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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 6, 2011) — When The Post & Email was begun by Mr. John Charlton as a WordPress blog in August 2009, thousands of people began to discover the website and offer their thoughts in the form of comments following each blog posting of the day.  Mr. Charlton was a prolific writer and moderated all of the comments himself.  He reported over 80,000 readers during the first two months of his blog’s presence on the web.

In December 2009, the blog was converted to an electronic newspaper so as to cover more topics of interest in a factual, well-researched manner.  At that time, we expanded our subjects to include World News, Editorials/Letters to the Editor, State News, spaces for advertisers and stories having national impact, which are currently featured in our revolving window.

In January 2010, The Post & Email was incorporated in the state of Wyoming as a C-Corporation.  As we have grown, our readership has also, including the number of comments submitted in response to each article we publish.  Many of you are aware that in recent months our readership has doubled and on some days, even tripled, with comments increasing commensurately.

Originally Mr. Charlton’s intent and expectation were to have a team of people operating The Post & Email on a daily basis:  for example, one to moderate comments; one to act as Treasurer; another to be Managing Editor; another to be the graphics and layout person, with several people acting as reporters and/or researchers.

Since that did not happen, the Comments are now competing with valuable time which could be spent researching and writing on the issues of the day regarding corruption in government.  Therefore, in order to maximize the time available, the Comments feature can not be supported at present.

Over the last several months, I have been made aware that many acceptable comments have never come through properly or at all.  Many people have asked or demanded to know why they were banned from posting comments when they were not, and the time spent in answering each of these queries has been costly in terms of our production goals, not to mention trying to find the reason for the malfunctioning of the Comment interface.

Originally I had attempted to find a person experienced in WordPress willing to troubleshoot and repair the Comments issue and offered compensation at the person’s customary rate, but no one responded.  Moreover, after evaluating the time already spent on this feature and weighing the value of it against other priorities, I have concluded that it is not worth the investment of time and money at this juncture.

Many electronic newspapers never enable a Comment feature.  While valuable information has been left  as a comment here which sometimes has become a powerful editorial or news tip, the time spent evaluating the appropriateness of comments, language, content, length, and copyright issues has been considerable.

If readers would like to submit comments, simply cobble several together on the same topic and submit it as an editorial piece for publication.  That way, more value will be placed on what you have to say.  Even if you think you cannot write well, we will review your submission for grammar and punctuation so that it will read smoothly.  We can always use good citizen editorials.

For blog owners, please submit any original blog posting to the editor’s mailbox for consideration for our “Blog of the Day.”   We wish to publish the very best of material which bloggers are producing on constitutional issues and government corruption.  All submissions work best in the form of a Word document rather than text sent in an email.

If at some point in the future, there is enough interest and funding to allow for a full troubleshooting and revamping of the Comments feature, it could be re-implemented.  However, as Mr. Charlton had originally stated, our focus is on delivering the news rather than moderating comments, which has been consuming at least two hours each day.

The Post & Email thanks you for your subscriptions, which have been very generous as of late and keep the newspaper operating and meeting its expenses.  We also thank all of our advertisers for the business they have given us, which has grown exponentially since January.

Something we have not advertised lately but which is still available is our Sunday Editor’s Note, which for $15.00 annually will give subscribers a “heads-up” on the upcoming news, interviews, and information not yet published on the site for the coming week.  Several weeks ago, this feature was about to be discontinued when popular demand indicated that it should be extended for another year.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to the Editor’s Note may use our “Donate” button and indicate the purpose in the blank provided.  For those wishing to subscribe at a monthly rate of $1.00 or more, please use the “Subscribe” button located on the inner pages of our articles.  Subscription to our twice-daily news alerts is free and can be done here.

One last favor I would ask is that anyone who has the editor’s mailbox on a chain mail email list to please remove it.  Many worthy but copyrighted articles from other websites are circulated in this way which The Post & Email cannot reproduce.  We also would appreciate your dropping us from bulk email distribution lists, as we receive over 400 emails each day which we must cull through to find contributions and news tips from our readers.

Thank you all for your support of The Post & Email, Inc.  We appreciate your understanding of this change and continue to welcome news tips to the editor’s mailbox through the “Contact Us” form on the home page.







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