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by jtx

June 8, 2011

Does Dr. Chiyome Fukino know who forged Obama's birth certificate?

The Honorable Darrell Issa
United States House of Representatives
2347 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0549

Subj: Felonious criminal document fraud charges with a detailed analysis of the Obama White House  “birth certificate” (WHBC) posted on April 27, 2011 distributed by Douglas Vogt to:

FBI Headquarters; FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III and

FBI Special Agent In Charge; Frank Montoya Jr.; FBI – Honolulu

Dear Congressman:

This letter is a simple request to you as Chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  The request is that after studying all of the material herein you write the two Subject FBI individuals to request they commence a proper investigation with all rapidity into the matter of felonious document criminal fraud by not only by Mr. Obama in the matter but likely others as well.  It is NOT a request to investigate his eligibility to hold the office.  To determine how serious the matter is you may read about it here with the detailed  criminal charges  (which should also be read) accessible through link #4 near the end of this linked paper:


The two FBI individuals already have the analysis by Mr. Vogt showing the criminal document fraud and could upon approval rapidly start such an investigation.  It is a very serious matter indeed for our country with resoundingly grave implications for us all to believe that the man may be guilty of this sort of criminal offense.  The charges should be investigated and if true, appropriate penalties should be pursued in court; if not, that should be made known also.  Possible Congressional hearings should follow the conclusion of the two part investigation outlined below.  For your reference, enclosed is the letter I’ve already sent to the two FBI sites; please read.

A proper sequence would be a two part investigation with the first part being at Kapiolani Hospital to compare their medically-witnessed-by-the-delivering doctor original Certificate of Live Birth as indicated by the 1961 Vital Statistics – Natality publication controlling such things, the investigation would likely be concluded very quickly since it is apparent various sources claim that this hospital has no birth records for the man which ensures at the very least he is not a “natural born Citizen”.  But officially that has yet to be determined.  This part could be finished in less that a week certainly with a day or two even more likely and could be done very quietly.  If the natality records exist and  match the WHBC exactly then there is no fraud and the investigation is finished but the exact matching should be publicly and definitively displayed for public awareness.

If the Kapiolani natality records do not exactly match the WHBC then the fraud is not only proven but the man involved is shown to be ineligible to hold the office he now occupies since he cannot then be a natural born citizen and is also a felon and both he and his wife should be held incommunicado and under guard – due to the serious flight risk to some other country – without any means to communicate with others (Including radios, telephones, or cell phones of any sort) while part two of the investigation proceeds at the HI Department of Health.

Assuming the first part proceeds rapidly as above, the investigators can then proceed with the fraud parts of the investigation within the HI DOH.  Based upon the charges in the analysis, this investigation will take a good bit longer than the first part and will likely involve charges against a number of people including Obama.  And there are quite probably a number of different felonies involved.  This is a very serious matter – so please treat it as such!!  The American people want this matter definitively solved and any appropriate penalties brought to bear.