New Website Focuses on Citizen Action Items


by Sharon Rondeau

"The Spirit of 1776"

(Jun. 7, 2011) — A new website has been established by citizens to be a center for information and action items upon which the American people can take action.

On May 31, 2011, a demand letter with a list of grievances to be sent to all U.S. Congress members, and the site was launched several days later.  The Post & Email asked the owner about the idea behind the new site.  Questions and answers are as follows:

Thanks, Sharon, for asking me about the new blog: onenationunderfraud.  If ONUF is going to be successful, it’s really going to need promotion from other activist patriots and a dedicated effort on the part of all freedom-loving Americans.  I am very excited about providing a site where patriot activists can come to get information and actual assignments in one place. My intent is to provide a gathering place where people can get contact information and resource material in addition to specific civic action assignments.

This blog is very different from [my other blog,] Give Us Liberty. GUL is primarily about the eligibility issue and providing current and updated information in the form of news articles, videos and editorials.  We pound the eligibility issue in addition to Obama’s perverse anti-American ideology on GUL.  ONUF, on the other hand, is all about providing a central depository of information to provide the American public contact information and present ideas that can assist patriots in assuming assignments or projects so that we can exert pressure on the complicit media and so-called representatives in government who continue to prop up the illegal Obama regime. It’s all about getting the people busy doing something to help save our country – citizen activism.  ONUF is about trying to get people involved and making it easier for people to do so.

What was your purpose in launching the new site, and whom do you hope to reach through it?

The purpose or intent in launching the new site came from the realization that the citizen activists needed a single, central  place to get ideas and resource information so that they  can be organized and proactive in their efforts to reveal the truth about this greatest constitutional crisis in our history.  It resulted from discussions with Kathy Gotto and also later with Kathy and  Dr. Kate on Revolution Radio last week.  Kathy had written a wonderful Citizens’ Demand Letter that you first published at The Post & Email. The Letter got such positive response that we felt it needed to be the focal point for an organized effort to unite, and I suggested that we post it on a new blog dedicated strictly for the purpose of activism. This was not a new idea and no doubt such a concept has been thought about and perhaps started by others before. In fact, I had started a similar site a year ago and abandoned it because of the tremendous apathy and lack of involvement.  It is my hope that a year later, the eligibility issue has gained traction.  The Trump activity and the Corsi book have heightened awareness, and then of course there was the absolutely insane presentation by Obama of a forged document on April 27 before the entire nation.  More Americans know about the issue of Obama’s usurpation or at least have an idea that something isn’t right.  Also I have a greater following at GUL and I have networked to such an extent that it is my hope that some of these great contacts and fellow patriots can help direct their friends, families and colleagues to ONUF for the express purpose of getting involved. We need to unite and get busy. The election is less than 18 months away. If people don’t get involved and participate…well, they can blame themselves.

How often do you expect the content to be updated…daily, twice daily, weekly?

The content will go up slowly but steadily. Eventually there will be a wealth of contact and resource information that will be available at all times. I am also looking for feedback on what should be on the site and any ways to improve it given my technical limitations. This site will be more about quality than quantity. As I said, it’s a place where people can go to get ideas on what they can do to contribute to the cause.

What are your major focus points right now?

The main focus initially is getting a basic framework in terms of blog content and layout. However the most important issue by far will be driving people to the blog. This must start very, very soon.  Once we get people to the blog, the key to success is whether they  actually assume responsibility, i.e, pick up an assignment, get passionate about it and act on  it. If the people don’t act on what we provide them, then we will not have a great deal of success.  I know that it will be slow at first, but it is my hope that we will get a core group of leaders throughout the country that will lead the effort by networking with their personal contacts, citizen groups, activists, tea parties, etc. and promote the blog and lead by example.  I will do my very best to provide interesting and fresh content, but it will be more than I can possibly handle if I have to also concentrate on the marketing and recruiting aspects.  I need help big time. I need volunteers who will do the assignments and recruit others to do the same. I encourage anyone who wants to help or needs more information to email me at:

Have you been able to gauge the reaction to your new endeavor yet?

Sunday was the first full day of accurate monitoring. I was pleased that the traffic was more than I expected.  Obviously the results are quite modest.  I believe that most of the traffic came over from the link on GUL.  The word really is not out in a big way yet.  I also doubt that there has been an effort in assuming actual tasks suggested on the blog such as letter writing, telephoning, etc. This can happen very soon, however, if the leaders in the patriot movement do their part, lead by example and help spread the word.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this venture with you and I know that the exposure you provide on The Post & Email will have a significant influence on helping to jump-start this effort.  In the end, though, it will be all about those who realize how important it is to be proactive and get involved.  Those who are willing to give of themselves for liberty will have the satisfaction of doing their part to take back their country…before it is too late.  We can succeed, but only if we dedicate ourselves to the cause.  Time will tell.  Regardless, like you, I am not giving up.

The Post & Email thanks Gary Wilmott for his detailed responses to our questions and wish him the best in his new endeavor.