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by Sharon Rondeau

Cody Robert Judy was born in 1965 and is set to announce his candidacy for the presidency for 2012

(Jun. 15, 2011) — The Post & Email recently conducted an interview with Cody Robert Judy, who is an author, entrepreneur, and former candidate for several public offices.  Judy is the owner and CEO of USA Legacy Entrees, LLC, a wholesale meat company which serves customers throughout Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming and Colorado. Judy resides in Utah and  ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, U.S. Senate  in 2004 and 2010, and for President in 2008.

Judy’s book, Taking A Stand:  The Conservative Independent Voice is available from Amazon.com, IUniverse.com, Barnes & Noble, and ebookstore.com.

During the 2008 election cycle, Judy filed a lawsuit challenging the eligibility of John McCain which claimed that McCain was not constitutionally eligible to serve as president because he was not a “natural born Citizen.”  McCain and the Republican National Committee were served on September 3, 2008, in Nevada District Court in Las Vegas during the Republican National Convention held on September 1-4, 2008.  There was no ruling on the case until after the election, at which time it was “ruled moot because the election was over” and McCain was not victorious.

In 2009, Judy filed a Motion for Permissive Joinder to the lawsuit Barnett v. Obama filed by Attorney Orly Taitz in California  which claimed that Barack Hussein Obama was not a “natural born Citizen” and therefore ineligible to serve as president.    Judy’s Motion contended that “Plaintiff is in a unique position of having ‘standing’ as a candidate of the Presidential race bringing more of a burden to him than any particular citizen bringing the constitutional claim to the court, including any U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, any of the 50 State Governors or Big City Mayors, famous retired Judges and attorneys who by law all are regulated to the same status as any other citizen not having standing in the presidential race of 2008.”

On June 9, 2010, Judy filed a Friend of the Court brief on behalf of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an 18-year U.S. Army veteran and medical doctor who was court-martialed and eventually imprisoned after questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility.  Col. Denise Lind refused to allow Lakin to obtain discovery in order to find the answer his question, stating that Obama’s alleged records in Hawaii might prove to contain something “embarrassing” to Obama.  Lakin was released from Ft. Leavenworth on May 13, 2011 and will soon have a book of his own published.

Since that time, Obama has claimed to have released a certified copy of his original, long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, but several experienced analysts have declared it to be an abject forgery, which Judy has posted on his website.

In October 2010, “The Lion’s Den Show with Host Cody Robert Judy” started its first of some 40 episodes that people can now view on the YouTube Station CODE4PRES .  He recently discussed the first Congressional Research Service memo released by Atty. Jack Maskell on April 3, 2009.  The essay discussed the various lawsuits filed against both McCain and Obama during and after the presidential election which claimed that one or the other was not constitutionally qualified to serve as president and attempted to legitimize both.  By means of an ellipsis, it omitted the fact that a young man, Steinkauler, born on American soil, had a father who had been naturalized as a U.S. citizen the year before his birth (page 23), therefore representing the young man as a “natural born Citizen” solely by his birth in the United States.

The Congressional Research Service states, “CRS Reports offer in-depth research on the topics that matter to you. They provide you with the same expert analysis that members of Congress and their staff rely on, so you understand Congress’ perspective on the issues.”

The topic was expounded upon at The Post & Email in a three-part series upon the revelation of a second CRS memo, also authored by Maskell, the first article of which is here.

Judy’s Facebook page is here.  In his videos, he has discussed Obama’s eligibility, sometimes with a bit of humor, and has stated that “Removing Obama constitutionally is the only way to keep him out of a second term.”  The videos raise the issues of Obama’s use of a Connecticut social security number, the alleged forgery of his long-form birth certificate, and his apparent alias, “Barry Soetoro.”

Q. Will you be announcing your candidacy for President in the near future?  If so, will you run as a Republican or something else?

A. Yes, I have received the FEC papers and will file my declaration by June 21st, 2011, where I will make the official announcement. I am considering right now the place to do that and the benefits. While there hasn’t been a recent election won by a candidate who’s won in Iowa since Obama, and Mitt Romney chose New Hampshire to kick off his campaign last week, I’m considering Florida, South Carolina, and Nevada with their early primary benefits. I’m also considering Idaho because that is the state where I was  born.  I know Hawaii has an early primary but I’m very angry at their health department, although their new Governor Abercrombie has a point of honesty going for him which I admire.

Now the important part of this question is going to be dependent upon The Birther Movement and people who will contribute to my Article II Patriot Stand today. You can contribute to that today free of the FEC regulations, but once I sign the Declaration of Candidacy and take in more than $5,000, we have to play by FEC regulations. The reason most of the candidates have delayed their official entry so far is specifically to generate as much as possible before coming under the FEC criteria as an official candidate. Patriots who would like to do that can send a check made out to Cody Judy, 3031 So. Ogden Ave., Suite #2, Ogden, Utah 84404, and in the memo line of that check they should put “Article II Patriot Stand.”  I heard Mitt Romney raised $5,000,000 in one night in Las Vegas, Nevada with 800 people calling their friends and family. I’m hoping we have a few more Birthers in the Nation.

Many citizens believe that breaking up the Republican Party with an Independent run will split the conservative ticket and allow an Obama win. I believe one last chance for the Republican Party to shape up is in order, so I will run as a Republican to clean house and at least offer Republicans a candidate who hasn’t shucked this vital clause of the Constitution defining the qualifications of President. Needless to say, cleaning house may be a blood bath, politically speaking, and the doctrine of speaking no evil about your fellow Republicans will be out. I believe that conservatives deserve the chance to make the best Birther their nominee and my running could re-shape the face of patriotism towards our Constitution. There are lots of options open if the Party refuses to clean house but the choice must at the very least be offered.

Q. What motivates you to run for President again?

A. The thing motivating me most to run is the preservation of our Constitution and Sovereignty of our Country that seems to be slipping and hanging by a thread. Some say it’s already too late. I don’t buy it, but we are at a tipping point that is indeed going to make our comeback very hard, and we are going to have to work for it. We as good men cannot sit idly by and do nothing. We have been given a sacred charge, and freedom and liberty are sacred to me. The other motivation is based on the sinister plan to divide this country up on the race bait.

I’m motivated to run because I see what the media did very quickly to Mr. Donald Trump after he simply asked a constitutional question in regards to qualification. They hammered him as a racist, and there is no one to defend that charge…but I sure can. I  think it’s absolutely a horror to nail our Congress to the wall with the Race card. What would people think if Mr. Mitt Romney shut Congress’s mouth with the “Mormon card,” pretending they were picking on him because he was a Mormon and that was against the Constitution? This is not what America represents, and I can prove it. So I feel it is really a special thing I can do that not too many others can. If it’s for my country and I can help just a little, you can count on me, as the Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states,  “The rights of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

Regarding your question about my running in 2008 and the motivation, it was quite simply the Constitution. If people who care about the Constitution will contribute to help me, I will be able to use what I have to defeat Obama. If ordinary conservative voters and American citizens do not support The Article II Patriot Stand with a few dollars, they will not see me running for President in 2012. I just can’t do it by myself as I have in the past. I’ve learned that people who sit back on the arm of their chair hoping that a rich candidate will voice their concern are going to be disappointed. I provide a choice; however, short of supporting our cause with dollars, my part of the equation will die.  I purchased myself over 400 radio adds in 2008 and didn’t receive any contributions. We Article II Patriots are a rare breed and it is only through channels such as The Post & Email that we may have a chance. I cannot express to you the gravity of this situation from a candidates perspective.

Q. What was the outcome of your lawsuit filed against McCain on the eligibility issue?  As a contender for the same office, did you have “standing?”

A. Although it was filed and served upon McCain in Las Vegas, Nevada the week before McCain was made the nominee at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the judge delayed ruling upon it until after the general election was over and McCain had lost. The Federal District Court Judge filed an order stating that the suit was ‘moot’ based on Obama winning the election. He didn’t say anything about the rights of millions who had voted for McCain and technically an unqualified candidate or the fact that if McCain had been disqualified, my candidacy would have propelled a loss for Obama. It is very significant as well that the legal doctrine of ‘standing’ was not used against me.

Q. If you do run for President, are you pledging to make the Obama eligibility issue, or the definition of “natural born Citizen,” for that matter, a central pillar of your campaign?

A. Yes, I will feature the natural born Citizen requirement and Obama’s ineligibility in TV and radio commercials and in my stump speeches all over the nation. This is about the Constitution. As you saw with my brief résumé, I am a birther, true as red, white, and blue. I’m not ashamed of it, as I’m not ashamed of the Constitution. In the little pamphlet published by The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS)  entitled “The Constitution of the United States,” you’ll find 48 pages; there are 12 pages that reference the President. Most rights we love such as freedom of religion, speech, the press, the rights to assemble and redress the government cover one page. The significance should burn into your mind that if you wanted to take over the United States, your best chance of significantly dissolving the Constitution is through the office of the President. I believe most of our elementary-school children could figure out that one.

I was the primary witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial which was held at the Atlah World Missionary Church hosted by Dr. Pastor James David Manning.  This was the first time in history I believe that a presidential candidate actually took an oath and gave testimony about another presidential candidate not being eligible. My testimony lent the collateral for an impartial jury from across the United States which actually legally formed under the Tenth Amendment and found Obama guilty. That has never been done and I think it is very significant. The important legal outcome of this event is that the transcript was indeed mailed to the A.G. and Congress and is also available to the public.

My testimony was on Day 2. I know the trek for me was one of great faith and difficulty, and I recorded a video of it here.  Please watch this.  Here is a link with the summations of each day.

I know that a couple of other big players on our football team will be Bob Campbell, founder of the American Grand Jury. I think he paid upwards of $5,000 to print the transcripts out. Here is a clip of Dr. Manning which also includes links for the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial and Dr. Manning’s report on Bob Campbell in which he explains how the media charged anyone challenging Obama with racism.

Q. How do you think Obama was elected given the many unanswered questions about his background, parentage, childhood, birthplace, religious beliefs, and eligibility?  Why do you think that so far, the other announced contenders have not discussed the eligibility question, and how would you break through the media’s silence on this issue?

A. Let me combine these two questions.

The simple answer is that the ball was dropped and not one member of Congress was willing to pick it up because of the charge of racism which was painted on the ball by the mainstream media. Any candidate holding previous office has thus created a black mark on their résumé or dereliction of duty in office by ignoring the issue. Any candidate for President who didn’t sue McCain but objects to Obama is seen as a racist. We saw potential candidate Donald Trump pick up the ball and drop it very quickly on the racist charge by the media, and his sincerity about the issue was questioned given his three years of silence. Truly, we found out what happens to a candidate who picks up this issue who is not sincere and doesn’t have a birther résumé.

Obama picked up the ball and simply walked into the end zone, and there hasn’t been an official willing to say the score didn’t count. Ultimately, “We The People” are the referees and officials, so in my opinion the verdict is not final and continues in deliberation. It may take the 2012 election to bring the education to the people because there are quite literally millions who do not understand the ineligibility of Obama and McCain, but if they learn and are educated, they will be very angry at Congress whom they trusted to at least provide a qualified candidate for whom they could vote. McCain was naturalized 11 months after his birth by an Act of Congress. Natural born Citizens don’t need acts of Congress or non-binding U.S. Senate Resolutions declaring them natural born Citizens. McCain obviously needed both and he objected himself to the second.

Members of Congress may have been fed the non-neutral CRS report authored by Mr. Jack Maskell dissolving the ‘natural born Citizen’ qualification into the Fourteenth Amendment’s first Section naturalization package. The third section of the same Amendment authorizes Congress by a two-thirds majority to remove anyone, having taken the oath previously, engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or giving aid or comfort to the enemies of our sovereignty. The removal of such a disability, as the Amendment states, is the duty of Congress, not necessarily a single U.S. Judicial Court Judge. Obama’s presumption that allows anchor babies to become President was not the definition of a natural born Citizen which he swore an oath to having fulfilled in his Declaration of Candidacy.

Obama’s father was a subject of Great Britain, and his mother, at the time of his birth, was a U.S. Citizen not old enough  to convey citizenship upon her marriage and her son’s birth. Ultimately his father was sent packing back to Kenya, visa expired. As far as Obama’s  citizenship, that was the law at the time of his birth. As for his election, we have no record of his name change from  Barry Soetoro during college to his Illinois State Senate election as Barack Hussein Obama, which would have been necessary. It’s believed that Obama’s law license was revoked upon his failure to divulge upon his oath to practice law his alias of Barry Soetoro by which he was known from his childhood through his college years. We actually have someone in the White House whose name is not recorded anywhere from his kindergarten years through his first two years of university attendance.  That wasn’t the first time Obama lied under oath and it sure wouldn’t be the last as we now know.

If he had been born in Hawaii, he was pretty much by law an anchor baby and his eligibility for President sunk right there. I say “if” he was born in Hawaii, because I don’t believe the proof of his native citizenship has been offered yet, nor is it that important with the failure of his parents’ citizenship at the time of his birth.  Experts who have now had time to examine the document known known as Obama’s long-form birth certificate have declared it a forgery, so it would appear that he has failed the native-born test for natural born Citizen. Obama has purposely released the long-form forgery to take our eyes off of the qualification that his parents must also have been U.S. Citizens at the time of his birth. While the dispute of his long-form forgery can go on for years in court or criminal prosecution and appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court made quite literally past the end of a second term in the White House, Congress can dispense with this disability this year.

My campaign will bring that to the surface. The media will not be able to focus the charge of racism upon my eligibility question because I’m sincere about it. I took a stand against McCain, the leading conservative candidate in the Republican Party. We need to clean the conservative house of all the bats in the attic who are growing and having babies. Some people call them RINOS; I call them bats because they smell bad, have a reputation of sucking blood rather than giving blood, and they are fast and hard to catch. It’s too expensive to clean the whole house, so we basically have to catch them one at a time and expose them to the light. The Republican Party will have one last chance with my candidacy.  If they blow it, that will be the end for them.

Q. Besides the eligibility issue, what other qualifications do you believe a presidential candidate should possess?

A. When I’m asked that question I quite literally defer it to the Constitution. I’m a natural born Citizen of the United States and over 35 years of age. Our Constitution didn’t make the qualifications for the President subject to holding any prior government office basically to prevent an elite class of citizenry from forming. Herman Cain has never held office and is asked that question and defers to his ability to make money and being CEO of a large company. Again, that isn’t a Constitutional qualification. If you change the word ‘qualification’ to attributes, I would offer the words “integrity,” “just,” “temperance,” “sincerity,” “commanding,” “virtuous.”  These are qualities of character not just defined by what a politician promises but what a person stands up for., what a person  draws a line in the sand for. I believe out of all of those, ‘integrity’ is the biggest loss America is facing. A restoration of integrity would go a long way in shoring up our economy and our Constitution. The integrity of Congress is being lost as they wink and look the other way on Obama’s eligibility. That integrity is being lost as our debt skyrockets on unbridled generational theft.

I’ve been the President in my class, a President in seminary, the President of non-governmental Organizations before, and a CEO for three of my own companies, but I don’t think all those are important qualifications seen in the Constitution.  I discuss this in my book. I’ve drafted many lawsuits as a pro se attorney and I’m a college graduate with a 3.7 GPA and 3.6 in high school. That can also be verified under my real name Cody Judy, as I haven’t used aliases. While I’m not foreign to running for office, having run in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2010 for U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and President, those again are not qualifications.  However, they have been very good experiences. The key to any successful U.S. President is really remembering the U.S. Constitution and We The People in the Republic for which we stand and doing the job for a limited amount of time the very best you can. The U.S. Constitution was made to create enemies as well as friends under its banner. Having someone who takes a stand upon it is having someone who has come to grips with knowing that popularity sometimes must be sacrificed for principle. which will affect future generations.

Here’s a list of people who, while being on the conservative side, in my opinion don’t have the attributes for President and appear not to care about Article II qualifications: Herman Cain – NO; Newt Gingrich – NO; Ron Paul – NO; Tim Pawlenty – NO; Mitt Romney – NO; Rick Santorum – NO; Michele Bachmann – NO; John Bolton – NO; Lindsey Graham – NO; Sarah Palin – NO; Jeb Bush – NO ;Chris Christie – NO; Jim DeMint – NO; Bob McDonald – NO. Is it any wonder that the list of candidates in the conservative field is less than impressive so far?

Q. When did you write your book, and what is its theme?

A. My book Taking A Stand: The Conservative Independent Voice was published in June 2008. The theme of the book deals with what I would do as President and also offers the transparency into my own life which Obama promised but failed to deliver. There was no ghost writer ON MINE and there are some misspelled words largely due to the pressing election of 2008 and campaign at that time. However, it’s just as relevant in 2012 as it was then; maybe even more so. The book is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and recently just came out on Kindle if you like that medium.  I think it’s only like $10 that way.

Now more than ever, citizens who have been duped by politicians in Washington, DC will want someone who is transparent with his life. I recognize what I’d like from a President and have tried to emulate that, and it’s not easy. We have all fallen short by the standard of God and have made mistakes. It’s not about those mistakes; it’s about moving forward even after you’ve been knocked down. It’s about getting back up and defining yourself by being engaged in good causes. I consider the Constitution of the United States to be the greatest cause and central theme of my life, it having come before and at the expense of even my family many times. I believe in reading it.  I believe that people will come to know me as someone who can be trusted to defend the United States Constitution in the office of the President, which is ultimately the greatest charge of the President.

Q. How many constitutional defenders are there in Congress now?

A. Well, defenders are considered those who will take a stand against someone who is an offender. Unfortunately, there is no one in Congress qualified to defend the Constitution on Obama’s eligibility simply because there is no witness to pick up the ball and avoid the racism charge. Those in Congress voting for U.S. Senate Resolution 511 actually nailed their mouths shut over Obama’s eligibility and set themselves up for the racist charge if they ever picked on Obama. That’s the painful penalty that comes from not cleaning your own house or holding your own Party constitutionally responsible. People voting and supporting McCain actually were locked into the room of Obama’s Eligibility and cannot get out without a key. Most citizens do not understand their conservative representative’s hesitation on something so clear to them, but that is it. If you don’t understand that, every Republican U.S. Senator voted for the non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511 sponsored by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, YOU SHOULD NOW. If you voted for that but object to Obama’s qualifications, the only reason for you to do so is that you’re a racist. No one in Congress can exist on those charges. It beat Donald Trump up in two weeks. Recognize this and you then recognize my unique characteristic and ability to lead the charge over any other candidate in the field of Republican nominees. My even entering the race might lead to a complete collapse of Democrat support for Obama because of the peril they would face. Now please understand the power of The Birther Movement and your sending support that would help with The Article II Patriot Stand today.

Q. Who is your favorite president thus far?

A. (Big Smile) Sharon, “thus far” kind-of sways that question to my lifetime. So let me answer it this way, both ways. During my lifetime, my favorite president is two-fold for the following reasons, and I believe we are in need of a President right now two-fold. Ronald Reagan made America feel good about herself again, and his “Tear down this wall” speech was the beacon and pinnacle of renewed strength and commitment to the military. Bill Clinton moved record deficits to record surpluses: $290 Billion in deficits to $167 Billion in surplus and created 21 million new jobs. Is there anyone who could disagree that at this time we need both of these accomplishments now?

If I’m allowed to go back farther than my lifetime in answering the question, George Washington was a man picked to be President when the very survival of the United States was at stake. Our survival, given the mountain of debt we now have and the division created with Obama’s eligibility, provides the same scenario. I believe Washington’s legacy of refraining from taking more power than was due, his Presidential Veto, and two-term limit showed extraordinary confidence in the people. That is very admirable, in my opinion. The combination of these works is what I would like to be if I were elected President. I’d encourage people to go get my book, check out my YouTube Station, CODE4PRES, and visit my blog, www.codyjudy.blogspot.com, to get to know me.

I would like to thank you, Sharon, and The Post & Email for allowing me this opportunity, and in so doing truly representing the sincerity and love for America that I have in my own heart. It takes heart.. miles and miles of heart.


Editor’s Note: Mr. Judy has spent time in prison on the charge of aggravated burglary after he shouted out that he “had a bomb” at a religious function at the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University on February 7, 1993.  Judy has stated that the “bomb” he was referring to was a Bible, not a weapon, and refers to the Bible as “dynamite.”

Judy reconciles his criminal record and run for the Presidency in this way:

Many people don’t know that if you can vote, pay taxes, and are not currently incarcerated you can run for any Federal Office. I have run for the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and U.S. President all quite legally. Many States restrict those who have previous servitude upon their records in running for state offices.  I think it’s unconstitutional, and is mostly done to stop an inmate from running in a city office wherein the entire prison population might reside…and some states allow prisoners to vote absentee ballot. At any rate, the Fifteenth Amendment addresses this and secures that people who have been or might have been set up, are still able to run. You can understand more and more the wisdom of our Founders who were considered ‘felones’ of England.