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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Israel became a state in 1948 and is surrounded by Muslim countries

(May 22, 2011) — We’re all aware of the similarities between how the Nazi Party took over Germany and how the Hope & Change Communist Party took over the United States. The infiltration of the news media so only propaganda is reported is old news, and judges lowering themselves on the social ranking status to be on par with a used car salesmen is common knowledge.. The police, from merely being spectators on the sidelines, have been changed into a Gestapo-like force with unlimited powers and have expanded exponentially with every agency overlapping with every other agency: N.S.A., Big SIS, C.I.A., Secret Service, F.B.I., local law enforcement, all of your military police and investigative departments, state troopers, and on and on, ad finitum (if your particular Gestapo group wasn’t mentioned, please inform everyone in “LEAVE A REPLY”).

Reading the history of World War II, one is apt to come across some really bizarre occurrences, one of which is of a Jewish boy who escaped from a concentration camp and, miraculously, made it back to his village where he told everyone of the slave labor, the ovens, and the death camps. “Such imagination my son has! Always full of wild schemes and ideas!” The boy pleaded with everyone to leave while there was still a chance, but time ran out:  the Germans came and took everyone away. The boy left in the nick of time and made it to the Allied lines, where he again told his tale, which, again, fell on unbelieving ears.

Years later this refugee, who lost his whole family, was interviewed and asked why nobody believed him. He said that they couldn’t believe humans could treat other humans so poorly. Well, unfortunately, we know that humans can do horrible things to other humans; just read about the killing fields of Cambodia, or planes flying into buildings.  I’ve talked with many World War II veterans and they all say the same thing: the worst experience they had was of seeing those factories of death.

Now here’s the part that gets a little bit crazy. I’ve been told, from excellent sources that during the last presidential election, rabbis told their Jewish congregations to vote for Obama. True, and I’ll swear to it. I mean, my wife and I, who are not Jewish, figured out that Obama was certainly no friend of Israel, and if we could’ve figured it out, why couldn’t they? Beats me!

And now we hear about how the Palestinians are looking for some kind of deal with Israel, that they want just this much, and no more.  Once again, my wife and I know that there’s no such animal as the Muslims wanting “a little bit.” Oh, sure, a little bit now, and then later a little bit more, and so on. And the Muslims promise “This is all we ask,” as if we are as blind and deaf as those who lived in the village where all the inhabitants were murdered.

Jewish people voted overwhelmingly for Obama because they have yet to heed words of warning, but that really applies to all of us, doesn’t it? We must understand that the United States Constitution is under the most severe attack in its lifetime, and either we save it now, or we’ll end up walking, as unbelievers of the truth did before us, hand in hand to the ovens.




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  1. Ive been telling my relatives and kid-arguing with them for the past three years-I have not changed their minds-I cannot understand it myself-I know that the ADL has sanitized and sold him to the Jewish Community-they apparently cannot believe that the Democrat party who nominated Lieberman just a few years earlier-would betray them now-they refuse to open their minds at all to the possibility that there has been a radical and negative change-It has got to be the same type of what I think to be a “normalcy bias” that large numbers of Jews in Germany must have been experiencing.

    1. Party, party, party. Is this the reason, then, for the destruction of the bastion of freedom of the world? Party?
      Tell your family that the Democratic Party has been changed to the “Sharia Down Your Throat Party”, yet retains the old and trusted name. The party of J.F.K., give me a break.
      The insanity spreads, so true. Reason not, because they are blind? Who knows?
      This is what I do know: if it can pass the litmus test of the Constitution, then I’m okay with it. For instance, Obama doesn’t pass the Constitution Litmus Test ’cause he’s Kenyan born of a British subject and an illegal immigrant, plus a multiple felon for having numerous Social Security numbers, false addresses, lied about the Selective Service, and on and on and on, not to mention money laundering (think about it: fake S.S.#’s + fake addresses = bank accounts. When someone has more than one S.S.# he’s up to no good, and Obama/Soetoreo has at least twenty-five, maybe a lot more. What do your relatives think of the Democractic Party now, Stock says?).
      Crooks! Thief! And the U.S. Government is okay with it.
      But I’m not, and I know you’re not, too. Best clue everyone in on what’s going down, heck, it may already be too late, but if I’m going down, I’m taking a lot of them with me, just hope it’s none of your relatives or your kid.

  2. OP-oVV,
    Back in 1963-1964 I was an Army Brat living and working in Munich Germany. My WWII Veteran father’s duty station was Will Kaserne on the north side of Munich, a mere stone’s throw from the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau. My father took me to that factory of death and made damn sure I understood whence it came.

    As AuntieMadder said:
    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a communist;
    Obama came for the Jews last week.


  3. First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me–
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    –Martin Niemöller

  4. Anyway, I appreciate your to-the-point posts, POVV–Hand Salute!!!!!

    here’s another P&E article that I especially am very fond of!

    Semper fidelis

    Gunny G
    aka: Dick Gaines

  5. Hey POV!

    Again, regret my many replies to your posts are not accepted here.

    Semper Fidelis

    Gunny G
    aka: Dick G
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: There is no reason why this post would not be approved.

    1. I have submitted maybe a dozen or so and have seen hide nor hair of none but one lone survivor?????

      A mystery to me!
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Over the last few months, our readership has exploded. I have heard from many people that their comments are not being posted when in actuality, they never come through. I believe that when many people log on at once and submit comments, not all of them make it to moderation. You certainly have not been blocked.

    2. Hey Gunny! Welcome back aboard! My wife says you’re not in the barracks, but, hey, what does she know? I’d really like some of your feedback on the stuff I put out. Like to get a real heads up opinion, and I sure as heck would respect yours. Heck, I need all the help I can get, and I’d be darn proud to have you contribute, and I mean that.
      We used to say “What’s in it for me?”, but not anymore.
      We’re all in the same boat, even the idiots who don’t know any better.
      As the songs says, we live in a strange world. Looking forward to hear from you. OPOVV