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by Helen Tansey, blogging at the T-Room

(Apr. 15, 2011) — The Obama nativity scavenger hunt continues to capture the attention of many citizens here in the US, as well as abroad, but what is flying under the radar, and cannot be disputed, is Obama’s use of a Social Security Number (SSN) issued in the spring of 1977 with it first appearing on his Selective Service Registration of which he applied on September 4, 1980. There are serious problems with this SSN with the first being it appears to have been originally assigned to another individual born in 1890, and secondly, when verified using several Social Security Administration verifying databases it is rejected as “NOT FOUND IN THE SOCIAL SECURITY INDEX” and finally it is a Connecticut issued SSN; a state in which Obama was not living in at the age of 15.  This SSN has been tied to Obama’s State Senate and US Senate offices and his private residence, as well as land line phone numbers since coming stateside to attend Occidental College in California.

Now that Donald Trump has crowned himself a “birther” he too is making it abundantly clear to any and all who will dare listen that the digital Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is meaningless, because it is and always has been, but he needs to widen his scope of interest to include the oddities permeating around Obama’s Social Security Number. For nearly two years now, the SSN peculiarities have percolated just below the dubious Certification of Live Birth, and it it has yet to bubble up to the top as being more significant in undoing the fabricated tale Bill Ayers wove together in Obama’s two autobiographies. More importantly, you can’t change a SSN record, but you can certainly create a long-form birth certificate just in time for the 2012 elections. Which is what many are anticipating, and now with Donald Trump entering the fray you can count on such a document entering into the public arena and soon. After all, anyone who has studied this issue knows the Obama camps next step is to embarrass the “birthers” by producing a long-form birth certificate. That would be checkmate wouldn’t it? Of course, it will be a scanned copy just like the COLB, because it will never hold up under the scrutiny of an independent forensic review team of experts, that is someone other than his former employer, the Annenbergs,  so get ready for a repeat of a similar ruse coming to a computer screen near you.

There is good news though, and that is, thanks to the tenaciousness of many professional and amateur investigators, who appear to be working independently of one another, have created a hard trail of solid evidence that cannot be undone. As a matter of record, these investigators have only just begun their work; especially into the many different addresses that are associated with Obama’s SSN.

One of these tenacious investigators, Susan Daniels, recently granted the T-Room an exclusive interview which can be heard in full by clicking “Full Story” below.

The REAL STORY – the Fraudulent Social Security Number – An Exclusive T-Room Interview w/Private Investigator, Susan Daniels

For 16 years, Susan Daniels, Private Investigator, License #201021001759, has been employing her investigative skills sleuthing for  lawyers, other investigators, law enforcement professionals and private individuals in and around the state of Ohio. She is the sole proprietor of Susan Daniels & Associates located in Northern Ohio. As a licensed investigator she is privy and has access to numerous databases used by law enforcement officials which remain largely  unavailable to the public.

Frustrated with the direction Obama was taking the country, Daniels at the urging of a client put her skills to work to investigate President Obama. She began this journey by entering the keywords “Barack Obama, Chicago, Illinois,” into a number of exclusive databases. The first few searches did not provide any information, however several smaller and more obscure databases did. One in particular provided Obama’s Social Security Number (SSN), 042-XX-4425, along with 105 records detailing numerous addresses and land-line phone numbers associated with him and his SSN for more than 25 years. Immediately, as Daniels describes in her interview, she knew the number was fraudulent. We’ll leave it to her to explain why.

But first, to get the most out of this 35 minute interview, you will need to do some sleuthing on your own. To begin your own investigative work click here to see the unredacted Standard People Search to review the 105 records associated with the keywords “Barack Obama, Chicago Illinois”. These records serve as an excellent starting point for those interested in doing some sleuthing, and for those that aren’t, the papers give you an idea of how busy Obama was while community organizing in Chi-town.

Daniels was able to verify this SSN was issued at one time and to another individual, AND when it was run through different verifiers by her and other sleuths, she/they received these messages “SSN not found in Social Security Death Index” and “SSN not on file (never issued)” – click here and here to see the SSN verifier records.

Next, Daniels began looking into the SSN listed immediately before and after Obama’s number so as to pin down an exact date of issuance. She learned that the individual associated with the number immediately before Obama’s, 042-XX-4424, had passed away. Knowing any expectation of privacy regarding SSNs become moot when a person dies, the individuals parents were tracked down to confirm his place of residence at the time of his original application aka SS-5. The residence listed on the deceased’s original application is Newington, Hartford, CT. Application date March 21, 1977 – click here to review the original SSA form SS-5 Application.

Daniels also secured from another associate a “Certification” by the Social Security Administrations, Division of Earnings Record Operations, Office of Central Operations, certifying “that the annexed computer printouts showing the dates the information was recorded are true and complete copies of such documents in my custody for Social Security Number 042-XX-4424…”  click here and scroll down to second page to see the Social Security Certification.

Let’s pause for a moment to review what Daniels with the assistance of other interested parties has confirmed so far –

  • FACT – the SSN President Obama used between 1980 – 2008 was issued in or around March 21, 1977.
  • FACT – the SSN immediately preceding President Obama’s was certified by the Social Security Administration to be “true and complete”.
  • FACT – the SSN was issued in the state of Connecticut.
  • FACT the Social Security Administration cannot verify the SSN President Obama used between 1980 – 2008.

Nowhere in Obama’s books, writings or interviews does he state he lived in Connecticut when he was a 15 year old – do the math, Obama’s DOB is August 4, 1961 and the date the SSN was issued was in or around March 21, 1977.  If we are to believe Obama, all of his eyewitnesses, his family and friends we know for a fact he was attending High School in Hawaii in the spring of 1977.

So the obvious question is – how in blue blazes did Obama get a Connecticut SSN when he was obviously living in Hawaii when he filled out hiss SSA form SS-5 Application form? Well, you can’t very well blame this oddity on the Social Security Administration. Prior to the “new” language which currently states “This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security Office.” Well, we know Obama was shooting hoops in Hawaii in the spring of 1977 so he certainly didn’t walk into a Social Security office in Connecticut.  What is more useful is the language used prior to this “new” language change, which details precisely how a SSN is assigned

Number Has Three Parts

The nine-digit SSN is composed of three parts:

  • The first set of three digits is called the Area Number
  • The second set of two digits is called the Group Number
  • The final set of four digits is the Serial Number

The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant’s mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.

Again, how did Obama receive a Connecticut SSN at the age of 15 when he was body surfing the waves thousands of miles away in Hawaii?

Daniels provides the answer along with additional facts in her interview linked below, but before we tune in, there is a new very intentional and deliberate item of disinformation that has surfaced recently.  Daniels addresses this purposeful disinformation item in her interview as well, which is the silly notion that the SSN Obama has been using since he was 15 years old is actually an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). Big clue, IT’S NOT! This is pure rubbish AND purposeful, deliberate and intentional disinformation. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Here’s why – according to IRS Agent w/ID # 4331084 all ITIN’s begin with the number “9″. He then referred me to Publication 1915 (revised 11-2010), Page 5, where it states –

What is an ITIN?
An ITIN is a tax processing number, issued by the Internal Revenue Service, for certain resident and nonresident aliens, their spouses, and their dependents. It is a nine-digit number beginning with the number “9”, has a range of numbers from “70” to “88” for the fourth and fifth digits and is formatted like a SSN (i.e. 9XX-7X-XXXX).

The SSN issued by the Social Security Administration is a tax ID as is the ITIN issued by the Internal Revenue Service. These two agencies identify and collect tax monies based on these unique nine-digit identifiers. Do you honestly believe for a millisecond that the IRS and SSA numeric system would use the same numbering system? The answer is an emphatic NO! Plus, this numerical assignment has ALWAYS BEEN the IRS’s practice, that is, ALL ITIN’S BEGIN WITH THE NUMBER ’9′

Now, let’s learn the details from a real investigator who knows what the heck she’s talking about. (Note: below the interview, you will find additional documents and websites to assist you in your research.)

Without further adieu, here’s Susan Daniels in her own words –

[Editor’s Note: Please see the original T-Room post which contains the audio of Susan Daniels’ interview.]

UPDATE X1: It has been suggested by other bloggers that a Jean Ludwig was the original assignee to the SSN Obama is associated with in this post. The T-Room makes no claim, whatsoever, as to who may have been the original registrant. However, Daniels did a database search which clearly shows this Jean Ludwig’s SSN has no relation to the SSN Obama has/is using. Click here to see the People Search record.

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  1. Very informative article, Helen. What more proof is needed that Obama is a total fraud!

    BTW, not to pick nits; but, the phrase “Without further adieu” would mean “without further ‘goodbyes;’ which is not logical where it is used in the article. Therefore, I believe the phrase “without further ado;” which means “without any further delay” would be more appropriate.

    See: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/adieu and http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/without+further+ado

  2. I was curious so on the selective service registration verification site, I put in Obama, 042684452 and 08041962 and I got an error message saying that I had exceeded the daily limit on these credentials. I had never entered them before! So I did a verification on my son who just registered a couple months ago. I entered his info over and over again and never got an error message saying that I had exceeded the limit. Then just for fun – I entered a random last name with a NJ social security number belonging to someone I know and a random birth date and I got this message:
    Based on the information you submitted (information listed below), a registration record cannot be found for this individual.

    If you made a mistake when entering data, please try a New Search . If you entered the data correctly, there are several reasons why the registration may not be verifiable at this time. Please dial 1-847-688-3117 for further information. (4/18/2011 1:49:35 PM)

    So Obama’s record has been locked down. Why?

    1. Hi!

      You tried the SSN 042-68-4452.

      The Connecticut Stolen Social Security number the Extremely Dangerous, Daily Serial Criminal, Consistent, Brazen, Psychopath, Madman, Daily Serial Liar Con-Man, Sociopath, SOEBARKAH/Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama is using to “Fundamentally Transform the USA Government” = To Overthrow The USA Government and to Wage a Foreign & Domestic Coup D ‘Etat War on the American Citizens to literally Destroy the USA Government & the USA People is: 042-68-4425.

  3. If I understand as far as the first time Obama used the 042 SSN was in 1980 due to the fact of the Selective Service Registration Obama sign in July 30, 1980, as we see on Debbie Schlussel site.

    Sorry part of this was call into question by the 2008 form number at the top (0897090632) registration Form.

    If this is the source of the first usage of the 042 number you might have to count this as sign in 2008 not 1980.

  4. Let NOT ANYONE forget the murder of a man shot to death in his car in Chicago after viewing Obamas passport information and another man in Chicago shot to death in his apartment after declaring he was Obamas HOMOSEXUAL BOYFRIEND! When contacting your congressman, pls remind them they are not only complicit in treason for covering up for THE FRAUDSTER but COMPLICIT in the crime of MURDER!!!!

    1. Thursday night, April 17, 2008, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, a key witness who had been cooperating with federal investigators in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was found fatally shot inside a car in front of a church in Washington DC. The murder received only cursory mention by local media and the case remains unsolved to this day.

    2. Let’s not forget that it was the Bush administration that shut down the passport investigation and had all the passport info sealed. GWB is in this thing up to his neck!!

  5. Miki Booth,
    From day one I thought Donna Brazile, head of the DNC, had alot to do with the Florida, Michigan delegate count between Hillary and obummerface. I think she had a lot to do with the DNC forms too. She has always been the quiet one in all of this and the look on her face when she came out of that back room deal at the FL/MI count was all I needed to see. How come no one has ever questioned her or looked into her dealings?

  6. Sharon,

    I remember going by Obama’s State Senate office, which was located at 1013 E 53rd St. in Chicago. It was a small office that abutted a Deli and also a convenience type store with snacks that was pretty known to attract the suspicious characters in Land Rovers of the neighborhood (at times — though this had nothing necessarily to do with Obama).

    I recently saw that this address was printed in one of the SSN catalogs that had a 364-03-xxxx, which corresponds to Michigan. Forgetting the “State of Issue” I can’t speak to the meaning of the first three numbers or their “irregular” appearance but I can say that I know for a fact that Barack Obama was at that address as his office for IL State Senator.

    Others have said that the 042 could have been a mistake. Ok, let’s give them that it’s a random irregularity (albeit another one). Why would a 364 be associated with his name at a known, CERTAIN, address? Just wondering and giving some input as far as facts go.

  7. Barry has been breaking the law since he was a teenager and hasn’t stopped to this day. He is a lifetime criminal. We know it…and our government knows it too and that is the travesty and the tragedy of this saga.

    The punishment for the crimes that “Obama” has committed amounts to more than a lifetime in prison…if you get my drift. The time is coming I believe when the hammer will drop. Very soon. It must.

  8. This link does not work, it gives the 404 not found

    “The T-Room Exclusive Interview with Susan Daniels, Private Investigator”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I put in a note to refer back to the post at the T-Room, as the video would not load properly.

  9. Listened to the interview, and it was a very good interview with Susan Daniels. I hope something will come from this. This is just a strange time to me. It’s weird seeing regular American people knowing more than the people that we elect, and they are ignoring all of this. I think that many of them know.

  10. Great article. The sideways hit at Jean Paul Ludwig’s name is unnecessary, and not related to Daniels’ work. Daniels did not go after names, other investigators did.

  11. BRAVO!!
    Excellent article. The social security number should be given higher billing that the BC issue for now. If BO/BS was issued a SS# at age 15-18 in HI it would have started with 575 or 576 like mine. Also will start hammering on the (2) DNC Nomination forms. TARGET: Nancy Pelosi and Shantz. You go, girls!!!

  12. Great article ! It has been said that people can be fooled,some of the time but I would believe ,you can’t fool this woman,any of the time. cheers

  13. Did she address the latest O’really ruse? The one where his father obtained the number for him???
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe the T-Room interview was done before O’Reilly spewed his disinformation on Wednesday evening.

  14. Very good article.

    Stay on top of ALL the things that are questionable about the usurper’s past. As the article suggested, he can’t forge everything, and the media can’t pretend ignorance on everything.