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by Sharon Rondeau

Monroe County, TN is a community of about 40,000 residents in the southeast corner of the state

(May 8, 2011) — I contacted someone last evening who said the best way to relay information over the weekend is by email.  It is my hope that this message will be read by someone on Monday morning, May 9.

I am editor of an online newspaper, The Post & Email, Inc., which performs serious investigations of government corruption and violations of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You may know that we have been concentrating on Monroe County, TN due to the endemic, decades-old corruption found within the judiciary, including the Tennessee Supreme Court; the governor, attorney general, and the district attorneys general, as well as the Sheriff’s Department and its staff.

We have uncovered proof of document tampering, falsified police reports, doctored court transcripts, judges who lie on the record, rigged juries, and the withholding of records from defendants.  When they are not withheld, the court reporters charge exorbitant fees in addition to collecting the salary they are paid by the state.  A recent complaint which The Post & Email filed against a court reporter for asking $1,600 from a defendant for a court transcript which should have been prepared as an official court record was dismissed by the Administrative Office of the Courts as having “no basis.”  Therefore, the TAOC is condoning extortion and covering for those who commit it.

There is no one to approach outside of the FBI about any of these matters, as all of the above-named government officials, paid for by the citizens’ tax dollars, are either directly involved in the racketeering, extortion, money laundering, stealing, document fraud, police brutality, and drug and human trafficking, or they have refused to address citizen complaints.  I have contacted both Gov. Bill Haslam and Atty. General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., on several occasions both in writing and by phone, and their media people refuse to answer me.  Other victims of corruption have also contacted them with no response.

The conditions in the Monroe County jail are unlivable and a breach of Tennessee state law and the Tennessee constitution.  Inmates are regularly denied medical attention, medications, and even clean air.  The plumbing is unsanitary and there is rampant illness within the facility. We have contacted the Tennessee Corrections Institute, which initially gave the impression that it would investigate, then refused to respond to our further inquiries.  The jail conditions are reportedly worse than before the TCI performed its inspection late last year.

The Sheriff’s Department collects funds donated for inmates and puts it into an account bearing Sheriff Bill Bivens’ name, with most of the money never reaching the inmates.  It is suspected that the funds are used to fuel the well-known drug trade in Monroe County.

The criminality continues unabated despite shocking reports of police brutality and crooked judges.  I have an affidavit from a victim who was brutalized by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, extorted of upward of $3,000, had his front teeth knocked out, required stitches in his head, and had his life threatened if he went to the media about it.  The details in the affidavit should be enough to make anyone in law enforcement absolutely sick.  LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has reported that during a face-to-face meeting last month, several FBI agents casually told him that “This is the way it is” and that a fair jury trial should not be expected in Monroe County.  Has the FBI lost its way to the point of turning a blind eye to these crimes against the people?

Innocent people are regularly arrested on trumped-up charges and either incarcerated for the money which the state pays for each inmate or extorted of thousands of dollars to secure their release.

We have been advised that you have investigated the seizure of property belonging to a church group which was wrongfully seized last year and effected Sheriff Bill Bivens’ promise to release it.  Shortly after reporting to you that funds donated to Walter Fitzpatrick while he was incarcerated and not been released to him upon his departure from the jail, he received a check for the funds.  Therefore, my reporting to you and your action had a positive effect.  Just think what could happen if more action were taken against these outlaws.

In fact, if anyone who has been part of or a victim of the corruption wishes to come forward and share his or her experiences in the interest of changing Monroe County for the better, The Post & Email guarantees complete anonymity.

I have also been investigating the Jim Miller murder of 17 July 2010.  Although my publication did not originally intend to report on items of this nature, it is inextricably tied to the corruption in Monroe County and reveals to our readers how local  government abuses can grow into widespread corruption on the state and federal levels.

To date, one Jessica Powers has been arrested for the crime, but there is evidence that she is not the murderer and that the actual perpetrator has been allowed to go free.  There were bloodied clothes found the day of the crime at a gas station very close to the scene which the Madisonville Police do not appear to have investigated, as the gas station was never declared a crime scene.  We have the names of the people who found the bloodied clothing, and they have never been interviewed by any law enforcement entity in Monroe County.  We also have credible information that anyone purportedly investigating the murder who is part of the Tenth Judicial District’s law enforcement community is covering up the truth to protect those who are truly guilty.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, who has communicated relevant information to you regarding his false arrest as well as the Jim Miller murder, has had his life threatened and even been named as a suspect in the crime without any evidence by internet commenters.  That type of comment would never be published in my newspaper.

While it is our hope that the citizens of Monroe County stand up to the criminality of their judges, court clerks, court reporters, sheriff, deputies, prosecutors, district attorneys general, and elected representatives, FBI intervention is necessary to stop the ongoing crimes against them.  The citizens are frightened for their lives, have had their homes burned down, and, as you have seen, a man who most likely possessed information about the corruption and might have come forward with it, thereby changing the outcome of the election of Sheriff Bill Bivens last August, has had his life taken.

As a journalist, it is my responsibility to inform you that Mr. Fitzpatrick has had threats made directly to him such as “You’re going to be the next Jim Miller” and “They’ll burn your house down.”  I have already communicated to you that local police will do nothing about this type of complaint because they are working together in a criminal syndicate with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.  We have the names of those likely to have perpetrated Mr. Miller’s murder.

As you can see, I have published numerous stories on the malfeasance within Monroe County, and not one of my articles has been refuted by anyone there.  We know that they regularly read the paper to keep up with our investigations and exposure of their actions.

It is my understanding that every FBI agent takes an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.  I cannot think of a more pressing need for those in your community who are sworn to uphold the Constitution and thereby guarantee freedom for the citizens than to direct your attention to Monroe County, TN.  I have reports from residents of several other counties in Tennessee where the corruption is just as deep, but certainly, Monroe County is a poster child for lawlessness and the willful terrorizing of a community.

The citizens of Monroe County have clearly had their constitutional rights violated on a regular basis, and Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) is being broken every single day of the week by the convening of rigged grand juries, hand-picked jury foremen, and judges who refuse to abide by the law.

Incredibly, a particularly brutal member of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is actually being considered for a position as a U.S. Marshal, if he hasn’t been given the job already.

If you will not investigate, there is no one who will, and there will be more murders of innocent people.

I await your response to the information I have presented here.  This is truly a matter of life and death.  These criminals must be stopped in order to restore freedom to Monroe County and throughout the nation.  Would you not agree?

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.
Phone/Fax:  203-987-7948

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  1. When, faced with insurmountable odds, do the abused and trampled resort to vigilante justice as their only means of redress. The myraid levels of corruption, starting with law enforcement and the judicial system, in Monroe County, TN, and going all the way up to the governers’ desk, seems as a plot from a Kafka novel: make no mistake, there’s a definite machine in place to strip the citizens of their dignity and Constitutional rights.
    I served my country with honor. I took an Oath to the Constitution of the United States and that Oath is forever binding.
    I hereby put ALL corrupt public employees in the state of Tennessee on notice. Rambo was a product Hollywood: I, and thousands of others Vets like me are the real thing. Us Vietnam Vets are in the last third of our lives and would dearly love to leave a positive legacy, and taking the clowns down in Monroe Country seems like a pretty darn good place to start.