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March 31, 2011

What did the Framers mean by the term "natural born Citizen?"

Mr. Donald Trump
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10022

Dear Mr. Trump,

Thank you for taking up the Barack Obama issue.  You are the only person who has questioned publicly, “Why is the king wearing no clothes?!”  All the people who one would have presumed and expected to take the lead have apparently refused to do so for reasons of political expediency, fear of being called a racist, just going along with the Party line, or because of their own complicity.  They are all cowards and traitors to this country!

Let me explain.  You have the birth certificate issue correct, but there is so much more to this story, Mr. Trump.  Even if Obama had been born in this country (which has never been proved or even vetted), that would not in and of itself qualify him to meet the Constitution’s requirement of being a natural born Ccitizen, a child born of two American citizens and born in this country.  One must be of the blood and of the soil.  Obama had a father who was subject to the British Crown and so was Obama at his birth.  He has openly acknowledged being born a British citizen.  So, the birth certificate issue is important, but Obama’s dual-citizenship and divided allegiance are even more important.

As one who was born and raised in New York state, I want to be as blunt as maybe only we New Yorkers can be:  Barack Hussein Obama is a radical socialist who, with the aiding and abetting of the Democratic Party and most likely the Republican Party, and judges from the lower levels right up to the Supreme Court, and with the complicit mainstream media providing cover, is neither qualified nor eligible to serve as President of the United States.  He is a usurper!  How did he get there?  Who funded him?  Is George Soros behind it?  Has there been a conspiracy and fraud committed upon America the likes of which we have never before seen in this country?  To see all the evidence that has been gathered so far (Obama’s Kenyan father, his Connecticut SSAN, phony ‘BC”, questionable Selective Service Registration, et al), and to be deprived at every legitimate quarter (Congress, the Courts, the media, etc.) for evidence substantiating who Obama really is, one would more than likely have to say, “America has been deceived.”

We Americans have been punked, lied to, marginalized and put in prison (LTC Lakin, LCDR Fitzpatrick) to protect the usurper squatting in our White House.  Why has Obama been propped up and protected so vociferously?  Is the answer that our Constitution, our capitalist, free-market system was overthrown in the 2008 election so that radical socialists could effect their warped ideas of redistribution, statism, and godless philosophies on an America they hate?  I do not think one needs to look much further for the truth than that, only deeper.

There have been millions of us protesting and trying to get our Congressmen, the media, and the courts to vet Obama, all to no avail.  And now comes Donald Trump who obviously suffers no fools and starts asking questions.  And because you are a celebrity and have wealth and status, you are being listened to.  What us regular Americans have been unable to do for 2-1/2 years, you are starting to do by blowing the lid off the silence.  I say “starting” because I realize you have just waded into the morass and there is so much more to this story, as you are probably already discovering.

In short, Mr. Trump, you have looked at the buck-naked king and asked the obvious question.  I have no doubt that you have the temerity to dig deeper, the strength of character and personality to take on Obama’s propaganda machine, and the resolve to see this issue blown wide open.  You will surely be one for the history books, Mr. Trump, because out of more than 300 million Americans, you are the ONLY person who has taken on Barack Hussein Obama, the Great Pretender, the Marxist who hates America.  Now let’s finish the job and save our Constitution, our American way of life and free-market system, and out the usurper and all those in the Obama conspiracy and clean house!  America is behind you!  Just ask for whatever information you want and I will gladly help facilitate getting it to you.  My phone number is …………..and email is …………...

Gratefully yours and God Bless America!

Kathleen Gotto

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  1. Let us be careful we do not put too much of a burden on one person, overwhelming him
    him with endless pleas and demands. He has already taken one big step we have not
    been able to push anyone else to take.

    All the needed information is readily availible, if he is sincere and determined. He will
    struggle with his own conscience, questioning whether he posses the resolve to pursue
    this issue.

  2. Thank you Kathleen Gotto and All of You, very well said and written. Each and everyone has their talent and contribution. United we Stand!
    With appreciation for friends like all of you.
    Victoria Windsor

  3. Kathleen, you have summed up for Mr. Trump the story in a nutshell. Thank you!

    Almost everyone in our courts, government, and the mainstream media are in on the scam, as you well know, and they have been for quite a while now.

    The biggest scam in American history began in earnest with the older Bush and is being finalized with Obama. We are living in a dangerous age, with nuclear weapons everywhere, and he and his Oval Office progeny have decided a New World Order, with the U. N. in charge, should rule the world to make it less dangerous.

    The first problem with this approach is that they need to get rid of our Constitution in order to get America to fully bow down to the U. N. and the diabolical powers that will run it, which creates a second problem for us.

    The third (unexpected) problem, not for us but for those who think they know best, is the Tea Parties, which are perhaps—beside the likes of Trump, WND, and The Post & Email—the only saviors we have left now for our Grand Old Republic.

    Installing the usurper Obama in the Oval Office is another big test to see if the U. S. Constitution could plainly be violated once again, right before everyone’s eyes. If so, then the U. N. and New World Order is prepared to take over this country’s sovereignty soon.

  4. This is a very effective letter, that you have written, Kathleen.

    If Donald Trump would like to really nail this issue, he could call a major press conference.

    He could then state that he is considering whether or not to ‘run for President’. He could then announce that he has been persuaded by Constitutional experts, that in order to be eligible for this office he needs to prove that he was born in The USA to parents who were citizens at the time of his birth. This is due to the unique requirement for eligibility for POTUS and Vice-POTUS, laid down by The Framers of The Constitution, in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of The Constitution, that one must be a ‘natural born Citizen’ of The USA. To be Constitutionally eligible to be a Senator or Representative it is sufficient to be a ‘Citizen’ of The USA.

    Donald could then produce four pieces of paper –
    1 – His original long-form Birth Certificate.
    2 – His Father’s original long-form Birth Certificate, showing that his Father was born in The USA. Donald could then state that his Father was still a citizen of The USA at the time of Donald’s birth.
    3 – His Mother’s original long-form Birth Certificate, showing that his Mother was born in Scotland.
    4 – His Mother’s original certificate of Naturalization, as a citizen of The USA. Donald could then state that his Mother’s Naturalization, as a citizen of The USA, took place before he was born and that his Mother was still a citizen of The USA at the time of Donald’s birth.

    Donald could then state that all candidates for POTUS should prove their Constitutional eligibility right at the start of their campaign. This whole process, so far, would only take about five minutes. Donald could then state that Barack Hussein Obama II, or whatever his legal name is, has failed to do this – despite all of the persistent requests for him to do so.

    Donald could then invite the assembled media to take as many photos, videos and scans of the original documents as they wish. He could then make available his own press pack with a full set of scans, videos and photos of the four original vital documents and all of the legal arguments and supporting documents, such as a reproduction of The Constitution, John Jay’s letter, Vattel, case law and all of the other masses of legal proofs that are familiar to us.

  5. If we are to educate misinformed people about NATURAL BORN CITIZEN then I think one way to go about it is to lead off by saying…..”It takes more than just being born in the United States to be a president!”

    Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly apparently think being born in the USA is sufficient when it is not.

    You all know the rest. There is no point in being redundant. But if we are to correct people who have it in their minds that being born in America is Constitutionally sufficient to qualify for the office of the president, then we should nip that misconception in the bud and begin telling people… NO! That is not true. It takes more than that!

  6. Waaahhh waaaahhhh…Trump’s not doing it the way I want him to do it. He’s not saying what I want him to say. Waaaahhhh waaaahhhh!

    For the last two or three years, we wished out loud that someone with influence and power would use it to champion this issue. A week ago that champion arrived on the scene and already a good number of you are dissatisfied with him because he’s not saying what you want him to say. All of you who keep whining and complaining about what Trump has and hasn’t said yet come across as nothing but shameless ingrates.

    How about we go back to the way things were only less than two weeks ago when we were still hoping for a champion? No one spoke on this issue in the lamestream media except to laugh at us but at least no one was seriously discussing it the wrong way.

  7. Folks this is what most people do not know. About Natural Born Citizen and it goes like this.

    Emmerich de Vattel ” The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law” (1758) In 2003 The Supreme Court Of The United State submitted to this Law and reads follows:

    Book 1 Chapter 19 #212

    The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of PARENTS(Pural) who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their FATHERS, and succeed to all their rights.


    1. jbh, your quote of Vattel shows that this line of argument needs to be made very carefully.

      Actually, if I didn’t know that’s exactly what Vattel wrote, I would say “it’s a contradiction”, because the first sentence says “of parents who are citizens” whereas the second says only the father is important.

      The reason for this, however, is simple:
      These two sentences have almost an entire page between them. The first one refers to natural born citizens whereas the second is only about citizenship.

      So I think in the context we’re talking about, the second sentence is only obfuscating the issue which is “natural born citizen”.

      The reason why I personally have an issue with Vattel is that “natural born citizen” is not in the original text but only in the translation that was published after the Constitution was written. Vattel has “les naturels ou indigènes” (“the naturals or indigenous people” would be a direct translation).

      And in fact it gets complicated if you look at “natives = natural born” (Vattel translation), “native-born vs. natural born” (where the Obots claim to be no difference) etc.

      Yet I rather tend to side with the two citizen parent theory (because of the Founders’ intent as to “allegiance to the US”, not because I am 100% convinced that Vattel was their main guideline).
      The second sentence you quote seems to support Jedi Pauly’s “only the father matters” theory, but as stated above, it does not refer to *natural born* citizens.

      To rephrase Vattel, he made a clear distinction:

      “To be of the country” (i.e. to be a citizen), you need a citizen father.
      To be a natural born citizen, you need two citizen parents.

      1. Agree with your thoughts. I remember a couple of years back when there was a issue with McCain and place of birth. Specter, Leahy, and Hatch were quoted as saying Natural Born means both parents citizens of the United States.

  8. I offer up a challenge to others to join in and write Mr. Trump yourselves. This could be the person and the time and in no way diminishes the efforts of others. All the others will get attribution when the deception is finally exposed. This is not the time to quibble about who is or is not getting credit. No one will get any credit for exposing Obama if the truth never comes out! Let’s keep our eye on the prize and that is for someone to blow the lid off Barack Hussein Obama. And right now, it looks like that someone is Mr. Trump. Get writing, folks!

  9. As Mr. Trump assimilates more of the crucial points regarding “natural born” requirements for POTUS he will articulate the greater argument already existing without the BC. In addition, those fighting for the fraud to be exposed need to mention very often the EO 113489 where barry soetero blocks his entire past. Nobody is asking WHY within 24 hrs. of taking office (fraudulently) did he sign executive order 113489 completely hiding his past life? I read today he rec’d an award for transparency in secret. Who gave it? By what criterion? Are they serious? This is a joke. So many documented falsehoods on camera. He truly is the liar-in-chief and HE GETS AWAY with it! Where are the so called leaders? CONgress is a bunch of liars as well. Remove all of them by citizen demand.

  10. Glad to see Kathleen Gotto encouraging and informing Donald Trump, but it is not accurate to say he is the “ONLY” person to take on Obama. She must mean the only one with national name recognition and media credentials. Surely The Post & Email, World Net Daily, Orly Taitz and numerous other weblogs, lawyers and patriots like Col. Terry Lakin deserve credit for their heroic efforts to restore the Republic.

    1. True, Harry, a bit of hyperbole, because we are well-aware of the efforts of those mentioned. However, Donald Trump may well be the only one who now has the best shot at busting this obamanation wide-open. My letter to him was not geared to go into all the efforts of the others. A man likes to know that he is special. And special Donald Trump is, and he is now in a very special spotlight.

      Kathy Gotto

  11. To Mr.Trump, Please go to George Soros Who Is Plotting World Take Over In Bretton New Hampshire April 8-11,We The People Need To Show Up And Protest George Soros, This Traitor Backing The Usuper Involved In Treason.There Are Business men Going,We Need For You To Gather As Many People To Join You.Stand Up And Speak Out About Traitors.If You Dont We Will Know What Side You Are On.The United States Isnt A Corporation,Its The Founding Fathers And The Federalist Papers,& No More Corrupt Fed.Endfinancialfraud.org sound money now.There Should Be A Law That We The People Can Fire All Traitors,In The Goverment.What Is The Punishment For Treason?A Domestic Enemy.

  12. Trump in a recent interview got two more issues right. First he said on MSNBC (while the talking heads were trying to interrupt him) that the certificate of live birth is not legally the same as a Birth Certificate and second he said that the infamous “birth announcements” may have been made for various reasons including to obtain citizenship. I would almost bet at this point that he is also aware that the issue of eligibility is centered on “natural born citizenship” which doesnt even need to get to where the imposter was born because he has already admitted that his father was not a “citizen”. He is gradually tearing apart the liberals lie in public-but they will keep trying-they are coming very close to the end-but Donald keeps the pressure on because regardless of what the harpies say, he keeps returning to the basic-undeniable fact-why doesnt he just show the document?