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June 20, 2011

The CIA grew out of the World War II-era "OSS"

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to the CIA via their contact form:

Attention CIA:

Below you will see information that was released by Major General Paul Vallely.  The Major General possesses a reputation beyond reproach.  The Patriots who have been striving to their utmost and beyond their call of duty as a citizen of this country believe this information to be quite accurate considering the source.

What is this talk about fear….Where is this coming from?  Could it be coming from the cowards who were voted into office on the presumption that they were true patriots who were going to do everything possible to provide the passing of laws necessary for our country to prosper and be once again held with the esteem that it is due.  I do not care what race one is privy to belong too, if they are true Patriots, there main purpose as being an American is to experience our country and its constitution to remain steadfast and our country to prosper and feel secure as the United States of America. The ones who cry racists are most likely practicing racism themselves.  The fact that Obama and his regime have committed so many criminal offenses against our constitution, including, fraud, forgery, corruption, treason and tyranny proves to be the only factor since many of us started our fight for our country before he was even elected to no avail.  With so many documents as evidence and pleas and imploring words in hopes that we would be heard and respected, our Congress and our Senate which included about 98% of all elected officials turned their backs not only on us but our treasured constitution and for everything decent that our country stands for and has been honored for time and time again. In all my 67 years of being upon this great gifted earth I have never heard of such cowardice and really not just treasonable excuses, but stupid excuses coming from our elected officials and now we hear them from the CIA. We have been mocked and scorned, but we still march on, for our country means Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all, which imparts  the deepest love and respect regarding our Forefathers who we shall ever be eternally grateful too, relating to all of the said documents initiated which have brought our country to the greatness that it has experienced in the past and hopefully we will experience in the future…….no not at this time, Obama and his regime and all of the elected officials have committed the pinnacle of offenses, treason, terrorism and tyranny.      This kind of nonsense and mockery can only display  sheer treason….Yes, treason….Not only are the Congress and the Senate now guilty of treason, but the supposed esteemed agency of the CIA and of course, FBI.

Obama and his regime have proven to be a disgrace to all Peoples, no matter what race one is privy to be part of….How dare our Government officials and the CIA and the FBI torment each and every citizen and treat them with such disrespect and treat our country and its treasured constitution with such contempt and abuse.  There are not words to describe our sickened feeling, but the  anger and heartache we share  for what you are contributing to our country as treasonable offenders goes beyond any travesty that any citizen as yet has done to this great country.

You talk about riots, what do you think is going to happen when more and more people are aware of the true facts of this conspiracy and treason?  Do you think that it is right to go against your oaths to protect and defend our constitution?  What kind of law within this great land can we have, if our CIA and our FBI and our congress and our senate are breaking the law with such great platitude? Let alone, the person who has taken over the office of the president illegally…he is shredding our Constitution every day that he is allowed to remain in this office illegally.    TRUTHS MUST BE REVEALED….WITHOUT TRUTH FREEDOM CANNOT PREVAIL.

No more conspiracies… this must STOP NOW….Obama and his regime and every person who has been an accomplice regarding this conspiracy of treason and tyranny and terrorism, forgery, and fraud and etc. must be held accountable.  All evidence must be brought forth for their indictments. The list of abuses and criminal acts just go on and on and on.  How could any person, much less an elected official or law officer allow such a person to hold the office of the presidency without taking action…the power that has been given to them by all the American citizens?  Not only are you negligent in your duties, but you are acting unlawfully towards our constitution and our country, which would could result in treason.

Our country deserves loyalty, honor, respect, and full abidance to our treasured constitution…..NOT ONE, NOT A SENATOR, NOT A CONGRESSMAN, NOT A LAW OFFICER, NOT THE PERSON MASQUERADING AS OUR PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Every American Citizen is obliged to protect and defend our constitution.  If you are a true patriot American, you do not need an oath, but when you do take an oath and then dismiss it, that person truly is not worthy to hold any type of position within our government.

Perform your obligations and your duties to our country,  and our constitution for this country deserves no less. Just as your agency expect people to obey the law, does that not mean All People….NO ONE PERSON IS ABOVE THE LAW.

“In God We Trust.”  May God Guide you to Walk along the Righteous Road of TRUTH, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all.


Suzanne C. Short