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by William Lolli, ©2011

The mainstream media has not reported on the numerous allegations of forgery of the document which Obama claims is a certified copy of his birth certificate

(Jun. 12, 2011) — Before the White House released the now-proven-as-forged Long Form Birth Certificate, many of us were warning the Birther Community and Constitutionalists that Obama & Company were about to ‘pull a fast one’ on the public, the mainstream media [MSM], and draw an ‘I dare you to cross me’ line in the sand to any who questioned the authority of The One.

Not to crow too much, but I added my own take on this prediction with The Post & Email’s publication of the coming 3-Card Monte play.

The White House cabal staged their release of the April 27 LFBC with a media escalation starting with Governor Abercrombie’s failure to produce a document, the Donald Trump “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” attempt to steal WND’s thunder fiasco, laced with little talking-point-hints to the MSM from retiring Dr. Fukino’s comments about how Birthers will not even trust the ink the LFBC is printed with.

We all know the rest of the story:

The LFBC was released with a big media splash, the MSM certified it as a completely valid [wink-wink] document, the Corsi book was trashed as pulp-fiction, and Corsi himself was blacklisted by the MSM and Fox News as being unworthy of interviews.

Add to all this the larger picture of an Administration that is engaged in a constant behavior of law-breaking by contrived stratagems: deliberate disobedience to federal judge orders to halt unconstitutional Obamacare deployment, failure to enforce the Defense of Marriage law, failure to enforce election laws against the Black Panthers, the BATFE running guns to Mexican drug cartels which are directly linked to the killing of Americans, Tim Geithner’s out-and-out theft of federal worker pension funds to sell Treasury bonds after the debt ceiling [by law] was to halt all such sales — need I add more?

Actions were taken, but…

Calls by citizens filing criminal complaints regarding the forged LFBC have fallen on deaf ears: Complaint filings with the FBI in Denver, San Diego, Washington, and elsewhere have evoked a non-response. Citizens’ grand juries are ignored and mocked. Citizens filing complaints, attending direct meetings, writing letters, and sending emails to members of Congress informing them that a federal crime has been committed are patently ignored and discounted.

The new moral axiom by the political class is that if a crime occurred in a forest and no one willfully hears it, then it didn’t happen.

So what’s next?

What is next is Orly Taitz’s upcoming deposition and subpoena of Hawaii Department of Health original typed records of the Obama LFBC on June 27 in Hawaii in connection with her case [Taitz v Astrue] regarding the mysterious Obama Social Security numbers, of which there are many, and none of them valid nor legal for him to use.

If anyone were counting, they would notice two crimes being ignored: the forged LFBC and the use of an illegal SSAN number issued to a 15-year-old dual-citizen who never darkened Connecticut soil with his Hawaiian flip-flops.

I truly admire Orly Taitz as a tenacious fighter. But if she were to entertain any advice from a fellow Birther, it would be to fully expect complete and utter non-compliance with the law, the subpoena, and especially a “no show” of LFBC original documents that don’t exist.

Like Obama, the Director of Health and the DoH have received their marching orders by the example of the Administration: ‘there is a line in the sand, and there is nothing you can do to make us obey the law’.

So I am curious about what Orly will do when the DoH produces an offending remark or arrogant gesture at the deposition instead of the documents. Even further, what will Judge Lamberth do when, by legal extension, the defiance of a court-ordered subpoena is a direct assault to his legal authority?

I suspect he will take his cue from the other federal district court judges and do nothing. It would not surprise me that these ‘good ol’ boys’ talk to each other about — and characterize — Taitz as a smarty-pants upstart.

Even further, since we have seen evidence of White House tampering with the likes of Judge Carter, it wouldn’t surprise me that their collective motives are to discourage, insult, and burn the financial reserves of Orly Taitz, who, in this battle for our Constitutional survival, is a woman who does not take attacks on our freedoms lightly.