America’s #1 Enemy Exposed!


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Spartacus was a Thracian enslaved by the Romans who led his fellow slaves to freedom and became an historical symbol for fighting government oppression

(Jun. 24, 2011) — Let’s say you’re asked to make a list, a list of all of the enemies of the United States, and you have to list them in order of the threat level, with those who are an immediate danger at the top. Maybe you’ve been paying attention, and put Islam, then China, and so forth. Well, good try, but no banana. You try again, and this time you list Iran, Russia, Israel, India. Not even close. How about Canada? Costa Rica? Need help?

The thing is, and this is really sad, that the most dangerous enemy we have is right within our borders as I write this and as you read this: ignorance. Or, to put it a little more truthfully, the greatest enemy America faces isn’t Islam, Marxist philosophy, or a Totalitarian system of control, but plain and simple stupidity. It’s people making decisions with no facts, skewed facts, pretend facts, and imagined facts. It’s voting with “feeling” vs. intellect. It’s not having the courage to admit a mistake, correct the mistake, and carry on.

The most obvious “for instance” is the Democratic Party of 2011 compared with what it stood for in the early ‘60’s.  The “Ask not what you can do for your country” party has become quite the opposite, with a philosophy that is diametrically opposed to “for your country” to “to destroy your country.”  It is, Folks, what we call a “no-brainer.”

If you or I were to emigrate to another country, we would learn the language and the customs, but more than anything else, we would respect our adopted country’s laws. You and I, as responsible and contributing members of our adopted country, would adhere to the letter the laws of our new home. It’s called respect, common courtesy, and consideration, and if you don’t care to follow the law of the land, then you don’t belong in that land. Go back to where you came from.

The Constitution of America took thousands of years to not be written, but to be implemented. From the days of the Roman slave Spartacus who rebelled against tyranny, to the warriors of the Revolutionary War, and those Americans who died in the War of 1812, and all subsequent bloody conflicts, they all fought and died for freedom, to be able to exercise free choice in religion, education, employment, where to live, whom to marry. They didn’t go to battle over land, over riches and plunder; they went to battle over an idea, the idea of freedom.

Somewhere, somehow, the history of America, and what she still stands for, have been the focus of derision by small-minded, uneducated and ignorant people such as Bill Ayers and George Soros, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, most members of Congress, and all members of the Judiciary. Somehow a felonious person is accepted as law-abiding; somehow a money launderer gets a free pass; somehow an illegal immigrant, who has no respect for the law of America, gets hired by the government and is paraded around as a symbol of conciliation rather than what he is: an illegal thrust into a position of power, bought and paid for by petrol dollars, money derived from the excessive use of petroleum products by a country that, by design, acquired an insatiable appetite for black gold and, again by design, is addicted to paying for its own destruction.

The truth remains clouded, so that America’s enemy isn’t the rewritten history of Obama, Islam, or China, but people like me who point out the truth and are subsequently targeted by alphabet-soup law enforcement agencies, all the better to pave the way for Sharia Law (respect islam) to take hold. I warn. I tell the truth. We’ve no candidate to thwart the inevitable. There has not been one small “peep” from ANY candidate for President in 2012 that has the guts to save this country. NOT ONE. Something to think about and discuss with your fellow citizens. We know what has to be done; the question is, do we, as a people, have what it takes?