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April 13, 2011

Monica Crowley has a Ph.D. is International Affairs from Columbia University and is a radio show host

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent this morning to television and radio commentator Monica Crowley, who appeared last night on Bill O’Reilly’s program, refuting many of his arguments about Obama’s having done nothing differently than past presidents.

From:  Gordon Smith
Sent:  Wed 4/13/11  12:13 PM
To:  mail@monicamemo.com

Dear Monica,

I am a 20-year military service disabled vet (10 years Air Force & 10 years Navy) and a VERY good friend of the recently imprisoned Army officer Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who had the audacity to ask his superiors (for one year!) to ascertain if President Obama was a legitimate Commander-in-Chief.

I saw your interview last night with O’Reilly & Alan Colmes……and I just wanted to THANK YOU from my heart (along with the mass amount of birthers I email with) who were singing your praises after the show for your courage to see the reality of this impossible dilemma we are in with this eligibility issue.

I have been VERY involved with this situation from the beginning, and have many daily contacts with some of the more public birthers such as LCDR. Charles Kerchner, Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, private investigator Susan Daniels who disclosed Obama’s Connecticut social security #, etc. I have been on nationwide radio as an invited guest on The Barry Farber Show a few dozen times….Barry is a good friend, and calls me his “go-to-guy” when he wants to go on-air about Obama’s birth certificate.

The purpose of this email is you are one-in-a-million on the Fox Network who has the courage to not just consider this whole non-transparency of the President as “birther-craziness”, and I would very much like to help you with anything if you truly want to bring this secretiveness into the light.

I am a committed Christian, and what is happening to this country is truly disheartening to me. The ability of the government powers to cover-up this case; the media’s silence being deafening is MORE than troubling…..and SOMEONE in the media needs to “fight the fight”.

The week before Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was hauled off to Leavenworth….he called me to say goodbye, and after 1 ½ hours of laughing, crying and praying…..I told him he was “my hero” and he knocked me out of my chair when he hung up saying” No, Gordon….you’re MY hero”. I cried for a long time after hanging up.

Please reply if you would like to get “plugged-in” to ALOT of information that I will bet you are not even aware of……and my sources are very high-up the birther food chain and not “crazy nutjobs” as Alan likes to refer to us.

I received an email this morning from Dr. Orly Taitz asking me to help her because she is getting TOO close to finding out information about Obama that obviously people do not want her to know….and her computer and email access are constantly being hacked.

She attached this document (see .pdf attachment) as part of her investigation and court pleadings that are just the tip of the iceberg……Obama’s College record from Columbia. It shows he was only there from Sept. ’82 to May ’83…….only 9 months which certainly flies in the face of HIS version of when he attended school there.

I fear for my country, Monica……and I didn’t get spit on at the San Francisco Airport coming back from SE Asia in the 70’s to have MY Commander-in-Chief be an impostor…….I DON’T KNOW if Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya or Brooklyn………..but that’s the whole point, isn’t it.

I know you’re a TV personality, and very busy……but please reply and let US know that when it comes to a voice in the media…..we can count on you.

God bless you and thank you again for your stand last night.

Gordon Smith


Editor’s Note: Monica Crowley’s website can be found here.


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  1. I’ve read many comments made by people who obviously based their thinking on unfounded tweets and posts. The Obama legitimacy issue is not a simple one and to think that the question has been answered and that those people who keep bringing it up are somehow “stupid” “nuts” or “idiots” or “a joke” is taking the issue at face value – that’s the easy way out and serves their political agenda. To me the issue of Obama’s legitimacy involves a complicated web of details. It involves our Constitution and how law is interpreted and the definition of finer points. It also calls attention to the fact that we need an evaluation of our vetting process for the path to the Presidency. Too much is at stake to accept that the book is closed on this issue. Investigations are in process and suits have been filed but all efforts are blocked making resolution of the issue very difficult. Villanizing those who are making an attempt to explore this issue in depth is wrong. I fault those who draw the conclusion that this is a non-issue and attempt to belittle those who continue the research. Let me add that the question of legitimacy is so important because if Obama has lied about his citizenship and his past in general… and has all along attempted to hide the facts, then his presidency is based on deception. He would then have violated his oath of office and the laws of the Constitution. This involves a knowing and willful deception of the American people and an obstruction of justice. This could not be tolerated. Allowing such a violation would result in far greater injury to our country than the effects of reversing the travesty. Obama’s birthplace or even his presidency isn’t the most critical issue – the most critical issue goes to the very foundation of our system of laws and our Constitution…what is right and what is true.

    1. That is something I’m noticing in the searching I’ve done…it is so scattered and disorganized…and conflicting. Who said what and when…and then contradicted themselves…definitions of the legal terms and what exactly is meant by the wording in the Constitution. There is a huge amount of information online but not all in one place so it can be understood. When on Twitter I will think of something I’ve read and want to refer to it to respond to someone’s tweet and I can’t recall where I read it! I don’t usually obsess like I’m obessing over this issue, but I have trouble sleeping as I feel so deeply worried that something must be done. So…kbp, I absolutely agree with you that we need an index …and get this data organized.

  2. OH, I was sooo happy to see her do this, but you know, it is usually Women who know how to cut through all the BULL. I mean, 3 YEARS later and we can’t even get a one page document out of the rascal.

    I wrote this Internet Article about “Obama: Better Than JESUS???” so everybody can feel free to use it if they can to point out just how NARCISSISTIC Obama is.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Sharon, nice job. I too sent Ms Crowley a letter thanking her and encouraging her to visit Mario’s and Leo’s blogs. The truth will set us free. Regards, Bill G A Natural Born Citizen
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I did not write the letter; a citizen named Gordon Smith did.

  4. Monica standing up to Bill was an absolute sight to behold. Finally a journalist who is expressing real doubts about the charlatans who have fundamentally transformed this nation into one of a soft tyranny even if meant trampling the Constitution and relying on useful idiots like Bill O’Reilly to condescendingly insult our intelligence by declaring what he deems to be true and false about Obama’s shady background.

    Watch Monica’s prestige shoot through the roof. Heck, she may even take over Bill’s job when all is said and done. I’m really enjoying watching history unfold before my eyes and being part of a movement that is descending on the elites in Congress, the courts and the media like a raging wildfire. The patriots of old would’ve been damned proud of us for defending the Constitution, and there will be future Constitutionalists who will be saluting us likewise.

    1. Quick story: When all this business started about the mosque the Imam wanted to build at ground zero I remember Monica stepping up when she and Allen were on The Factor. Bill and Allen kept talking over her but she held her ground about the difference between the peaceful Muslims and the radical Muslims (the guys didn’t even acknowledge this)…then she referred to the radical movement and a book…”Stealth Jihad”. I got the book and that is when I started looking to Monica for the up-front information – and she’s very convincing putting it out there. I think she’s the one to push the Obama issue.

      Let us know how you feel about that, Monica. “Will Monica Crowley Continue to Ask Questions About Obama’s Past?”

  5. Click here: Arizona passes birther bill – Jennifer Epstein – POLITICO.com (copy and paste if necessary)

    Please read this breaking news article regarding the so-called ‘birther’ bill making its way through the Arizona legislature.

    This bill is NOT sufficiently air tight as to even require/mandate the irrefutable long form birth certificate. In fact, I deem it WORTHLESS AND EASILY CICUMVENTED!!!!! I suggest:

    (1) A baptismal or circumcision certificate has absolutely NOTHING to do with a place of birth or the citizenship of parents.

    (2) A hospital birth record does NOT confirm the citizenship of parents.

    (3) And, what does a post-partum report confirm?? Only that a woman recently gave birth — somewhere — and was treated at a hospital thereafter. It does NOT confirm the actual place of birth and certainly not the citizenship of the parents!!

    (4) Finally, ALL an early census record shows is who is living at a specific location at the time of the census and possibly the relationship among the people living in the location. Not where anyone was born or the citizenship of any.

    What a wasted farce!!!

  6. Sharon, last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly told Monica that “The State of Hawaii, and we called them today, they have a law there saying that you can’t get the birth certificate … but it’s in bound form and that you could see it if they’d let you, but of course they won’t. … He does have a legitimate birth certificate … The State of Hawaii says they have it and we have no reason not to believe that.”

    It’s on the video linked at Media Matters, starting about 2 minutes in. I hope that I transcribed it correctly, but that’s the gist. So, bottom line: O’Reilly, unlike Isikoff, seems to imply that he (or someone at his show) talked to actual officials in Hawaii or at the HDOH and was told that Obama has a “legitimate birth certificate” that’s in bound form in Hawaii.

    Considering that people have asked for years for ANY indication that Obama does have a “legitimate birth certificate” at the HDOH and that they have repeatedly refused to give ANY information about it, how can it be that “the State of Hawaii” told O’Reilly that there’s a legitimate birth certificate at the HDOH, bound in a book?

    Therefore, I’d think that ANY reporter could ask the HDOH to give out, over the phone, the same information.

    O’Reilly wants to debunk, but he doesn’t name names. “We called them today, the State of Hawaii.” Who called and who did they talk to? Was this an OFFICIAL speaking in official capacity? If he can’t name names, then his “evidence” doesn’t put anything “to bed.”

    1. I think they have to be a bit more specific than, “there is a legitimate birth certificate”. They must say something like, “there is a legitimate long-form Hawaii birth certificate issued in 1961 just for starters. There is a legitimate BC could apply to one from Kenya, or anywhere.

      Even if it was from Hawaii it could be an amended one, as some suspect, showing Barack Hussein Obama as Barry Soetoro.

      My bet is there isn’t one, or if there is, it says, Mombasa, Kenya.

      1. The governor of Hawaii vowed to publish the info so that it could be put to bed. Then after he goes to research and publish it, he tells in an interview, it was several months ago, that he cannot release the birth certificate, would not verify if they even had it, then he commented that his birth was recorded in Bound form that the state of hawaii keeps for all births, thing is any family member can sign it and they only have to say that the child was born, low and behold the people who signed the book were his grandparents. I believe that we have the right to ask him to turn it over. I mean really he wanted Sarah Palin’s complete medical record turned over, which she did, but the president spends millions of dollars blocking the release of the certificate. If the president is so patriotic and out for the good of the people then he would put it to rest and move on, therefore his actions are highly suspicious. We have the right to ask an should not be punished when we do. That is what a communist society does.
        So effectively we have imprisoned an officer for simply asking the president to prove it. That is what a communist country does to shut people up, so stifle the dissention…..i worry about this presidents true intentions and what he is doing. and a connetticut social?????? I don’t care where your daddy lived, you social has to correspond to the state YOU were born in, my stepdaughter was born in Germany on base and she got a social security number from GA where she lived…it was not based on her daddys address it was based on the Army’s base address for the family.
        The social security number is suspicious, to say the least….top it off with the birth certificate and it looks really bad…

    2. Well, what they are calling a “legitimate birth certificate” is the “certification of live birth” that they keep pushing off as “proof”…the one online that Obama used as proof. We all know that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. There is so much conflicting information and that in itself should tell everyone something is amiss.

      1. There’s a website that shows all the forms…Certification of Live Birth, Certificate of Live Birth, and Long-form Birth Certificate. And the Certification can be filed in Hawaii even when they are born in another country. Obama’s sister has the same Certification of Live Birth that he has…and she was born in Indonesia.
        The most comprehensive research I’ve found has been posted by an investigative team of Hagmann and Hagmann:
        http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/PDF/ROIbho20100427a.pdf http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/PDF/OpartII.pdf

  7. What makes me most ill, is that an American veteran has to BEG someone in the Supreme Court, Congress, and major media to check the constitutional credentials of our de facto President! Then, when I think about it, whom else could you expect to be more concerned or more watchful over this nation?

    Thank you, vets and patriots, all! And citizens like you, Sharon, who will not let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to our U.S. Constitution! Not on your life! And, not on mine!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That is for sure.

    1. Amen, Mr. Stevens! May the Lord keep all of U.S. safe and sovereign. Gratefulness to all of you fighting for the truth and fighting to wake up the sleeping masses.

    2. I mean really isn’t this what a communist country does? Imprison those who question the president of the country or show dissention? This is a dangerous road the country is going down, I think the prez thinks he is a dictator and he just need to teach everyone how they should do things…….scary direction.