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by Dr. Kate, ©2011, blogging at Dr. Kate’s View

Forged in USA

(May 28, 2011) — If you are a U.S. citizen, and you become aware of a felony that has been committed, it is your responsibility to report that felony to some person in civil or military authority:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, § 4

We all witnessed a crime committed on national TV April 27, 2011 when Obama presented an electronic image and paper copies of  his supposed LFCOLB.  We knew within minutes that the document was a fake, and found out Jerome Corsi knew the same at least one month before it was released.  We have all read and probably can recite the precise ways in which this electronic image is a forgery.

On Monday and Tuesday next week, Dr. Corsi will be writing about the criminal complaint filed with the FBI/Department of Justice regarding the forged LFCOLB image.   He is acting as Title 18 U.S.C. would have an American citizen do.

A reminder here that Dr. Corsi is not the only one who has independent evidence of the forgery, as each one of us can see it on our computers if we need to, but we certainly are aware of the evaluations that have been done and the numerous reports about it.  We also have late-breaking news from Miss Tickly on the debossed seal found on the 2008 COLB, and there is a non-discernible seal–i.e., embossed or debossed,  on the electronic image recently released.

No allegiance to the U.S.

We also are aware from the chain of custody records released by the White House that a paper copy of the LFCOLB was retrieved from Hawaii, and that the image the White House released could not have been a scanned image of the document retrieved from Hawaii.  This suggests that a forgery was completed on U.S. government property using government personnel and resources in the District of Columbia.

The point is is that we all know about the felony, and now its our duty to report it. To everyone in civil or military authority.  This could include:

  • Sheriff
  • Judges or grand juries
  • National Guard Commander
  • Governor
  • State representatives
  • Secretary of State
  • State and Federal Attorney General
  • State and Federal judges
  • Congressmen and Senators

Pick one, pick some, pick them all.  And why not throw in a few facts and cites on social security fraud?

The Senators and Congressmen must be pressed to initiate an FBI investigation of the forgery…in this manner we can add Congressional pressure to help Corsi’s direct approach to the FBI.


Citing your responsibility as an American citizen under Title 18, you are reporting what you saw on April 27, 2011 and what and how you know the image is a forgery.  Include, attach or cite the best references.

Thousands of FAXES requiring the ‘civil or military authority’ secure an FBI investigation into the forgery puts pressure on them all…its a start on keeping them on their toes.

Tens of thousands of FAXES with the language of Title 18 front and center will remind those staffers picking up the FAXES of their responsibilities too.

Because the people are coming…did they forget who pays their salaries?

Lock him out permanently

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  1. I signed a criminal complaint several months ago which called for an investigation regarding Obama’s eligibility.

    The body of the complaint I signed contained a compelling argument that cited Obama’s use of a CT. SSN #, and his refusal to make his birth records public, among other things.

    It also touched on the fact that Obama does not meet the Constitutional criterion which would qualify him as a Presidential Candidate, meaning that he is not a Natural Born Citizen.

    This criminal complaint was delivered to Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI, and was signed many concerned citizens (whether it was hundreds or thousands, I really can’t recall).

    Anyway, all I know is that nothing ever came of it. It seems to have fallen on deaf ears, and willfully blind eyes.

    Robert Mueller and his ilk are starting to remind me that statue of the three monkeys: see no evil, hear on evil, speak no evil. Except it’s really not all that comical.

  2. As much as possible we need to direct the Misprision of Felony information at those who are supporting Barry for 2012. With the current knowledge of Obama’s ineligibility and the crimes that have been committed, especially the recent long-form bogus BC, those who are supporting him for 2012 have absolutely no excuse for not realizing they are committing a criminal act punishable by fines and years in prison.

    The chances of being left out of being personally charged with a crime when Obama’s house of cards come tumbling down, and it is close, drop the longer those who support him continue to stick with him. Assisting in the same fraud, part two, is a very risky endeavor, and all involved need to be made aware of that.

  3. “and found out Jerome Corsi knew the same at least one month before it was released.”

    I think everyone here knew it was fake before it was released.

  4. Will contact Gov of FL & Atty Gen of FL. Have already contacted our House Rep for the 5th Dist but will do it again. The time has come for all of us to get the ball going. He must be removed ASAP or all of the America that we grew up in will be lost forever!
    Had a letter from someone that said the UN & Mao or whoever it was is pushing for America to be in New World Order. Has anyone else rec’d that type of notice??
    I have grand and great-grandkids that I want to be living in a free country not as some slaves to obama & his minions. Nancy pelosi should be convicted of fraud as she signed the papers as chairman of the DNC to get him on the ballot in 08.

  5. I was wondering why no one has questioned the fact that even IF the birth certificate were real, it states that his father was born in Kenya. To be president of the US a candidate’s parents must both be naturalized citizens. Someone has admitted that this is not the case.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The Post & Email has questioned that from the beginning: http://www.thepostemail.com/2009/12/24/british-law-declares-obama-a-british-citizen/

    1. This is where the Regime wins. It is a catch 22. We claim “Fake” and then we can’t say his father was, indeed, a Brit, because the stuff on the cert is “fake” and not valid, so can’t use as proof he is not Natural Born Citizen. He has won this round.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: But if Dr. Corsi is right, and birth records in Kenya for Obama were destroyed or tampered with, then we know Obama lied about having been born in Hawaii to make himself appear eligible for the presidency.

      1. Doesn’t matter! Barry has proffed this new Birth Certificate as being His.
        He has ‘owned it.’ He says its His. SOOOO.. if its been Altered – then its
        FAKE. He is owning a counterfeit legal document. THAT in of itself is a

      2. Not to mention, if they agree it is fake, then Obama is guilty (by admission) tht he used a forged ID. That is definitely criminal. (Title 18 fraudulent ID)

  6. I emailed the link to this article to my Senator Rockefeller, for what good it will do? We are witnessing the biggest scam and crime—against over 300 million Americans—going on now in U. S. history. Is there no shame left in our government? I certainly hope that those culprits complicit in fraudulently installing the criminal usurper Obama in the Oval Office will pay dearly for their active negligence and treasonous stance. We are allowing them to walk all over our precious Constitution, on which all our laws are based upon. If we don’t do something more drastic with our God-given tools soon, our Republic will be lost forever! And, sad to say, we will have nobody essentially to blame but ourselves.

  7. Forgot to say great article from Dr. Kate!!! I have contacted my representative in Congress but so far, no response. Not surprised! I’ll try contacting some of the others listed and see if they respond.

    1. Good luck with that Southern Lady,you’ll get the same response i did when i contacted MY rep. The answer was:” He says he was born in Hawaii”.end of subject??

  8. The City Council is the lowest level of elected officials that are easily reachable by everyone. (and all are responsible by their oath of office to act on the evidence).

    And everyone has the right to be heard – uninterrupted, without objections, and publicly recorded.

    And for every council-member that hears the charges, 100 or more local citizens will hear the message. The community TV record of the presentation can be downloaded and put on YouTube (as I have done with mine from last July 27, 2010:

  9. Great idea. We The People should inundate our elected officials and courts and Grand Juries with the ‘evidence’ of a ‘crime having been committed’ and a ‘crime in progress’.

    I think we should wait until we see the wording of the charges being brought to the FBI (as prepared by Dr. Corsi’s team of experts) next week, and then formulate a concerted program so that anybody and everybody can easily duplicate the charges.

    A thousand charges saying the same thing is better than a thousand different versions of several different charges.

    I will also look to developing a revised version of my 3-minute City Council presentation, asking that they take action immediately, lest they themselvesbe chargeable with Misprision of Treason.

    Here’s an example of what I have in mind:
    MAYORS-CITY COUNCILS ‘Stop The Treason’ CAMPAIGN (wIth TEXT) 27 JUL 2010

  10. michael alexander blake….the “smiley face”… “A” is for alexander….the “X” in “TXE” is for executive office building where he works.!!!!

    1. The smiley face and the X in TXE are definite clues left by the person who made the copy. The name of michael alexander blake is rumored in other blogs.

  11. ..from Israel Insider article……
    …it seems dubious that the person who signed Barack Obama’s wannabe birth certificate was a “local registrar” named U K L Lee.

    Lee is probably a common family, but “U K L” is almost certainly not a common sequence of initials.

    This improbability suggests that the one who signed as “U K L Lee” — or who modified another signature to make it pronounceable as “ukulele,” was by this act of invention or alteration taking credit for the deed with an in-joke that presumably would escape the attention of the masses and the mainstream media cowed into submission by an imperious Presidential statement that he had “more important things” to worry about.

      1. Hmmm..

        That BC has been floating around awhile, I don’t think it originated with that particular freeper.

        …and it doesn’t have the raised embossed seal, it appears to have a debossed seal applied to the back.

        Personally, I call BS, and note that it’s funny how it corroborates a name on Obama’s long form.

      2. To me, it looks more like C K L Lee. Which would implicate the forger more so than if it were a “real” registrar. I’ve tried to do a search on both names but nothing so far.

      3. Interestingly the cert shown on the WND linked by Auntie Madder shows the ‘md’ box next to the ‘do’ box and not above as in O’s. This one at WND was signed May (think) 1960. Did the form change for BO? If form changed to the side-by-side way BEFORE 1960, a whole new can of worms is opened. If changed AFTER date of O’s presented cert, a can of worms is still opened.

      4. OK. FR link showed article by teacher remember Obama in fifth grade and in high school. But she also remembered a Dr. West making a comment when she asked him, as a guest in his house and a friend of his daughter’s, if anything interesting happened that day. He joked about a “Stanley” having a baby. Following this article was a bio for this doctor (West) and he quit delivery babies in 1956 or 1959 (can’t get back to page to clarify which it was). And then we have Sinclair signing this fake cert. as delivering doc.

      5. OMG! And amazingly we have yet another peculiar inverted seal! Wow.

        These older BCs were printed in the negative to avoid tampering…and the Nordykes copy was certified with an embossed raised seal: http://www.sonorannews.com/archives/2011/110504/110504images/Birth-cert-Nordyke_twins.jpg

        While this one published by WND (that also happens to corroborate that name U or C K Lee…whatever) has a debossed lowered seal: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=298537

        Yeah, something is hinky, all right!

        Might be time to stop looking at these anonymous unverifiable BCs online.

    1. I thought that U K Lee was phony at first too. Seemed too crazy to be real, but then I saw another BC, a real one, and can’t remember the name. Seems that it’s Choate or something. It was on FR that I saw the actual copy. And guess who signed it? U K Lee.

  12. We all are aware of cases similar to FBI Director Mueller’s ignoring a properly filed complaint about obama. Likewise, to my knowledge, every single complaint made to elected officials has been ignored. But I’ve not heard of any effort to recall, or actual recalls of, those elected officials who ignored complaints filed with them. Have I been asleep or has there been not a single effort to recall someone for for failing to act on obama’s fraud? If no recalls have been started, I’d say it’s time to begin.

    1. Our Constitution as initially designed was intended to be a REPRESENTATIVE government with the representatives being selected BY the PEOPLE The Founders saw this as the fundamental principle of a government and THAT is why the representatives are elected for only TWO year terms — so that, IF THEY ARE NOT DOING A JOB THAT SUCCESSFULLY REPRESENTS the desires of the PEOPLE, they can be more quickly replaced with some NEW representative who more closely sly follows the dictates of those who elect him/her. Senators were originally intended to be the representatives of the STATES and, for equality of/in power, each state — no matter its geographical size OR size of its population, would be represented by TWO senators.

      IMO, if “WE the People” are intent on returning to constitutional government, WE should follow the program of government DESIGNED BY THE FOUNDERS! That is, we must concentrate on CHANGING OUR REPRESENTATIVES. When we can’t suffer the elapsed tome until the next elections; those who have so artfully and consistently violated their Oath of Office by Misprision of treason, OR, by betrayal of their oaths, should face recall at the next possible recall election.

      EVERY member of the 111th Congress, was/is, in MY opinion in violation of their Oath of Office because they, at that time, did not challenge aka’s eligibility EVEN THOUGH IT WAS COMMONLY KNOWN that he did NOT QUALIFY because of his father being a British Citizen — a disqualification no matter WHERE he was born. Also, before aka’s election as a State Senator, he was known to have been born in Kenya AS REPORTED AT THAT TIMIE. The fact that those “representatives” are still incumbent AND have all been served with yet to be disproven as valid copies of his Kenyan Birth Certificate, make the incumbent “representatives” even more culpable in my opinion.

  13. Great article…caption under the pic should say “out” not “our” :)
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks.