Staying Focused


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Eric Holder was appointed by Obama to be the chief law enforcement officer of the U.S., but he has refused to prosecute clear cases of voter intimidation on the grounds that the perpetrators were black. Is that justice?

(Jun. 6, 2011) — Say, for sake of argument, Eric Holder, our worthless Attorney General of the United States, actually spends five minutes and does the job for which he was hired to do and arrests the clown in the White House for having multiple Social Security numbers and placeS him in a cage down in Gitmo. Let’s go ahead and expand the fantasy to include Janet Napolitano doing her job, too, by deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims.

Over the edge, even for make-believe fiction, isn’t it? Yes, I’m afraid so, because even with Obama locked up in a cage down in Gitmo, we are still facing the problem that Obama has given us: he has weakened America in every possible way to make the Muslim takeover and the implementation of Sharia Law a reality.

Let’s review a few of the facts. Nullifying the Federal Reserve is off the table: no discussion at all. Our elected representatives don’t represent us, after all, do they? Fair tariffs for trading competitors: another one bites the dust, no discussion.. Quitting the U.N. and kicking them out of the country, another taboo. Deporting undesirables and illegal immigrants, silence. Pardon for LTC Terry Lakin? You’ve got to be kidding. Energy independence? Stop, I’ve heard enough.

Here’s the point.  There have been others who have started blogs, or contributed to them, in the fight to save our country. My wife and I have been on this since the day the Yo-Yo got nominated to represent the Democratic Party. We have contributed money and a lot of time, have driven many miles, to meet with people on how to save this country by not only kicking Obama out, but by warning everyone who’ll listen about the fatal mistake to take Muslims any less than deadly seriously dangerous.

We say that there is no such animal as a “moderate Muslim.“  There has not been any “misunderstanding Islam.” We get it. Just look at England and Europe if you want to learn about how Islam totally destroys freedom. But most Americans, we’ve found, think that “honor killings” are out of the norm, that beheading videos are done by those few who have “highjacked a peaceful religion.”

The candidates running against the current corrupt administration demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the threat that looms before us. I have yet to hear any mention of the word “Sharia,” nor deporting illegal immigrants. It is very depressing that the best we have to offer to the altar of common sense about our survival equals a big fat zero.

And that is exactly what I think our chances are of keeping our Constitution, and the freedoms that it represents, as the law of the land. Zero. Zero. How many thousands of our fellow citizens proudly drive around with “OBAMA” and “COEXSIST” stickers on their bumpers?  How many thousands say that if you are a birther you are automatically a racist?  How many thousands voted for Obama and would vote for him again, even knowing that he is a fake and a liar, knowing that he has used numerous Social Security numbers? And how many thousands have considered the implications of someone using multiple Social Security numbers, of numerous secret bank accounts, of money laundering, and even if they did conclude that Obama is a crook, they still don’t care?

Egypt, and now Libya: the expansion of Iran, and Americans believe in lie after lie from the Muslim in the  White House. I’m tired of writing, of educating, of giving warnings about the future. I was right about the fate of Southeast Asia (remember Cambodia?) when the Americans abandoned their South Vietnamese allies, and I’m again correct when I say what will happen to us if we abandon our principles, which we are in the process of doing: just look at the legislation that Congress has passed in the last two and a half years; look at the utter failures of the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, of allowing C.A.I.R. to be in this country and the Muslim Brotherhood to train TSA agents, of allowing Islamovilles and mosques to be built.  I’m leaving my typewriter and going to spend my time on the shooting range. Good luck to you.


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