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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Los Angeles Police Department employs almost 10,000 officers and 3,000 administrative workers for a 500-square-mile area

(May 30, 2011) — If you were, say, in charge of staffing a police force, what do you think your number one requirement would be? Stop; don’t even think about the answer because never in a million years would you guess correctly. And there’s your answer: “think.”

The number one requirement of a cop today is to follow orders without question, to follow in the footsteps of the World War II German S.S. troops who tossed babies in the air and caught them with their bayonets. You got it:  the ranks are filled purposely with low I.Q. goons, who think nothing of following illegal orders, because the very concept of questioning any order is anathema to them.

It used to be that one of the qualifications of being a member of a police force was to be ex-military, but even though the level of acceptance has deteriorated over the years for the military, nowadays they’re still too smart to be policemen. What you and I are left with, then, is that our police force is not as smart as we are, is unable to think out of the box (“I can open-carry. I have a permit” is a little too much for them) and are armed.

But it gets even worse. It all started back when killing a cop was decided to be, somehow, more heinous than killing you or me, if that is at all possible. But wait! They, the politicians, thought it was possible, so they added their group to that of the cop group. Now we have the killing of a cop and politician a worse crime than killing anyone else.  But how to separate the two?  I mean, dead is dead, right?

Wrong. This is what they did: if you or I are murdered, our murderer may get a few years in prison, but if we were a cop or politician and got murdered, then our killer would be executed.  But you say that they used to execute murderers, didn’t they? Yes, they used to, but now they do it only to those who kill cops or politicians, so our killers get to get out of prison and do it again. “Is that why, when a child goes missing, the first thing they do is to find the child molesters who are living in the area, the child molesters whom they used to execute?” You got it.

You see, it even extends to the families of any government employee, which is why murderers, rapists, and child molesters never target the family of judges, for instance.

So there you have it. We’ve been reading about the home invasions and illegal searches by the police force, and a SWAT shooting a guy SEVENTY times where a quiet arrest at a convenience store would have been the smart move. But then this article isn’t about being “smart,“ is it?  It’s about making our world less safe by making the taxpayer  fund a group of Neanderthals who will turn on us in less than a nanosecond, as Tennessee cops do to out-of-staters traveling through on the interstate.

And whom do we have to thank for this dumbed-down police force? Would you believe Affirmative Action? Eric Holder putting pressure on Dayton, Ohio, to hire minority applicants who fail the standard police entrance exam; AP “New London, CT, justified in denying employment to an applicant who is too smart to be a policeman.”  The end result?  Bottom-of-the-barrel TSA agents; the whole Homeland Security Department, including their boss, the F.B.I.; especially the F.B.I. (vetted Obama lately?)

Welcome to America, circa 2011.


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  1. One note:
    While I am not suggesting that no soldier in service of The Third Reich ever bayoneted a baby
    The particular heinous act, that is referred to in this editorial, was committed, on a wide-spread, whole-sale, level by the Japanese against the Chinese in the 1930’s/40’s

    1. Actually, it’s pretty bad. It’s a bad/very bad siuation.
      Germany, in the first thirty-five years of the 20th century, was the “enlighten” country, the place to be for the new field of particle physics, new and exciting medical treatments were performed in the world’s best medical universities: in short, if you considered yourself an intellect of any sort, you made it to Germany. Reminds one of the United States, with our Silicon Valley and the Mayo Clinic.
      But something happened: the country was taken over by people who saw disagreement as a hinderance, constructive criticism as seditious, and, therefore, suspended habeas corpus. The begining of the end, as it turned out.
      Goons, thugs, mean people of lower than average, or average, intellegence, acting the role of policemen who, later, became the dreaded jack boots of the night: S.S. troops.
      Later, in Poland, and elsewhere, union members, gypsies and, lastly, Jews, were rounded up and driven to giant pits in the country, and there kneel and get shot in the back of the head: they would tumble down into the pit. Mothers with infants would beg the German soldiers to bayonet their babies so they wouldn’t suffer long before death in the pit, after the mother took a bullet in the back of the head.

  2. Local Law Enforcement Agencies /Depts. have been administering exams(I.Q.) for generations in order to “weed out” those applicants possessing of superior intellect for fear that their “thinking too much”, on the job, would serve as a hindrance in the carrying out of duties .
    In our current day hyper-politically correct environment these tests may be referred to as something other than a test of native intelligence or denied entirely but the modern “beat-cop” is a creation/product years in the making–if anything; he/she may be slightly “smarter” than their predecessors due , primarily, to existing in a less insular sub-culture
    Before y’all start acting superior to the “Boys in Blue” –think about the type of mentality that accepts without question the setting up of check points to randomly pull over vehicles and detain their drivers who have not exhibited any signs, whatsoever, of impairment and yet operate daily in and amongst countless numbers who are behind the wheel clearly impaired-violating safe & proper driving procedures while playing around on the phone. TO ENACT A SEPARATE LAW -TARGETING THIS PARTICULAR BEHAVIOR IS a REDUNDANCY–One is to operate a motor vehicle, while on public roadways, in a safe and proper manner(FULL attention to the road & either both hands on the wheel or one hand on and the other free; disposed to handle ) I don’t want to hear any nonsense about “hands free” devices as there is to be— NO “intellectual distraction” “multi-tasking” NOT PERMITTED
    IS THERE ONE POLICE OFFICER IN THIS COUNTRY WHO HAS CITED A DRIVER FOR THE OFFENSE OF UNSAFE OPERATION based on the obvious evidence sans some stupid law having to help him “connect- the- dots”? The answer to this question is undoubtedly- “NO”
    In fact, almost all of them are now so busy engaging in the same reckless activity themselves–not duty-related calls ,mind you, that they’d think you insane if you even brought the subject up; much less pointed out the absurdity–
    Ring any bells?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I called my local police about the death threats I received over the weekend. After asking me what the person specifically said, he said there was nothing they could do unless some state-level department referred my information to them. As we were hanging up, the officer said, “Good luck.”

    I also called two offices of the FBI, both of whom said, “We don’t do that.” So why are we paying their salaries?

  3. Below is an off topic reply to the article “Death Threats from Obots Become More Strident” by Mrs. Rondeau, in which opovnv equate cops to muslims, obama supporters, and politicians…notice the date, and also notice the apparently completely false and insincere apology by opovnv. in the last reply.

    The very next day May 30, 2011, we have this “editorial” that now equates “cops” with “World War II German S.S. troops who tossed babies in the air and caught them with their bayonets.”

    How difficult would it be to include a disclaimer at the beginning or end of the “editorial” (as did Mrs. Rondeau in her reply to Mr.Smith) that would exclude all of our dedicated Law Enforcement men and women who are out there every day risking their lives to keep us safe, and doing it with integrity, honor and respect for the citizens? Not very difficult at all. Obviously opovnv has some serious issues with ALL “cops”.

    As an example, if someone were to write an article about the reportedly common incidents of “fragging” (the intentional murder of a superior officer by an enlisted soldier) during the Vietnam war, would it not be prudent, wise, and respectful to explain that these were the acts of despicable cowards and did not reflect on the entire fighting force. Fairly simple logic here.

    Apparently there are a few who submit editorials on P&E, in which all they ever do is blather on and complain unintelligently about this or that and never offer any real, serious solutions to the problems America faces today. I have suspected for some time that they are nothing more than obot trolls that intentionally submit poorly written, barely intelligible rantings with the sole intent of casting the P&E in a bad light.

    While I agree that incidents of abuse of power are on the rise in all levels of government and some local and federal law enforcement agencies (and I’m angry as hell about it), it would seem to be extremely unwise to cast the thousands of Patriots in Law Enforcement in with these traitors. After all, those Patriots will be an EXTREMELY valuable asset to We the People when the situation goes way south. Again, fairly simple logic here.

    Imho, Mr. Gene Smith and every other decent, hard working, Constitutionally committed Law Enforcement officer has every right to be POed about this crass, poorly written, divisive so-called editorial. Why not find ways to pull Constitutionally committed Americans together and build some serious solidarity for the common good of all?

    Semper Fi,


    One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet says:
    Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    If it looks like a Muslim.
    a cop,
    a government employee,
    a Obama supporter,
    a politician,
    someone who is OBVIOUSLY STUPID (like a cop or any other government employee),
    well, there you have it, don’t you?
    I served my country. My two prized honors are a Good Coduct and an Honorable Discharge. I was one of the lucky ones. My scars from my military time are all in my head. On MONDAY I will honor the fallen, as I have everyday since my first fight in 1965 at a place called Chu Lai.
    I do not fear death as I view everyday since that time as gravy.
    If you need me to help you, for any reason under the sun, rain or shine, day or night, storms, floods, blizzards, I’ll be there for you and will arrange a whole lot of others to stand by you.

    Jack says:
    Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 3:05 PM


    Sir, I’m going to keep this as civil as possible and still have it be posted, you definitely have the heart of a lion and it sure is in the right place. We all thank you for your service. However, when you continue to lump ALL of our police and law enforcement in with the “muslims”, you are demonstrating some seriously flawed thinking or lack thereof.

    While it is true that much of upper echelons of the alphabet agencies are indeed corrupted and need to be routed out and we do have an encroaching “police state” problem from this regime, the majority of police and law enforcement are fine Constitutionally committed Americans just trying to make sense of this mess, as are we. Many are very good friends of mine whom I would trust with the lives of my family. They will definitely stand with We the People when the time comes.

    Would it not be ridiculous and disrespectful for someone to make the statement that “All Vietnam veterans were just a bunch of dope smoking morons that were too stoned to win the war”? Would that not be a great disservice to all the Vietnam era military who fought with honor and valor, like yourself?

    It’s not wise to categorize an entire group of Americans for the misdeeds of a few.

    Semper Fi,

    One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet says:
    Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 5:34 PM

    You’re right, I’m wrong.
    To say that I was a “little bit agitated” when I wrote that would be to put it mildly.
    I stand admonished, Sir, and I apologize.

    1. THE CODE of BLUE
      Look, let’s use a little bit of brain power here.
      Nobody has a problem with hard working honest police, such as Frank Serpico. And “Gene Smith”, where’s your beat, Mayberry? You mean to say you’ve never seen a crooked cop?
      After Obama was elected, my wife and Orly Taitz went to the F.B.I., presented evidence, and asked (requested?) that they look into vetting Obama due to the concerns that he was ineligible to serve as president, according to the Constitution. “We’re not going to investigate”, was the reply.
      I have been an MP, so I have walked in the shoes, more than most, I believe, so I have a really good idea what walking the beat is all about.
      But like Sharon Rondeau says, there doesn’t seem to be any good cops in the whole state of Tennessee, and even the Governor is bent.
      The point of the article is to be found in the last paragraph, where sub-standards are to be the norm.
      And the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, refuses to prosecute voter intimidation by Black Panthers, a direction, perhaps, to policemen not to uphold the law.

      1. “THE CODE of BLUE
        Look, let’s use a little bit of brain power here”.

        A “little bit” of brain power with regard to some of the “so-called editorials” and “comments”
        would indeed be refreshing.

        “Nobody has a problem with hard working honest police, such as Frank Serpico. And “Gene Smith”, where’s your beat, Mayberry? You mean to say you’ve never seen a crooked cop?”

        Apparently you do sir, you just insulted Mr. Gene Smith yet again with another unintelligent, abusive, and inflammatory comment! Mr. Smith admitted that there were some “bad apples”.

        “After Obama was elected, my wife and Orly Taitz went to the F.B.I., presented evidence, and asked (requested?) that they look into vetting Obama due to the concerns that he was ineligible to serve as president, according to the Constitution. “We’re not going to investigate”, was the reply.
        I have been an MP, so I have walked in the shoes, more than most, I believe, so I have a really good idea what walking the beat is all about.”

        This is where normally there would be a comment from me thanking you for your commendable efforts and service, however as there seems to be a severe lack of respect others or any semblance of rational thought in your comment, none will be forthcoming.

        “But like Sharon Rondeau says, there doesn’t seem to be any good cops in the whole state of Tennessee, and even the Governor is bent.”

        This may very well be true, however, this does not justify a “lynch mob” mentality or give “carte blanche” vilify and insult an entire group of decent Americans nationwide. Just as a heads up, the P&E has a nationwide readership.

        “The point of the article is to be found in the last paragraph, where sub-standards are to be the norm. And the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, refuses to prosecute voter intimidation by Black Panthers, a direction, perhaps, to policemen not to uphold the law.”

        If that is true, which it appears to be highly suspect, why not just be honest, forthright, magnanimous and just say what you mean. Why make the reader slog through line after line of near pathological irrational rant to finally arrive at the pearl of wisdom in the last paragraph. Personally, not buying any of it. And the proof can be found in the inflammatory and divisive title of this drivel, The Goons is Loose!

        Semper Fi,

        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I take responsibility for having assigned the subtitle to the editorial.

    2. “I stand admonished, Sir, and I apologize.”
      The problem with an innuendo is that, undubitably, there will be a certain percentage of readers who are unable, or, perhaps, unwilling, to acheive leaps and bounds of reasoning.
      I sincerely have no doubt that everyone applauds and admires hard working, honest law enforcement people, I know that I do. My apology to Jack was that I wasn’t explicit in separating the good cops from bad cops. I honestly did not conceive that any of the readers of The Post & Email would require such elementary guidance, for which I again apologize.
      However, I do not apolgize for the intent of the article, which was, obviously, to point out to my fellow citizens that the standards for public employees are being lowered to accommondate the type of people who would be willing to follow illegal orders without question.
      We’ve seen it happening: a person attends a Tea Party and, the next day, is visited by the police for a chat. Someone writes a letter to a judge disagreeing with a particular ruling: the police are sent out for a chat. Neither case were threats made, or viloence contemplated, yet the police just “followed orders”.
      I served in the armed forces and got to spend some time in a combat zone. It’s real easy to loose track of what’s going down, because, at times, it comes down to living in the “right now”, and you’re not making any long range plans a minute ahead, you’re just living in the here and now, which is, well, it’s intense. And yet you still retain some of your humanity, hopefully, and you pray that you do. And, yes, there are those that go over the edge, and those guys you avoid whenever possible, for as long as possible.
      Which leads us into the innuendo of the German S.S. The Germany of Hitler didn’t happen overnight, it took years, some say six, some say little longer. Gestapo? Why? For what purpose does a country need to spy, arrest, torture, inprison, execute its populace? Why?
      How do you get to have a Gestapo in the first place? Where do the bodies come from? Hiring known bullies and mean spirited people, for what end?
      Well, we know what end. Just read about the German S.S. following the Wehrmacht into the Soviet Union during WW II, committing atrocities for which the defense of “just following orders” was no excuse to abuse power.
      Yes, there are some good, hard working, and honest, law enforcement people in the United States. But are there any in TSA? Homeland Security? We wonder.
      Look, we’re suppose to be fighting to get our Constituion back as the law of the land. That’s why we’re here, at Atlas Shrugs and WND and The Post & Email, to get facts and see where we are able to contribute to kick the clown out of the White House and to get America back on track. It doesn’t do our cause any good to be picayune.

      1. Sir, for the record the intention of my comments was not for you to be admonished or to apologize, especially not to me. The intention was to illustrate that imho, it might be advantageous not to negatively categorize the good men and women in Law Enforcement for the despicable actions of a few scumbags. And to look for ways to stand shoulder to shoulder with Constitutionally committed Americans from all walks of life as opposed to causing division. (the scumbags in DC and the media do enough of that already)
        As for innuendo, there is always the risk that it will be misconstrued. These are dangerous times and the future is uncertain. Perhaps instead of innuendo and risky assumptions, clear, concise no/BS assessments would be more effective to as you say, “kick the clown out of the White House and to get America back on track.” Again,jmho.

        Semper Fi,


  4. Yep it’s rampant here as well. Several officers were fired recently for beating the c*** out of an unconscious man after he ran from the cops for several miles, lost control of his vehicle and was thrown out of it when it rolled. He was lying unconscious on the ground and about 7 or 8 cops ran up & started beating the c*** out of him (with billy sticks) without even noticing he was not moving. I think a few got re-hired even after a big groundswell of public backlash. SAD but true.

  5. Hey Mr. “One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet”,

    This was the most ignorantly written editorial I’ve ever seen. As a law enforcement officer for more than a decade, and a true patriot, I take extreme exception to your rantings. In fact, I have never personally known a single officer or deputy who fits the description you so passionately go out of your way to brand on us.

    Every cop I have ever known has been a staunch believer in the Constitution. As with ANY profession, there are going to be bad apples, but a law enforcement job is one of the hardest to get, and the easiest to loose. How many other professions have up to year long hiring processes? This is because agencies only want the best (for the most part).

    The fact is, without law enforcement in place, society itself could not exist. It would tear itself apart. Without wariors willing to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves, we as a nation would cease to exist. So please withold your anarchist message spewing for the betterment of the American people.

    If you want to focus your uneducated ranting at a particular faulted group in the criminal justice system, try these wonderful elected judges. They are the ones passing out easy sentences and letting off offenders because they are golf buddies with the defense attorneys. Or how about parole boards who continually release repeat offenders back into our society…..

    Your attack on law enforcement officers is unexcusable. These men and women risk their lives daily to protect the innocent and serve their communities. They do this at the cost of their own lives. So until you walk a day in their shoes, and work in the most caustic environment known to man, please refrain from passing such unilateral and ignorant judgement.

    Gene Smith
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: When I published the editorial you referenced, I interpreted it to be focused on law enforcement which becomes unconstitutionally militarized, which we are seeing in several places in the United States. Police are now working in “teams” with U.S. military in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, and U.S. Army troops were deployed into Samson, AL on March 10, 2009 instead of local police. Because government is becoming increasingly oppressive, I believe the point of the essay was to draw readers’ attention to that fact and to remind citizens to be ever-vigilant. The Post & Email supports every police officer who upholds his or her oath to the U.S. Constitution as it pertains to protecting the rights of citizens and arresting those who would do or have done us harm.

    Another problem is that many fine people are not hired to be police officers, having been passed over due to political correctness dictating that a person designated a minority should be hired so as to satisfy affirmative action requirements. This, on its face, is unconstitutional. Some fail to be promoted so that someone less qualified gets the job instead. Police officers and firefighters are suing over such incidents and winning, although it is tragic that it has come to that in this country.

    The Post & Email has reported on many “bad cops” within the last year who terrorize, abuse and extort the people they supposedly serve in the state of Tennessee. This criminality is particularly widespread in eastern Tennessee, where many people are too scared to leave their homes, especially at night. Many sheriffs, deputies and judges are thoroughly corrupt, locking up innocent people after beating and tasering them. Many receive permanent injuries, and some have died as a result of their treatment in the Monroe County, TN jail. Not one one law enforcement officer in the state will help them, including local police, the attorney general or the governor. Also, police in Tennessee have been accused on video of issuing traffic tickets to citizens driving lawfully to church on Sunday to extort money from them. All of this greatly imperils a society which is allegedly “free,” and the residents of Tennessee have nowhere to turn. We hope to see that change in the coming months with a new citizen-driven initiative to regain their lost constitutional rights. It has been this way for decades in Tennessee.

    I have also just learned today of a resident of the state of Connecticut who was brutalized by local police several months ago, having been thrown to the ground with a boot held to the back of his neck. The man was later exonerated of all charges. We realize that this is still a rarity in most places in the country, but it is very troubling.

    1. I wonder, Gene, did you happen to see the altercation with the Park Police at the Lincoln Memorial that is on the web? No matter the circumstance it does not lend itself to what you are saying. The level of ability to think in the police officer we see anymore is diminishing, sorry to say. My son was an officer who left the force for his reasons but I witnessed on the ride-alongs certain officers that should never have been given a badge.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe the incident to which Lloyd is referring is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jUU3yCy3uI

    1. The concealed carry law does in fact permit the individual to openly carry (even in Philadelphia)
      as stated correctly in the LAW mentioned by the INNOCENT citizen. read section 3 on this site : http://www.gun-politics.org/showthread.php?t=1067
      The police are totally overzealous against any who would challenge their rule on carrying a firearm, even though the individual stated clearly he was no threat and he had a license.
      How humiliating. Unfortunately, even though the police discovered they were wrong, they arrested the man anyway for resisting arrest and threatening a police officer.
      Clearly the youtube audio track will be his defense, and will be thrown out because the officer did not know he was being recorded.
      Even when you obey the law you are wrong.

  6. Excellent reply.
    Not to perempt “Jack says”, but this short post, The GOONS is LOOSE” is to let the folks know what the trend is, as far as hiring dumb cops ON PURPOSE.
    Just put in “hiring dumb policemen” on any search engine and welcome to the asylum.
    Extrapolate “law enforcement” with EVERY government job, and you’ll begin to see the magnitude of the problem. Oh, you and I can see it, but the average government employee can’t, but what’s even worse, won’t and refuse to see the potential for exactly what “John Southerland says”.

  7. This does not bode well for law enforcement – it is more suitably called procedure enforcement, and that is a step in the communist direction where procedures are followed before laws are followed.

    Looking back, I have believed that the citizen’s study of the law is a good and responsible thing, because it allows the citizen to be consciously competent when it comes to working within the law. Interestingly enough, the ABA will not permit any law school teach law to anyone except enrolled law students. Gee, I wonder why the lawyer’s union would do that?

    In parallel with the general prohibition of citizens formally learning about the law from educational institutions, we have the dumbed-down police, who will not listen to issues of law when dealing with citizens – it’s all about PD procedures.

    Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state, usually under the power of a single political person, faction, or class, recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.

    Notice the absence of the rule of law in this definition. Sound like the place we have arrived at?

    1. Being such a large nation, the arrival is taking time. The biggest reason for that is we are not all ignorant twits looking for utopia and there really are still a lot of cops like Gene Smith. Not to say Mr Smith is a liar when he proclaimed, “Every cop I have ever known has been a staunch believer in the Constitution.” But to clarify that for him, I’ll just say, “Gene, do you believe that is the case everywhere?” You see, I too know a lot of good cops, but I also know they work side by side with some of the most evil minds on the planet and that, my friend, is a fact any truthful cop will admit only in a soundproof room if he wants to keep his job.