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by JB Williams, ©2011

The AFL-CIO consists of 56 national and international union groups, of which AFSCME is a member

(Feb. 21, 2011) — As usual, the American press is totally misrepresenting events in Wisconsin, Ohio and beyond, where state Governors are finally taking appropriate action to address their state budget disasters before state bankruptcy is their only option.

The goal of these governors is to stop the federal government from driving them into bankruptcy via federal mandates, including the insane federal demand that public sector unions be saved at the expense of state insolvency.

To set the record straight, Wisconsin and Ohio labor protests are NOT for the purpose of protecting jobs or even reasonable pay and benefits for public sector employees. The protests are focused solely on saving public sector unions, without which, there is no Democrat Party.

That explains why state and federal Democrats worked to rally and bus union thugs to Wisconsin as Democrat legislators fled from the state and their duties as legislators in an effort to shut down public schools and state business. Wisconsin business and education is being held hostage by 14 Democrats on the run in Illinois. – And that’s why collective bargaining and union thuggery must end for government jobs.

It’s NOT about “fair employment”

According to 2009 reports from the I.R.S. and Department of Labor, our national median household income rests at $49,777 – which of course takes into consideration both single and two income households. Two income households have a median income of $61,265 while single income households have a median income of only $30,444.

In contrast, teachers have a much better deal with a national average teacher salary of over $85,000 per year, plus golden benefits that most Americans can’t buy for any amount of money.

“There is a persistent misconception that teachers are not well paid. But a recent survey by the BLS shows that you can earn a very respectable teacher salary. Below is a list of the average annual salaries for teachers in some of the top-paying states.” – (From All Education Report)

  • California – 128,930
  • Texas – 102,630
  • New York – 74,070
  • Ohio – 52,060
  • Pennsylvania – 46,770
  • Illinois – $67,960
  • Alaska – $67,640
  • Connecticut – $65,790
  • New Jersey – $65,420
  • Rhode Island – $65, 050
  • Massachusetts – $61,470

Basically, teachers are the highest paid people in pretty much any community. People can debate whether or not teachers should be the highest paid people in their community, but there can be no debate over the disastrous results of union tenure, collective thuggery and broken budgets that can no longer afford to be held hostage by labor unions.

Let’s be clear, teachers and other union members are fighting to keep households making $30k to $49k per year, paying union members 150-250% in higher wages and salaries, not counting their golden benefits that no other American has. They are desperate to keep their unions because without collective extortion rights, the 7% of American workers who belong to unions will be just like the other 93% of American workers, individuals with individual rights.

More than 60% of union workers

Private sector unions are almost gone in America, as union thugs forced U.S. manufacturing to move abroad in order to remain competitive in the retail market. As a result, over 60% of American union workers now hold government jobs or government contracts, ALL of them at direct expense to American taxpayers.

That’s why public sector unions are now the biggest political donors in America.

In fact, the single largest political donor in America today is the National Education Association. Right… the teachers union which is currently holding Wisconsin hostage. The NEA gave over $56 million in 2008 alone, 99% of it to Democrats at both the state and federal level. That’s why Democrats fled from Wisconsin. The NEA is their biggest political donor, without whom they cannot survive.

Here’s who received that money… once again explaining why these same individuals will turn a state budget debate in Wisconsin into state-to-state civil war between union thugs and American taxpayers.

Under political “heavy hitters” we find the following groups…

Act Blue – The organization assists Democratic candidates and committees of all ideological persuasion, helping moderates and liberals alike. Through mid-2010, it has helped funnel more than $134 million — and counting

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees – made up of 3,500 local unions representing 1.4 million members who work in public service and health care.

All but ONE of the Top Twenty political juggernauts in America today are Democrat Party juggernauts, most of them labor unions, including the labor union for lawyers and judges and the labor union for the press and media in America.

There is simply no getting around the fact that the international socialist labor movement has a death grip on American politics, both at the federal and state level, even though they are the highest paid 7% of American workers today. The problem is that they are completely committed to extorting all they can from taxpayers, they will use thuggery to do it, including violence and they have a scorched earth belief system. If we won’t let them win, they will make sure that there is nothing for taxpayers to win by burning everything to the ground.

In their corner are public sector unions, lawyers and judges, communications workers (the press and media), the courts and international socialists, not to mention almost every Democrat in America.

On our side are the millions of taxpayers stuck with the tab, and a few good leaders like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Beyond America

Dozens of nations around the globe have fiscally hit rock bottom over the last few years, as their government budgets and economies were destroyed by public sector union contracts and unfunded union pension funds forcing law makers to choose between saving their counties and propping up labor unions.

The Middle East is in total meltdown, led by international labor unions and socialist community organizers from here and Europe, with union thugs causing violence in the streets of numerous Arab nations, which will result in radical Islamic control of those fallen governments looking forward.

If governors want to save their states, they have NO CHOICE but to bust their public sector union contracts and the labor movement that has pushed nation after nation, state after state towards the financial abyss.

When the Air Traffic Controllers tried to extort excessive contracts from President Ronald Reagan by shutting down the air traffic industry in 1981, Reagan gave them fair warning and then fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and put those flights back in the air.

Governor Walker and others will soon have no choice but to do the same. Our states and taxpayers simply cannot be held hostage by socialist labor union thuggery.

End Union Bid Only Too

Thousands of good paying jobs were lost the minute Democrats took office in 2008, as Obama & Co. reinstated “union bid only contracting” putting thousands of non-union trucking companies and construction contractors out of business with the stroke of a pen, via one of his first Executive Orders.

Democrats policy of protecting only union workers, 7% of the work force, at the expense of non-union workers, contractors and taxpayers MUST END as well.

For America to compete in a free market, the labor market must be liberated from the death grip of international socialist labor unions and at this stage, for states to avoid insolvency and ultimately bankruptcy, they have no choice but to bust the public sector unions, end union bid only contracting with taxpayer revenue and eventually make every state a Right to Work state again.

The rights and interests of the people at large trump the selfish international socialist interests of labor unions and their bought and paid for Democrats.

Non-union workers and taxpayers must unite behind leaders willing to lead that charge, like Governor Walker in Wisconsin and Governor Kasich of Ohio.

Union thugs and international socialists who make up today’s Democrat Party will likely make this a violent battle. But thuggery and extortion cannot be allowed to stand anymore in the land of the free and home of the brave.

State legislators must support these leaders by reasserting their state’s rights. They can follow Arizona Senator Lori Klein and her SB 1433 State Nullification Act. At least 28 states are working on nullifying unconstitutional federal abuses of power.

It’s time for the American people to stand with these leaders and put an end to the destruction of American freedom and liberty at the hands of international socialists and their labor unions.

It’s time to bust the unions!

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  1. The numbers listed in the 7th paragraph are, in fact, the numbers of teachers. From the link provided,the salaries were listed 1 paragraph further down and are listed as:

    New York – $68,010
    Illinois – $67,960
    Alaska – $67,640
    Connecticut – $65,790
    New Jersey – $65,420
    Rhode Island – $65, 050
    California – $63,860
    Massachusetts – $61,470

  2. Where were these unions when the manufacturing jobs were being outsourced? I worked in manufacturing ,when my job was outsourced i lost $34,000.00 a year. Where were these unions? they didn’t care because i wasn’t a dues paying person! UNIONS – Who Needs Them???

  3. The note from Mr Cutulla….either review your 7th grade math, or restate your comments about high/low averages. Doesn’t make sense to me the way it was stated.
    Average salary vs Individual Average salary?? What’s the difference?

    1. “Individual average salary” was referring to the single averages given by Mr Williams’ source (such as “average for New York: $68,010”), “average salary” was referring to the nationwide average. I was reasoning that, while it is slightly incorrect to take an average of averages, still the nationwide average cannot be higher than the numbers it is averaged over. If NY has the highest city average at $68,010, the nationwide average cannot be $85,000, that’s mathematically impossible.

  4. If you read history you will find that China and Islam both had times of great wealth only for those working for the governments. So this has thousands of years of history. It is used to control the people. It is done by great totalitarian governments. In a sense the government hires up all the intelligent people and leaves the masses in poverty.

    However, at the present time the gov in USA has begun the process by hiring up all the dumb people and building the empire. I remember when I was in college. The people who majored in teaching were the bottom of the barrel. not able to pass the most easy test. They were basically yougn girls who were used to baby sit the children.

    Today our education is horrible compared to back then. At least back then we learned something in school. Now the teachers are paid a fortune and the children are getting nothing for it.

    I have friends in small towns who have tried to talk to the teachers. Impossible. The teachers simply have all the power and suck the money out of the towns while giving no education.

    If you wonder how the teachers teach communism to our children. well our teachers are all communists. Before the 2008 election I met a teacher who thought Communism in America was the way to go. I was shocked. But now we are seeing that.

    I do not want my children to have Communists for teachers from kindergarden through college. I want my children to believe in working hard and earning their reward. To work honestly and hard and get a reward for their work. Not to be taught to sign up for welfare and how to con / scam the system and never work. just keep having babies.

    I remember when I was a very little kid. One guy in the neighborhood was a union organizer. He used to go out and get into terrible fights all the time. It was brutal. He often wound up in the hospital or those he fought wound up in the hospital. That is not my kind of America. Fighting to force people to be in unions. They used to really beat up anyone who did not want to join the union. You took your life in your hands if you did not join the union.

    Now we see them marching in Wisconsin. Mild compared to a long time ago. They used to get real violent. They are all Communists like Obama. I oppose Communism. I support freedom. I hope the unions get busted. They are not helping their members. They are stealing from everyone.

    I know for a fact that the unions move illegal aliens via bus to vote in Massachusetts. These illegal aliens might vote 20 times in a day. And a bus load at once. And they have many buses. Massachusetts is basically 100% democratic. Those same unions get all their money from the governement jobs. When the is no election they bus the illegal aliens to the shopping malls to steal merchandise. Then they buy the merchandise from the thiefs. they are told what to steal. bus loads of illegal aliens. When they are caught they go back to Mexico then come back to usa once again. It is a merry go around. the unions claim the shop lifting is giving the people a way to earn a living. that is what we teach the people. come one folks get rid of this cancer called unions.

    1. Right on. Reminds me of my college days when, for a time, I wanted to be a teacher so I started taking Center for Discovery courses, the courses that were required by the state to get a teachers’ certificate. Without a doubt, the very best looking girls at the university were the future teachers of America, but also the dumbest human beings ever to walk the planet. I dated a literary mayor who never read War and Peace, and only ever read what was needed to pass the class. I couldn’t imagine being associated with such really dumb people that I gave up my desire to become a teacher and changed my major.
      Nowdays, the first two years of college equals what should’ve been taught, and learned, in high school. The standard for getting a high school diploma has made said diploma just about worthless.
      The dumbing down of America has resulted in lowering academic standards equal to the stupidest afirmative action student that fullfills the quota. You want facts? Just go to the University of Michagan, a once admired institution now the barometer of why afirmation action DOESN’T work.
      And then we have Ward Churchill, the loon from Colorado. And then we have the current loons at Columbia University, and everywhere else. It’s really no wonder why America is so screwed-up: Half the population of America still don’t see what’s going down, heck, just look at Polosi. Yet another example of someone making noise but has no idea of the consequences. She says she’s on the side of the union, but what she really is saying is that the United States Constitution is null and void. They own the courts and LTCTerry Lakin
      wastes his life away doing nothing when, given the opportunity, the good doctor could be doing GOOD.
      If Obama had an ounce of honesty, he wouldn’t be the president, now would he?

  5. Hearsay is not admissible in court, but some hearsay may be worth hearing. Please note I did not say it was worth accepting as gospel truth. According to the White Hat blog of Jan. 11, 2011 (http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/2011/01/january-11-2011-white-hat-report-8-end.html), SCOTUS has finally decided in private that Obama is a fraud but is scared to say so because of the turmoil its finding would cause. White Hat says Elena Kagan did not vote when the court took a preliminary, private vote on Jan. 7 on Obama’s eligibility.

    Perhaps SCOTUS is giving the Democrats time to orchestrate an acceptable, least-damaging exit for Obama. White Hat discusses possible scenarios that may now be playing out, such as a scheme whereby either Obama or Biden resigns, thus opening the VP office, to which Billary Clinton would then be appointed. Next the prez (either Obama or Biden) resigns, and the puppetmasters remain fully in control, just as they are now.

    With the prospect of Egyptian-style demonstrations looming on March 19, SCOTUS plans to openly re-confer on the Hollister case in early March, so the wheels may be in motion to stop such demonstrations in their tracks by shuffling the deck without disrupting the game. The aim would be to make Billary prez, so the Dems could claim credit for both the first black prez and first woman prez in a single term.
    The problem is that Billary has already served 8 years as co-president, and the 22nd Amendment limits presidential power to 8 years. So the Dems may be attempting to foist two illegal presidents on us in a single term. There is no limit to “progressive” arrogance.

  6. Unlike the situation with free-market, private sector business, where the consumer can go elsewhere if union demands raise product prices too high, the consumer of the state run school system is forced to pay whatever price the teachers’ union is able to compel. The tax payer is not free to go elsewhere for a more competitive, higher value and/or lower cost product. The tax payer is a captive host and payment is extracted at the point of a government gun. That is the fundamental reason that teachers’ unions must be made illegal.

    Yes, in many school districts home schooling or other alternatives may sometimes be tolerated, but rarely if ever without requiring the leaving behind of all or most all of school system funding already paid via taxes. As long as this kind of state run school monopoly is permitted to exist, public teachers’ unions should not be.

    Free unions must only be allowed within free markets, so that only those unions that ultimately provide a better value for all (i.e., a more competitive product) will thrive and survive. In this way greedy unions can die the natural death they deserve.

    If the teachers insist upon keeping their unions, then we must give the parents (and other non-parent taxpayers) a chance to vote with their wallets and feet. Let them be free to opt out of the state system and designate that their children and/or their portion of the school tax pie go to a competitive system of their choice. Better still, just abolish the state-run Marxist indoctrination system altogether and simply don’t collect the taxes in the first place.

  7. What makes union workers at 7% of the workforce better than 93% of other American workers? Nothing! In fact, most of those grossly overpaid teachers do a piss poor job anyway! Most government workers don’t do any better! It’s time to balance the budget and make those fat cat union workers, who happened to be in the right place at the right time when applying for work, live like the rest of us who were less lucky and strive for a living for much less.

    This is a very informative article JB, and I agree with you totally. Thanks!

    P.S. People don’t need unions if they are worth their salt. Employers will gladly pay good wages for competence. Let the best get paid the most.

  8. One of the slogans of the Russian socialist revolution in 1917 was “All the Power to the Unions!” Indeed, the socialism and the unions are two sides of the same coin. The time has come to get rid of the old and mint new coins.

  9. > California – 128,930
    Texas – 102,630
    New York – 74,070

    You made a mistake there. According to your referenced source, these numbers reflect “the following states had the greatest number of teachers”.

    The highest average annual salary is in fact the one you cite from New York – $68,010.

    > a national average teacher salary of over $85,000 per year

    That number would also have to be corrected if you calculated it from the above numbers. Clearly the average salary cannot exceed the highest individual average salary of $68,010.

    As much as I understand your anger about the power of unions, we should keep the facts straight. ;-)

  10. In the seventies I spent some years as a civil servant in San Francisco. The fundamental rule back then as I remember for civil servants was that our pay and benefit package was based on the private sector. The private sector served as a “benchmark” for what civil servants earned. Obviously over the years that has changed! It is inherently wrong and immoral for any taxpayer to pay the wages and benefits of any civil servant position that exceeds what is paid in the private sector! In fact it is rather insulting!