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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

How did Tennessee become one of, if not the most, corrupt state in the nation?

(Mar. 26, 2011) — Keith Richardson met with Special Agent Mark Shaffer (the duty agent) yesterday afternoon (Friday, 25 March 2011).

Keith reported to S/A Shaffer events that are part of the larger criminal enterprise now discovered in Tennessee State, and the United States more widely. Keith was sure to connect his experience to building reports to the FBI regarding the experiences of others in this state.

I spoke with Dennis Burnett’s mother last evening (Mrs. Kathryn Short). Mrs. Short said she will go to the FBI in Knoxville to report crimes against Dennis. I’ll keep you advised.

I’ve asked others to make their reports to the FBI.

I’m putting together a larger written work regarding what Mr. James Thunder Quill Wilson describes as “Prisoners for Profit.”

It’s my understanding that the FBI has an ongoing investigation into the public corruption and questions going to public integrity and accountability regarding the criminal justice system in Tennessee.


Editor’s Notes: The Post & Email reported on the case of Keith Richardson on January 15, 2011.  We have covered the case of Dennis Burnett, who was sentenced to 18 years in state prison by Judge Carroll Ross.  Follow-up reports are here, and the subsequent denial of a retrial.

Mr. James Thunder Quill Wilson mentioned Mr. Burnett in his letter to Walter Fitzpatrick.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam never responded to our letter to him regarding extensive corruption in his state, nor did his media representative respond after we made three attempts to follow up with him.

While incarcerated last November, Mr. Fitzpatrick had reported that the Monroe County, TN Sheriff’s Department is guilty of human trafficking.

Mr. Fitzpatrick contacted the Nashville Police Department, Office of Professional Accountability, on Mr. Richardson’s behalf on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.    DS400186

The Office of Professional Accountability handles complaints against the Nashville Police Department, of which one had been filed by Mr. Richardson for alleged police misconduct which eventually led to his conviction of a felony.  After speaking with a secretary whose voice is heard in the audio file, Fitzpatrick was able to converse with Ms. Kennetha Sawyers, Director of the Office of Professional Accountability.  Sawyers stated that her office had investigated the complaint and had either “just closed” the file or was about to do so.  Fitzpatrick then suggested to Sawyers that she reopen the file, as from his interviews of Mr. Richardson and his wife, the information about the police officer’s conduct was “just the opposite” of that which the Office of Professional Accountability had received from them.

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  1. I was an inmate at the Monroe county jail for 51 days after being assaulted by a Tellico Plains peace officer, Brian Millsaps. The Sheriff Bill Bivens (thief & lair), used a false social security # on my paper work to collect money fraudulently from the federal govt while I was imprisoned, claiming I was an active participant in Social Security. I do not have a social security # due to my deeply held spiritually beliefs and training as do over 14 million other American born nationals in this country. This is just one of the many brazen shams sheriff Bill Bivens routinely conducts to line his pockets.

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