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by Marc Shea

Karl Marx believed that capitalism needed to be toppled to usher in a "classless society"

(Jun. 2, 2011) — The Marxist revolution unfolding from the White House is the culmination of a hundred-plus years’ worth of collectivist efforts to strip the individual of his or her unalienable rights.  The core principle of Marxism is, of course, that the State is sovereign, whereas the core principle of Americanism is that the individual is sovereign.  This is what Jefferson meant when he wrote that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.   To be truly free we must own our lives (past, present and future), and not be made slaves to the State.

What many people don’t seem to know about communist theology is that the “end game” is the dissolution of the State, leaving people in a perfect state of freedom.  No, dear reader, communists don’t actually want to enslave humanity in perpetuity; it’s just for our own good in order to bring about true freedom.  Some Faustian bargain.  The fact that Marxist societies have all ended in the cumulative annihilation of over ONE HUNDRED MILLION people in the last century is irrelevant to those dedicated souls who always want one more chance to prove that they are the best and brightest.  These lunatics believe that the problem isn’t the system itself, but that the people implementing it haven’t done so correctly.  It is this human failure that has led to the killing fields, the mass starvation, the Nazi genocide, etc, not communism itself.  When Marxist in Chief Barack Obama said “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” it wasn’t some empty-headed slogan as most conservatives made it out to be.  It was the self-absorbed, arrogant ranting of a mad man that at long last the revolution would succeed because he and his drones are the ones who will get it right.  This time there won’t be any death camps and no need for authoritarianism on mass scale.  Just sunshine and lollipops!

Pay no attention, slave, to the FEMA camps and the new “AmericanGestapo.

But let’s get real for a moment.  Marxism always fails because it denies the sovereignty of the individual, and, most importantly, because Marxists believe human beings are perfectible.  Both are obviously wrong.  And because these two fundamental core “values” are so completely wrong, Marxism will always fail.  Human beings cannot be perfected, and any effort to compel such “perfection” will end with tyrants overwhelmed with frustration at their own personal failings and, as history has proven time and again, genocide in order to rid the world of those people who just aren’t good enough to be perfected by their betters.  Jews, Catholics, blacks, homosexuals, gypsies; none were human beings endowed by the Creator with the unalienable rights of life and liberty.  They were merely speed bumps on the road to perdition.

As Obama and his band of fiends regulate the economy to death, strip people of their individuality, compel them to submit to authority and murder them if they do not obey, in order to bring about this twisted faux-utopian communist society, we must remember to return to first principles and shout to the heavens the self-evident truth that coercion is always wrong.  Coercion is the heart of Marxism.  It matters not what the issue is or who the person is; to compel is to rob an individual of his or her freedom.  To put on a funny uniform and call yourself an agent of the “government” does not make it OK to compel.  It is not suddenly lawful to molest infants (or anyone else for that matter) in an airport, to steal money and call it “taxation” or to redistribute the wealth of others to your friends or constituents and call it “welfare” (corporate or otherwise).  If you wear that same uniform and force a private business to conduct operations in a certain way you have violated the owners’ right to enjoy their private property however he or she sees fit.  It doesn’t matter if you have some purported social “good” in mind because at the end of your decree is the barrel of a gun.  To be free, at the very least, must mean the right to be free from compulsion.

As the Marxists lead us all against our will into hell, it is important for us to remind them that they have no right to force us to go with them, and to stand up and defend our right to be free from compulsion if necessary.  We know what the end is if they win this war to nullify the Constitution and our liberty.  It is misery.  It is enslavement.  And they have no right to force us there.  Ronald Reagan, though no true friend of liberty himself upon entering the Oval Office, got it right when he once said, let them go their own way and let us go ours.  There is nothing immoral or unconstitutional about secession.  It is sometimes inevitable “in the course of human events” that irreconcilable differences between people will precipitate a parting of the ways.  Even should our society based on liberty collapse and we fall into a permanent state of destitution, the Marxists among us have no right to force us to go along with them just because they think they’re right and we’re wrong.  If there’s one right we all have, it’s the right to be wrong.

After a hundred years of failure and a body count over ONE HUNDRED MILLION, Marxists should know that better than anyone by now.

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  1. @ramboike: That’s correct, and thank you for that explanation. Many people who ascribe to the false left/right political paradigm believe that Nazism is a “right wing” phenomenon due to its nationalism, but that’s incorrect as you quite thoroughly point out. The communists opposed the Nazis for strategic reasons, not philosophical ones.

    Though Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is obviously a communist, he’s also a pragmatist. He uses corporatism to advance his totalitarian goals. He knows the overwhelming majority of the public rejects overt socialism and communism, but he also knows that the people are not really awakened to the reality (and dangers) of corporatism. The people know something isn’t right, but can’t quite put their finger on it except to blame big business. The problem, of course, is big business purchasing favors dished out by corrupt politicians at the expense of the people. Limiting the ability of politicians to hand out goodies is an obvious goal of the Constitution.

    Obama achieves his corporatism through regulation of private business. Regulation of private business is a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause where government achieves controlling interest in a private company without any compensation whatsoever, let alone just compensation. These regulations are designed specifically to destroy businesses that offer real competition to the corporatist entities like Monsanto, who donate to sympathetic politicians.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3uFUxMwA1w

    There was very little difference between Germany’s National Socialism & Russia’s Communist Socialism. Both were in the same house of extreme Leftism. It more like a sibling rivalry going on. In the center of the house was communism with naziism on the right side and we could place Orwell’s 1984 [the ultimate state controll of the mind] on the left side. But still all in the same Totalitarian House on the extreme Left. It’s not a stretch to include in that same totalitarian house the Sharia loving Islamic theocracies. They have communist parties and their connection to Naziism is legendary.


    That’s an old site that shows the Nazi-Islamic connections. With the recent problems unfolding in the Middle East check the link on the right: “Where are they now?”

    Early in the Nazi movement Nazi leaders campaigned to recruit the Bolsheviks [commumist in Germany]

    “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia……………. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will.”

    One difference was in the control of production. Communists believed in controlling all aspect of it, while the Nazis believed in controlling only the people who owned the production.

    “Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings.”

    “The Nazis have not only imitated the Bolshevist tactics of seizing power. They have copied much more. They have imported from Russia the one-party system and the privileged role of this party and its members in public life; the paramount position of the secret police; the organization of affiliated parties abroad which are employed in fighting their domestic governments and in sabotage and espionage, assisted by public funds and the protection of the diplomatic and consular service; the administrative execution and imprisonment of political adversaries; concentration camps; the punishment inflicted on the families of exiles; the methods of propaganda. They have borrowed from the Marxians even such absurdities as the mode of address, party comrade (Parteigenosse), derived from the Marxian comrade (Genosse), and the use of a military terminology for all items of civil and economic life. The question is not in which respects both systems are alike but in which they differ…”
    ~~Ludwig von Mises {Ludwig von Mises Institute]

  3. Marc Shea confuses Marxism with (German) National Socialism, as indicated by his references to Nazi genocide and the Gestapo, when the truth is that the two were mortal enemies. Because the United States fought on the side of Communism, World War II produced an Iron (Red) Curtain over Europe, Red China, Red Korea, Red Vietnam, Red Cuba, Red Venezuela and more.

    World War II made the world safe for communism, which has taken full advantage of the victory we handed to it. Our reward is to have our country subverted by a communist-agent president.

  4. Very insightful statement in the 2nd paragraph which states “communist theology” for indeed it absolutely is a theology! NO matter what the secularists, humanists, agnostics or atheists may claim.

    It is a theology that contradicts the very core values of the American experiment, as well as the U.S. Constitution that was crafted to protect the new-born U.S.A. from just such a historically-proved evil.