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by Neil Turner

Obama was the son of a British citizen and is therefore British himself. Is the "birth certificate" the real diversion?

(Mar. 13, 2011) — Article II Constitutionalists have been called Birthers, Racists, Nazis, Hate-Mongers, Pinheads, and even Seditionists – but the words didn’t stick, and we’re still here.

Now that they have run out of vile and repulsive epithets that just don’t stick, they have even turned to the likes of the lovely Ms. Sarah P. to say that we are ‘diversionary’ – a DIVERSION from the real important issues of the day!

Add to that the words of Rep. Jeff Flake of AZ (now running for the soon-to-be-vacated seat of AZ Senator John Kyl), who has the unmitigated gall to say that Article II Constitutionalists need to ‘accept reality.’

NOW HEAR THIS, Ms. Palin and Mr. Flake!

Since when is TREASON a ‘diversion’?

Since when is accepting TREASON acceptable as ‘accepting reality’?

Realistic patriotic Americans know that your refusal to address the number one issue on the minds of over 180 million Americans is the real DIVERSION here, a failure on both your parts to accept REALITY!

Those 180 million Americans also know that this diversionary action by you and all your fellow sworn-to-uphold-the-Constitution ‘Article II-Deniers’ makes you all chargeable with Misprision of Treason.

There is a movement afoot in this great land to elect only those candidates who will honor their oath to the Constitution in its entirety – to include the requirement that ‘No person, except a natural born Citizen, shall be eligible for the Office of President …’, as required by Article II, Section 1, of that very same document.

They will be asked, if they want to receive our vote:

Is there is any part of the Constitution that they do not intend to honor, uphold, and defend?

  • Why have they not objected so far to the counting of electoral votes for a non-natural born Citizen, Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro? (a ‘ghost’ who has hidden his real identity from all.  Admit it.  This is insanity, pure insanity.)
  • What will you do, Candidate, right now and in the future, about this universally-known violation of Article II – now that you are being publicly questioned about it?
  • Why should we vote for ANY candidate who will not address this issue so important to the national security of our nation?
  • Why should we vote for ANY candidate who will pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they intend to uphold or deny?

Since ALL the members of both the 111th and 112th Congress obviously have no intention of addressing this issue but instead only to deny their oath to the Constitution, We The People have no other choice but to search diligently for candidates who will answer the above questions positively, and to take action to REMOVE all incumbents from office – by Citizens’ Grand Jury indictments and Citizens’ court trials under the reestablished and re-inhabited Constitutional Republic for the united States!

As Devvy Kidd says in her recent article dated Feb. 26, 2011 entitled WILL AMERICANS VOTE FOR ANOTHER PUPPET PRESIDENT IN 2012? in NewsWithViews.com:

I will not vote for “the lesser of two evils” or incompetence. I will not vote for any candidate who has sold out this republic with their votes or has failed while in the Outlaw Congress to introduce bills that kill the cancer instead of just treat the symptoms.

Every time you get a call or email from The Newt, or The Mitt, or Ms. Bachmann, etc, just tell them that you have money and support for ANY candidate who is willing to step forward and demand enforcement of Article II, Section 1, and, for the sake of the political prisoner in Leavenworth, LTC Terry Lakin, to demand proof that the putative Commander-in-Chief can issue anything other than unlawful orders.

(NOTE:  Upon every opportunity and with telephone calls, I insist that they pass my response on to Newt or Mitt or Michelle or Dick or Sarah… WHOMever.  They agree and tell me that the call is recorded. Who says that we don’t have a voice?)

Let all patriotic Americans join with Devvy and refuse to vote for any candidate who has sold out the republic, and may you all join with We The People and ask the above questions – of every candidate for every office that requires taking an oath to the Constitution: from Council-member to Congress-member, from Sheriff to Senator, and from Public Official to President!

In Liberty.

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  1. AuntieMadder says “I don’t want to help re-elect Barky by either not voting at all or by casting my vote for a third-party candidate who, by running with no real chance of winning the election, will only help Barky win by winning some of his competitor’s voters/votes.”

    This is exactly the kind of logic that got our country into the mess we are in. We have a ONE party system., GET IT! If we had a two party system this issue would have been resolved.

    All you voters that believe we have a true two party system better wake the heck up!

    1. Like it or not, our choices are voting for the lesser of the two evils, throwing our votes away on candidates who don’t stand a chance of winning or not voting at all. Take your pick. As for me, I’m voting against Barky. Period. Those of you who don’t will have no one but yourselves to blame if he wins re-election.

      1. Hey AuntieMadder;

        If we don’t get rid of the Usurping Traitor – for Treason – BEFORE the next election, then there won’t be any elections anyway.

        Don’t waste your time and your breath in support of the ‘lesser of two evils’ theory. Evil is Evil. PERIOD.

        Now please get busy spreading the word that TREASON BY ANY OTHER NAME … IS STILL TREASON!

        Any effort to object to Obama and his policies merely gives legitimacy to his illegitimacy (aka TREASON). We can do better than that.

        Now go and get madder than hell, and tell all that you’re not going to take it anymore! And say it like it is … and it is TREASON!

    2. There ARE significant differences between the two major parties, and it is irrational to ignore such differences. Regarding socialism, abortion, taxes, defense, space exploration, energy, etc. there are real differences between the parties. Even though our choices come election day may be imperfect, those choices still have meaningful consequences.

      It is a cop-out to vote for a third-party unelectable like Ross Perot; those who voted for Perot merely elected Bill Clinton. Bad as Bush Sr. was, he was relatively harmless compared to the Clintons. Granted that the Bushes and Clintons/Gore/Obama/Reid are all fronting for the New World Order, but still, some poison is less bitter than other poison.

    1. McCain and Obama may/may not be equally NOT NBCs. Whether a U.S. military base on foreign land is/is not U.S. soil depends upon provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement with the foreign land, therefore McCain may be a NBC. However, since Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen of any type he CANNOT BE a NBC!

    2. I believe McPain was born in a hospital in Colon, Panama, NOT on a military base. The legitimacy of a president of the U.S. should be completely transparent, easily verifiable, and indisputable. Clearly McPain does not meet those simple criteria. McPain could not challenge Obama’s legitimacy because he himself was not legit.

      1. You are, of course, entitled to your belief but your belief does not make it so. The legitimacy of one’s belief should be substantiated by something(s). Clearly your post does not meet that simple criteria. Last but certainly not least, I could care less where someone named McPain was/wasn’t born.

        I believe McCain was born in the small U.S. Navy hospital on the Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station. The legimacy of my belief is substantiated by the these somethings:

        1. McCain’s grandfather was then the Commanding Officer of Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station.

        2. McCain’s father was then the Executive Officer of a U.S. Navy submarine based at the Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station;

        3. McCain’s parents lived in Navy housing on the Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station;

        4. McCain’s mother was eligible for free medical care at the small U.S. Navy hospital on Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station;

        5. McCain’s mother has always said that her son was born in the U.S. Navy hospital at Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station;

        6. Two days after McCain was born, the Panamanian American, the English-language newspaper in Panama, published a birth announcement saying that McCain was born in the U.S. Navy hospital on the Coco Solo U.S. Navy Air Station.

        7. Common-sense logic says that the McCains would have stayed on base to have their son born in a U.S. Navy hospital where they were entitled to free health care by U.S. Navy medical personnel and had immediate access to free air transportation to a stateside hospital in the event of complications.

        8. Common-sense logic also says that the McCains would not have driven off base to have their son born in a civilian hospital where they would have had to pay for health care by civilian Panamanian doctors and would not have had immediate access to air transportation (free or not) to another medical facility (much less to a stateside hospital) in case of complications.

        My belief does not, however, assuage my opinion that McCain and Palin aided and abetted Obama’s election by not making an issue out of Obama’s ineligibility.

  2. All these politicians with the help of the Bill O’Reilly’s of the MSM have in my opinion suspended the U.S. Constitution and in particular it’s amendment process. The new process to make new Constitutional Law is to ignore existing Constitutional Law and to get away with it, which then establishes a new precedent for them to rely on!

    This is classic…”THE GOVERNMENT NO LONGER WORKS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” and really folks it’s time to start discussing the JEFFERSON PRINCIPLE! America is officially broken beyond repair!


    1. “We the People” must not stand by and say that America is broken while not taking action to fix it. It won’t fix itself.

      1. After the passing of more than two years with the usurper still in America’s White House it is safe to assume that “WE THE PEOPLE” either prefer to have a usurper in the White House or just do not know that there is a usurper in the White House…..either way it is a sign that America is broken and that there is not enough people around interested in doing the much needed mobilizing and organizing required for fixing it.

  3. Obama’s ineligibility needs to be addressed now, or America is doomed to become another third-world, thug-run country like Somalia is now. We have an ineligible, illegal Kenyan born thug in the white house, an illegal, irresponsible government and judiciary, an idiotic ms-media; so besides getting the word out through TP&E, promoting wake-up calls to my fellow Americans, promoting mass rallies in D.C., I just cannot, and flat-out will NOT pay any hard-earned dollars towards taxes to this spend-crazy, incoherent bunch of thieves, who are supposedly our elected representatives – but NEVER CARE TO LISTEN TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. End of story folks “NO LISTEN – NO TAXES” . When obama is arrested, and Lt. Col. Terry Larkin is released from prison, with all rights being restored, and when we get a responsible government back in place, then I’ll happily start paying my taxes again. Right now it is being horribly squandered – like giving drugs to a bunch of addicts. I can spend MY MONEY a damn site better than they can, thank you.

  4. In Nov 2008, a good number of registered Republicans stayed home on election day, refusing to vote for the candidate the RNC ran on principle. Many said that, by their inaction, they would “make a statement” and/or to “send a message” to the RNC. The reality is that, by their inaction, they helped elect Barky. Their standing on principle has cost this country, as well as other nations, dearly.

    In Nov 2010, at least half a dozen candidates, running as Independents, promised as part of their campaigns to address Barky’s ineligibility if elected. Unfortunately, and despite the high percentage of “birther” Republicans (according to a recent poll), not one of them was elected. On the plus side, however, the Demonrats lost their majority hold of the House, ending the Pelosi Demonrat’s socialist hold over half of the legislative branch and what would otherwise had been the inevitability of socialized medicine in America.

    If I’ve learned anything from the past two elections, it’s that I don’t want to help re-elect Barky by either not voting at all or by casting my vote for a third-party candidate who, by running with no real chance of winning the election, will only help Barky win by winning some of his competitor’s voters/votes.

  5. We, who think that constitutional eligibility is important and that Obama’s ineligibility needs to be addressed and resolved, need to find a 2012 presidential candidate that we can rally behind. We need someone who we can trust to campaign on this issue and not run away from it. Is there anyone out there who will welcome our significantly large constituency into their tent and stand up to and battle against the ensuing smear and ridicule from the mainstream media?

    This issue is the perfect test for potential presidential candidates. This issue can separate the men from the boys. Candidates who are willing to take this issue head on are candidates that you can trust. Candidates who deliberately avoid this issue are nothing more than snake oil salesmen. The Obama ineligibility issue is the perfect litmus test for courage and honesty. Only a standup guy (gal) can pass this litmus test. All the rest are dross that should be discarded into the landfill of failure.

    As a poet/musician from the 60’s said “we won’t be fooled again!”

  6. I made a few errors.

    She won 2004 Nobel peace prize not 2008.

    Her movie is not there to watch on your computer. It is the movie but you have to buy a copy or find it next showing on World TV. World TV is a PBS station out of WGBH in Boston but is on cable. You can find the daily listing of programs at


    Where you can also find your local cable station number for world tv.

  7. And that is the intent of myself and to the extent of my influence. I have friends from coast to coast, North to South and among a diverse range of peoples and all are with me on returning to the rule of law and equally applying just trials and penalties no matter who commits the crime.

  8. Someone flew an airplane into the towers on 911. ACCEPT REALITY.
    Someone took all the gold out of fort knox. ACCEPT REALITY.
    All our elected politicians are totally corrupt. ACCEPT REALITY.
    All those who tell the truth will be arrested. ACCEPT REALITY.
    Those who commit crimes will NOT be prosecuted. ACCEPT REALITY.

    Well tell the politicians when they stick their neck into the guillotine to ACCEPT REALITY

    I don’t know about you. But I am ready to stand up and die for my country. I LOVE AMERICA. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Not the Union of Soviet Socialistic America. To h3ll with that.

    Last night on World TV I watched the program on Independent Lens: Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai . You can watch the program on your computer here


    It is the story about 2008 Nobel Prize winner Kenya woman with wonderful courage. She loves Kenya like I see no one love America. Watch the program for inspiration and appreciation what one single person can do. She started by wanting to plant trees to restore Kenya. Her group has now planted some 35 million trees. Watch the government try to stop the women. And how it lead the people to stand up for their rights against all odds.

    She might know Obama Sr. She might be a source of information. She came to America for school as a Kennedy student at the same time as Obama Sr. Same program from same country at the same time.

    She did what LtCol Lakin did not do! Lakin’s problem is he blinked when it was necessary to see his trial as something bigger than himself. He got selfish and took a plea agreement instead of standing there and telling the truth to the court.

    “You have no authority over me. You may have power over my body but you have no power over me and no power over the truth. Your court is illegal and has no basis in law. Your court can only draw legal power from a legal president per the Constitution which you have sworn to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. ”

    Instead he looked for salvation in the false idol of people ( the external world ) supporting him in court. But he should have looked for salvation in the One True God who is INSIDE OF HIMSELF.