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by Jedi Pauly, ©2011

If the FEC allows Obama to run again, it is committing a crime against the Citizens?

(Apr. 30, 2011) — Dear Readers of the Post and Email News and fellow Patriots:

I have written up the legal proof of the Natural Law Theory that clearly shows all of the correct law regarding the true meaning and definition of Article II “natural born Citizen” (called the Natural Law Theory) that shows that nbC is only defined by the Laws of Nature as a natural unalienable political right that comes from, and is secured by, being born to a citizen father.

It is essential that you read and comprehend this legal research and forward it to your State Attorney General who is responsible for seeing to it that the Federal Constitutional mandate of a “natural born Citizen”, meaning one who is born to a citizen FATHER, is enforced at the federal level during the next election in order to protect the sovereign political status of State citizens who are born to citizen fathers.

The State has an obligation to protect the sovereignty of its citizens from unlawful federal elections conducted by fellow States who will put Obama on the ballot in the next election, and in effect concoct a treasonous federal election with the outcome being the overthrow of the sovereign rights of the States and People.  It is the Federal Elections Commission who must be mandated by the States to instruct all the States not to put Obama on the ballots, so that the citizens of one State will not be voting in an election for a non-natural born Citizen candidate who cannot represent those of us who are born to citizen fathers in other States.

Those who are not born to citizen fathers have representation in Congress and in the Office of President, since Obama only represents the political class of those who are not born to citizen fathers.  The citizens who are born to citizen fathers have lost, and will lose, the recognition of their sovereign political status and rights and any and all representation, if Obama is permitted to continue in Office or run for re-election.  It is the duty and obligation of the State Attorneys General of the States to protect their citizens and to bring a suit against the Federal Elections Commission and against those other States that are going to put Obama on the ballot in the next election.

I am imploring you to please forward this Natural Law Theory –on which I have worked hard to show the conclusive proof that one must be born to a citizen father– to your State Attorney General, along with a letter demanding that your State protect your sovereignty and political status as a sovereign person of the State by mandating that the Article II provisions of nbC be enforced.  Notify your State Attorney General that your State will be engaged in an unlawful treasonous election if your State puts Obama on any election ballot for President.  Put your State Attorney General on notice and demand that he protect your sovereign political status by obtaining a court order that mandates the Federal Election Commission to instruct the States to refuse Obama on any federal election for the Office of President.  If he will not do this, then he has committed a dereliction of duty and is guilty of sedition and or treason and conspiracy to deprive you of your Constitutional protections of your political status and rights, and then we must sue the State Attorney Generals and Federal Election Commission for failure to seek enforcement of the Constitution and laws, and for failing to protect the citizens of the States from the loss of their representative government.

Their refusal to act on your behalf constitutes a criminal fraudulent conspiracy to deprive those of us who are born to citizen fathers of our political rights, in favor of a privileged class who are not born to citizen fathers.  Those who are born to citizen fathers have their political rights guaranteed by the Laws of Nature as a natural right of inheritance, not a PRIVILEGE or legal right.  This Natural Right is meant to be protected by the Positive Law, which is why it is declared in Article II nbC of the Constitution.  Those citizens who are not born to citizen fathers, or the defectors who cross over and vote for a candidate who is not born to a citizen father, are a special privileged class that the law does not recognize as having a superior right, or any right, to vote for a candidate who only can represent those not born to citizen fathers.  There is no right of any citizen to vote for a candidate for President who is not born to a citizen father.  Those who would attempt to vote for Obama are unlawfully depriving those of us who are born to citizen fathers who have the right to vote only for a member of our political class.  You would have an absolute right to physically prevent those people from voting for Obama in the next election.

For the reasons above, it is imperative and mandatory that your State Attorney General sues the Federal Election Commission on your behalf, and on behalf of the State if you are born to a citizen father.  I am from Indiana and this is what I am trying to do in my State.  I am only one person.  I cannot do this in all of the States.  You must take the responsibility in your State.  I have pointed the way and provided you with the weapon and ammunition (Natural Law Theory — Go to http://www.jedipauly.com and read the Summary and Detailed Proof of the Natural Law Theory of “natural born Citizen”.)  Please report back to me your efforts and results.

Fighting to save the Republic,

Jedi Pauly


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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Is there a better way to know or test what codes are permitted?
    Please Do Not Post!
    This is a test post.
    Are html headers functional?
    and how about emphasized text? (this is bold)
    Emphasized text
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    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I don’t know. I know the system can’t handle a lot of links in comments. I think bold and italics come out fine.

  2. Obama, and his criminal assistants, must be subject to punishment under the UCMJ as Spies for being in a place, in time of war, wherein the prosecution of that war takes place (The White House War room).

    Reagan – A Time For Choosing

  3. If there are difficulties associated with impeachment or other charges against Obama, would it be easier to go after the accomplices? Surely one of them would be more interested in a pardon than the guillotine, in return for “cooperation” ?

  4. This is going around the net if you haven’t seen it. I take no credit.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of Idiots such as those who made him their president.”

  5. What if the state AG won’t do it? Suing the AG after he allows ovomit’s name on the ballots is too late – people has a chance to vote for the traitor again!

    I think we must go to DNC to object and demand that they follow their own by-laws that the pres candidate must be a nbc as defined by the constitution.

    If that fails, I think we must all go to the state’s election office within the time period for ‘objection’ to object and demnad the state verifies that the pres candidate (ovomit) is indeed a nbc as defined by the US constituion and the state’s own election rules and regulations.

    Meanwhile, keep on educating voters that ovomit is the destroyer of United States and convince them not to vote for the fraud again, shouldhis name make it to the ballots!.

  6. America Wake Up!!!!!!!!!
    Now that “OBAMA” has shown his Birth Certificate it is evident that!!!

    “OBAMA” Was not properly vetted!!!!!! “OBAMA” is not the Constitutional President of The U.S.A. , because his Dad , a Kenyan National was not a U.S. Citizen , therefore “OBAMA” Is legally not the Constitutional President of the U.S.A. !!-Legal definition of Natural born Citizen per U.S. Supreme Court late 1700’s & Sill upheld Today = “A child born on U.S. Soil to Parents not owing foreign allegiance to any other Country “ “OBAMA” s dad owed allegiance to Britain
    Therefore not Legally the President of the U.S.A.!! – “OBAMA” Is not a “Natural born Citizen “
    The 14th amendment does not grant “Natural born Citizenship” it grants “Native Citizenship”
    The President and the Vice President must be “Natural born citizens”

    1. Now that he has released his work of art of a fake birth certificate, where the word non was scanned sideways and rotated to fit to say the word none, when the mother was a student and the word date is attached to the date stamp when it goes off and on. What a crock. How presidential is it for someone to put forth that garbage to the stupid public who actually believe it is real?

  7. They better.

    He is not and has never been a citizen of usa. Here is proof.

    you are missing the point. The BC proves Obama was NOT born in any hospital in Hawaii. This is almost proof positive that he was born in Mombasa Kenya.

    You have to calm down and think correctly. The place to start here is here:


    This is the most important article for everyone to read. Now you have that down. Here are the final missing pieces that complete this 3 year jigsaw puzzle.

    Obama born friday 4th at 7:24 pm. momma remembers that. she jumps on an airplane back to Honolulu right there from Mombasa. She is not happy with Barrack because she found out he has another wife. She is angry and hurt and wants back home with her mother in Honolulu. Well on the clock it only takes 1 day + 3 hours. So she can easy leave on Sat and arrive sunday or fly out sunday to arrive Monday early enought.

    Yes momma picks her up at the airport and drives her to Kapiolani to meet Dr Sinclair. The first question Dr Sinclair asks for the records is When was the baby born. Stanley Ann says at 7:24 pm on Friday Aug 4. So the doctor writes that down. Well it is the correct time and date that he was born in Mombasa Coast Hospital.

    Obama does not have a birth certificate because hospitals give them out. He was not born in Kapiolani so Obama does not have a hospital birth certificate from hawaii. What he has is a doctor examination of the baby on Monday after a Friday birth in Mombasa.

    All the little pieces of the jigsaw fit into place. Obama wants us to stay on the validity of the new LFBC instead of us realizing what it really represents.

    Dr Sinclair did not give birth to Obama. Obama was not born in Kapiolani Hospital.


    OH YES YOU ARE ALSO MISSING PAGE 2 OF THE LFBC that Obama passed out. On page 2 it will show adoptions etc.

    Obama never naturalized when he came back to Hawaii because he never was a US citizen.

    everything now fits into place. the Jigsaw Puzzle is complete.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And it’s interesting that the passport information for Stanley Ann Dunham was inexplicably “destroyed.” However, there is much evidence that such a mandate was never issued.

  8. He should be taken out,arrested,now.He is a domestic enemy,traitor,involed in treason now. How the goverment works patriotactionnetwork.Read the federalist papers about a usuper,traitor,or involved in treason.Not protecting our borders,is one example.