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by Sharon Rondeau

The trial of William Penn introduced the concept of jury nullification, which was a finding of innocence on the part of the defendant because of a perceived injustice or unconstitutionality of the law used to charge him. But are today's grand juries even informed about nullification by their government bosses?

(Apr. 11, 2011) — In a recent interview with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, he described how the power of the grand jury has been diminished to that of an arm of the government due to the criminality of those involved in what is supposed to be a criminal justice system.

Fitzpatrick has described in detail the ways in which the Monroe County, TN grand jury has operated outside of the law by employing the same foreman for 20 consecutive years and utilizing jurors who have served too recently to serve again by state statute.  His trial jury contained another such “repeat” juror and accused the court clerk of “rigging” the juries.  The court clerk, who also acted as a witness in the case, has not responded to the allegations against her.

Fitzpatrick has also interviewed other defendants who have accused the judges of lying and false imprisonment as well as using rigged grand juries and trial juries to do so.

From West’s Encyclopedia of American Law:

The grand jury came to the American colonies as part of English law. As conflicts developed with the mother country, the colonists made use of the grand jury’s protective functions by, for example, refusing to authorize prosecutions sought by the Crown. The most famous example was the Zenger case of 1735. The American grand jury served as an instrument of resistance, as a revolutionary organizing body, and as an arm of democratic self‐government. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States mirrors colonial esteem by providing that “no person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.”

On March 16 and 17, 2011, respectively, Fitzpatrick sent a letter compelling the federal grand jury in Knoxville, TN to perform its constitutional function and a treason complaint, the second of its kind, against Barack Hussein Obama.  However, in a letter from a U.S. magistrate judge dated April 6, 2011, Fitzpatrick was told, “A private citizen may go directly to the Federal Grand Jury and give it information only with the permission of the Court or the United States Attorney’s Office…Therefore, any presentation you want to make to the Grand Jury must be with the prior consent and permission of the United States Attorney, a process which has not occurred in your situation.”

To that letter, Fitzpatrick responded, “U.S. Citizens do not have direct access to any federal Grand Jury!  Our federal Grand Juries are held under the total control of the federal government. Demoted to the status of some kind of federal administrative agency. Called to work at the discretion of a U.S. Attorney…Few options remain to use before Citizens are forced to make operative our last appeal.

  1. Large numbers of people file criminal complaints naming OBAMA in TREASON to their local offices of the FBI and U.S. Attorney; enough pressure forcing them to act,
  2. One of the Grand Juries out there picks up on this somehow and acts on its own authority.


Letter from H. Bruce Guyton, U.S. Magistrate Judge, stating that the Court yields "to the discretion of the United States Attorney."

In late January 2011, The Post & Email filed a complaint against Ms. Denise Barnes, court reporter #71 in the State of Tennessee.  Barnes is employed by the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting, which is apparently supervised by the Tennessee Supreme Court as evidenced by the envelope in which the response arrived.  Our complaint cited what we believe to be Ms. Barnes’s unreasonable charge of $4.00 a page for a transcript which was needed for an appeal.  In her letter to Fitzpatrick advising him of such, Barnes estimated that the transcript would be approximately 400 pages and would therefore cost a total of $1,600, for which she required prepayment.  Barnes had told The Post & Email that if we were to purchase the transcript, the cost would be $3.00 a page.

Fitzpatrick and others have reported that the transcripts from court hearings in Monroe and McMinn Counties are “doctored” and incomplete.  Court personnel have told The Post & Email that audio CDs of trials are not available to the public and that there is no video available.

Page 1 of Denise Barnes's letter to Walter Fitzpatrick stating that the charge to prepare the court transcript would be $1,600.
Page 2 of Barnes's letter to Fitzpatrick

The above letter was included with The Post & Email’s complaint against Ms. Barnes.

Complaint filed against Denise Barnes, Court Reporter, who prepared the transcript from Walter Fitzpatrick's arraignment of June 28, 2010 identifying it as having taken place in McMinn County when it was held in Monroe County

After filing our initial complaint, we received the June 28 transcript.  We therefore sent the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting a letter rescinding that portion of the complaint, although we still wonder why it took a month for us to receive the document after having paid for it.  The document had some differences from that which was posted on the internet shortly after the hearing, so there are at least two versions of it.

Letter received from the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting in response to The Post & Email's complaint against court reporter Denise Barnes stating that "the Board finds no basis for this complaint."

Fitzpatrick has described the corruption in Tennessee, and specifically in Monroe County, as encompassing the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, grand jury and district attorney general.  He stated that they have “all walked away from enforcing the law.” He reported that judges, prosecutors and court personnel have “sent constitutional juries to their death” in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights described above.  Similarly, agents from the TBI and FBI have refused to take action despite earlier assurances that they would do so.

I am being inundated with requests for help, and we are told that “they find no basis for the complaint.”  Well, how about you find a basis for the complaint that the documents that are being sold out there are not credible, that the money that’s being gathered up is a theft, because these documents do not represent what happened in court that day.  They’re being intentionally doctored, and then they’re being sold for profit.  That’s what’s going on here.

I have criminal complaints going out naming Denise Barnes, the court reporter.  You paid $33.00 for a criminal instrument.  The document that she sent to you is not an accurate reflection of what Judge Carroll Ross did or said that day.  That’s why, as a policy, at least in the Tenth Judicial District, they will not give out the audio recordings because they can make money off of selling these bogus documents.  In the meantime, they get to continue operating their “pretend” courts in the way they have been operating them for years.  That’s why the police know that they’re protected and the people who are complicit in this are protected.

Do you want to talk about terrorism, about people who are really afraid?  We’re running into them every single day.  It’s us; we are again at war with ourselves, and the problem is not in Libya; it’s right here.

Can I make a gentle observation?  Mr. Obama was named in treason again, for the second time in two years, on the 7th of March, two days before he launched a multi-billion-dollar attack.  The United States of America was attacked by the Japanese Navy on the 7th of December of 1941 in an attack against this country which is unparalleled in our history so far.  In that day, people who were on the ground and on the ships in Pearl Harbor fought back as an act of self-defense.  There was no declared war between the United States of America and the Japanese.  But before we could fire another shot, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to go to the Congress to obtain permission to go to war against an enemy who attacked us.

Did Mr. Obama do that before he ordered our military to bomb Libya?  FDR did this in a public way.  It’s archived.  The President of the United States, after a direct attack against us, had to go to the Congress to get permission for us to fight back proactively. Mr. Obama, as a dictator, doesn’t feel the need to involve the Congress or our people in that kind of a decision.  Mr. Obama was named for doing exactly the same thing on March 10, 2009.  He sent military police into a civilian community, and people were warned then that if they didn’t stop it, it would escalate.  Now Mr. Obama is free to do whatever he wants.  And you know what?  He’s protected by the same kinds of judges that will terrorize the citizenry of the United States of America.

I can tell you what happened on March 28 in the courtroom, but it’s more of the same.  The juries have been taken over in Tennessee; it’s treason in Tennessee and throughout the entire country.  The evidence that we have is unassailable.  Joe Riley, the sitting grand jury foreman in McMinn County, has been appointed into that position by three different judges since 2005.  Excuse me, but don’t you think that one of these judges would have had somebody else in mind for the position? Three different judges picking the same person! There is a trend there; there is a “this-for-that,” a qui pro quo.  Mr. Riley is a political appointee.  He is being assigned into that job; it’s a patronage position, and the process being used is not found in the law.

We tried to challenge that as citizens in Monroe County in the Tenth Judicial District.  Instead of the judges, prosecutors and police officers recognizing that the citizens were angry enough to come forward and effect that citizen’s arrest after we warned them that that’s what we were going to do, they arrested the citizens who tried to put a stop to this criminal industry of the judges.  They arrested us, and in so doing, they have disabused anybody else of the notion of doing so.  They have instilled terror into the people:  “Don’t even think about trying a citizen’s arrest next time.”  You want to talk about a terrorist act?  Judge Carroll L. Ross sits at the center.  He’s the one who initiated the charges against Carl Swensson, others, and me, and he is the one who is involved in controlling the grand jury here to get these cases through this criminal industry.  If you had a legitimately-constructed and independently-operating grand jury, they would never have attempted to bring them into the grand jury, much less get them out of the grand jury.

Carl Swensson is facing a felony charge, as I was.  There is no evidence that a crime was committed at the felony level or at all.  Mr. Gary Pettway is named as the object of some kind of retaliation or intimidation and has stated on the record, a record which we cannot get – it’s under subpoena and it will not be released, and they will not give us the audio of it – this is how they control the people.  There is no accuser behind the felony accusation that I faced or which Carl Swensson faces right now; there’s no report.  There are no witnesses.  They made it all up, and they got it to a grand jury which was flawed.  It was flawed under Mr. Pettway; it was flawed under Ms. Angela Davis and now under Ms. Tennyson.  There are problems with the grand jury being assembled now, if for no other reason than that Judge Amy Reedy is the person who assigns the foreman.  The judges have taken over the juries. The policemen whom I sat with on the tenth of March said, “And you’re surprised by that?  You think that’s remarkable?  Why do you think you’re going to get a fair hearing any more?” and then they commiserated with me – “they” being Harrell, Corbitt and Parrott – on how tough it is to be a policeman these days because you bring these cases into court and it’s a revolving door.  The judges and the prosecutors aren’t doing their jobs.  It’s the same kind of lament that you saw in the four-page letter from Ms. Crabtree.

I’ve been involved in several cases; I was in the courtroom all day on March 28.  I was thrown out of the courtroom that day.  There was a comment made; I looked up, I looked over, and I was thrown out of the courtroom by Crowder.  He said that I had spoken to one of the prisoners in the room, but I hadn’t opened my mouth.  And I’m under threat of arrest again on Monday afternoon as a citizen sitting there, not breaking any law.  It’s my word against his, but he’s got the gun and the badge…no, I’m sorry; that’s not how it works.

We’re going to have to find people who are going to stand up and become untouchable and speak out because they are fearless.  This is the frustration that I am experiencing; I don’t know how to help the people.  I can go through this, I can fight…You know who else is a terrorist?  Admiral John W. Bitoff.  And John Bitoff – and Congressman Norm Dicks, who has protected him – is raised up as a poster child for the kind of command criminal you have in the military today who is no more obedient to the Constitution than is Mr. Obama.  People need to wake up and understand what’s going on around them, and they need to understand that if they don’t stand up – We the People – and do something about this, the fight for the Constitution is escalating.  That’s what I’m trying to tell you.  It’s not getting smaller; it’s getting bigger, and I’m in a different place today than I was before walking into that room on the tenth of March with those three agents who were looking at me as a terrorist.  Do you know how obscene that is, how objectionable to the senses that is?

The country is being taken over by its government to install another government, and with extraordinary success.  That is what treason is all about. People have to stop tiptoeing around this issue.  I can’t think of a single group that has taken up this issue.  We have worked with the Constitution Party, with the Tea Party; we have worked with the Republican Party; we have worked with individuals.  You know; you’ve been part of it…the American Grand Jury organized by Bob Campbell, and before that, the common law grand jury which Carl Swensson stood up first in Georgia, for which I give him credit.  Now Carl Swensson is facing charges in a Tennessee “pretend” courtroom with “pretend” judges; these people are themselves the criminals.  We’re trying to stop them because the law enforcement officials haven’t done their jobs, and they know they haven’t done their jobs; they have admitted it.

These two agents, Corbitt and the state trooper, Parrott, were in the courtroom on the first of December.  I have documents in front of me which I have presented since which prove that Ms. Cook and her criminal assistants broke the law, that they sat a jury that was hand-picked.  And we haven’t heard a whimper from anybody.  I’m tired of hearing, “Well, we can’t discuss this case because there’s an ongoing investigation…” Nonsense!  They need to come in and make arrest now, and they need to start doing it publicly.

They have every reason for not doing anything, and then they let time pass and they try to walk away from this because people forget.  Life happens.  They wake up the next day and there’s something else that has their attention.  They don’t ask because they know they don’t have to, because there’s been no forcing function of We the People yet.  The Constitution is powered by We the People, and we are doing nothing.

Now I can go through a whole bunch of names of people whom you and I have both talked to and with whom we’re networked, and I can’t name one of them whom I would declare as “untouchable,” who has the courage, the wisdom, the fortitude and the integrity to come forward and say, “I’ve had enough of what’s going on.  Follow me.”

Can you hear their silence?

I’m tired of the political posturing as well.  It’s all for self-aggrandizement.  The Michele Bachmanns of the world – I’m done with her.  Michele Bachmann can come forward and expose this criminal conduct, and so can any person in the state of Tennessee who knows about what’s going on around here – anybody – because they all know about it.  It’s being whispered about; it’s being talked about out loud in the streets.  People’s lives are in danger; Mr. Miller was killed because of it; I believe he was killed for that motive.

Mr. Crawley has credible information which has been verified independently by other people, unsolicited.  People have come forward with information that verifies, ratifies and supports the information that has been made available to me.  I reported it to the police, to the FBI, to the TBI, and the names of the people to whom I reported it you now have.  Is anything happening?  No.  This has been going on for years.  The FBI has been looking at me as a terrorist.  I had a copy with me of the Time magazine article and I said, “I am getting really sick and tired of this, gentlemen.”  And then they said, “Well, you know, Walter, there are crazy people out there, and they’re going to tie you to what they’re doing.”  I said, “Well, I’m trying to disconnect myself.”  I told them that day about Darren Huff.

If Darren Huff is prosecuted at the federal level and he wants me to come in and help him defend himself, I’ll be there in a nanosecond standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him because the federal government and state governments are trying to use Darren Huff to instill terror.  I will defend Darren’s constitutional protection to speak his mind and do what he thinks he needs to do to fight back against the corruption.  I will do what I can to protect him and not take a plea deal.  That was his strategy here in the Tennessee court; he can undo that because the people who were sitting in the room that day are criminals.  We had police officers in the room – we can name them now.  We have to give these people exposure; we have to name names; we have to put faces to names.  These police officers knew that the deal that Darren Huff was coerced and under duress, and I will defend Darren Huff in any way that I can.  I am not walking away from Darren Huff.  He needs to be protected, because that’s what the Constitution is all about.  He was the object of a false arrest.  I am confident that Trooper Parrott knows about what went down with Darren Huff’s arrest on the 20th of April  2010.  And now they’re looking at me…sorry.

Fitzpatrick has filed two additional criminal complaints for Treason and Treason-Attainder-Extortion to the the two federal grand juries in Knoxville dated April 7, 2011.


Criminal complaint of Treason, including jury rigging, sent to second federal grand jury in Knoxville, TN


Criminal complaint of Treason, including jury rigging, sent to Jury #2 in Knoxville, TN regarding


Complaint of treason sent to Knoxville, TN grand jury #1
Treason complaint sent to second federal grand jury in Knoxville, TN



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  1. P.S—–Have read that Obama has received 1 trillion plus from the mysterious disappearance of 9 trillion plus from the federal reserve over several years ! The american people have been assessed , taxed and reimbursed them for CRIMINALITY allowed by the MOST CORRUPT CONGRESSES. Why would John McCain and others like him spend upwards of 15 million of their own monies for re-election for a meager salary ? Most every one of these phonies become instant mega millionaires. Harry Reid was asked how he amassed hundreds of millions with his time consuming job as senator and meager salary! U can answer that. One trillion plus can buy alot of bribes and dedication. When America gets a legitimate President and Congress in 2012 — ALL these DISGUSTING, FILTHY GREEDY FRAUDS will be convicted of treason and every dime, possession,etc. will be confiscated and returned to WE THE PEOPLE! Firing squad would be too easy for them! THEY MUST SUFFER for their heinous crimes against America!

  2. None of this could be happening if EVERYONE in congress, supreme court, FBI, CIA,`all judges ,etc have not received a combination bribe/threat that they could not refuse to accept to enable the destruction of America! One perfect example of many is: the outspoken , courageous Col. Allan West sponsored by the tea party, in the armed services committee—–PETRIFIED to SAY ONE WORD to defend Lt. Col Terry Lakin for upholding his oath to the constitution, PETRIFIED to mention his kangaroo trial and denial of EVIDENCE and DISCOVERY! Yet I read comments from people stating how great he is and should be on the 2012 ticket for president or vice president???? In my opinion he is just ANOTHER sleezebag politician not honoring his oath to the constitution and should be tried for TREASON! Most of the BRAIN DEAD americans need to be woken up ! It appears the destiny of America might be in the hands of veterans willing to fight for America as they did for OTHER COUNTRIES!

    1. Right you are Barbi! Everyone has indeed been PETRIFIED to say, much less do, anything to rid America of its most dangerous enemy in history…usurper anti-American Obama/Soetoro.

      If Donald Trump is unable to expose usurper anti-American Obama/Soetoro for what he is then America’s destiny will indeed be in the hands of Veterans.

      Another really PISSED-OFF, ready and willing to fight, VIETNAM VETERAN

  3. The fix is in. What follows now is the consolidation of power and the purging of all who might not act on the orders given by his superiors regardless of the laws as we knew them or what natural law makes supreme. Short of a game changer of last resort there will only be a descent into anarchy, social unrest and the usual move to disarm and suppress by lethal force. Welcome to the end of the grand experiment of self governance. It has been outwitted by a single lacking, truth.

  4. It would appear that our system of law has completely broken down, in Tennessee and in the federal government. If our governments can’t operate under the rule of law, it is time for the concerned and lawful citizens to retake control. Failure to do that will result in the dissolution of our states and our country.

  5. The Orly Taitz site states she filed for protection from UN, Civil Rights Defenders Comm in Geneva, Switzerland against the Obama administration for crimes perpetrated against she and her family for exposing the usurper. Other patriots needing protection from the U.S. Gov might consider doing same!

  6. Sharon, I don’t know how you deal with the frustration this article represents. God bless you for continued support and presentation. I pray Tennessee gets their “Trump” to lead these issues out into the daylight. I wish also that some MSM would get ahold of your reports and complete an expose for prime time. John Stossel comes to mind.

    Semper Fi
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I think Tennessee already has its Trump, with the initials of WFF III.