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by One Pissed-off One Vietnam Vet

The word "Allah" in Arabic

(Apr. 17. 2011) — Welcome, students. Today we’ll be covering a topic that most of you already know, but for those who haven’t had the advantage of a public library card and the opportunity to use it, we’ll assume that what we’ll teach today is new and, I hope, exciting.  Before we begin, we must first discard a previously-held, erroneous belief and have an open mind to an idea that, even though over a thousand years old, may be new to you.

Ready? Great! In essence, each and every one of us is, in a manner of speaking, our very own government. You make choices constantly, hopefully, to your advantage. Are you hungry? Eat now, or later? Thirsty? Hot or cold drink? You exercise freedom of choice. If you were to multiply each individual’s wants and needs throughout the world, we would have  anarchy. You’d have a hard time raising a family, or even having a family, under such conditions.

But humans have found that cooperation amongst others leads to more advantages than disadvantages, so we invented the Head Dude, The Man, or perhaps King, Dictator, President, Chief. The Chief has helpers, advisors, and a whole slew of underlings to help out. For instance, if the island is attacked by thieves, they must be repelled.   You need people who are experienced repellers, so you make up an Army, Navy, Air Force, and get a bunch of crazed fighters together and you call those dudes Marines.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, you have people who produce different items. No longer does the hunter/farmer have to produce everything in order to survive; you have people who specialize in making items that others seem to want. Some want party favors that say “Happy New Year!”; some want tractors. How the central government controls the means of production determines the type of society that is produced. For instance, if the government leaves well enough alone, you’re likely to end up as a capitalist society. If the government sticks its greedy fingers into the pie, you’re going to get a socialist government, and if the government really takes over the means of production, you get fascism. Then if the government is really after total control, from textbooks to how to dress, you get totalitarianism. An example of totalitarianism is Islam.

Now I know that I really went fast, maybe too fast for those who aren’t familiar with the different governments around the world, but the point that I want to make is to clear up the misconception that Islam is a religion. It’s not. It’s a form of control that leaves no room for discussion, debate, or questions about anything, at any time, anywhere.

In a totalitarian system of government, the central authority is the end game for all questions and/or disputes, and the “religion” aspect of the whole deal is to those who wield the power. It’s an extremely top-heavy form of government and, by design, a very dangerous environment for personal safety. One adheres to specified doctrine or perishes.

Leaving the fold is signing one’s death certificate in Islam. A Muslim is one who adheres to the totalitarian system of rule (government) and whose allegiance is totally to that rule, and none other, which is why having Muslims in America is akin to having a rattlesnake in a rabbits’ hutch. It begs the question: Why?


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  1. You are so right in your little lesson, as it is the shortness of our lives that causes us to fall victim to our oppressors. It is a very long and well conceived plan that enslaves us now.

    It is my conviction, after much study, ( on my own, of course,as in my youth I did not foresee any relevance to obsess in political as well as intellectual pursuits), the whole purpose of written language is to document information. As it is not in human DNA to genetically inherit the knowledge of our proginators, we must rely on our written history.

    Obviously this is a weakness that has been sorely exploited, to the detriment of freedom lovers and freedom fighters.

    I won’t say any more for fear of inflating your purposely, and understandably succinct message.

  2. OPOW, although it’s been a year or two since I was a teen-ager living in Belton TX when my dad was stationed FT Hood, I still vividly recall participating in Belton’s annual rattlesnake population reduction via shot-gun (lol) — oh what fun it was!

    Another Pissed-Off Vietnam Veteran