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by Gary Wilmott, blogging at GiveUsLibery1776

(May 17, 2011) — Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question,”Is it politic?” Vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?” But conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right. – Martin Luther King


Don’t even waste your time running for president.

Your failure to speak out about Obama’s election fraud, identity fraud, his lifetime of crime, his ongoing trashing of the U.S. Constitution, communist policies, his ongoing lies to the American people, overt racism and usurpation of the presidency, precludes you from having any credibility as a candidate on the national stage. You know full well that Obama is a fraud and a criminal and you continue to stand on the sidelines and feign ignorance.

As such, you will not get the vote of the Constitutionalists (AKA BIRTHERS) and I can also assure you that there will be a concerted effort to symbolically target someone such as yourself until the truth is revealed.

It is what it is. The survival of America is more important than propping up the political aspirations of politicians such as yourself who have chosen to ignore their oath of office.

On the other hand Michele, you could do something very patriotic and very courageous: You could step up to a microphone tomorrow and announce to the world that you are demanding a congressional investigation into Obama’s crimes against the American people! You could do that! You could make a difference for all America; for future generations. You, Michele, have the power to help save and preserve the principles upon which this country was founded!

Should you act on the side of the Constitution and truth, you will go down in history as a great American hero…and quite frankly the presidency will be yours.

Michele, you are in the position to almost single-handily save the republic! It takes however, true leadership, courage and moral clarity. Is it in you?

Do not doubt however, that we loyal patriots and followers of the Constitution, i.e., “WE THE PEOPLE” will not stand for  so-called representatives such as yourself  to continue to avoid this gravest of constitutional issues while you and others  hold on to your positions of prestige and power in government.

Regardless your decision Michele, we the people are taking back our country!

Why don’t you join us? It’s your choice.

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  1. Great letter, Gary, in the opening salvo of the targeting a key member of the House of Representatives – the only branch of our ‘government’ that can initiate IMPEACHMENT action against the usurper. The impeachment process will lead to ‘discovery’ which will lead to the revelation that he is a usurper, and then bring charges of Treason against him and all those involved in the treason (to include Biden and Pelosi and Hillary and …. the list goes on).

    The judiciary is complicit and will not bring charges, nor the CIA or the FBI or SCOTUS. Therefore we must start with the House, and we must start with impeachment.

    Soon Michele Bachmann will be hearing from citizens and constituents all across the country, – that we’re counting on her to start Obama’s IMPEACHMENT or we start her RECALL. Here’s a sign that you can start with.


    A thousand people contacting ONE representative is much more effective than a thousand people contacting 435 representatives. Michele first, – others to follow.

    Representative BACHMANN
    You start his IMPEACHMENT…

    Or we start your RECALL

  2. Great letter, Gary. Unfortunately, though, I unequivocally predict that it will fall on “deaf ears!” Michele Bachmann, like all of the other Republican/so-called-conservative challengers to the presidency in 2012 (none of who is even remotely electable!), is NOT willing to do what must be done by someone/anyone to defeat Obama (only one candidate thus far, Andy Martin, has shown that he/she is willing to do what must be done, but Mr Martin, obviously, is UNELECTABLE, too!), i.e. CALL OUT OBAMA FOR THE USURPER, THE FRAUD, THE CRIMINAL, AND THE APPARENT TREASONOR THAT HE IS! In short, Gary, it looks like WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ARE SCREWED- AND PROBABLY FOREVER! As Bob Dylan himself once asked, “HOW DOES IT FEEL?” Personally, It makes me SICK!

  3. She’s an expert in raising money (I believe around $14 million) but not adept in representing us. When shown an Obama short form birth certificate by a leftist tv personality she replied that settles any issue Obama is not qualified to hold office.

    1. That was the moment that I decided against Bachmann. Unlike many “birthers,” I can be forgiving of those who’ve dodged the issue by being vague about it or by feigning ignorance of it. (Before everyone dog piles me about this, let me remind you that we still don’t know what’s keeping them all silent.) But Bachmann’s quick and definite capitulation in that moment was too much, even for me.

  4. I have gotten an email from Michele Bachman wanting a donation and let her know I would not vote for or donate to any republican unwilling to challenge Obama Eligibity. She asked me to listen to what Rush had to say about her. This is the best a person can do? I so wish General Vallely would run.

  5. I have a file full of letters to her (in response to her 3 emails a day begging for money and misrepresenting herself) that are nearly verbatim in content to this letter from Gary. I have also told her that not only will I NOT send her money, I will not vote for her under any circumstances…and WILL CONTINUE to campaign against and out her for the fraud and derelict that she is…unless and until she steps forward as a real contender and backs up her words and our Constitution…instead of playing pseudo-Conservative RINO. We have way more of those than we need or can dispense with quickly enough. Not only have I sent her a boatload of insulting letters; particularly after my nice calls and letters received ZERO response, I make it my mission to post comments on various sites when people start the “OOOOOh….Michelle for President” stupidity. She may think she is the ‘darlin’ of the TEA Party; but we know better. Even when I don’t have to respond to someone; I use the content of a blog or article to expose her and a few other hopeful frauds…like Pawlenty “I saw the B.C. on CNN and that is good enough..” and Newt, etc.

    Not only did she, as a sitting member of Congress, ignore her responsibility with so many citizens begging them to protest the candidacy and certification of the Sewer Rat…she also outs herself over the indignation and feigned surprise regarding the automatic funding that was written into the Obamacare scam. How in God’s name do they expect a literate and intelligent citizen to buy into their surprise or accept their indignation? It is clearly defined in their duties that ALL legislation MUST be read prior to a vote. But to hear her tell it; they just found out over a year later that the funding was irreversible…automatically funded…so all the talk of defunding was horse manure. A year later? REALLY? It was her sworn duty to insist the Bill be read and discussed fully prior to a vote and she did not do so. Every last one of them is factually impeachable for this one infraction; in my humble opinion.

    She and our other derelict Legislators are guilty of inarguable violation of their Fiduciary duties laid out very carefully by our Constitution and through their sworn Oath of Office. It is clearly written that they have the duty and power to COMPEL evidence and testimony and conduct investigations to protect our Constitution and our nation. It is clearly stated that no vote should ensue without all having read proposed legislation fully….not some ‘committee’, but every voting member.

    There is no excuse for their neglect to stop the illegal and fraudulent promotion and vote on the 2,000 plus pages of toilet paper they call a Healthcare Bill. Boehner made a big show of exposing the bureaucracy involved on the house floor…but he did not expose the underlying purpose of that scam. None of them publicly discussed the violations of our rights and liberties that are peppered throughout that mess and that have absolutely nothing remotely to do with health or care or lower costs for medical services. When I pull a few examples out of the legislation and share them with people who were excited about what they were ‘told’ by their Fiduciaries; they are shocked, appalled and indignant…and very angry. Even some entitlement Democrat types get very agitated. Had these items been widely publicized in all the speeches and rallies by the TEA Party darlings and Conservatives…more citizens would have spoken out and potentially stopped the passage.

    She and the rest of her colleagues take our money and our votes without compunction; knowing they have absolutely no intention of doing what they promise or even making the effort.

    I despise B. Hussein and the gang of obvious Liberal America haters…but, I despise these lying pseudo-Conservatives who have committed their massive fraud against our citizenry while they attempt to place blame on the ‘other’ Party. They have facilitated the crimes either by direct participation or through cowardice and dereliction and cannot be trusted.

  6. Who are we going to vote for. I see no one on the horizon who is a true patriot. I had some hope for Trump but he probably used us. Trump is now in the trash bin. West has not shown one penny of courage. He is all talk and no performance. at least so far. Palin does not seem to have the ability to take on the attacks.

    I am beginning to think Obama will win once again. WE THE PEOPLE seem powerless to help ourselves. I guess we will all have to become islam or be beheaded by them. From what we are told it is difficult to fake it. and too expensive to pay taxes to not join up.

    We pay taxes to keep millions of federal and state employees paid a handsome salary and ALL of them choose corruption and using their power against WE THE PEOPLE. What chance do we have to cut down on the federal employees and the source of all the corruption money the foreign owned Federal Reserve.

    Why is all of our money controlled for 98 years by foreign bankers. and now we have a foreign president. do you think there might be a connection? The contract for Federal Reserve runs out in December 2012 and either we are destroyed before then or the corrupt politicians intend to renew that for another 99 years. It is all pay off corruption money. We are slaves today. Obama and the commies want 100% taxes for redistribution to those who refuse to work or are illegal aliens. The white man will now be slave to the black Islamists.

  7. Anyone who thinks Michele or Allen is the answer in 2012 is BRAIN DEAD in my book. BOTH have had ample opportunity to voice objections to the marxist takeover of America. Instead, they have stood by silent.
    Had Michele been asked only once about the eligibility issue, she MIGHT have been able to play it down and say she was “caught off guard”. We all know that is NOT the case. She has been asked on several occasions, and each time, with her air-headed “deer-in-the-headlights” look, she has REFUSED to defend the Constitution.
    Allen, DITTO! I find West’s stance even MORE objectionable, since he claims to have laid all “military rules” aside in a war theater, to save “his men”. WHERE has he been on the plight of his brother at arms, LtC. Terry Lakin……? I guess one would have to say, MIA!



    These two GREAT Patriots are looking for support. Time to think OUTSIDE the box and take America back!

    1. Larry, Larry…this bravado from Bachmann is just not enough. She is currently violating her Oath of Office and should have DEMANDED, as a sitting member of Congress, the Sewer Rat in Chief provide his documents prior to being certified, elected and installed illegally in our White House. She should be, tardy as it is at this point, demanding all documents be made publicly available and each one along with all his many offenses be investigated fully.

      If she is willing to demand the birth certificate for her run for the Presidency; she admits there is a problem with B. Hussein and therefore admits she has been and is currently derelict in her current duties. AND the problem rests in far more than a mere birth certificate as is evidenced by the numerous fraudulent versions already provided…she should be demanding and exposing far more than that.

      She legitimizes that which is not legitimate by playing the game and proposing to run against an individual for whom there is massive evidence/probable cause to declare him an illegal contender.

      She already cut her own throat and now should be eliminated as a contender by Conservatives and the TEA Party.

  8. Don’t leave out Allen West. As a member of the Armed Services Committee he should be calling for hearings related to eligibity and the illegal procecution of LTC Lakin. I have already written to him at all 3 of his locations and am waiting for an answer. I probably won’t get one as I am not from his District let alone State. I can hope however.

  9. Why target only Bachmann? Any potential candidate or candidate should also be held to the same standard! They are all obfuscating their Constitutional responsibilities and all should be held equally accountable!

  10. Unfortunately, barring a miracle, I’m afraid that none of the presidential candidates will stand up for the truth on these vital issues. That’s just the way it is. Until the Lord returns, we will be stuck with the lesser of two evils when choosing a presidential candidate. But let’s not stop praying for a miracle…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: There is also the official “challenge” period in each state which allows any registered voter to challenge the qualifications of any candidate who has applied to have his name placed on the ballot. What if one citizen from every state filed an objection at the right time, in the right place, demanding that Obama prove he is eligible?

    1. I’ve been trying to find the law about that for Michigan and haven’t found it yet…do you know of a website which lists the procedure by state? If I can’t find it, I will go in and speak to our township clerk or secretary of state or wherever I have to go to find out about it.

    2. I’m all for that, Sharon. I would happily file the challenge in Texas if I knew when and how to do so. Even better if masses of citizens filed those formal challenges since our derelict gang members in government refuse to do their jobs.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Citizens need to research election law in their respective states. The information should be online and not difficult to find. The Post & Email had interviewed Sharon Meroni on her research of Illinois’s election law and how she filed her challenge: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/07/03/citizen-has-standing-to-contest-the-eligibility-of-candidates-for-office/

  11. DOT DOT…we are going to target her. We are going to start a national campaign and shame her. She either answers our questions and does what is right or her candidacy is destroyed. We will then move on to the next dishonest politician. I like Michele…but we cannot stand for this hypocrisy. She needs to do what is right! She needs to uphold her oath and the U.S. Constitution! Our country’s survival is at stake! Anyone who wants to get on board with this campaign…please email me at deliverusfromevil2009@gmail.com.
    Times a wasting people! We need to get something organized. We need to pick off these politicians one by one!

  12. Good letter…I have faxed her tons of info, I talked to one of her staff for a long time explaining all about natural born, fraudulent soc sec numbers, etc and he promised he would relay it all to her (yeah, right) and she is silent just like all the rest of them. I have personally faxed every republican member of congress and senate, governor, attorney general, lt. governor, many in the media, Trump, various lawyers, judges, etc, etc…NO ONE DOES ANYTHING GRRRRRR

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!! HOW REFRESHING it is to have someone call a Politician what they are, A Borderlinne Traitor to the Constitution!! Bachmann, the “NWO Darling”, needs to have all of her communications centers, Emails and Websites OBLITERATED by the TRUTH from Patriots-The Nation “NEEDS NOT, anotherScott Brown-aka-( Benedict Arnold)!! FOOL U.S., Once BUT NOT TWICE!!