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by Tracey M. Grissom

This image was released by the White House on April 27, 2011 and described as a certified copy of Obama's original Hawaii birth certificate. It has been labeled a forgery by many examiners to date.

(May 14, 2011) — To be accurate, what we call a Long Form Birth Certificate should probably be referred to as “the top portion” of a long form birth certificate. The Center for Disease Control website informs us: “Federal law mandates national collection and publication of births.” So because the Federal government mandates that information to be collected, they also create a standard form for the states to use. In viewing the standard form, we see there is a great deal of information the hospital collects (parent’s race, details on the delivery, APGAR scores, abnormal conditions of the newborn, etc.) that we never get to see when requesting a copy of our birth certificate.

Once every 10 to 15 years, the standard form undergoes a revision, and to date there have been 11 such revisions of the standard birth certificate, with the most recent occurring in 2003. The 2003 model is the one in use today and it replaced the 1989 standard form. This citizen researcher tried to figure out what revision might have been in use in Hawaii in 1961 but couldn’t find that information, although perhaps someone else can. It’s complicated by the fact that when there is another revision, it takes the states a few years to completely switch over to the new form.  They have to print and distribute them to the hospitals, and while some states seem to be quicker at it than others, others take a few years.

The records are used to compile statistics that provide indicators of growing social problems (for example, broken families and births to unwed mothers), so the form changes according to the statistics which the The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) need. In previous decades, whether children were born in an urban area or a remote, sparsely populated area may have been a major factor in infant death rates. So they ask detailed questions about that. But in latter years the CDC and NCHS might decide the highest education levels attained by the parents is a major indicator of problems so they gather that information. Just as a side note, according to the Revised Standards for Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity issued by the Office of Management and Budget in 1997, mothers were to be offered the option of selecting one or more racial designations. I had wondered why later birth certificates seen posted on the internet sometimes had an entire sentence of race classification where earlier ones had one word.

More information on revisions is found here : http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vital_certificate_revisions.htm

While my research hasn’t completely answered all the questions I have concerning the long form birth certificate in use in 1961, I can draw some conclusions of what might be true with the latest edition to the growing “Obama Collection of Birth Certificates.” For example, to the right of –#9 Race of Father– there’s a marking that appears to be a penciled-in– handwritten number 9. Could it be a residual notation left over from when someone added a little note to remind himself (or someone else) of what exactly to type in that space? On the 2003 Revision under Father’s Race, I count 14 different classifications plus *Other (Specify), making a total of 15. But in 1961 could there have been fewer with *Other (Specify), making number nine (9)? I think it’s quite possible because behind “Stanley Ann Dunham, Race of Mother –Caucasian” there appears to be a little penciled-in one (1) and I’m fairly certain White or Caucasian has always in any American era been the first classification. In checking with the images of the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates, there also is what appears to be a number (1) penciled in behind “Caucasian.”

Another possibility that occurred to me is that the little pencil notes might be an internal coding system indicating which information needed further verification or guidance, perhaps something on a scale of 1 to 9 meaning a 1 or 2 is fairly certain, practically self-evident, but a 9 is raising red flags or uncertainties and needs more proof.

I also have concluded by carefully looking at the Standard Form that all the discussion after the 2008 release of the Obama COLB about “Africa” is a continent and not a racial classification, while true, probably doesn’t apply because the form states that the information taker is to check whichever box indicates what the father or mother considers themselves to be. Besides, the racial classifications apply to Americans filling out American documents (and have been abused in the past to racially label people), but would they apply to a foreign national here on a student visa? If you’ve had a chance to look at Obama Senior’s immigration files you probably noticed his race is listed as Africa or Kenya there too. If someone asks “what race are you?” and the respondent answers “Africa” –does the person taking the information have the legal right to determine something else? Not really! Maybe change the answer “Africa” to “African” as seems to be the case with the latest Obama BC, but probably nothing more.

The more I look at Obama’s latest birth certificate, the more I am inclined to think it retains items from a Standard Long Form Certificate of Live Birth signed by his mother at the time of his birth.  In other words, it’s partially abstracted from an original source document. But if it couldn’t be stamped with the straightforward “an exact and true copy” stamp, but instead required the “this is a true copy or an abstract” stamp, it probably means –IT IS AN ABSTRACT. Plain and simple, pieces taken from one original source document married to bits and pieces from another original source document to create a hybrid document reflecting what is true now.

Just beneath the surface it shows his mother’s signature being pasted together in two parts. It’s “(Stanley) Ann D” and then in a separate layer… unham Obama. Is it possible the Hawaii Department of Health had to piece that signature together to make it comply with the new law effective April 1, 2011?

From the government website:

Beginning April 1, 2011, the U.S. Department of State will require the full names of the applicant’s parent(s) to be listed on all certified birth certificates to be considered as primary evidence of U.S. citizenship for all passport applicants, regardless of age. Certified birth certificates missing this information will not be acceptable as evidence of citizenship. This will not affect applications already in-process that have been submitted or accepted before the effective date.

Did his mother sign the standard birth form (Stanley) Ann D. Obama, adding the Stanley as an after-thought? Is it possible that in order to comply with the above requirement and be able to certify it, HDOH could leave the (Stanley) Ann D part; that was fine, but it had to have “Dunham,” not just “D,” so they pulled the “unham Obama” from a later document?

On the internet Obama has quite the collection of birth certificates.  I wonder if he has an equal number of source documents in the secret hiding place in which Hawaii keeps his records? Maybe instead of calling him “The One,” his supporters should call him “The Re-born One”? Just a Suggestion.

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  1. Why are we stuck on the stupid bc? Get to the real issue – that he has admitted in all these bc that he was born to a foreign father and has inherited his father’s citizenship and allegiance, as such he is not a nbc of USA and not eligible to be POTUS. Everyone in the courts and congress knows it and we have to make them admit it and arrest the traitor! The media is hopeless. If we can’t kick him out we MUST keep him from being re-elected! Work hard at making sure your state’s SOS does not place his name on the ballots! If he is re-elected, we are done!

  2. A United States Birth Certificate won’t suffice IF a person wanting to be POTUS does not have two biological parents BOTH of whom are AMERICANS.

  3. Where’s the bottom “long form” portion similar to what the Nordyke twins have on theirs with the additional signatures? To me, THAT is the smoking gun. Obama’s is NOT valid without those.

  4. The “seal” …. is shown or it looks like the seal
    when it’s increased
    to ….300%
    Bottom left hand side ? I read elsewhere.
    I have not seen it.

  5. Well I’m not so certain its a fake. The penciled numbers consistently correspond to the penciled numbers in Nordyke and some others online. However the problem I see is the certification seal and the 2 person signature stamp certifying the true and correct copy of the original, are missing. It appears everyone born in 1960s with a long form has 2 signatures stamps by 1. The Director of Heath, and 2 The Registrar General. Booth’s who son was born in 1981 has only 1 signature stamp and a certification date, bho has the same bottom certification style as Booth’s only from a different Registrar.

    1. Yes, the “penciled numbers” so “consistently correspond” that it almost appears as if they were copied from one BC to another. Ya think? Who writes numbers EXACTLY the same every time?

  6. While all of this may be true, it would have no effect on the original birth certificate which would look the same as it did in 1961. These created or abstracted documents the White House is releasing are worthless because they don’t contain the seal from the State of Hawaii Health Department.

    If the original birth certificate has been amended, then there should be some record of that on file.

  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa people wait a minute. Why are you so snippy with me (the writer), whether you like it or not I’m on your side. I want justice served and my country back as much as any of you. But Obama is like a 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle thats been dumped on our laps, half the pieces are missing, a 1000 other pieces have been blacked out and we don’t have the box cover with the picture to show us what the completed puzzle even is supposed to look like.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again–what I write has one purpose — to MAYBE -JUST MAYBE HELP get some citizen researcher somewhere to see some little thing that leads someone to see how another piece fits, that leads even further to another light bulb going off in someone else’s head to find another piece of the puzzle. It’s called BRAINSTORMING! Looking at the puzzle from another angle, asking what if?— is it possible?– this sounds wild but hey–could it be? It doesn’t matter if I’m right, I could be wrong as could be, I’m guessing the same as everyone else. I’m just brainstorming.

    We assume because the 2008 COLB was a cooked up fake that ended up with 4 different versions this one HAS TO BE a fake too. So we assume HDOH gave him his BC, it was flown back to DC and got to the White House at 5:00 PM and by 8:00 AM the next morning Obama’s minions had slapped together the worst forgery any one has ever seen. You know perfectly well the Feds could create a forgery the best experts in the world couldn’t detect, so why this sloppy piece of junk?

    Is it possible Obama has an amended birth certificate? YUP it sure seems so. So what if Hawaii, irregardless of their politics, is as sick of Obama’s game-playing as we are, maybe at first they thought they would really benefit by having signs everywhere saying Obama Was Born Here, good for the tourism industry and all that, but that ain’t happening. The best they could put up is a sign saying Honolulu- Some People Think Obama Was Born Here! Then after they put out a statement that even he couldn’t get his own LFBC —he goes ahead and asks for one. Kind of made them look dumb. Is it possible they sent us a message in the only way they could?

    He wants a long form? Ok then here’s our chance HDOH says, it has to be abstracted because we can’t release a 2 or 3 page birth certificate. So they cut and paste like a 5th grader and leave clues like crazy. After all it’s a special one of a kind birth certificate! What if the White House was“punked”, because they were too busy watching Donald Trump and the timing and didn’t bother to scan it in that night and look at it with a photoshop type program—just photocopied it and released it? After all– it came from the HDOH and was certified why suspect anything. So Fuddy puts out a statement that says hey I have the legal right to approve the process and everything was legal and so there! — and we assume that was directed at us. But WHAT IF she was directing it at the White House?

    So is that what happened? Probably not, does anybody ever know what goes on behind closed doors? I’m just saying lets try looking at it from all angles. Can we spend 5 minutes looking at it a different way, least we miss something important?

    I don’t parrot anyone’s doctrine, whether it’s from the right or from the wrong side, I think for myself. And I fear more than almost anything, becoming a victim of “group think” and if you don’t know what that means look it up and then tell me Patriots don’t suffer from it every bit as much as the Left Sheeple.
    If you don’t want to read another thing I ever write, then don’t…you see my name…then skip it. But do you have to try and keep others from reading it by branding it as a waste of time? If thats all you can say about it, why say anything at all?

    I never said I would give you answers. All I said was …is it possible? If it is, then think along those lines for a minute and see what you see. If you don’t see anything then forget it and return to your original idea. It’s going to take all of us piecing this thing together and I’m just brainstorming. It won’t hurt to try and get inside their head. The old saying is “know your enemy”. But first you better know who your enemies are.

    1. Trac: GOOD ANSWER! I agree with you 100%. We’ve been brainstorming for several years now. You’re speculating, and much of your speculation seems logical to me. Like you, I’m trying to keep an open mind, as should we all.

      It’s possible the HDOH is punking the WH, but remember that Abercrombie is a “family friend” and the governor; the original person chosen to replace Fukino was tossed and replaced with Fuddy; and Fuddy never did say that the item given to the media or shown on the Internet is authentic.

      Her letter talks about two certified copies of an original birth certificate, given to Obama’s personal lawyer and hand-carried to him. She says she oversaw the creation of them, but she doesn’t speak about any copies handed out to the press corps(e) or put on the WH website.

      The HDOH continues to refuse to answer questions, as does the hospital. That makes no sense, since all privacy has been waived by now.

      They’re playing the same game with this long-form as they did with the COLB. The HDOH NEVER said that the image on the Internet is authentic, a copy of what they sent Obama in 2007, or accurate. Similarly, they’re not going to say a word about what was presented to the public or put on any website.

      The COLB itself says it’s invalid, because it’s been altered.

      The long-form birth certificate IMAGE in the WH pdf itself says it could be an abstract, so it might be a cobbled-together representation of parts of the original combined with parts of any amendments, created by anybody. It could have been created out of whole cloth, from parts of long-forms found online (like the Nordykes’) and modified to supposedly fit Obama’s narrative. It may bear no resemblance whatsoever to whatever is on the two certified copies that the lawyer got from Hawaii. The usefulness of that entire process was that they had the letters back and forth to provide provenance, which they could then imply was the provenance of the item put on the WH site and handed to the press.

      The HDOH is not going to say a word, for the same reason that they NEVER officially said one word about the online COLB, as far as officially stating that they produced it and it was faithfully reproduced by Obama’s campaign online. Even his lawyers never entered it into any of the court cases. If it’s real, why not?

      By Hawaiian law, the long-form should say it’s been amended, if it has been amended, which seems likely. But Fuddy took upon herself the authority to waive policy because of the president’s “status.”

      Then there’s the possibility that the “stamp” has a “typo” because that invalidates it and prevents any accusations of forgery. Only a lawyer can tell us that. I’d like to know: It has to be illegal to forge a state registrar’s stamp and/or pass a fake stamp off as legitimate. But if it’s not forged exactly, like if it contains a misspelled word, does that get a forger off the hook?

  8. http://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/obama-fool-us-once-fool-us-twice-dont-think-so/comment-page-3/#comment-55564

    There’s a discussion of those numbers at the above link. They’re probably codes placed on the data items so the information could be keypunched onto IBM cards, which were then sorted and run through a computer to print biostatistical reports. Such reports were used by Depts. of Health to identify areas where services might be required. For example, births by race, county, age of mother, marital status, etc., perhaps cross referenced with stillbirths or infant deaths. Reports were also required by the states and federal governments. The codes were used to abbreviate the data as much as possible, because of the limited length of IBM cards. This was 1961, after all. So you’re on the right track. 1 meant Caucasian. 2 meant Negro. 9 was Other non-white, which certainly didn’t describe Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

    1. SapphireSunday: Thanks for the link, I did read it over. I just wonder if race code # 9 — Other (non-white) didn’t end up being the “catch-all” category for foreigners or anyone else they were unsure of? It’s also interesting you mention IBM punch cards because people have wondered why the Registar’s stamp reads “TXE” FILE and not the expected “THE” FILE? I’m not computer anything and am going from memory here but isn’t there some IBM software thats a TXE-J something or other? If that helps somebody to find a clue, hey every bit helps.

      1. Trac, TXE is a file extension denoting a type of “rich text file.” It wouldn’t relate to anything from 1961 like punch cards. You’re right that 9 could be a catch-all for anyone they were unsure of; but since there were 9 categories that nicely fit with what we see, 9 looks like it was for “other nonwhite”. Usually they were strict about their coding, so reports would be correct. These reports, among other things, helped get MONEY from the feds and the state. That’s not saying that certain government employees might not be lazy (too many were and are), unconcerned, or even corrupt.

        To anybody who doesn’t want to waste minutes of his or her life, why read blogs and why follow links in the first place? Nobody’s forcing you. It’s your choice. Read or don’t read. I lose minutes of my life reading inane comments all the time. It’s the price we pay for being informed.

  9. … or is it possible the entire birth certificate is a counterfeit? This “analysis” tells me nothing. Three minutes of my life that I will never get back!