Citizen Tells John Boehner to “Stay to the Letter of the Law”


June 22, 2011

The U.S. Constitution was written for the common man to be able to understand

Dear Mr.  Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives:

I write in desperation in the hope that you and everyone who sits below you will clearly receive my thoughts and take them to heart, as I have. You see, Mr. Speaker, this has clearly become a race to the finish line and I ask you, whom do you believe will win? Will it be you and all on the Hill who refuse to obey the laws this country and our constitution stand for, or will it be the millions  who stand by the laws and the constitution for all its glory? Yes, sir, the race to the end will be brutal and i can inform you that you and everyone in Washington, for now, have the upper hand, but do NOT mistake that as your WIN. For time is and always will be on our side. The tide will change as it clearly is. When this tsunami finally changes the entire landscape of this country, sir, we the people will clearly have found VICTORY!!!

I cannot fathom why those of you in leadership have continued to ignore your responsibility to this great country and its people. Turning your blind eyes at every turn for the justice you clearly know must be done in removing the person who sits in the people’s house without proper papers and without a legal social security number, but rather, one which appears to have been stolen. I ask you, sir, would it be more of your concern if it was your social security number which this man was using? Would you then care to remove him from the office he has usurped, if he was traveling all over this country using your number fraudulently? How would it feel, sir?

Please tell me why you as Speaker of the House refuse to do your job, one that you receive a very handsome salary for. Millions of others would be fired from any position if they were so negligent in duty as you, sir. Looking the other way, turning blind eyes, because you fear an uprising, civil unrest from stereotypes, is racist, Mr. Speaker. I suggest you stay to the letter of the law and apply it across the board to all who break it, no matter who it is, where they sit, or what their title or name is. We are all created equal, sir, or are we? You are sending a message that we are not.  You are stating by not investigating that the person in question is not equal to the rest of us; he is above us and the laws that we all must obey. I, sir, would and should be jailed for crimes such as he has committed. Then why is he NOT? Do you believe for one minute that anyone on the Hill would give you a pass, sir?

Would anyone across the aisle or in your party give you the OK to continue your use of hijacked social security numbers, fake birth records and numerous other documents that clearly are bogus? I think NOT, sir. So tell me, Mr. Speaker, why is he? I would love to know why he enjoys that privilege? For it could not be that you fear racial riots, nope; not at all. Been there, done that many times in history. We have overcome that before. The country is still standing. It must be far greater, a reason far-reaching sir.  Why?  Maybe you fear that doing so would open up the largest can of worms this country has ever seen. Many, maybe hundreds, would go down with this investigation? Prison is not such a nice place. It’s a lonely existence. Maybe this is the true root of why so many on the Hill refuse to make the call? They write half-wit letters to their constituents, claiming nonsense and cover the darkness that lurks in the halls that we pay for.

Sir, I cannot fathom your willful ignorance to this blatant outcry of millions, nor your blinded eyes. I do know that the clock ticks, sir; there will be a side that wins and I do know that you are on the losing side. We all must pick a side in life; it’s time you pick yours or maybe you have, sir?.  May the side with the truth win and the other go down in flames…I picked mine and it is without fear. I stand with my country, the constitution and every law written within. I suggest you do the same.


Nancy Smith