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May 25, 2011

Was this image created on a computer or is it an actual copy of the document which supposedly is on file at the Hawaii Department of Health?

Danial E. Nordby
General Counsel
Department of State
R.A. Gray Building
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-250

Dear General Counsel Nordby;

SUBJECT – Irrefutable evidence a crime has been committed that will lead to election fraud here in Florida in 2012.

Please accept this letter as a complaint and request for an investigation into whether the new Certificate of Live Birth for President Obama, produced on 4/25/11 by Director Fuddy of the Hawaiian Department of Health and placed on the White House website on 4/27/11, is a forensically valid image copied from a page in a open book of birth certificates, or a computer generated composite made up to look like a copy of a page in an open book.

The evidence it is a forgery is overwhelming and irrefutable. In support of this charge I first offer the attached Affidavit of Douglas B. Vogt, a well qualified expert to conduct a forensic analysis as to the authenticity of this new document the president has proudly placed upon the White House website and will be used to prove his eligibility to run for president in Florida’s 2012 election.. I also attach the 22 page backup report.

Director Fuddy and the presently unknown state employees that participated in the illegal creation of this forged Certificate of Live Birth have committed a classic criminal felony. There is no Hawaiian statute, rule or regulation that gives the Director of Health the legal authority to produce a totally fake Certificate of Live Birth, under any circumstance, and that is precisely what the attached affidavit has proven with irrefutable evidence.

This is not, as claimed by Director Fuddy, a factual copy of an authentic original Certificate of Live Birth copied from an open book onto security paper. It is instead, a composite computer generated forgery made up to look like it was a page copied from an open book onto security paper. This is an exceptionally poor quality forgery and those that participated in its creation have committed a most serious national security crime, by fabricating a fake birth certificate to prove a person is qualified to be President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces.

In further support of this notification I offer the following videos, made by other knowledgeable and experienced persons in this field that visually demonstrates this evidence and brings forth additional new evidence as well.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9StxsFllY Author, Albert Renshaw. There are 4 parts to this total presentation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eOfYwYyS_c&feature=relmfu Author, Karl Denninger.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85yVkL94_BU&NR=1 Denninger final.

And finally, in the Registrars Certification, the word THE has been misspelled as TXE.

Forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple violations under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028. Your immediate attention to this matter is requested. This forgery will be used to justify and permit election fraud here in Florida in the 2012 presidential election process.

In conclusion I want to make it un-questionably clear. This forgery complaint is not made against President Obama and is strictly limited to those individuals, along with Director Fuddy, that participated in the fabrication of this blatant forgery. I say this because President Obama has publicly proclaimed they are the producers of this document and hand delivered to the White House by his lawyer, Judith Corley. His letter specifically requested 2 certified copies of his original birth certificate, not forgeries.

My specific request of your office is that you have an expert in this field, either in or outside your office, examine this birth certificate on the White House website and issue an affidavit, or DOS statement of your findings as to the certificate’s validity. The fulfillment of this request is crucial if you are to prevent election fraud in Florida’s 2012 election. The public is entitled to your protection and must know the truth.

I pray the rampant corruption that prevails in Washington DC and Hawaii has not gotten to the point that even critical national security criminal activity and planned election fraud can be covered-up and ignored by the Chief Election Officer of the State of Florida. If so, this country is doomed and our children will suffer tremendously. Four more years of this corruption providing for the appointment of more Marxist/Progressive Bureaucrats and Judges and this country will never recover.

If you determine it is not the responsibility of Governor Scott and the DOS to investigate this irrefutable evidence of the coming election fraud, I request you so indicate and forward this email on to the proper authority in Tallahassee and copy me as a recipient.

Robert Quinn

Copy – Governor Scott


Editor’s Note: This article was originally indicated as having been sent to an office of the FBI in Florida when in fact it was sent to the Florida General Counsel.

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  1. Let’s not forget that the federal law enforcement works for obama, and it will take one crazy and courageous federal employee to go after his own chief law enforcement officer, knowing full well that his own in-line managers are part of the conspiracy of silence.

    For a federal solution, we will need another ‘Deep Throat’ to open this criminal activity up, and that won’t be easy because obama, clever criminal that he is, covers his tracks very well.

    I personally don’t think the answer will come from anyone in the federal government – they have too much to lose. I think we must get the governors of the states fired up to challenge this usurper. This is easily justified because the governors are responsible for the safety and well being of their citizens, and so far, they haven’t done squat to stop the ruination of their own economies or the country’s economy.

    Now is the time for the governors to either step up to the task, or step down in defeat.

    If, in the end, the people are forced to remove the usurper, it will get very messy, and people will die. Communists don’t play around – they are serious about ruling a country.

  2. Is there anyone who frequents this site who can attest to where Governor Scott Walker stands on this issue? Has he ever made any comment either before or since the release of the latest forgery?

    Better yet, in the absence of a total media blackout and a total blackout on The Hill, does anyone know of ANY elected official anywhere in the U.S. who gives a d***?

    1. CA Holly

      Can’t answer your question about Gov W. However, if you’re on twitter, contact me @p3driver (and anyone else interested). We have a plan to use the groundbreaking move of Robert Quinn to start a nationwide letter campaign to regional FBI offices, States’ Attorney Generals, States’ Governors, and congressional committees (and any other official bodies) to let them know “we the people” are not convinced that the sham document (aka birth certificate) is capable of standing up to independent forensic analysis. Go to twitter, search for @p3driver and click “follow.” If you don’t like twitter, and for anyone else likes this idea, an alternative is to email: BBowlegs@comcast.net. In fact, it would be easier to email due to limitations on size of “tweets.” If you want to take action, get in touch. We CAN fight this, but it will take effort of your part. What better way to kick this off than on Memorial Day weekend? In memory of those who died for the very freedoms we seem to be about to lose.

  3. Thank you from another Floridian, though I really don’t see why it’s “crucial” to prevent election fraud that they already could prevent by virtue of Obama being Constitutionally ineligible due to the admitted fact of his having had British citizenship at birth (at a minimum).

  4. I concur with Robert De Beaux: obama knows where he was born; if the BC is a fake (and I agree it is based on the same evidence as the complainant does), then he knows the BC is a fake. Presentation of a fraudulent document to obtain something (in this case a “big” something) is criminally prosecutable. Tricky Dick redux. I just hope obama says “I am not a crook” and shakes his jowls like Nixon did.

  5. DeBeaux – The idea is, Fuddy is much more vulnerable than Obama, has less protection, admits she watched the production of this forged document being produced and when Fuddy goes, Obama is sure to follow.

  6. As a resident in Florida, I am so proud to read this and I fully believe that Gov. Scott will have the birth certficate investigated and he will come up with it is forgery. I just read the book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” by Jerome Corsi which just came out. All americans should read it so, buy it and pass it to all your friends to read. The evidence is in this book. I read on the internet today that a request to the FBI for an investigation about the birth certificate was going to be filed today. Everything is finally coming to a head and heads are going to roll – Thank you God

  7. Well heck, I will say it then, I am directly accusing Mr. Obama (president left out deliberately) has committed a Title 18 felony by using two separate fraudulent documents to declare his eligibility to run for public office. I further accuse Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House of Representatives) for knowingly participating in a coup against the United States

  8. As a native Floridian, I applaud this action. I have resided in this state for 74 years and am in the process of renewing my drivers license. The number of documents I have to provide to prove I am a citizen is unbelievable. A birth certificate alone is not enough. To think that man and his family is living in OUR house without any proof (I don’t believe he has any) makes my blood boil.