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by Carl Swensson

The Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees a grand jury hearing for all serious crimes

(Apr. 28, 2011) — So, you want action taken on his Constitutional ineligibility? So do I, but we have now come full circle to the original, more salient question…

Who is the convening authority charged with prosecuting this crime? DHS? FBI? Interpol?

To date, all have been contacted but we know the result. NADA, zip, zero action taken even in light of the various Common Law/citizen Grand Juries which, BTW, ARE verifiably Constitutional (see ruling issued by Chief Justice Royce Lamberth of the C.D. District court on July 2, 2009 re: Misc. No. 09-346).

No one to prosecute this Constitutional crime means we’re barking up the wrong tree. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the responsibility is clearly ours and ours alone… I’ve (with help) delivered the GJ Presentments to every member of the 111th Congress, the Supreme Court, DC District Court, Pentagon, White House, etc., etc.., and finally got my answer from Rep. Tom Price, GA on two seperate occasions when I asked him when he was going to act on this. His answer? “When you make me feel it”.

Are you beginning to see where this must go?

Will words alone automatically force Constitutional compliance? No, and by now you must realize this is the bottom line truth.

You give these monsters power over you by begging and pleading with them to “do the right thing”. There is only ONE right thing, so  RiseUpForAmerica if you are, in fact, American and believe our rights stem from God and our Constitution. Stand up, stand proud and honor ALL of our soldiers who fought and died for us thereby giving meaning to the Oaths they took and honored by giving us their ultimate sacrifice so that we would have a chance to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And remember it took a tireless minority to give us this country and will take no less to keep it.

As an aside, watch as the media tells us the issue is settled, nothing to see here so go on home and whatever you do, don’t look behind the curtain…

You are being told by the PTB, in no uncertain terms, the Constitution means nothing.

What say you?


Editor’s Note: Carl Swensson was arrested on January 4, 2011 and charged with interrupting a public meeting  on April 1, 2010, although he did not enter the courtroom where the grand jury had been convening.  The Post & Email provided an update on his case here.


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  1. I say the Constitution is DEAD Carl, has been for a long time. There is no Federal solution to our problems. If there were, it would’ve been done by now, IMHO the only hope we have lies within the State and local Governments. If the States start telling Leviathan to go pound sand, we’re not going to comply with your edicts and mandates anymore we may get something accomplished. But that probably won’t happen either since most of the states are like welfare recipients. They’ve been feeding at the Federal trough too, so it’s just round and round we go. This is all going to end in misery and until we hit the reset button and start over getting back to what our founders gave to us, we’re all just going to be good little socialists. Those of us that have taken the founders red pill might as well bend over and grab our ankles. I think that’s about what it amounts to, I hope you didn’t want the sugar coated version.