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by Sher Zieve, ©2011

Theresa Cao in front of the White House

(Mar. 14, 2011) — As did most of us, I first heard of Theresa Cao when she made her now famous (some say infamous) statement in the House of Representatives’ chamber on 6 January 2011 during a formal reading of the US Constitution.  As Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) read the Constitutional requirements for a United States president, Theresa called out from the gallery, “Except Obama, except Obama, help us, Jesus!  My name is Theresa.”  Unlike what had occurred previously with the Marxist-Leninist Left-wing group Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan merely being escorted out of the chamber when they severely disrupted sessions in the House of Representatives, Theresa Cao was arrested (for her one sentence statement–and no, she wasn’t “chanting” as one of the leftist news services has written.  In other words, leftists can protest in Congressional chamber all they want, but one conservative (and Christian?) person who dares to question the illegal president will be arrested.

Note:  This IS one of the signs of a dictatorship, folks.  And please bear in mind that decorated Medical Doctor and [now] former LTC Terry Lakin was placed into and still remains in prison for questioning Obama’s eligibility and, therefore, the legality of his commands.

Theresa has already been forced to appear in court for her transgression (aka “Free Speech”) of questioning Obama’s eligibility and has, apparently, been told to accept a plea-bargain punishment…or else.  She has already had her first appearance in court, has been charged with [disruption of Congress]  “unlawful conduct” (free speech is no longer allowed under the increasingly lawless Obama regime) and her next appearance is scheduled for 15 March 2011.  Note:  Maj. General Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) recently called Theresa “a brave woman. A true patriot.”

We are urging Americans to appear on the sidewalk, Tuesday 15 March, in front of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Criminal Division, 500 Indiana Ave. N.W. in Washington, D.C. by at least 8:30-9:00 a.m. to support Theresa, enter the courtroom and to bear witness to what occurs.  This a fight for us all and Theresa implores you to be there.

Through a series of events, Theresa contacted me and the following is a brief interview of this courageous lady.

The Interview

Sher: Theresa, it’s been good getting to know you over the past few days.  What you are now fighting is a government regime that appears to become more dictatorial every day.  Although multiple US Constitutional issues are in motion, this seems to predominantly be an issue of First Amendment Free Speech rights.  I understand that after your first court appearance your court-appointed attorney April Downs told you to take a plea deal.  Can you tell the readers how Ms. Downs presented it to you?

Theresa: On February 8, 2011, when Judge Marisa Demeo appointed April L. Downs as my court appointed Public Defender, she suggested I pursue a “Stet” Docket. I, at that time, indicated to her that I would like to pursue my case based on my Constitutional rights. It turns out that a “Stet” Docket and the “FTO” (AKA First Time Offender) were new Plea Deals from the Prosecutor’s Office–offered on March 7, 2011 at my 10:30 a.m. appointment with Attorney Downs.

In essence, Attorney Downs stated in both instances that these Plea Deals would not implicate my case as “Guilty” but would be considered “Not Guilty”; but it would include 40 hours of community service, and 6-9-12 months of probation, with my promise of “Good Behavior.”  Last but not least, I would NOT be able to speak about my Constitutional rights; specifically, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendment rights, AKA the Bill of Rights.

Attorney Downs wanted me to believe that the “FTO” was different from the “Stet” Docket. I had to connect the dots, so to speak, after the fact after my appointment with her on March 7, 2011. Thus, there is a question of fraud and collusion with the Prosecutor and the Judge to threaten to “Shut [me] Up” and thereby not pursue my Constitutional rights–the Supreme Law of the Land–and not just in theory, but as the basis of our Republic form of Government.

This specific example of corruption and fraud, being one of a few other examples that implicates Attorney Downs, is an integral part of the corrupted judicial system. I shall offer other examples of Attorney Downs’s collusion with the anti-Constitutional system, below.

Sher: Considering the fact that Marxist Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan have disrupted the US House of Representatives on multiple occasions–with only escorts out of the building–how shocked were you that you seemed to be targeted and singled out for arrest?

Theresa: Here are the other examples of Attorney Downs’s collusion with the anti-Constitutional system. I asked Attorney Downs specifically to research what has taken place with Code Pink at our initial meeting on February 8, 2011, giving her over one month to find out information for me.  But she did not do her job. Her response to my following up with her on this detail was “ho-humming” and beating around the bush–until she said something to the effect that she didn’t recall that question.  Then she later remembered that I did ask her and responded asking how can she find out any information if there were no arrests made?!  She did not do her job…period. So, to date, I still have to do some research on this specific issue.

I will be pursuing this matter of “Arrest” in both my “Motion to Dismiss” as well as preparing for my Court Trial–should that be the direction of my Criminal Misdemeanor case.

Sher: You said you plan to go to trial, but that the judicial system is warning you to take their plea deal–which strongly appears to be a direct infringement upon your free speech.  How do you plan to proceed?

Theresa: Plan One: I plan to file a “Motion to Dismiss” based on my Constitutional rights, on Monday, March 14, 2011, the day before my court hearing date scheduled for the following day, March 15, 2011.

The reason for this late date for filing the “Motion to Dismiss” was due to the fact that Attorney April L. Downs, the Public Defender assigned to me by Obama’s court appointed Judge Marisa Demeo, stated that I could not file the stated Motion prior to my court hearing.

One of two of my advisers/sources, Margy and Jack Flynn, from the website americancitizensoftheconstitution.com, although not attorneys per se but who are students of the Constitution of the United States, have advised me that I can file for the Motion prior to the court date. It should be noted that my advisers did bring to my attention [to the fact] that I could file the Motion prior to my court hearing, which was prior to my meeting with Attorney Downs earlier this week on March 7, 2011. The Flynns have been key instruments in assisting me with learning about my inherent, God-given Constitutional rights.

My other sources/advisers, come from the website avoiceforchildren.com.  Pamela and Will Gaston, who penned the book “Sui Juris: The Truth in Record A Process For the People to Access the Court,” is an essential resource for all American Citizens who are currently involved in the corrupted U.S. Court system to stand upon their unalienable, God-given, Constitutional rights.

Pamela and Will Gaston have paid a very high price (which Pamela paid with her life, while serving prison time), paving the way, to teach us how to defend ourselves without the corrupted attorneys who supposedly are on our side; the entire judicial system is pursuing enacting Shariah law in place of the Constitution of the U.S., which is current news as of two weeks ago. And since December 2008, the Treasury Department of the U.S. has taught Shariah Law 101 and installed Shariah Laws into our Constitutional system.

Please tell your family and friends and all American Citizens everywhere of these two sources of mine noted above by which we can win, case by case, against this prevailing wicked and corrupt system. We must be brave and courageous! We can no longer be subservient to the New World Order system! We must stand and defend our own cases, without so-called attorneys, if they will not defend the Supreme Law of the Land!

“We the People” must actively defend our Constitutional rights and not back down to the corrupted system that utilizes the “Attorneys-Judge-Bar Association‘s” corrupted, anti-Constitutional system to “terrorize” defendants into taking a “Plea Deal;” so that we do not pursue our cases based on the Supreme Law of the Land–the Constitution of the United States. “Plea Deals” force the American people to admit “Guilt” and thus succumb to the pretentious, anti-Constitutional rights, when in fact the judicial system has infringed upon our unalienable, God-given Constitutional rights.

Plan Two: Dismiss Attorney April L. Downs from my case because she has not done her homework for my case, has misled me concerning my options (given by the Prosecutor’s office) and is still indicating that I should take the FTO [First Time Offender] offer.  Other details, also, lead me to believe that she does not want to defend me based on my Constitutional rights; even though she says I still have the final choice by Tuesday, March 15, 2011, to decide the direction of the case.

I may request that Judge Marisa Demeo assign me another court-appointed Public Defender due to the negligence of Attorney April L. Downs.  I am not definite on this matter; I may just want to have a trial scheduled.

Plan Three: If Judge Marisa Demeo refuses to abide by the Constitution of the U.S. and the Bill of Rights by not dismissing my Criminal Misdemeanor Charge/Case, then I will ask for a Trial by Jury based on Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

Sher: Thanks so much, Theresa, and I’m hoping for as many people as possible to show up at the courthouse to support you on this tomorrow.


Again, the address is Superior Court of the District of Columbia Criminal Division, 500 Indiana Ave. N.W. in Washington, D.C. ,and we recommend showing up Tuesday 15 March no later than 8:30-9:00 a.m.

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  1. May God bless Theresa Cao, Lt. Col. Lakin, Sharon Rondeau, and the many thousands of other True Patriots who all so clearly, and fully recognize the danger that America is in, with our “do nothing government, rotten judges, and lackadaisical press” while thugs, thieves and traitors steal our very birth-rights from us, along with our God Given Freedom. The shocking part is how very many Americans do not have the slightest clue of what is even happening, and they will be the first to be screaming and crying like helpless babies when they finally figure it out, which will quite obviously be too late by then. This will also include all the main-stream-media, our judges, and every member of our current “do nothing government”, all of which will be saying “if only they had some warning”, or “if only we could see how this would turn out”

    Well folks, I just don’t know if there is any more hope in saving a society that is obviously this disconnected from reality.

    I would normally pray for God to help us all, in this – our time of need, but now-a-days I must be more discerning when I pray, because obviously “not all are deserving of being saved”; so my fervent prayer to God now is … “GOD PLEASE HELP SAVE ALL THE TRUE PATRIOTS WHO RECOGNIZE THAT YOU ARE OUR ONE AND ONLY GOD, AND WHO RECOGNIZE THE DANGERS THAT WE ARE IN, AND THE DANGERS IN OUR STRAYING AWAY FROM YOUR WRITTEN WORD; IN JESUS CHRIST’S PRECIOUS NAME WE PRAY, AND THAT THY WILL BE DONE FATHER, AMEN”

    Best Wake-Up “a little quicker” America!!!!!!!

  2. Great interview and information, Sher!!

    Theresa, many of us stand with you and LORD JESUS CHRIST EMMANUEL. If I were in your position, I would refuse to take a plea bargain. To take a plea bargain for NOT breaking the laws in the USA? To take a plea bargain for simply exercising my God-Given inalienable freedoms of speech in the United States Of America?!

    Theresa, your false arrest is a High Crime of Congress against your protected & guaranteed Constitutional Rights, and your God-Given inalienable freedoms of speech. The prosecutor is arrogantly, erroneously, & lawlessly thinking that you exercised your God-Given freedom of speech “illegally” in a public Congressional formal forum that has Congressional rules & regulations that everyone present must abide by. What hypocrisy. This is absurd. When the Congress is in session, Congress people speak out of place & out of line all of the time! People are daily expressing themselves in freedoms of speech in every forum everywhere!!

    Theresa, you in fact were not disrupting Congress. You were merely bringing TRUTH, WISDOM. & LIGHT to the criminally derelict Congress people. Yes, the criminally derelict Congress members are driving a train called life filled with 309 Million USA American Citizens over a washed out bridge to the complete ruin of the USA & the American people simply because the Congress people are extremely derelict at their duties, & are either asleep at the wheel, drunk, on drugs, brain-dead, or are too cowardly to take the proper actions to save the USA & the American people in Congresses completely out-of-control & criminally reckless dereliction of duties.

    Theresa you have protected God-given inalienable freedoms to speech in the USA Constitution & the Bill Of Rights to speak out in public as you desire. If people don’t like people simply expressing public comments, they can simply peacefully escort the commenters to the door. We live in America where our God-Given inalienable freedoms or speech & all of our freedoms in the USA are sacred, protected, & guaranteed. This is one of the many reasons why the United States of America is exceptional. Other countries have taken our 236 years old Rule Of Laws in the USA & created their own Constitutions & laws created & implemented on the likeness of our USA Constitution, Bill Of Rights, & our Rules Of Laws in the USA.

    The Totalitarian Dictatorship of the Foreign Terrorist Usurper SOEBARKAH alias B. Hussein Obama is once again illustrated & seen quite clearly in your case! For the sake of you, Theresa, & GOD ALMIGHTY, I wish that there were thousands & thousands of people standing out & speaking out clearly like you are against the illegal criminal activities of SOEBARKAH alias B. Hussein Obama and others!! I know that I am and many other people are doing our parts to rid America of the criminals who have illegally usurped the USA government.

    Theresa, simply stand united with & stay strong in Christ. I stand with you in work & in prayers with, in, & united to the Forever Living Creator – Almighty GOD, who is truly & factually the Most Holy Trinity, in LORD JESUS CHRIST’S Holy Name. For GOD, Our American People, & for the United States Of America!!

    P.S. Theresa, do you have an email address where people can contact you?


    By Sharon Rondeau


    Remember ALL Americans, Immediately within 24 hrs. of being ILLEGALLY sworn into office in “B. Hussein Obama’s” FOREIGN TERRORIST USURPATION & ILLEGAL ASCENSION into Our USA Government, the Daily Serial Criminal Foreign Imposter Terrorist Usurper, “B. Hussein Obama” Immediately Signs & Implements Executive Order 113489 for himself to try to cover-up his long line of Daily Serial High Crimes & High Treasons, Seditions & Felonies he is committing in the USA!!

    This was “Obama’s” IMMEDIATE PRIORITY in his Criminal Usurpation of the office of the President & Commander-In-Chief of OUR GOVERNMENT! This was “Obama’s” Urgent Necessity to Immediately sign this Executive Order EO113489 to try to cover-up the Daily Serial Crimes he is committing in the USA & his 100% Foreign Undocumented ILLEGAL ALIEN STATUS in the USA!!

    We The American Know that “Obama” is NOT now nor has HE HAS EVER BEEN A FACTUAL LEGAL USA CITIZEN WHATOSOEVER At All At ANY TIME in his life!! He knows this, and so do WE THE PEOPLE!!

    Americans, simply get this despicable Daily Serial Criminal Sociopath TREASONOUS TRAITOR “Obama” IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED & IMMEDIATELY REMOVED NOW, NOT TOMORROW, NOW!!!

    As a Completely 100% Lawless Daily Serial Criminal, “Obama” is Completely Unfit for public office!! We The People Will Triumph over “Obama” & others Daily Serial Crimes!! Charge!!!!

  4. This is absolutely insane that Ms. Cao is being treated to a double standard of this gross aand unconscionable magnitude.

    The answer back is plain” Cao is not white and she is not black, which are the majority elasticities of the democrat party so this is – and I’m not kidding about this as a response – a clear case of racism, as clear as that that drove the civil rights leaders to march in public.

    There is only one practical answer, now: the left does what it does because they know FOX NEWS is in the tank. We need to somehow get enough people infuriated and indignant to start an honest-to-God boycott of FOX in large enough numbers to scare them into opening their mouths. large numbers don’t mean 50%. 10 – 15% loss in viewership numbers would have a 8.9 magnitude effect on their advertising revenue: when a station or network slides in numbers, the amount of money they can charge advertisers slides immediately, not just in some vague, unspecified long-term.

    Sharon: I ask you to start the boycott here officially. If WND sees someone beating them to the punch, you know they’ll jump in and try to make it their own (in my opinion). That’s a good thing because it doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as we break a couple of neilson rating knee-caps right away. Glenn Beck went down from 1 to 5 on Fox’s list spontaneously, simply because he p*ssed off enough people out-of-hand. An organized effort could send the most powerful one imaginable to the network; the one that says, “without us, you lose a very great deal of money”.

    Nothing else will do it. we have a little bit of an uneasy ally in MSNBC on this, but they have the viewership of a handful of fruit flies. We need to get FOX as an unwilling ally: we have tried, faxes, calls, letters, videos, but to no avail. we now need to simply turn them off.

    Shanon, if you get the boycott started, I, for one, will created effective graphics – and even at least one video – to move the campaign along, and other P&E readers can spread the word and do what they can, too, and we do need to tell FOX that we’re the ones turning them off and why, so they know precisely who it is that’s breaking their ratings back, so they understand the story that must be carried or lose 10 – 20% of their viewership (it could happen if everyone got on board, and 15% would be absolutely crippling).

    That’s all that’s left until summer when the tea parties are in bloom. We can’t wait. it’s time to turn off FOX now, right now, this second – immediately – in numbers and tell them why. if P&E is the established launch point, I believe we can succeed in a wink, because millions of conservatives are just waiting for a place or person to lead the charge. P&E can do it.

  5. God Bless You Theresa for standing strong for America. And shame on you Congress for this violation of our first admendment rights to speak out against this tyranny,.

    And God Bless You Sharon for all the hard work you do reporting the truth.

  6. We live in very frightening times. Good honest God fearing Patriots going to prison and the vermin scum of the earth doing what ever they choose when ever they choose. The writing is on the wall just like it was for Nebuchadnezzar. You can not thumb your noze at God and put HIM in a box and think you are going to get away with it.

    My heart aches for Theresa and I am fearful of what they will do with her if she goes to prison. All we can do is pray that there will be Patriots on the jury that will not let this injustice take place.

  7. Ms Cao is preparing to enter “The Lion’s Den”.

    I am beside myself with anxiety that she distrusts her “court appointed” lawyer, and concerned that she will be harrassed by Obots (who are CERTAIN to be there) before the trial proceedings begin.

    I pray the fellow Patriots who have pledged to stand beside her today, will make note of any words she is permitted to speak, and relay them back to Sharon Rondeau, as we have seen too many times the glaring innacuracies in accounts and “transcripts” related to Eligibility cases.

  8. “it would include 40 hours of community service”

    How very ironic, when Ms Cao has for years been engaged in “real” Community Service of DAILY educating fellow citizens outside the “so called” White House about the usurper, and his true “plans” for the United States AND supporting Col Lakin in person at his “kangaroo” court martial.

  9. Congress ought to be embarrassed at the seen of the A.G. pressing charges, and excusing Obama’s qualifications and fraud. Theresa’ and Lt. Col. Lakin’s cases hinge on making the Judicial Branch a real laughing stock. These Judges really ought to be worrying that the break down of law is happening at the top and when it works its way down their own jobs won’t be worth stop.
    Those who appose Obama’s fraud are the true believers in upholding the law. Kind of let’s you see that the media and the puppet machine of Obama are really set on destroying the United States and it will happen. Take away the Constitution, all we are is 50 different countries in a civil unrest that will dwarf the civil war.

    New Conservative Patriot Party Embarrasses GOP Obama Eligibility

    Cody Robert Judy

  10. If you ask me nutsos like Sheehan and Code Pink disgrace the Anti-War movement and turn it into yet another reason for the false left-right paradigm to say libs bad, neocons good. People are waking up tot he way the corporate media operate and how neocons and neolibs are being exposed as nothing more than pawns for the global elite. I myself am against illegal, uncalled for, unconstitutional wars. Only Congress declares war, not the President as in the disgusting war powers act. But you will not find me with Sheehan or those neolibs in Code Pink, financed in my honest opinion by Soros et al, while he also is financing wars along with the rest of the New World Order.

  11. I hope we get massive turnout to support this Christian woman. Thousands of patriots flooding DC!!! I wish I could go but I can’t afford a motel.

    1. > Thousands of patriots flooding DC!!! I wish I could go but I can’t afford a motel.

      Yes, and this is the thinking of many. If you can’t even take the effort of sleeping in your car or in a tent, how can you say you will fight for our Constitution? From where, your keyboard?

      I was in DC on the 15th and will be there again on the 19th. No excuses anymore!

      True patriots don’t stay home because it’s “uncomfortable” to stand up for the Constitution and the Law.

  12. It’s not true that Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pinkos have been only escorted out of the building for disrupting Congress. Cindy Sheehan was arrested for disrupting Congress.

    If you search keywords “code pink disrupt congress arrested,” the search returns pages of arrests of Code Pinkos for disrupting Congress, town hall meetings, the DNC, and more. Here’s one arrest for disrupting Congress.
    “[CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder] Medea Benjamin arrested for disruption in Congress during Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki’s address”

  13. She must also request that the Judge “recuse” herself as the inherent conflict of interest in that if Obama is “ineligible” the appointment of the Judge is “void”

  14. by what authority do the courts have in shutting down freedom of speech?

    our petition of grievances in questioning the usurpation of our government by an illegal undocumented foreigner who fails to qualify under the United States Constitution, Art 2, sec 1 and the 20th Amendment has fallen on deaf ears. This patriot was standing up for her inalienable rights, those rights denied by the courts and not the courts act as a jury, without the consent of a trial by jury. The next step will be when the courts act as executioner.

    First, Lakin was abandoned by the military, subject to a kangaroo court that denied his rights. Now, a civilian is denied her rights.