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April 3, 2011

Will Fox News Channel continue to muzzle the Obama eligibility issue or begin reporting on it in earnest?


What a fantastic letter to Roger Ailes.

I wanted to be certain that every host at Fox News read the letter, so I copy and pasted the entire letter and forwarded it to them. Normally I just copy the link and title of the article.

You’re not the only one to notice the blonde skirts on Fox.

We’ve noticed that even Charles Krauthammer has taken an about-face the past few months. They are all selling out their country. Personally, I think they’ve all been threatened, or their families have. It’s not all about money. Do you think if they got rid of Soros things would change? He seems to be our country’s biggest problem. He’s a citizen, so isn’t what he’s doing treason?

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann must have been threatened as well. Both are intelligent, patriotic women who seem to think this isn’t an issue. This IS the issue. If we prove Obama illegal and a fraud, it all goes away. It will still take years to undo the damage, but it can be done. Check this out…

Trump is our voice right now, and I pray he continues to make this an issue. Funny how they listen to him, but not Orly or Pastor Manning or Mario Apuzzo or you or anyone who has ‘proof’ on the Obama eligibility issue. “Birthers’ are just mocked and ridiculed.

What’s more damaging than Fox not reporting this is that at least 45% of the people still support Obama and it’s their twisted minds that I fear most. These people will re-elect him and with our fraudulent system and the corruption being in every department of the government, he’ll likely win and that scares the heck out of me. We may not be able to survive until the election, if they allow him to continue. We certainly can’t take another four years of him; our country will cease to exist.

Thank you for all that you do in reporting the ‘truth’ and being our voice online. Keep up the good work.

God Bless

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  1. P.S. Just called Michele’s office – 202-225-2331- and asked her aide why she declared Obamas illegal presidency a non- issue, He told me she NEVER said that. When I explained why Michele and everyone in Congress is illegal due to Alll legislation being null and void – he abruptly hung up! Another LIAR in THE HOUSE of CRIMINALS!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: This type of phone call reveals a lot, doesn’t it? Good work!

  2. Thanks, Maria, for your effort to elucidate the ignorance of the Fox talkers, but they are committed to supporting Obama’s fraudulent election. They regard Trump’s tentative challenge to Obama’s legitimacy as some sort of inexplicable, aberrant, self-destructive behavior. They will not admit the possibility that Trump could be holding the trump card until the game is over, the jig is up, and there is no place to hide.

  3. The only polls to trust are the ones that show the results like Joe Farah has posted. The political gamble is being covered by our patriotic citizens who have cleverly covered the bases, by separating the “birther” issue from the political race via the Trump carrying the flag so as not to risk the whole basket of eggs when the media steps up the assault to throw the election. If by chance the public has been elevated by internet media, which I do believe has happened, the race will boil down to who is projecting the lies and cover up versus who has the best array of tools to lead us come November 2012. No mater what the debate goes like it really will be winner take all. Liberty or tyranny is the choice.

  4. Sarah and Michele may have been threatened or accepted bribes. They have declared themselves to be traitors and/or cowards when stating “this isn’t an issue”! Several other career criminals have recently uttered the same lies. America CANNOT consider ANY TRATOR or COWARD for PRESIDENT! Patriots with CONVICTION,. Com Kerchner, Com Fitzpatrick, Col Harry Riley, etc. etc. WOULD NEVER declare the constitutional crisis due to an illegal president A NON ISSUE! Fortunately the NEW PHONIES are EXPOSING THEMSELVES early!