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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Feb. 26, 2011) — We wonder how many Americans really get it?  What is at stake here is nothing less than the total loss of our freedom, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness and American sovereignty and the implementation of a global, collective society where the rights of the individual are subjugated to the demands of the mob, as in a Democracy.  We find ourselves neck deep in a “soft” civil war between those who “feed” off the sweat and labor of others, required and enforced by government, and those that provide the sweat and the labor.

Because of these events, that have been and continue to be promoted by government to increase their power and the inherent weakness in man to always seek the easiest path, especially if someone else gets to pay for it, a showdown is imminent between the two opposing forces and cannot be avoided.  The end result will be that those having to pay the “freight” will find ways to cheat, withhold taxes, or plot revenge against the takers.  The takers, when deprived of their largess, will protest in the streets (already underway in many parts of the world, including the U.S.) and demand that their appetite for the sweat and labor of others to be instantly restored, or violence and anarchy will ensue.  These are the ingredients for civil war, or a declaration of martial law by the government that boiled this “brew” of mutual discontent.

In many states of America, declining resources are colliding with demands of the people for services and the blackmail by unions wanting higher wages and benefits.  All parties are at fault.  If the people want more services, they have to be willing to pay for it in higher taxes.  If the unions want higher wages and benefits, they had better convince the taxpayers that what the taxpayers are getting in return is worth the price.   So far the taxpayers aren’t. If the government is pandering for votes by “buying off” their constituents with money from the public piggy bank, they had better look down the road and determine that the money will be there to pay for present and future “buying of the votes”.  Since none of the parties give a damn about where the money is coming from to pay for their share of the demanded services, union blackmail, or buying off the voters, this out-of-control train has no other future than to crash at the next sharp curve.   The slow motion crash is occurring as we speak, in bankrupt states and in the irresponsible spending by the federal government to satisfy the wants of those with their hands out for their share of the public treasury.  The damage from the crash has yet to be determined, but the damage will be catastrophic and could result in the breakdown of civil society.

Enter the Tea Partiers.  A sudden realization by millions of Americans that the train they are on is going to crash, has prompted a grass roots movement of free Americans, protesting in large numbers across the country, resulting in a significant shift in federal and state power to a more conservative approach to government last November.   They came out by the tens of thousands, starting with the town hall meetings of August 2009, in protest against nationalizing the American health care system, euphemistically called Obama Care, and grew in size and number through the rest of 2009 and all the way through 2010.  This awakening took the country by surprise, especially the left and netted huge gains for the Republicans in the U. S. Congress and state capitols.

During the protests, the Tea Partiers were mostly cordial, peaceful, respectful and non-violent.  Even so, they were labeled as racists and naive by the left-leaning press, the liberal blogs and almost anyone that considered themselves a Democrat. Now put that in contrast with what is going on in Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey and is sure to happen in other states in the coming months, with the atrocious display of government union workers and the union thugs that run the unions.  Oh and by the way, most of the noisy crowds in Wisconsin have white faces, but no one has labeled them racist.

These crowds have invaded the Wisconsin state capitol building and have interfered with the people’s business in a big and noisy way.  The Tea Partiers did not invade the U. S. Congress building, except for a few stragglers that made a nuisance of themselves in the entrance hall.  The protest signs of the government union workers are vicious and contemptible.  Their chants are riddled with irrational rage and tainted with hate.  Not so the Tea Partiers who chose the higher ground.

Union-supporting Wisconsin Democrat senators have fled their state and are hiding in the shadows in a neighboring state.  Indiana Democrats have mirrored their Wisconsin counter parts and jumped ship as well.  Can you imagine the outcry by the media and the left, if Republican congressmen and women had done the same thing, while the Democrats-in-majority in the U. S. Congress were shoving Obama Care down their throats and the throats of all Americans?  It would have been a story of global proportions that would have gained “legs” by the day.

Democrat politicians have come out in support of the union rabble rousers and have even suggested that they would have to get “bloody” in order to defend their continual blackmail of the taxpayers.  That can be construed no other way than inciting violence.  What would happen if the tea partiers had told their crowds that they would have to resort to letting “blood” if their demands weren’t met?  An earthquake would have erupted in the halls of the fourth estate and the corridors of progressive enclaves around the planet.

Many on the left even equated the shooting in Phoenix, that resulted in a federal judge, a nine-year child and three others being murdered and 13 others being wounded, was a direct result of right-wing rhetoric and very few called them on it, with the exception of one network.

For the most part, the right has taken the high ground in this conflict between left and right, rich and poor, black and white and educated and naive.  No, they weren’t angels, but when compared to what is happening now in some state capitols, they come out looking like angels.  Meanwhile, the left has resorted to lies, distortions, propaganda, vicious rhetoric, hate and even violence.  Even Obama has weighed in on the side of the Unions.  No surprise there.  However, the Tea Partiers have been and are mostly respectful, while the government union workers abandoned their jobs and resorted to intimidation, name calling libelous rhetoric.

So ladies and gentlemen, this begs the question we asked in the title to this article …..  “Is The higher Ground, the Winning Ground?”   In a war, there are no rules and we are in a war, whether you think so or not.  In a war you either kill the enemy, take away their means to wage war, take them prisoner, subjugate them, or convince the enemy they are wrong and to abandon their efforts.  Whomever wins comes out on top.  If we are to preserve liberty, there is no other choice but to win, or end up being blackmailed and subjugated by our enemy.

The second question is, can we win by taking the high ground?  While we debate the issue, we are losing ground.  We have but four choices:  1) We take the high ground but without the troops to defend it and lose the war; 2) We take the low ground, maybe win the war but end up becoming just like our enemy; 3) We give up and the let the other side win; or 4) We take the high ground and win, by having enough troops and resources to defend the high ground.

In a shooting war, if you “own” the high ground and you have an overwhelming force and the resources to wage the war indefinitely, you are going to win the war.  That is an indisputable fact.  That fact translates directly to the “soft” war we now find ourselves in.  First, we have an overwhelming force.  When the tallies are in, it turns out that there are more Americans that believe in American exceptionalism, individual rights, freedom and sovereignty, than there are those who believe in collectivism, statism, communism and global government.  There are more Americans that believe that it is wrong to “steal”, by government edict, from those that produce and hand over the producer’s sweat and labor to those that don’t produce.  There are more Americans that believe that charity should be voluntary, not compulsory, on the threat of fines and imprisonment.

On the second element of winning a war, resources, there is no doubt that the majority of Americans who believe in a free and prosperous America, have the resources to wage war against the enemy indefinitely, if they would but pool those resources.  We are a wealthy country and resources have never been in question.

Then comes the third element, focus.  If you divide your overwhelming force into a series of skirmishes that rob you of your overwhelming force, you will deplete your resources quickly and probably lose those skirmishes and maybe even the war.  Victory is best achieved by applying an overwhelming force and resources on the major skirmish, win that skirmish and then move your overwhelming force and resources to the next major skirmish and continue until all skirmishes have been won.  Dividing your forces and your resources is a sure ticket to  being vanquished by your enemy.  Many a general has found that out the hard way.  General Armstrong Custer comes to mind.

In our last article, we discussed a solution that used the combined, united forces of 10,000,000 Americans, (a relative overwhelming force) wherein the 10,000,000 focus their energy and their resources on one single, major problem, like drilling for oil on American soil.  The idea being that you resolve that problem (skirmish) with your overwhelming force and move on to the next problem.  We provide a little more detail on this solution, described on our web page entitled: “10,000,000 Americans For Freedom” solution.  (http://www.narlo.org/force10.html)

Now we recognize that getting 1,000,000 Americans, much less 10,000,000, united on anything, is almost an impossible task.  But we submit that if 10,000,000 Americans do not unite and focus their energy and resources on one single problem at a time, our chances of saving the Republic decline, literally by the day.  But the converse is also true.  If we can unite 10,000,000 Americans and get them to focus their energy and resources on a single problem at a time, we can virtually guarantee that we will save the Republic.

Do you want oil and all other prices to come down?  Then how about we start with 10,000,000 Americans raising their collective voices and concentrating their energy on the politicians in Washington DC, to open up every oil field in America, on or off shore and DRILL for OUR OWN OIL?  How about adding to those voices, a message to build more refineries to refine OUR OWN OIL?  Do you want to see America’s economy take off?  This one action by 10,000,000 Americans will start the ball rolling, the economy will grow, jobs will be produced and America and Americans can be proud of itself and themselves ….. once again!

Let the slogan for the 10,000,000 Americans be: “Drill For Oil on American Soil!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we might hold the higher ground right now, but the government, the media, the unions, the socialists, environmentalists and the globalists, hold the upper hand.  It remains to be seen whether the higher ground can trump the upper hand.

If we, on the right, insist on taking the high ground, then we had better unite in solidarity and coalesce into an overwhelming force, or America will end up in a global, collective society where the rights of the individual are subjugated to the demands of the mob, as in a Democracy, or ruled with an iron fist by a brutal dictator.  The choice is ours, while we still have a choice.

If freedom is to be preserved for this and future generations, we not only have to plant our flag on the higher ground and firmly adhere to the principles of liberty, we also have to HOLD the upper hand and ultimately triumph, so help us God.


Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)

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  1. Note: This is a slightly edited version of a comment I posted at Obama Release Your Records.

    A usurper in the White House is a travesty without comparison. That’s a fact. However, many other things do matter and the TEA Parties have shown us that we can be effective in addressing those issues for change (not the hope-n-change kind of change but, instead, change for the better, or changing the hope-n-change back) even as the usurper squats in the White House.

    In large part due to the TEA Parties, we saw the record-breaking turnout of voters in the 2010 midterm elections, resulting in a good number of career politicians (and traitors) seeing an early retirement from DC this winter, replaced by new blood, some of them even new to politics entirely (and that’s a good thing for many obvious reasons). Now, the other party has taken the majority of the House, and the Senate, though its majority isn’t switched, isn’t so lop-sided. Obamacare is as good as DOA (the state attorneys and courts are emboldened by the House and vice-versa). Members of Barky’s White House staff and even some of his Czars are turning in their resignations. Ten days ago, the House voted 249-179 to defund Barky’s Czars. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49781.html And this is the new Congress’ second month; they’re just getting started.

    We’ve been fighting the eligibility battle for THREE YEARS and, except for public awareness, we’ve made no effective change, no real progress in resolving the problem. Back in summer and fall of 2008, I was sure he’d be removed from the Nov 2008 ballot at the last minute, replaced by Hillary Clinton. In Nov and Dec 2008, after the elections, I absolutely did not foresee the ineligible Barky still in office in Feb 2011. I was sure that, two years after his coronation, he’d either have been removed or a crooked SCOTUS would have turned on Constitution and country, redefined NBC, and ruled him eligible. Even after all of our efforts and optimism, I was wrong.

    After all the letters and phone calls…after informing so many people – anyone who’d listen and many who tried not to hear…and after all of the attorneys and all of the suits they filed…even after one decorated soldier faced court martial and now sits in Levenworth (sp)…Barky’s still there.

    What if he’s still there through the end of this term? Worse, what if he’s selected- uh, I mean elected another term? And what if, through those four or, God forbid, eight years, the eligibility battle is never won…but it was the only battle anyone fought? All of his socialist policies would go into law, implemented without protest and without a fight, much less undone by way of repeal.

    The truth is that those of us fighting this battle have, so far, not produced any positive outcome. It’s become obvious to me that nothing short of a revolution will move this issue to the front and center of Congress, SCOTUS, or even and especially the media. Nothing short of armed rebellion will move Barky’s butt out of the White House before the end of this term (only one term, please, God). Even impeachment becomes an impossibility when Issa says it’s “not on the table” and my fellow “birthers” keep yelling, “Can’t impeach him! He’s not POTUS to start with.” (For the love of God, my friends, let whomever in Congress who is willing start impeachment processes do it. Impeach him now; prove him ineligible and render him null and void after he’s gone. Whatever it takes to get rid of him before he gets rid of US.)

    I was a “birther” before the media made up the word and labeled me with it, which was probably long before many of you reading this were aware of Barky’s ineligibility. (I was a dual-citizenship “birther” until some Kenyan Prime Ministers convinced me that Barky was born in their country, for whatever that’s worth.) And I remain a “birther,” loyal and true, today. I’ve written the letters and signed petitions and raised hell online right along with you, until I’ve written and signed and raised all the hell I can bring myself to raise for nothing. Now, I’m keeping myself ready, willing and able for the action that will finally bring this issue to its only resolution, whenever someone comes up with it. Until then, however, I won’t dismiss damage control and repair efforts, nor will I disregard or belittle those who are doing what they do for the good of this country, whether it’s the soldiers who are taking commands from the usurper or the TEA Partiers who are using the political system and electing representatives to stop Barky’s wild spending and at least start paying off GW Bush’s war debt. The fact is that if, after Barky’s left the White House, it turns out that his ineligibility was never officially revealed and acted upon, which is looking more and more likely with each day, month and year that goes by, it will be those who focused on nothing but his ineligibility who were spinning their wheels while those who were focused on damage control did the most good for this country.

  2. Amen . It is truly a miscarriage of justice what happened to LTC Terry Lakin . All because Obama would not release the information he has hidden from the American people.

  3. Bob1943 – I agree that getting this evil usurper and his ilk out of office is the number one important first step, however I also truly believe that a series of multi-million man marches on DC will work; accomplished very peacefully by active participation of the people. This will be our last chance at a peaceful revolution, but it will take a serious commitment by the people. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT than protecting our freedom from thugs, hijackers, and muslim terrorists???. Sure the LSM will ignore this initially, but if we stay there in DC long enough and in ever increasing numbers, until the job is done, then the whole World will notice. That is what gets results, if one just looks at what is happening elsewhere in the world right now. It is time to show “the community organizer” how good people can organize, and do what is right “in the sight of God”. Heck we all know obama is quite sensitive to public gatherings because he promotes union riots in Wisconsin and elswhere in the USA, and rioting in Egypt, when the muslim brotherhood is the beneficiary, BUT EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE IN IRAN, (of course), where he/they all support and promote Jihad and Sharia Law. It is time for peace-loving Americans to organize in mass now in DC, because the only revolution thereafter will be an armed one by Patriot defenders of the Constitution, and that will not be peaceful, if it has to come to that. Please wake-up good citizens of America, HOW MANY CHANCES DO YOU THINK WE HAVE?????.

  4. Great article-concentrated fire-but the thing to be concentrated on is this-when two Supreme Court Justices are appointed who will be with us (if nothing is done) for decades, along with possibly others, who will surely change the direction of our Nation, and when laws are passed through coercion and deceit, and legal edicts from the executive branch rain down upon the land unimpeded-what is to be done! Concentrate on Eligibility!!!!!! It is the only effective remedy-you can try to impede or obstruct his policies all day long but that is at best only a holding action. He has already placed the destructive force within us-packing the Supreme Court with Socialists/Marxists. There is only one way to resolve this-the entire structure has to be nullified! He has to be found to be ineligible -Now!

    1. I certainly agree that eligibility is not only the most important issue, it’s the only issue that can effectively save our nation. Two, and heaven forbid, maybe even six more years, and we are toast.

      The imposter and his enablers have such tight contol of the media, Congress and the judiciary system, however…….what can we do we have not already tried?

      I have little hope for a march on DC that would be effective. The media and the regime will just ignore it, as they have the others.

    2. And he will be found ineligible; we just need someone in our government with the guts to demand Obama release all information he has spent over a million dollars to hide.

  5. Ron, “Democracy” is not a bad word. The U.S. is a Democratic Republic.

    Oil on our soil is a top priority,I agree.

    However, let’s make sure we handle the bogus POTUS born on foreign “soil”issue as well.

    1. The issue of Obama’s constitutional right to hold office of the President of the United States is the most important one . All other issues pales in comparison. There will probably be a lot of people in our government that will have to face judgment on this issue besides Obama. He did not perpetrate this fraud by himself; he needed help. The main one in Congress that comes to mind that helped Obama with this fraud would be the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

    2. The US is a Constitutional Republic. It is not a Democracy, a Representative Democracy, or even a Democratic Republic. As Dr. Harold Pease pointed out in his article The Founding Fathers Rejected Democracy (see below), the word “Democracy” is not in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.

      The Founding Fathers Rejected Democracy
      by Dr. Harold Pease

      The Founding Fathers universally rejected democracy and hoped that posterity would never turn the United States into one. The word they used was “Republic,” which is not synonymous with “Democracy.” The word “Democracy” is not in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Even the Pledge of Allegiance is “to the Republic for which it stands.”


      So why did they reject Democracy? Because it is inherently flawed with the “share the wealth” philosophy, which only works as long as there is someone else’s money to share. Those receiving are quite pleased with getting something for nothing. But those forced to give are denied the right to spend the benefits of their own labor in their own self-interest, which creates jobs no matter how the money is spent. They also lose a portion of their incentive to produce.

      Read the rest here: http://www.libertyunderfire.org/2010/06/the-founding-fathers-rejected-democracy/

      Is “Democracy” a bad word? Well, that depends on who you ask.

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – Thomas Jefferson

      “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

      Dr James McHenry: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
      Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

      “We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real Liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy, we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of dictatorship.” – Alexander Hamilton

      “Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx

      We Social-Democrats always stand for democracy, not “in the name of capitalism, ” but in the name of clearing the path for our movement, which clearing is impossible without the development of capitalism. Lenin, Letter to Inessa Armand (1916)

      “Social-Democracy, however, wants, on the contrary, to develop the class struggle of the proletariat to the point where the latter will take the leading part in the popular Russian revolution, i.e., will lead this revolution to a the democratic-dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry. ” – Lenin, Two Tactics of Social Democracy (1905)

      From Chapter 3 of The Unseen Hand by A. Ralph Epperson:

      “It is generally conceded that even a monarchy or a dictatorship is an oligarchy, or a government run by a small, ruling minority.”

      “Such is also the case with a democracy, for this form of government is traditionally controlled at the top by a small ruling oligarchy. The people in a democracy are conditioned to believe that they are indeed the decision-making power of government, but in truth there is almost always a small circle at the top making the decisions for the entirety.”


      “That’s the bitter truth, and it must be looked straight in the face. This barrier to the expansion and development of the American socialist movement will not be overcome, and even a regroupment of the woefully limited forces of those who at present consider themselves socialists will yield but little fruit, unless and until we find a way to break down this misunderstanding and prejudice against socialism, and convince at least the more advanced American workers that we socialists are the most aggressive and consistent advocates of democracy in all fields and that, in fact, we are completely devoted to the idea that socialism cannot be realised otherwise than by democracy.

      The socialist movement in America will not advance again significantly until it regains the initiative and takes the offensive against capitalism and all its agents in the labour movement precisely on the issue of democracy. What is needed is not a propaganda device or trick, but a formulation of the issue as it really stands; and, indeed, as it has always stood with real socialists ever since the modern movement was first proclaimed 109 years ago. For this counteroffensive against bourgeois propaganda we do not need to look for new formulations. Our task, as socialists living and fighting in this day and hour, is simply to restate what socialism and democracy meant to the founders of our movement, and to all the authentic disciples who followed them; to bring their formulations up to date and apply them to present conditions in the United States.” James P. Cannon, SWP’s West Coast Vacation School, September 1, 1957

  6. Drill for oil on American soil as our borders are wide open. The Rules of Engagement for our troops gives the enemy the upper hand. Hey, if he ran into the mosque BUNKER BUSTER TIME! If he fired from a house call in an F-16 and napalm it.
    We allow muslims in our armed forces and a bunch of our troops are killed in Kuwait when a G.I., who just happens to be muslim, rolls a grenade in a tent killing and wounding our troops. And then, get this, years later ANOTHER muslim kills a bunch of our troops at Ft. Hood.
    Hello? Anybody home? Ask those people who got mowed down by the taxi in San Diego how “soft” this war really is. The driver was a muslim.
    The enemy is Islam. All the damn oil wells from Florida to Alaska doesn’t change that very simple and obvious fact. We allow C.A.I.R. to operate OPENLY in our country, how f****** stupid are we? Muslims who want nothing more than to shove Sharia Law down our throats (pun intended). “Honor killing” is nothing more than murder in the first degree. These people are sick and they’re living in our country. So they see their sixteen year old daughter talking to some boys, what do you think they do? Well, to “restore” the “honor” of the family they buried her alive.
    If we are to come together as a nation we best all take a reality check. And I agree about not importing oil but let’s try and save ourselves in some sort of order that makes sense.
    1. CLOSE the BORDERS
    And while we’re doing all that, let’s throw our sorry assed president, Obama, and his sorry assed sidekick, Eric Holder, in a cell down in Gitmo land.

  7. A tremendously well researched and written article Ron Ewart, America had best hearken to your words of wisdom. In keeping with what you said, (which I do totally agree with), I just wanted to share excerpts on a comment I made Jan 28, 2011, here in TP&E… If the republicans WANT NOT to be voted out at the very first opportunity along with the democrats, then they must now show the folks that they are different than democrats; and the best way for them to do that is to immediately do the following… (1) Expose the usurper for what he is “NOW”, or this Nation will just never heal (we can’t keep living with the big lie). (2) Totally Kill Obamacare, and all his other socialists programs. (3) DO NOT raise the spending cap at all, so that it will be Government that has to be trimmed, otherwise we will not have a-hope-in-hell of ever getting a balanced budget. (4) Reduce taxes, and restore honest Government, and then Jobs will certainly soon follow abundantly. (5) Quit wasting taxpayer dollars on gimme-gimme-useless-worthless programs. (6) Restore Sanity and Reality into our thinking process. (7) Start immediately to develop and produce our own Oil Reserves until we are totally self-sufficient, and clear of obama’s muslim buddies (just imagine the jobs that alone would create). (8) Develop all our own resources and restore industry and jobs back to our own Country.

    IF WE DON’T SMARTEN UP NOW, STAND-UP, AND GET OURSELVES HONEST GOVERNMENT, then the end of America is upon us, and our streets will very soon look like those in the city of Cairo, Egypt right now.

    In addition to obtaining 100% of our own oil domestically, I truly believe that several million people should mass peacefully in Washington, DC, whenever the final date is established, (March 13, or March 19th, or both); and stay there until obama is removed from the People’s White House, and Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is removed from prison, with all his rights being restored.

  8. Fine concept, but the wrong focus in my opinion.

    As long as we have an illegitimate president and all the illegitimate functionaries, czars, judges, and the compromised military leaders and traitorous members of Congress who go with him, we will get nowhere.

    As long as the Progressives (read Communists) maintain control of the instruments of government, they will block every move to fix the problems in America. Witness what is happening in Wisconsin – who would have imagined that American citizens elected to public office would behave with such unimaginable defiance of the requirements of constitutional government.

    We must address the problem in the White House.

    We need to get your 10,000,000 patriotic Americans focused on the urgent need to address the huge but unacknowledged Constitutional crisis resulting from a fraudulent presidential election and and ineligible president in the White House.

    If we had a legitimate president, we could get started on the other urgent issues that need our attention. Until then, whatever we do will be just “p—ing into the wind”.