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by M. J. Blanchard

Idaho is the 43rd state and is known for its various gems. Can its legislators be deemed such?

March 7, 2011

Dear Editor:

Idaho is the bad poster child in the nullification effort at the moment. The whole state legislative system went red in the last election and everyone, including the folks who testified at the recent Senate State Affairs committee meeting, thought their obamacare nullification bill would pass. The Idaho House had passed it to the Senate with an overwhelming majority. However, the Senate committee voted it down 7 to 2. The consensus of local bloggers is that it was turned down by a combination of ignorance and corruption. The ignorance is shown in this link; the corruption is just now starting to come out. It has always been my point that the pols will be the root cause of anarchy. Folks will not continue to deal with this level of political indifference and corruption.

The following is my letter to the members of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee:

March 7, 2011

Senators Hill, Davis, & McGee,
Lodge & McKenzie by FAX and email:

The recent Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee vote on nullification of obamacare has attracted national attention!

A subset of the grassroots folks who took an oath for life to defend the constitution are particularly interested in this committee’s miscarriage of their fiduciary responsibilities to represent their constituents. We do live in a Republic, after all, and a Republic is governance by representation, in difference to mob rule (democracy).

Senators Hill and Davis, President Pro Temp and Majority Leader, respectively, have expressed a profound lack of familiarity with the document they swore to defend. Nullification is not in the constitution, which they correctly state, however nullification is found in the Bill of Rights which comprises the first ten amendments to the constitution. The 10th Amendment pertains to “states’ rights” which is what the “Principles of ‘98” are based on and the Principles of ’98 were the basis for nullification of numerous unconstitutional federal mandates until states’ rights were abolished in 1861. Madison’s and Jefferson’s rationale for issuance of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves of 1798 show that it is the responsibility of the state to interpose on behalf of the people and nullify unconstitutional federal mandates. Nullification has been resurrected in the last decade in an effort to control an out of control federal government. Perhaps the Senators should review what other states are doing regarding nullification?

The bizarre vote of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee was not done through ignorance or indifference. It was done for ulterior motives and local folks are chasing those motives now.  But the damage has been done. The process has been shamed, again. The folks have little trust in or respect for the legislative process. This most recent vote in the Idaho Senate, and now exposed to national attention, affirms their suspicions, again.

The decent and ethical action for this rogue committee is to study the constitutional principles in this letter, reconvene their committee, and rescind their votes. This is what duly elected, good men and true statesmen would do. To not do so will brand you as racketeers for the rest of, what can only be hoped will be, your short political careers.

For the Republic,

M. J. Blanchard
Oath keeper

cc:  grassroots


Editor’s Note: More information on nullification of the health care bill can be found here.  The passage of nullification of the bill by the Idaho House of Representatives is detailed here.

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  1. That’s a sharp and informative letter to the “racketeers” Mr. Blanchard. Shame on Idaho’s senators, and, unless they wise up, I too expect them to be dishonorably discharged in upcoming elections, unless they abruptly change their ways.