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by Sher Zieve, ©2011

Is Donald Trump a match for Obama on the eligibility question such that we will finally obtain an answer?

(Apr. 11, 2011) — Since the then-obscure Illinois Senate Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was picked to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democrat National Convention, he has been on a seemingly unstoppable and unprecedented E-ticket ride to the top–in order to take control of all of the assets of the United States of America and parcel them out to his friends and supporters.  Thus far, he has gotten away with and is still effecting it.  Even his “campaign” against Republican Candidate Sen. John Sidney McCain was a breeze, as each time McCain found himself rising in the polls he told his people to “back off” on any criticism of opponent Obama.  In other words, it strongly appears that McCain threw the election, took a dive, etc.  Are they both working for the same masters?

Note:  Don’t forget McCain IS a liberal (aka covert leftist) and only pretends conservatism when he’s running for reelection.  Unfortunately, his Senatorial election tactics have worked.  However, when McCain was asked to provide his long-form birth certificate to prove he was a natural born Citizen–he did.  On the other hand, Obama’s handlers only produced a very short-form Certification of Live Birth (ostensibly from Hawaii and a document that is easily obtained even by those who are foreign-born) that had no signatures and was, almost immediately, shown to be fraudulent.  Also, besides birthplace, there is that other pesky problem of his ostensible father’s birthplace.  In order to be a US natural born Citizen (NBC), one’s parents must also be citizens of the USA before the child is born.  Obama Sr. was Kenyan and carried British citizenship.  So, either way (assuming Obama Sr. is his father and Stanley Ann Dunham did give birth to him), Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born US Citizen–if a citizen of this country at all.

Since the original Obama COLB forgery, no fewer than three others have appeared on the Internet, and Obama still refuses to produce his long-form birth certificate.  Question:  Are Obama’s minions really having that much trouble creating one?

To date, none of the Republican potential presidential candidates (although recently candidate Herman Cain came out very cautiously questioning it) have challenged The Obama’s NBC status.  The wimp factor of the Republican Party’s potential candidates is now higher than at any other time in history.  They are all afraid of (or bought off by?) Obama and seem to be on a course that will reelect the usurper to his soon-to-be throne.  Don’t forget that if the dictator-in-chief is reelected nothing will stop his completion of the shredding of OUR US Constitution and the complete elimination of our Bill of Rights.  Even before he was “elected,” Obama said he didn’t like the US Constitution, he planned to drive up energy prices (saying that due to his planned policies “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”) and that he would have gasoline at $4.00/gallon.  He has done these and so very much more to destroy the USA and its people.  But, there are still dyed-in-the-wool masochists out there who want him to continue doling out the pain.  Obama intends to continue accommodating them.

Currently, there is only one potential candidate for the Presidency of the United States who is even talking about saving our country from the rout being employed and forced upon us by the current occupant of our White House.  That individual is Donald Trump.  As one of the US’ (if not the world’s) most successful business entrepreneurs, Trump has watched Obama’s ongoing dismantling towards termination of the USA and all of its freedoms designed by our founders for individuals to succeed.  And along with the rest of us who still believe in liberty, Mr. Trump doesn’t like it.  He also–while the rest of the Republican presidential field candidates cower in their respective corners–has not been afraid to jump into the central battle of Obama’s eligibility.  Trump is talking much like a man who is ready to take on the battle and eventually the war of ending the reign of the most malevolent White House resident in our history.  I pray he’s serious about taking on the fight and that he is being truthful with We-the-People.  Note:  I’ve followed Trump for years through his downturns (we all have them) and his ultimate successes.  Thus far, he seems to be a man of integrity.

At this juncture I fervently hope Trump runs for the Office of President of the United States, as he is the only one now potentially running who can possibly pull us back from the cliff over which we are being forced to jump.  Oh, and by the way, he has already produced his long-form birth certificate and his mother’s (she was born in Scotland) US citizenship documents.  Not only does he appear to be a force majeure for the good of the USA but, he is truly a natural born Citizen.  Imagine that!


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  1. I think that people are way too worried about if Mr Trump is serious. It is very clear from Mr Trumps actions and statements that he. #1. Knows what Obama is up to. #2 Has now way out if Obama succeeds. #3 Does not see anyone stepping up to the plate. In other words he know that if Obama succeeds he is finished. Will he drop out? Not a chance. The real question is if Obama finishes off the USA before the election.

  2. Mr. Trump calls usurper Obama’s bluff and what does the usuper do? Keeps his mouth shut and lets his minions play his hand with more proven lies.

  3. This man is the first real hope that I have seen and felt in two years . I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t blow the lid off of the imposter in chief. I wake-up every morning to check my websites that I follow hoping for another barrage leveled at Obama. Mr Trump does not bluff . If he goes after some issue he has done his homework. Don’t be surprised to see Mr Trump ratchet up the heat quite a few degrees in the next week or so. Also , I would hope to think that our other patriot Teresa Cao has found and ally in Mr Trump. What a boost to her legal woes if Mr Trump decides to back her . Finally , a light is beginning to show at the end of the long dark tunnel ! My name is Vincent

  4. I’m all in on The Donald so long as he keeps up the drumbeat and makes a serious run. This commentary is spot on in that we are in for one heckuva clash between the titans. To be fair to Bachmann and Palin, they have questioned the usurper’s creds just enough to draw the wrath of those aiding and abetting him — see: http://punditpress.blogspot.com/2011/04/obamas-missing-birth-certificate-gary.html

    Speaking of Bachmann, she spoke out a bit more forcefully on this issue tonight on Sean Hannity’s show, turning up the heat on the fraud a bit more. I’d love to see Herman Cain (he said he’d take the race card off the table), Palin or Bachmann as a running mate for Trump, assuming he wins the GOP nod. I’d be very surprised if Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah manages to pull off this stunt a second time. If that happens, it would be only because the Republicans who regained the House in 2010 had failed to trust that those who voted them in would watch their back so long as they followed the mandate entrusted to them. Ignoring or downplaying the concerns over the presidential eligibility issue also would be foolish.

  5. Run, Donald, Run!!!! We need a man who loves our country & who has the backbone to take on the issues of our Country.

    He is not afraid to ask questions of Obama eligibility…… all other candidates are afraid of Obama who plays the Race card all the time.

    Thank you, Mr Trump!!! We need you to run… You are not one of the corrupt Politicians in Washington,DC… You have the business mind we need to get our Country back on track to being Great again!!

  6. Sher Zieve makes a very astute observation when she asks: ” … each time McCain found himself rising in the polls he told his people to “back off” on any criticism of opponent Obama. In other words, it strongly appears that McCain threw the election, took a dive, etc. Are they both working for the same masters?”

    That was MY observation when, after the propaganda event mislabeled a “debate” at the Saddleback Church, McCain said, “I think he (aka Obama) would make a GREAT President!”

    On another blog site, a commentator gave the following, quite plausible, remark.

    April 11, 2011 12:53 AM
    Anonymous said…[Reply]
    From a comment posted at American Thinker, I just learned that Trump’s talent agent is Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, and that Trump donated $50k to Rahm’s campaign for mayor of Chicago. To verify, I looked online and found it at Politico. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47924.html

    I don’t know what the implications could be. The AT reader suggested that Rahm knows all and also that he wasn’t happy with his boss anymore by the time he left the White House. Both of these claims are, of course, unverifiable rumors.

    Food for thought.
    Go to the Politico.com/news/stories/0111/47924 for the full story.

    April 11, 2011 12:57 AM

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing his name on the ticket also.

      I have noticed that Trump emphatically discusses the step-grandmother’s claims of a Kenyan hospital birth… but somehow, your claims are left out of the discussion. Any thoughts on that?

      BTW, Mr. Smith, what have you done, if anything, to get in touch with Trump or his attorneys and provide ALL of your documentation so it can be properly authenticated and investigated by his staff?

      1. As suspected… nothing but crickets from Mr. Smith when asked simple questions regarding his past, present or future actions.

        He pops in and out of this website with nothing really important to say or add to the discussion. He reminds me of one of those kid’s arcade games where you stand with a rubber mallet in hand waiting for the moles to randomly pop up.

        I’ll ask again… What have you done, if anything, to get in touch with Trump or his attorneys and provide ALL of your documentation so it can be properly authenticated and investigated by his staff?

        Either answer the questions Mr. Smith or just go away already.

    2. Mr. Smith,

      Why don’t you simply petition The Donald for the financial resources to authenticate the Kenyan BC and lie to rest any doubts about its authenticity? Surely if you have an authentic Kenyan BC, I imagine that the Trump camp would be more than willing to provide the necessary funding to end the lingering doubts in regard to your claims.

      I applaud your efforts if they are indeed true but I still have my doubts since no objective evidence has ever been presented to substantiate your claim that you are in possession of documentation that repudiates Barry’s claim he was born in HI. I know you signed an affidavit but no one will take your claims seriously until the BC is authenticated by at least two document forensic experts.

      it pains me that after two years, this still has not occurred. What exactly other than perhaps funding is the obstacle to moving forward? What can we do to help facilitate this? If what you have is truly authentic, it is by far and away the most damning evidence that the alleged nativity story is a complete fabrication.

      Just asking…..I as well as others are willing to assist you but thus far you seem to be resistant to outside help which only perpetuates the doubts many of us have.

      There is no no better time than now to “carpe diem!” If what you have is legit, the opportunity and timing to make your case is NOW!!

      For the readers, I am firmly in the two citizen parent NBC camp, but if Mr. Smith has an authentic Kenyan BC, it is relevant evidence insofar to the fraud that Barry has perpetuated on “We The People.”