist Party USA has even openly endorsed Barack Obama and all Democrats for the 2012 election cycle. The Communist Party and Socialist Party have worked jointly to consume the Democrat Party for decades, well represented by their legislative arms of the Democratic Socialists of America, the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus.

If you want to know who is driving Obama’s economic policyit’s these folks. The left gets E Pluribus Unum, the need for many to work together as ONE. The right remains lost in the wilderness…trying to do independently that which can only be done through a united effort.

Real Hope for the Right Changes

In recent weeks, however, I have seen some early signs that true patriots are beginning to seek unity. Not false unity in the form of temporary cross-organization collaborations which always come up short of effecting real change, but real unity, “out of many, ONE!”

There is but ONE patriot organization in America today which is designed on this simple concept alone, E Pluribus Unum and they are gathering steam, first and foremost among veterans who are the first to understand the need to work as a unit in an organized and focused way.

That organization is The United States Patriots Union. Yes, I am a Co-Founder of Patriots Union. Am I biased towards Patriots Union? YES! Now let’s discuss why…

Patriots Union was formed on the basis of E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one! It is led not by me alone, but by a group of highly accomplished leaders like MG Paul Vallely, Col. Jim Harding, SGT Tim Harrington, and Col. Harry Riley — legal experts like Barbara Ketay, precinct experts like Jacque Martin and countless others.

It is far from leaderless — it is a union of our nation’s best leaders, all coming together, in one place, around one set of high priority common goals, with carefully crafted strategies aimed at achieving tangible results. None of these people are politicians seeking a seat at the table of corruption. All of them seek to overturn the table of corruption and put America back on the road to decency, honesty, freedom, liberty and prosperity. There is room for many others!

Each of these men and women have been engaged in fighting for freedom and liberty in their own areas of expertise for many years and they all have the battle scars to prove it. They are all battle tested…yet they have all come together in an effort to unify others, putting their independent interests aside in pursuit of their common interests.

It can happen, it must happen and it is happening, at Patriots Union. I know of no other organization in America which is as focused on solid leadership and the concept of E Pluribus Unum.

Divided, the political right has no real hope of altering the course of history at this late date. But if the right is united and focused, the political left has no chance in this country. The left is not worried because the right remains divided and distracted. Let the right come together and watch what happens next.

It will take man-power and funding to defeat the left in America. It will take unity of common purpose which exceeds the many petty divisions of independent agendas. It will take serious leadership by serious individuals and lots of them.

It can be done. It must be done! Or, what are we celebrating this July Fourth?

E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, ONE!

Only united, can we even hope to prevail… Divided, the people have no hope.