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May 22, 2011

Allen West retired from the U.S. Army after he was threatened with court-martial over tactics he used to elicit information from an Iraqi policeman to protect his unit

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Rep. Allen West, freshman member of the House of Representatives from Florida’s 22nd District:

May 15, 2011

Honorable Allen B. West
Representative Florida 22nd District
1708 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Ph: 202 225-3026
Fax: 202 225-8398

3111 So. Dixie Highway, St. 308
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Ph: 561 655-1943
Fax: 561 655-8018

6300 NE 1st Avenue, St. 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Ph: 954 202-6211
Fax: 954 202-6212


I want to congratulate you on the introduction of H.R. 1246 that passed 393 to 0 cutting unnecessary spending in the military.  That is the kind of action everyone should expect from their elected officials.  Many are now, and have been, encouraging you to become a candidate for President and you certainly would be an answer to many prayers including my own.

I am sorry I have to express my disappointment in the efforts you have made so far regarding one of your own, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.  Today I read a disturbing article that he was escorted by two military police and a higher ranking officer through the Reagan airport lobby, in full public view on his way to prison at Fort Leavenworth after being convicted in a sham Court-Martial where he was not given the right to defend himself.  I guess it wasn’t enough to eliminate his career, stripping him of his rank and all military benefits, but the Army chose to publically embarrass him as well.  Can anyone with a half once of intelligence believe a decorated officer who honored his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States would be considered a flight risk or a danger to society?  His oath meant more to him than his career and freedom and he exhibited the integrity lacking in those who took the same oath.

The Army still has not prosecuted Major Hassan, the Ft. Hood killer.  Can you tell me how they can persecute a decorated officer for asking that his Commander in Chief verify his questionable legal right to be his commander (you know that following ILLEGAL orders is no defense as proved at the Nuremberg Trials); and not conclude the issue of a Muslim Terrorist in their ranks?  One ignored by the Army who subsequently slaughtered many innocent soldiers.  Where are the Courts-Martial for the responsible commanders?  Why does the Army not prosecute those officers who should have known?  Does it sound like the Military is playing fast and loose with the rights of our soldiers?  You have now been given, by the voters of your District, the position few ever get; a position where you can fight for the rights of those not given their rights under the Constitution, even those who seem to have no rights, except as afforded in the UCMJ, those in the military.  You sir, were afforded the opportunity to pay a $5000 fine and retire with full benefits when you used questionable tactics your superiors did not agree with.  You know what an Article 32 investigation entails and the resultant Article 15 you were given instead of Court Martial.  Why have you not asked the Pentagon for explanations?   Is it because you may have been being groomed for the General Staff having attended the war college?  That is, until you fired your weapon near that sorry Iraqi police officer’s head that was killing your men, so much for the backing of your superiors.

In your bio it is said that you are the son of a WWII Army veteran, the brother of a Vietnam Marine veteran, the uncle of a current Army combat veteran, and as a 22 year combat veteran of the United States Army, where you say “I will always keep my fellow brothers and sisters in arms in mind each and every day I serve on Capitol Hill”, and “…the commitment to protect the people of the United States is still my mission.” Is it still your mission to protect those like LTC Lakin, railroaded by the Army, or was that campaign rhetoric?

You recently honored Frank Buckles, the last living WWI veteran who died at 110 years of age.  My father, had he lived such a long life would have been 113, served in France during WWI, and one of my Uncles served in the Marine Corps during WWII retiring as Sergeant Major.  I am also a former Marine and served about the time you were born (FYI: was on the USS Enterprise, 1st Marine Squadron to do so, at the same time as John McCain during the Cuban Crisis).  I noticed that you spent some time, about 3 years, with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune.  You of all Army officers, active or former, know the Marines spirit-de-corps.  I pray you are able to demonstrate it by challenging those you now have the responsibility to hold accountable as a member of the very important Armed Services Committee.  I pray this letter is one of many you will receive requesting action in this matter.  The conviction of LTC Terry Lakin must be overturned and those who abused their position of authority prosecuted.

Should you decide to run for national office and you demonstrate the duty you now hold of protecting those abused by the military whether they are your constituent or not I will be pleased to support you in that effort.

Semper Fi

Lloyd Carter

Sent: via Fax to all addresses above to circumvent the security delays of the USPS in hopes that it meets with your eyes.  This is also copied to the editor of the Post and Email, Sharon Rondeau at www.thepostemail.com who has documentation concerning Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

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  1. I have now seen enough evidence that many Americans have peititioned the members of Congress and other public officials, concerning Obama’s eligibilty to hold office, to know that a great many citizens are concerned, angry and are demanding answers. They aren’t getting them. They are being stonewalled. There’s been a universal blackout of discussion of the issue by public and media figures, with the exception of the internet. Why? It seems increasingly apparent that our politicians and media figures are either being muzzled or have made an agreement not to talk about the issue.

    The fearful manner in which anyone declines to even discuss this issue leads me to believe that the federal government is leaning very hard indeed on pols and the media not to touch this story. One possbility is that Obama has ordered the DOJ to aggressively go after anyone who touches this story. Some have speculated the Obama was a courier for the CIA in the early 1980s, and that he still enjoys the protection of govt. security statutes. Under threat of arrest for breaking security, people can be made to shut up.

    A second possibility is that both parties have agreed not to discuss the issue for their own reasons. The GOP believes Obama is beatable in 2012 and doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to replace him on the ballot. The GOP were also complicit in Obama’s unlawful rise to power, and do not want to go down with the ship if an investigation ensues. The Dems know the issue is political dynamite, and hence are desperately trying to spin the issue away. If a scandal breaks, they could be destroyed as a party.

    Both parties fear that if this issue gets widespread traction publicly, it could spark violence and open revolt in the streets, at the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. None of our craven and cowardly pols wants to end up in jail, or worse. They think that by avoiding the issue, it will go away.

    If there is another explanation for the blanket of silence that has descended upon this issue, I’d genuinely like to read it. Ideas anyone?

  2. The chances of West suddenly deciding to do the right thing are very close to zero.

    He got the position he wanted, said what was needed to get elected, and now he is part of the problem. Col. West is a good example of why elections are not the solution to the problem of the usurper and his enablers being in control. Once the control these tyrants possess reaches the point it is at now, elections are nothing more than going though the motions to elect the next batch of people for their chance at a cushy govenment job with great benefits.

  3. Mairi says:
    Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 11:43 AM
    Two better men to keep your eye on for POTUS (2012) are:


    While I’m not familiar with Dummett yet I am very familiar with Roy Moore and I agree that he’s a very good person to consider. He ran for Governor last year and didn’t win unfortunately but he stated that he would go after Obummer’s eligibility issue if elected! He told one of my friends that worked on his campaign that he was going to file a lawsuit against Obummer (he’s a judge) if he got elected Governor! Now to me that speaks volumes! He’s a Christian man and stood up for the 10 Commandments that were posted in the State Capital by him. They eventually removed them but he stood by the decision and fought a great fight to keep them there.

    Anyway that’s my take on Roy Moore, for what it’s worth. :)

    1. > He told one of my friends that worked on his campaign that he was going to file a lawsuit against Obummer (he’s a judge) if he got elected Governor! Now to me that speaks volumes!

      Yes, it does. It means he’s only trying to push this to get votes. If he really were concerned with Obama’s ineligibility, why would he wait to act?

      We’ve been fooled by the thought “he needs to get a position of power first” before. Remember Issa! He is doing NOTHING now he’s in that “position of power”.

      Politicians who put delays on these issues are only serving themselves!

  4. Col. West is toast. He is familiar with the situation, he chooses to do nothing. If he won’t stand up for the constitution, he won’t stand for any truth. He is totally useless. Forget about him, he’s not worth discussing.

  5. Yes it’s a “nice” letter, however it’s completely irrelevant and off point. While what happened to LTC Lakin is a travesty and one day he will be exonerated and completely reinstated, that will never happen until the spineless pukes we elected to defend the US Constitution start doing their job. And that most definitely includes West, that man has been deluged with letters and e-mail completely detailing the usurpation of the office of POTUS AND the railroading of LTC Lakin…west has known the the full story for a long time and yet he has made the conscious decision to do absolutely Nothing, -0-, Nada!
    West is not worthy to shine LTC Lakin’s boots! It’s what you do right now that matters!

    @RSA9999 and Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel…Great comments!

    Semper Fi

  6. Allen spoke like a patriot before HE got elected! Not ONE patriotic word out of his mouth to defend the constitution after election! Another PHONY, BRIBED, COMMUNIST TRAITOR!

  7. I am very impressed with the restraint shown in that marvelously well-expressed letter. I can’t get over my contempt for West’s hypocrisy, claiming to be about the Constitution, against the Islamist takeover of the US, against Obama policies, yet he disparages the eligibility issue, when regardless of where Obama was born, he’s not a Constitutional natural born citizen, and a Congressman (particularly him) challenging that could take care of all those problems that he says are so much more important than following the Constitution’s requirement for President. *spit* (and no, I’m not sorry, *spit*)

  8. Very well written. Respectful and not all snarling and hateful and therefore able to drive home the point you and many others (myself included) are familiar with West’s story and disappointed he has not said a peep about Lakin. Well done!

    1. Follow the money beforeitsnews website How the city of London controls world power featured money column,and economy column IMF austerity is headed to america. patriotactionnetwork china troops in mexico, the muslims are coming.

  9. O.Po’d ‘Nam Vet,

    10-4. Ditto!! McCain is advocate for the New World Order, Amnesty for ILLEGALS, the U.N. & North American Union — and the destruction of many of our Rights as listed in the First Ten Amendments! Palin says “I agree with John (McCain) 100%”! Bachmann has said “there are more important issues than the President’s eligibility concerns.” Huh? WHAT could be MORE important than the fact that America is being DELIBERATELY DESTROYED by an USURPER? !!

    Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, R-TX, is the ONLY potential candidate who has an UNBLEMISHED Constitutional record — EXCEPT for the FACT that he did NOT challenge the Democrats for nominating a candidate WHOSE FATHER was NOT an Aamerican citizen … thus depriving aka Obama of being A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as REQUIRED by our Constitution.

  10. This may be the best letter ever published by P&E News. Because Mr Carter followed one of the basic rules of effective letter-writing by beginning and ending his letter to Mr West with positive statements, his letter, and the message it conveys, will be given more consideration by its readers than will others. I, personally, would have not included any conjecture or referred to Barky as a Muslim terrorist, because that kind of language tends to turn off the reader. However, because they share military experience and because West has let it be known that he knows what Islam is REALLY all about, he knows where Carter’s coming from – what his mindset is and how he thinks like a soldier – he probably won’t be put off by it.

    Bravo, Mr Carter! Well done and I’m sure Mr West will give your message some serious thought.

    1. Have spoken with his staff countless times!! He is very AWARE of ALL the issues and chooses to IGNORE THEM! A bonafide traitor!

  11. The problem I have had for a very long time is the non-response by every person in a position of authority, to address the constant crises bombarding us. Its like mind over matter; they don’t mind and we don’t matter.

    The problem with “voting the bums out” is that folks really believe they can do so. If the birth certificates are proven forgeries, what else are they forging? The very words uttered by judges in suits filed agains this administration saying the con was put in office by popular vote, are a clue. Underlying the voting system is the people who are put up as candidates thereby putting the voters in the position of choosing “the better of two evils”. On top of that, we have to live with the lesser evil for two years before we are allowed to make another bad vote. In the meantime the country goes down the toilet and leaves the rest of us complaining without any other option for another two years. Imagine raising a child on the very same principal; that child would be a criminal adult before the parents could get their point across.

    In the current system, it doesn’t matter how much proof is uncovered, they have already established a climate of non-response and ridicule. There are always other problems to consider instead of the endemic ones. Sidestepping and distraction. At some point in time we will either have to accept the status quo and enjoy freedom while it lasts or corner the perpetrators one by one without wiggle room. Allen West is a prime example. Aspirations to his advancement should be crushed poste haste along with every other candidate who walks the path of ignoring their boss.

    What we should be thinking about is the most effective way to accomplish this. Maybe by asking them the right (our) questions of both democrat and republican and videorecording their response. There have been bills introduced suggesting that “naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for president”. This is actual proof that the constitution requires that natural born (both citizen parents) citizens only need apply. Otherwise there would be no need for a new bill.

    1. Anybody saying that it’s too late, majority rules, the con has been put into office by popular vote… well, excuse me ! We are not a democracy, we are a republic and (still) function by the rule of law !

  12. Perhaps, someone can confirm Rep. Allen West’s words about him committing “political suicide” if he were to raise the question of Obama’s illegal status of White House occupancy.

    If this is true about West’s refusal to talk about the eligibility issue for fear of his own political skin, then, apparently, all patriotic / conservative Americans would have to think twice about voting for him, should he ever aspire to the office of president.

    Didn’t Rep. West swore to uphold the Constitution when he became a legislative representative? He might claim that he loves America – but, how can one truly love America without being devoted to its Constitution? And, presently, with Obama illegally holding the oval office, and, thereby trampling upon the Constitution, how can thinking and honest Americans take these [so-called] “conservatives” seriously, when they look the other way – just like the charading Obama, liberal crowd, and the kowtowing media, including, FOX.

    Col. Terry Lakin not only put his life on the line for our country, but he put his reputation on the line for his country. Rep. Allen West, has yet to follow in the footsteps of Col. Lakin and our Constitution’s founding and framing fathers.

    If anyone is interested in some of my other thoughts vis-a-vis the eligibility / “birther” issue, please access the following Freedom Torch link. I grow weary of those “conservative” Americans who claim that there are larger issues to address, at the expense of zeroing in on Obama’s unconstitutional, illegal and illegitimate status as “president:”


  13. I sent the following e-mail to Cong. West early in February. He won’t listen, he doesn’t care. FYI, he is NOT POTUS material! He has REFUSED to defend the Constitution in the matter of LtC. Lakin, but also regarding eligibility. One cannot choose which “parts” of our Revered Constitution they will defend, it’s an “ALL or Nothing” commitment.

    Dear Congressman West,
    Many of us across the U.S. have prayed for your successful election to our Congress. As a man of principle and courage, we have been expecting to see your commitment to Our Revered Constitution in the matter of LtC. Terry Lakin. Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to these United States, and I am PRAYING you will as well. Our Constitution is being ravaged, and we are awaiting the hero who will defend her. PLEASE be that hero! We are counting on you!
    GOD Bless,

    Two better men to keep your eye on for POTUS (2012) are:



  14. Lloyd Carter,

    Excellent letter!!

    I like Allen West. I hope he will come to the side of a fellow Honorable Military Officer & institute the restoration of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s Rank, Salary (with back pay) & his Retirement.

    Nadel Hassan Murdered his fellow Officers……….. He still has his rank & is still receiving his salary!! ……………..This is a disgrace!!
    When some journalist asked why … It was stated that he has not been convicted of any crime yet! …..Therefore, he is still entitled to his rank & salary!!

    Col. Lakin did not murder anyone!! Yet he is the one being punished for honoring his Constitutional Oath. Mr Obama is a coward for allowing Col. Lakin to go to prison for questing his eligibility to be POTUS.

    Mr Obama’s …”Legal”… father was a Kenyan with British citizenship…. This makes Mr. Obama ineligible to be POTUS.

  15. Lloyd, A well written letter that expresses the thoughts of many. Hoping to read his positive reply to you. That none of our congressmen stood up for Ltc. Lakin was shameful and dishonorable. Together they were a pitiful lot and not fit to shine the patriot’s shoes!

    Thanks for the background on Allen West. I was unaware of his history and that he also might have been court martialed.

    1. He wasn’t Court Martialed. An Article 15 is what we called Commander’s Mast or Mass I’m not really sure of which. It is less than a Court Martial. Similar to the difference between a misdemeanor and felony.

      I hope you and others take the time to write to him. LTC Lakin and all of our Military need a voice that is heard, not to meantion We the People do as well.

      The silence in Congress is deafening.

      Semper Fi

  16. Nice letter, Lloyd Carter, and I enjoyed reading it.
    Ever get the feeling that you were “born too early”? I do, but then I suppose that’s a little bit of wisdom creeping in, like as one gets older you look at life through different eyes than when you were, say, thirty years younger. I remember, beside thinking about women, I spent a lot of time designing the ultimate stereo set imaginable: the sub woofer was 30″ in diameter dequised as a coffee table! Pretty neat, eh? Every speaker had its own amp, and a speacial cooling duct. Awesome, for sure.
    But now I spend my days sitting on the back porch enjoying the sounds of the woods and the reflection of the clouds and the sun and moon on the water.
    The point is that what may have been feasible, and even okay, yesterday, isn’t so prudent to do today. I, too, have been let down by West’s extra loud silence in regards to LTC Lakin. I’m afraid that we must look away from West; he had his chance, as had all the others, McCain, Palin, Bachmann, and so on, to speak the truth, to stand out from the crowd but, for whatever reason (s), remained mute on matters such as eligbility, Islamovilles everywhere, the Federal Reserve crooks, and so on.
    Yeh, West was a bust. Too bad, I had high hopes for him.
    Oh well, life goes on (for a little while longer, maybe). There’s (hopefully) someone out there who isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

    1. YES, it would seem that pumping gas at a local gas station is much easier for Congressman West to relate to the folks than having the courage to investigate or even just to ask some basic questions about what happened to U.S. Patriot LTC. Lakin.

      I would have to say that comparing apples to oranges, LTC. Lakin’s action in defending his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution stands miles above what Congressman West is defending these days!!

      D.C. – the sewer where many good men check in, but few ever make it out!!

      1. Very well said sir, and I would add, it’s not about the what a man says, it’s about what he does, It’s about defending the US Constitution right now…today! west has for at least the time being lost all credibility that he may have had…must be a hollow state of being.

        Semper Fi

    2. Not at all implying that any of us are stupid, but who knows if we might have voted for a Barky had he come along 30 years ago? (Twenty nine years ago for me because I was a year shy of voting age 30 years ago.) I cast my first ballot for Reagan. My second vote in a presidential race was for Perot, the next for Clinton and Bush after that. Must have still been influenced by my dad’s conservativism at 19, lost my mind in my youthful 20s, and then returned to the real world in my 30s. :)

      “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill

    3. Interesting, I tried to design a sound wall, placing the speakers some multiple of the frequency away from the edges that would make the whole wall vibrate in sympathy to all of the frequencies produced by the attached speakers.

      I live in an idyllic place except for it being in the middle of Liberalville, CA. Besides walking my dog and staying abreast of the crap that is going on in the world, writing letters I think need to be written, and trying to influence my progressive neighbors & friends; I wish I had wakened up a little sooner.

      Now I pray alot that I had influence on my sons and they are aware 30 years sooner than I was. I’m afraid it is up to them if they get the chance.

      Semper Fi