by Tracey M. Grissom

If Barack Obama Sr. was an illegal alien, what about his son?

(Apr. 30, 2011) — Dear Fellow Patriots,

After the April 27th release of Obama’s long form birth certificate found here, amazingly enough, out pops another surprise. On the morning of April 27th there was a release of Obama’s father’s immigration file by Heather Smathers, a writer for the Arizona Independent. Her article is here and to view documents, visit here. Both released on April 27th?  Coincidence? May I quote  Jethro Leroy Gibbs from NCIS:  “There is no such thing as coincidence. Period!”

According to an Associated Press report found here, “The papers were given to a Boston Globe reporter in 2009 through a Freedom of Information request. The papers were first made public Wednesday by The Arizona Independent, a weekly newspaper.” Interesting!

Took that long, huh?

It would be easy for the many citizen researchers who have worked so hard to unearth anything about Obama, The Mystery Man to start rejoicing in anticipation of the release of more records and assume things are unraveling for Obama. But I would caution my fellow Patriots to be careful. The papers are interesting, painting Obama Sr. as a “slippery character” and a definite womanizer BUT they also list Barack Obama II as being his son in Hawaii.  How convenient is that? And released on the very day his summarized abstract birth certificate that Director Fuddy copied and pasted together from how many source documents? (even taking Obama’s mother’s signature in two pieces, therefore from two documents) and to which Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., the state of Hawaii registrar, rubber-stamped his certification. WOW, that’s really something!

The Obama Sr. files are not only very convenient in the timing of their public debut but ready-made for the spin cycle. We’ve seen Obama, the Nativity Story and Obama, the Next JFK Story, but as a result of these immigration files, get ready, folks, for Obama, the Abraham Lincoln Story. While it’s true lots of people have jerks for a father and no one gets to pick his family, watch for this to be turned into a story of how little Barack Jr. rose above the circumstances of his birth and just like little Lincoln back in the cabin reading by candlelight, he became a lawyer and then POTUS.  Yup, just like Abe. And of course, when taken out of the context of the early 60‘s, it’ll paint a picture of extreme racism against Senior because people were trying to “cook something up” to get rid of him.

Oh, this will be fun to watch. But be careful, patriots; the real story is not about his father being a character; it’s about that pesky little natural born Citizen clause in the Constitution. So keep your eyes on the ball, OK?

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  1. Some time ago I disctinctly remember reading in more than one place that
    Stanley Ann’s mother was an employee of the State of Hawaii, possibly
    working in the records department????? It would not have been hard for
    her to phony up any record that came across her eyes. It would not have
    been hard for her to “produce” a Hawaiian BC for her grandson either.

    1. Regarding the LATEST COLB, I believe Ann Dunham signed COLB2, but only as “Ann Dunham”. Someone at the hospital added “(Stanley)” just to keep things accurate. Just this year, “unham Obama” was added on top of her existing signature (obviously with a fatter pen tip) which explains why this particular element appears as a separate layer when the pdf is analysed or opened in Illustrator. This was done to keep the “happy married family” lie alive and as such, is a forgery. The serial number at the top of COLB2 (#61-10641) was originally Virginia Sunahara’s # but she was born and died within 24 hrs. (Aug 4-5) and HER number was assigned to Obama’s COLB. This explains why his number is out of sequence with the Nordyke twins (#37 & 38).

      Obama is not eligible to be President, even without this COLB because his father was not a United State’s citizen. Obama was born in Kenya. In 1961, ANYONE ON THE PLANET COULD GET A HAWAIIAN COLB! Weird, but that’s Hawaiian Law!

      Bottom line? Obama is not, and should not be our President. He’s not eligible. Period.

  2. “Sally Jacobs is later identified as a member of the Globe staff and the author of “The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father,’’ to be published in July.
    This revelation — that the Boston Globe had these documents since 2009 — could be the biggest story of all, and it certainly has me rethinking the role of journalism in rural America.”

    Is this true? Is it the reason it took so long for the Globe to release the documents to the public? I don’t know. I’m growing increasingly suspicious about anything and everything I read and hear because I’ve got a hunch that the news pipelines are now being pumped full of disinformation. Their desire to confuse is, of course, because of Trump’s public demands for Barky’s birth certificate and now his school records and as a preemptive strike at Corsi’s book.

  3. Much as it galls me to say this, IMO, most of the BC discussion is nearly pointless simply because NBC has never been clearly defined by the courts or Congress (even though WE know what an NBC is) and because the WH and the Dems are so adept at spinning the truth.

    On the other hand, ineligible or not, I don’t see how BO and his lawyers can spin the use of a stolen SSN. I’d like to see Orly make her points on eligibility Monday then just hammer the tar out of the SSN issue !!

    1. Yeah. I’ve thinking lately that the biggest crime may be hidden in plain sight and that’s his use of the name “Barack Hussein Obama, II.” When did Barry Soetoro become Barack Obama and was it a legal change of name? Was a US Senator signing an alias name legislation? Is the man sitting in the Oval Office signing legislation and signing on the dotted line moneys loaned from foreign countries a name that isn’t his own?

  4. Well Auntie Madder you have been doing your homework, don’t give up, I think something can be gleaned from it yet. When I wrote the article (yeah I’m Grissom) I had not had a chance to REALLY look it over yet and as far as I know, no one has asked Obama about it as of tonight. (Of course he’s pretty busy this Saturday night at a dinner digging into Donald Trump and Biden and what? even Michelle and her veggies? Hmmm!)

    I’m working on looking at the documents now, trying to mash it together with a timeline I started on before this. I have had a theory concerning Obama and actually these 2 new revelations seem to support it rather than distract from it and I find how Senior goes back and forth claiming him and then not claiming him as his child most interesting.

  5. “and to which Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., the state of Hawaii registrar, rubber-stamped his certification. ”

    That’s how mis-information gets passed along. There IS NO certification on that document. There is a rubber stamped statement that is totally meaningless without a raised state certification impression. Not only that, he didn’t even ATTEMPT to certify it to be a true copy, by including the words OR ABSTRACT, he was disowning it from being considered to be truthful. Had he applied the raised stamp, he would then have known he was certifying a false statement and he would or could be eligible for a long visit in a secure room courtesy of the government.

  6. “… they also list Barack Obama II as being his son in Hawaii. How convenient is that? ”

    Suspicious at the least. A gamble, as it does identify his father as not an American citizen, which makes him ineligible anyhow. Does that mean they are very confident that the “natural born” citizen requirement has been “bought off”? What will be revealed next?

    1. I’m not sure what will be revealed next but if anyone else like the Boston Globe is sitting on anything and keeping it under wraps maybe now they’ll feel it’s ok to release it, so you never know.And I don’t see how anyone can site the “privacy mantra” anymore but I suppose they will any way.
      As far as the natural born requirement? they sure are acting like they think that ship sailed. Of course Obama and Co. thinks our Constitution is a “living document” and treats it like a problem that just needs a work-around and then everything is just A-1-Okay. Well it ain’t ok from my viewpoint and if you don’t like the Constitution you’re supposed to AMEND it …not ignore it.

  7. That BC barry release is as fake as he is! IMHO, GOD is angry at obama, aka barry for a number of reason: 1) he is destroying America;2) he leads a partial gay life style, look up Man’s Country in Chicago, a gay bath house in chitown, rahm is a life member as is obama, aka barry;3) his man Reggie Love is gay; 4) he has too many gay people in the admin, i.e. arne Duncan, elena kagan, kevin jennings, carney, look them up and u will see just how many there are.5) he refuses to keep DOMA.

    1. You go Grandma, you really rock! I am impressed with your knowledge of the very
      sordid, ugly, part of Obama’s life. I believe it originated during his time with Mr.
      Davis in Hawaii. He was a real perv!

  8. I’m paging through the Heather Smathers scribd files now and coming across inconsistencies. For example, page 35 is a copy of an App to Extend Time of Temp Stay, signed and dated by Obama Sr on Aug 31, 1961. Field 7 is marriage status, in which Obama Sr entered “married.” Next to it is the space for the name and address of spouse, in which he wrote “Ann S Dunham, Honolulu, Hawaii.” In the space beneath, it reads, “If married, give name and addresses of children.” It was left blank.

    Page 39 is a copy of “MEMO FOR FILE” dated April 12, 1961. The first paragraph is a note about Obama Sr having married Stanley Anne Dunham on Feb 2, 1961 and that being a problem because he has a wife in Kenya. It appears that something was redacted in the middle of the third paragraph. The fifth paragraph instructs that he be closely questioned if he applies for another extension and that should the “USC” (US citizen?) wife petition for him to stay, “make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage.”

    In a hand-written note by William Wood (scribd page 34), dated 8/31/1961, he wrote “They have a child born in Honolulu on 8/4/1961 – Barack Obama II, child living with mother…” The next part, in parenthesis, is difficult to read but I think Wood was saying that mother and child live with her parents and Obama Sr lives at a different address.

    Page 27 is an Application to Extend Temp Stay dated Aug 17, 1962. Obama Sr identifies himself as married in Field 7, does not name his wife, and lists as his child Roy Obama.

    Page 25 is another App to Extend Temp Stay, this one dated June 6, 1963. There are question marks in the fields for marriage status and name of spouse. Name and addresses of children was left blank.

    On page 21 in a hand written note is something about a possible wife in Cambridge. Then the next few pages are about another girl, probably a girlfriend, who, at his advice, left the US to visit someone in London. In the typed portion it’s noted that he didn’t left blank the portions about marriage status on the I-539. “After the alien stated he was married, he said he was separated and that they may get a divorce.” it goes on to say that the wife from Honolulu is now in Philippines and that he had a wife in Kenya when he arrived in 1959.

    I have to stop for now. What I’m getting from this is either 1) Obama Sr was a womanizer who easily lost track of the old gal and their kids whenever he found a new gal and Stanley Anne was just one of the women he knocked up and then discarded, kids and all; or 2) Stanley Anne Dunham, either because she’d fallen for Obama Sr or because she was a rebel who’d easily “stick it to The Man” for another rebel, especially when The Man was a US taxpayer and the fellow rebel was a foreigner with communist/socialist leanings, allowed Obama Sr to claim they were married on his App for Extended Temp Stay, thinking it would automatically extend his stay. I think #2 makes more sense because he claimed Stanley Anne as his wife on the Aug 31, 1961 form but not her son. If the child was his son, listing him would have helped his case even more. So, to me, it seems that the only reason not to claim the child is because the child wasn’t his. But then who was born in Kenya that August in 1961 whose deliver was witnessed by step-grandmother Obama, who passed through her hands, and who do the Kenyan Prime Ministers think is sitting in the White House today?

    It gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Obama Sr that she was willing to

    1. Forget that last line, “Obama Sr that she was willing to.” It was something I thought I’d deleted from the comment.

      Grissom may be right that this is disinformation. Operatives have been known to spread disinformation, even bits that further implicate the person or persons they’re protecting, because the disinformation causes confusion and leads sleuths and investigators off the right trail and to dead ends, instead. After all the pages I read through and pulled the bits above from, I think all I did was allow myself to fall victim to be duped by disinformation.

  9. Abraham Lincoln was the illegitimate son of Nancy Hanks and planter Abraham Enloe. Abe was born on Puzzel Creek in Bostic, NC, only a few miles from my home. He was later adopted by Thomas Lincoln who was paid by Enloe to marry Nancy and move to Kentucky..

    When Abe later entered politics, he bought a Bible and recorded a false family history with his birth date showing that he was five years younger than he actually was. This made him legitimate… and two years younger than his little sister.

    All of this has been documented and can be found in books by James Cathey, James Coggins, Jerry Goodnight and Richard Eller. This can also be found on the Internet with a Google search.

    Start here:

    Obama was not the first to deceive the public.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And Obama said he admired Lincoln…perhaps we now know why. He also practiced the art of deception.

  10. Re: Alvin Onaka’s signature on the bottom of that “document”, the following email was sent to him on 4/27 with the title, “The ruination of your name and reputation”

    Dear Dr. Onaka,

    I do not know if you are aware of it yet, but your name has apparently been superimposed upon Barack Obama’s phony Certificate of Birth that was released today. From the examples below, you can see how easily and quickly the fraud has been uncovered. If it were my name and reputation at stake, I’d want to know immediately. This fraudulent attempt to add deception upon deception by Barack Obama now implicates you by using your name and signature. If my name were being misused, especially in the commission of a crime, I’d be down at my local FBI office now! You are either in on this, or have been used as yet another pawn on Barack Obama’s deadly chess board. This whole house of cards will fall, Dr. Onaka. The question remains, do you want to fall with it?


    Mrs. Gracie Sweet

    (links removed; previously seen)

  11. Oh, Yeh, pretty much what I thought exactly when I read the immigration sentence on how Senior has a wife and a son born in Hawaii.

    How that piece of info did not get placarded by the Journolists a year ago against the “Birthers” when they were waiving like maniacs the 2 newspaper ads? Yeh, pretty much were saving it for a big day.

    Let me tell you, it is not a fight, it’s a war and epic one at that.

    1. And that bit is in one note and one memo only, but not written on any of the forms to extend his temp stay filled out by Obama Sr