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by Fran Jackson

The Davidson County Courthouse is located in Nashville, which is in north-central Tennessee

(Mar. 5, 2011) — The article about McMinn County Judge Amy Reedy is very interesting, especially since I recently had a similar situation in Davidson Country, TN.

I was driving down a main road when I saw the red light up ahead and started to slow down. I then noticed the school zone sign flashing. Why didn’t I notice it sooner? Because they are all hung from a wire and tilt downward where one can’t see it until  he or she is very close to it. Being that I was slowing down anyway I was going 17 when I came under the 15 MPH sign.  How did I know I was going 17 MPH? Because I have a GPS that tells me what speed I am going.

Right before rolling to a stop I saw a police officer sitting in his car in the parking lot of a used car dealership. He was behind two cars, so it was impossible to see him until I was almost on top of him. I looked over at him and he looked back. He then pulled out behind me while I waited at the red light. When the light turned green he turned on his blue lights and I pulled over.

The officer came to me and told me I was going “between 20 and 25.″ When I got the ticket, it said he used radar and I was going “23.″

I went to court and held up a sign that said “85.″ I asked the officer how fast he would say a pitch was going if the radar screen showed that number. The judge immediate cut in and asked the officer if he was “qualified to say how fast a pitch was going.” Obviously the officer never answered my question. I then showed a sign that said “23″ and asked him how fast he would say a driver was going if his radar screen said that number. The officer said “23.″ I then asked him why he said I was going between “20 and 25″. He denied that he said that. I of course told him he was lying. I also asked if radar could “go between cars.”  The officer said “no.” I then asked him how he could have then used radar since he was parked behind two cars. He lied and said he was not behind cars. I took a picture of where he was parked and how the dealership keeps their cars in front in the hope that someone will see them and purchase one.

Throughout the trial, I kept repeating for everyone else who had to appear after me that it was the “duty of the court to prove I was guilty, and not for me to prove my innocence.”  The judge kept trying to make it appear that I had to prove my innocence.

The officer did not present his radar sheet for the day, as I asked him to. The judge said it was not necessary for the officer to do that.

I presented pictures of the school zone sign that showed the sign very slanted and made it difficult for drivers to see. The judge dismissed my evidence.

Because I had stated that I was going “17″ when I first reached the sign and was continuing to slow down for the red light, the judge said I admitted guilt. I did not, however, admit to ever going “23″ in the school zone. I then also told the judge that while I was going 17 while at the sign, I was slowing down and could never have been going 23 when I was by the officer.

Why did I go to court for this ticket? My primary objective was to let the court know that the school zone signs in Davidson County are slanted and hard to see. I asked the judge, “Don’t you care about the children in this county?”  Her reply was that the slanted signs were another department’s matter. How stupid was I to ask a government employee to care about the citizens of the county and maybe make a phone call to another government employee? That would require work.

The bottom line is that what I went through was a kangaroo court and no one has a chance against the little Hitler judges.

What did I do next? I went to the clerk and said I wanted to appeal the case. She said it would cost $500 for a bond since I was not an attorney. I had ten days to file the appeal. I contacted my attorney and went with him to the clerk so that I wouldn’t have to pay the $500. It was then said that it would cost all the court fees, which my attorney told me could be about $2,000.

I paid the stupid ticket and proceeded to file a judicial complaint about how the judge seemed to not understand that I was “innocent until proven guilty.”  I also presented all my evidence and asked them why the officer didn’t present his radar report. I showed them the slanted signs and said there was a law that signage must be easily readable by the driver. I asked them how a judge could find me guilty of going “23″ in a “15″ speed zone, when no evidence to the contrary was presented, and all she said was that I said I was going “17.″  I kept telling the judge I was NOT going “17″ in the zone. I was going “17″ when I first approached the zone and was continuing to slow down for the red light.

The reply I received from the judicial complaint department was that they could not change the ruling, I would have to have appealed it. I never asked the department to change the ruling. I asked them why the judge doesn’t understand the basics of the law, that of being “innocent until proven guilty.” They too did not respond to my request to get the signs fixed so that the school zones would be safer.

Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton is a member of the Nashville Women's Political Caucus. Does she make politically-driven decisions?

In closing, I will say that after talking with my attorney about this case, he asked me who the judge was. When I told him Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton, he just laughed and said he totally understood.

These little Hitlers need to go, and I will stand alongside “One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet” when these vets and others like me do whatever is necessary to take every piece of this country back.


Editor’s Note: The Post & Email has been told that Fran and her husband will be leaving Tennessee permanently next month.  How many others will tire of the corruption and find a better place to live?

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  1. Several years ago I decided to defend myself against a seatbelt ticket. The judge granted my trial by jury, and since it was only magistrate court with just six jurors, which were picked at random from a list of names that the ticketing officer and I both equally
    chose from a larger list,( i think 12 apiece), I was quite comfortable with the situation.

    Since it is my opinion that wearing seat belts is a simple discretionary decision, I intended to explain to the jury their right of jury nullification if they felt as I did. All went well
    until the jury was lead out to deliberate. At that time, the officer stood and ask the judge
    for what he called a “direct verdict”, since I clearly admitted to the offence. The judge
    granted his request, found me quilty and dismissed the jury without their decision. I was
    told there was nothing I could do, unless I wanted to file an appeal. After about an hours
    consideration, I decided to take that advise.

    I simply wrote out a statement with all the pertinent dates and numbers as official as I
    could make it look with a ballpoint pen, contending I was denied the right to a trial by jury
    by the usurpation of the rights and authority vested in a duly chosen jury. It was accepted,
    and all I had to do was insure a copy was delivered to the magistrate judge, signed by
    him, and returned to the office of the clerk of court.

    All this brings me to my point; there were no fees or court costs involved. I think most of
    us would agree that there is definitly something unethical in demanding fees to expedite
    the proper functioning of our judicial system. It has, although become common for some
    judges to use the term “frivolous” to deny a citizen due process. I do feel lucky that at
    least in this state, or at least this county, the corruption has not reached the level as in

    As to my appeal, it was granted. I was given the choice of being heard in general sessions, or a rehearing in magistrates court which is what they hoped for. Unfortunately
    I failed myself; I allowed it to go back to magistrate court, where it was droped, and all
    was kept quiet.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no place left to move to! The judicial system in this Country is corrupt from top to bottom. Did you know that SCOTUS is NOT a “lifetime” job? The Constitution says they sit while in the Peoples’ good favor. It’s time to clean house. Regular citizens could make better legal judgements than the clowns serving in the judiciary these days.
    One day, I will be able to tell everyone some TRUE horror stories. For the time being, I cannot. I PRAY for the day I will be turned loose, and let people know what is happening to my family……and across this Country.
    Please pray for us!

  3. When it comes right down to it, sometimes the only civil way to avoid further victimization by a corrupt and thuggish local government may be to move to another county or state that still respects the rule of law. If enough people do this, eventually the word gets outs and people only move out and no one moves in, thus killing the corrupt regime’s revenue stream. Then hopefully they wither and die on the vine.

    Americans shouldn’t have to resort to such drastic measures as this, but at least with local or state corruption, the option to “vote with one’s feet” exists. When it comes to our federal government, we have no such option. Sadly, that is the dire situation we all are facing today under the usurper Obama-fraud.