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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

The Bill of Rights states that criminal charges entitle a defendant to a grand jury review

(Apr. 10, 2011) — You hold a position to forcibly argue your 6 January 2011 importunity, before a public assembly of the lower house of Congress, was one of the few forms of redress left to We the People in our sincere attempts to disrupt the public tameness.

Mr. Obama’s TREASON is publicly reported in excess of two years to the U.S. Attorney’s office and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (click here).

U.S. Attorney Russell Dedrick for Tennessee’s Eastern District (since replaced by William C. Killian – click here) announced that Dedrick would take no action unless a federal judge ordered Dedrick to act. More: Dedrick obstinately held the TREASON complaint out of the view of two sitting 2009 federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Subordinate to the authority of the U.S. Attorney the FBI took no action.

Unrelenting industry resulted and manifested as Common Law Grand Juries and Citizen (American) Grand Juries acted upon the TREASON complaint urgently exercising  their Power of Presentment. Repulsed in uncounted episodes, their ultimate defeat is codified in Judge Royce Lamberth’s July 2009 ruling (click here: the significance of Lamberth’s ruling is federal Grand Juries are stripped of their Power of Presentment – federal Grand Juries act only under and with the permission of the federal government!)

Tennessee State Judge Carroll L. Ross (click here) defeated every effort of U.S. Citizens to advance the criminal complaint naming OBAMA in TREASON as is recorded in the Monroe County Tennessee Courthouse (since 1 April 2010 – click here).

Counterattacking, Carroll L. Ross retaliates against those Citizens who attempted to exercise their constitution protection regarding the redress of grievances in Ross’ unceasing Acts of state punishment directed against Citizens absent the participation or protection of a constitutionally ordained Jury (ATTAINDER), and EXTORTION.

Memorialized in this day you have U.S. Magistrate Court Judge H. Bruce Guyton’s affirmation that all U.S. Citizen direct access to a federal Grand Jury is totally blocked by government functionaries. Only with tasking that comes from a federal court of federal prosecutor may a U.S. federal Grand Jury take under consideration Citizen pleadings regarding redress of government tyranny and oppression (click here).

You (as every other U.S. Citizen) is blocked from direct access to state and federal Grand Juries.

State and federal judicial officials obstinately refuse to listen to We the People blocking every avenue to established Grand Juries.

Speaking out as you did on 6 January 2011 to the lower house of Congress was an exercise of last resort, a last peaceful resort. Your very public and very sincere, deep appeal represents an urgent and necessary warning to sitting U.S. Representatives, as they read the U.S. Constitution out loud, that the Constitution of the United States is no longer operative in America.

It was well-established on 6 January 2011, that government operatives have taken away every Grand Jury We the People were once able to approach. Replacing those Grand Juries are government controlled assemblies that no longer protect the Citizenry, but rather act against us. In this you have one important demonstration of TREASON!

You were left with no other peaceful choice. Your conduct was a much needed civil disobedience, that if further ignored and repulsed, leads to the last appeal our U.S. Constitution commands We the People to carry out.

Magnifying your message delivered in alarm, you are this day refused the protection of a sitting Grand Jury.

No criminal court in the District of Columbia enjoys a Grand Jury’s permission to prosecute you.  Research conducted Wednesday, 6 April 2011 discovered the absence of a federal prosecutor’s offering to a Grand Jury of a formal accusation naming you (an indictment). Clearly there exists no Grand Jury’s returned indictment granting permission to a federal prosecutor to prosecute you. The District of Columbia’s Superior Court (criminal) holds no jurisdiction to advance a criminal accusation against you. The absence of any Grand Jury’s participation–at this point in your case–is mortal to the government’s case. The Constitution’s protection for citizens in the creation and ordered operation of a Grand Jury is found in the Fifth Amendment. For the D.C. Superior Court (criminal) to move against you beyond this point is described here as forcible resistance to federal law. It is the state’s direct punishment of you without the assembly or operation of a constitutionally recognized Jury (ATTAINDER). Continued aggression against you is the operation of a government not found in our U.S. Constitution (TREASON). The government’s insistent criminal industry targeting you the object is an Act of TREASON as much as the ATTAINDER court-martial of Colonel Terry Lakin is an Act of TREASON.

Here endth the lesson.

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  1. This is all too true. There are no words left that have not been used, no avenue left that has not been approached. We are left with only one remedy. They must surely be aware
    they themselves are forcing the true citizens of this country to consider the more
    unpleasant options.