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by Greg Easley, ©2011

George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge

(May 14, 2011) — Most Americans are familiar with heroic stories of famous people or groups making a last stand for freedom and their way of life.  Accounts go back to the dawn of time before the written word.  Today we have movies of many such conflicts like The 300, The Buccaneer depicting the 1812 battle of New Orleans and Red Dawn. Many “heroes” died in these stories, which are often composed from historical fact and an author’s imagination.

Today we are witnessing what could be America’s last stand against the onslaught of relentless hatred for our nation because it represents a challenge like no other in history for its wealth of resource and its threat to power hungry elites. It has been brewing for more than 100 years and we are fast approaching that moment of no return as the Progressive left circles its wagons around our bastion of freedom.

There was another story of a last stand in the American West; that of the Battle of The Little Big Horn involving General Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry.  The ending was tragic for the 7th as they fought desperately to repel an overwhelming force of Native American tribes fighting for their own freedom and their sacred way of life.  Custer’s arrogance, narcissism and egotistical thirst for personal glory were at fault and the cause of this tragic loss of life.  I will not argue for either side in this conflict because it is not the point I wish to make.  There is always an element of responsibility on either side of a conflict.  The point I wish to make is that these conflicts are nearly always started by a despot who cannot satisfy his or her own emptiness with the simplicities of life, family and good endeavor.

In all these stories of human conflict there are heroes on both sides.  Today I am looking for one of those, someone who will lead our last stand before America is fractioned into its slightest parts and sold or stolen as spoils of an economic, religious and ideological war against its citizenry.  Enemies of state like the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and its Federal Reserve Bank, God fearing atheists and tyrannical Muslims and his delusional grand self, Barrack Hussein Obama.  These are our enemies in this sickest of all battles for our nation.  It is sick because it claims no sanity and no valid purpose or legitimate humanity.  It is purely greed and lust soiled in perversion and fraud by those who want it all and those who do not intend to share the bounty of our great land with those who built it with the labor of their hands and souls.  America has much to be proud of and much to be ashamed of.  Our pride is born of our giving hearts and charity, our endeavor and our passion for freedom.  Our shame is born of people like Obama, our elected politicians and those who cowardly hide in the shadows to manipulate our leaders using their manifest shame, their guilt, their sin, the illusion of momentary power and dirty money.

Obama is a shell of a man who has no country of his own.  He makes bold illegitimate claims on America while denying his real heritage in a race to disguise himself to our eyes but only succeeds in defining himself as something that America has always despised – the despot.  His mindless chatter is mind numbing to a nation in need of leadership and vision.  What little legitimacy he may command momentarily ultimately demeans our nation and merely masks the dark soul that drives his need for power and retribution for being cast by destiny as a “nowhere man.”  None of his memories of growing up in America exact any allegiance or fondness but conjure only casualty for everything we cherish.   Meanwhile the old guard labors relentlessly to stifle our young blood and veteran elders of our republic else they lose their own recompense garnered in back rooms from seditious criminals.

Like the 300, we are surrounded by brigands of all sorts and origin who claim our sacred resource with mortality and illegal law in the name of social justice, another name for theft.  Like Custer we are surrounded by a familiar foe but unlike him we lack an understanding or clear expectation of so great a hazard.  Our enemies are our peers, children, grandchildren, priests, teachers, bankers, leaders, and neighbors: these are our own and this should not be so.  Our nation has been perverted deliberately with sex, atheism, racism, bigotry and lies.  Our traditions and laws have been canceled and now we see our future dwindle before our eyes as the last vestiges of our once great nation disappear for so many with each passing day.  Our elders weep while our young chant for our demise, mindless for what they do as Obama cheers them on in our schools and institutions long ago perverted into towers of shame and deceit.

So here we are, at that moment of recognition that we must make a Last Stand or perish.  Our nation trembles, not from fear, but disgust of the one who would be king. Obama will muster his army of communist union thugs, racist hate groups, illegals, greedy bankers and his state run media to squash the remaining life out of our nation.  He will do it with vengeance, without mercy or conscious and will be rewarded, pass or fail, to move on to another position of power bent on destroying other nations weakened by the same enemies that America must now defend against.  He will use America’s resource to conquer them and his dark soul will possess only joy for his sins and he will stand on pedestals barking triumphantly while proclaiming his victories and demanding fealty as our lord of his rabble and victims.  He risks nothing while we risk all that can be.

Our elders will fight where they can, our young will watch them die and come too late to understand that betrayal knows no boundaries and every man and woman will know its stroke.  They will realize that they too were betrayed and now alone, adrift in a sea of hatred and fear as just pawns, guilty of the death of their own people.  They will replace the elders and patriots as the enemy of Obama’s new fundamentally changed America and will have no value save slave.

Red Dawn

Unless all Americans stand together to defeat not only Obama but all those complicit in the communist takeover of our nation, we will see a Red Dawn in America.  It is part of the plan – to divide, conquer and destroy us from within.  They intend to bring us to our knees and force us to accept their mark of savior.  Should we not, they would relish our insurrection and would use it and their army of malcontents to legally kill us in the streets.

Every device is in place, re-education towers of “what-to-think” classism, mind control and brain washing of our children with sex, violence, twisted morals, television, video games. They will bring to bear their union members and racist groups who blatantly march under communist flags, their state run media, the financial destruction of our currency, unconstitutional executive orders, asset seizures, food and water shortages, power blackouts, GPS and email tracking, wire taps, internet controls, detention camps, rogue military units, isolation via travel control, armed radical illegal groups, ignoring our Constitutional laws, ignoring State sovereignty, illegal mandates, the TSA, the EPA,  and suffocating taxes.  Look around you – it is all in place waiting for a Dictator to toll the bell.

2012 – Our Last Stand

Like Custer, Obama is a saboteur.  He leads people into an ideological battle, willing to sacrifice their lives and livelihoods without a care, all for his personal agenda and his own personal glory.  When he is done with them he will throw the survivors under the bus like wadded gum wrappers or re-cycle them into some other pervasive effort.  Obama spends his time dividing our nation by baiting and exploiting Blacks, Hispanics, women, the poor and young people with empty promises of “free stuff” and citizenship with no intention of actually delivering what they are “hearing”.  He will use them for his dirty work like destroying public property or attacking voters.  He will deliver to them perpetual dependence and poverty by destroying America’s engine of wealth – the middle class.  Obama attacks the rich as the enemy while making all manner of promises to the middle class, but in his short term in office, his policies have destroyed middle class wealth with massive unemployment, reductions in home values and saving accounts, rising gas and food prices.  The number of middle class families has fallen substantially and the number of rich and poor has only grown because Obama passes laws for his rich friends and could care less about the poor because they serve no long term purpose.  The poor are useless in his new world order of fundamental change because he believes they are ignorant, suffer from low self esteem, use too many of his resources or just don’t want to work.  He will kill them off later and replace them with the “new poor” from the former middle class knowing these people will work hard to dig out of the slavery Obama has “gifted” them with.  While they struggle to undo the injustice, he will brainwash their children and turn them into mindless robots for his future regime.  The rich will be your masters and no longer the demagogues of capitalism.  This is communism and Obama is a communist.  He is not an American.  No true American would do this to his or her country anymore than they would kill their own children.  No true American would consort with perverts, financial terrorists, and communists like Jarrett, Holder, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Sharpton, Shumer, Van Jones, Sunstein, Napolitano, Sebilius, Snowe, NBC, Goldman Sachs, GE, JP Morgan and the list goes on and on and on!  No true American would consort with Obama.

Obama has no friends – just cohorts of immorality and hatred for the common man and freedom.   Obama is not a “great guy.”  He is a liar and a Vampire in disguise.  When he is not busily making empty promises and signing executive orders in the dark, he is playing golf or jetting around the world looking for applause, new ways to wreck America or brainwashing your children in the towers of “learning”.  Ever wonder why he only goes to places like this to campaign?  Simple – he can’t get away with it by meeting with adults or true Americans!  They would laugh him off his podium of deceit.  He can’t get his real agenda through Congress or past true Americans anymore either for the same reasons.

Obama is not only ineligible to be president, he is ineligible to be an American period!  This is Obama’s dream for America and anyone’s inability to assess and comprehend this is the perfect slave in Obama’s new world order.  This is my America and Obama will not make it so.  I reject his anti-Christian filth, his deliberate violence, his mocking and his hatred for my nation and its patriots.

The next Presidential election is only 18 months away. It will come upon you quickly as you concentrate on your survival from the onslaught of daunting inflation and unemployment or remain distracted in favor of your family needs and pastimes.  To ignore this election, to be unprepared for it endangers our survival.  If we lose in 2012, the death of America will be permanent.  Only a World War of our choosing and our control can bring it back.  The first world war fought on our homeland.  Millions will suffer or die and America will look like Europe or Japan after the holocaust of WWII, another One World Order war.  Every single action taken by Obama reveals his intent – he will be your Dictator. You will be forced to invoke a war against the Red Dawn of communism on you own land or you will be his slave.

This will happen because millions of Americans will not accept a dictator.  Millions will revolt against this vile attack on our heritage and our foundational beliefs.  Recognition and rejection for the communist take over of America is building each day as more and more people realize the nature of the man in the White House and his administration.  His deliberate in-your-face arrogance is everywhere.  Presidents do not incite racist or ideological riots.  Presidents do not forge their credentials.  Presidents do not finance voter fraud.  Presidents do not protect illegal aliens or terrorists.  Presidents do not incite religious or class wars.  Presidents do not deny our God, our Flag or our National Anthem.  Presidents do not allow foreign nations to sue our States or invade our borders.  Presidents do not lower American standards with every breath or action they take.  Presidents do not demean us, bow to potentates or deny our exceptionalism. Presidents do not grovel to the enemy.  Presidents do not commit Treason as a matter of course; they stay the course as defined by our Constitution and their Oath to defend it.

2012: Our Red Dawn moment or Obama’s Pearl Harbor?

It is up to us.  Obama does not lead our country.  He defiles it.  His droning chatter rings in our ears like sword against shield announcing his war against us.  He toots his tinhorn against our sanctity and draws the blood of life from our nation.  We need Constitutional Conservatives to be our 300, to stand against the onslaught of communists led by Obama and his horde of entrenched gofers and xenophobic pandemics.  Martial law will be everywhere and Red Dawn will begin with state secessions and large movements of our population to confederate unions against tyranny.  This will be the patriot’s reaction to Obama’s nightmare dream of totalitarian control.  Will this be our Last Stand or Obama’s Pearl Harbor as our sleeping giant again awakens against tyranny and invokes its sovereignty with the Second American Revolution?  We must survive and “Sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”  Ronald Reagan

Obama has you surrounded – What will YOU do?  What will the Republicans do?  And where is our Vampire killer?  Romney, Gingrich, Huckabee, Trump – I think not.  I want DeMint, Toomey, Ryan or McCotter to drive the stake into the Vampires draining the blood of our nation.  I want a permanent fix – true Patriots – real Vampire killers.  I want Judge Andrew Napolitano as Attorney General, to prosecute all the traitors for Treason of the highest order.  No more RINOS, no more re-treads, no more RNC candidates, no more CFR candidates, no more Communists, no more Fascists, no more Federal Reserve Bank.

The Time Has Come – You Must Choose:  On Your Knees or On your Feet!

We can begin by demanding a Congressional Investigation of Barrack Hussein Obama.

Meanwhile we must wrench our children from the grasp of the nation killers that march through our streets, burn our Flags and defile our monuments of faith, tradition, honor and service.  We must do this before they are lost to us and themselves and the Republic which must stand.

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  1. “This is communism and Obama is a communist. He is not an American. No true American would do this to his or her country anymore than they would kill their own children. No true American would consort with perverts, financial terrorists, and communists like Jarrett, Holder, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Sharpton, Shumer, Van Jones, Sunstein, Napolitano, Sebilius, Snowe, NBC, Goldman Sachs, GE, JP Morgan and the list goes on and on and on! No true American would consort with Obama.”

    We choose to stand, thank you!

    Semper Fi,

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” —Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

  2. Brilliantly said. Our ranks are growing, not declining as stated by Washington and other media elites. It is best they not know the depth of our ranks. The video above – ” A Simple Answer After All” from Ronald Reagan inspires us that we are an exceptional people and that means we have an exceptional responsibility for ourselves and our future and those who follow us. Defeat the enemy running the country and the self serving Congress if they refuse to exercise their sworn duty to the Constitution of the United States of America. Our task is clear. Spread the word. Fight to make the ballot box viable once more. Go to http://www.truethevote.org to learn how to correct voter rolls and become a volunteer on election day to stop voter fraud in 2012. God Save America.

    1. True The Vote is an excellent site and organization fighting rampant voter fraud in the great state of Texas and across our nation. All Americans owe Ms. Engelbrecht a hugh debt of gratitude for her courage and her passionate patriotism in founding this organization. Kudos to her, her companions and her champions for making True The Vote our watchman and a mentor in Taking Back Our Nation.

  3. Where is our military and their leaders? They have taken an oath to preserve and protect the constitution, and thereby this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. And our enemies are sitting in Washington aiding and abetting the usurper. Our other domestic enemies are the press who are bent on keeping this usurper in power. Where do I sign up?

    1. The military cannot help us because it is against the law. You can Google the Tea Party nearest you but as one person you can help stop voter fraud at your local level. A successful group in Houston is teaching people in every state how to get the dead and other fictitious voters off voter rolls so their votes don’t count in 2012. They will also teach you how to volunteer for election day as a poll watcher to stop ballot stuffing. http://www.truethevote.org.