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by Shannon Becker

The Bilderberg Group took its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg, the location in Holland of the first group meeting in 1954. Their meetings are not open to the public or the press.

(Feb. 19, 2011) — We all remember that it was June 12, 2008 when the Obama campaign finally released the Certification of Live Birth by leaking it to the Daily Kos website and posting it at the brand-new FightTheSmears.com site.  But why then?  The primary campaign had been going on for well over a year, so what was it that finally made the questions about Obama’s birth catch on and make Team Obama scramble to shut them down?

For a long time I’ve thought it had something to do with Hillary Clinton conceding to Obama.  She kept fighting for the nomination for months after Obama took the lead in March, but she didn’t concede until June 7, just five days before the COLB went online.

But what was the connection?  If she knew something was wrong all along, why didn’t she say something?  And why would it finally take off AFTER she conceded?

Last week I was reading an article at Canada Free Press, and something caught my attention.  I did some follow-up research, and I think I’ve found the answer.

The CFP article mentioned several members of the Obama administration who attended the 2008 Bilderberg conference:  National Economic Council chairman Larry Summers, special envoy to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke, and White House deputy national security adviser Thomas Donilon.  Another participant with a familiar name was Vernon Jordan, one of Bill Clinton’s closest advisers.

More searching showed that Obama’s inner circle is filled with Bilderbergers.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was there in 2008.   So were Tom Daschle.  Joe Biden, Paul Volcker, and James L. Jones are all former Bilderbergers, too.  Hillary Clinton herself is a conference member, though she isn’t listed as an attendee in 2008.  Not officially, that is.

And when WAS the 2008 Bilderberg Conference?  June 5 through June 8, in northern Virginia.

It turns out that there were reports in June 2008 that Obama and Clinton met to talk at the Bilderberg Conference Just days before she suddenly decided to concede.  Just days before the eligibility issue blew up big time.

Did the Bilderbergers tell Hillary that she needed to step aside and concede, and let Obama take the nomination?  What kind of leverage must they have had on her?  Surely they must have known about the eligibility problems Obama posed; they must have thought that would make him easier to control after getting elected.  They probably instructed Hillary not to take the eligibility questions public, either.

If that’s the case, it would seem that the sudden explosion on Obama’s eligibility must have been a kind of retaliation by someone in Hillary’s camp, maybe even by Hillary herself, acting out against orders.  She and her people had been sitting on the issue, waiting for the right time to spring it and snag the nomination for good, and then the orders came down from the Conference for Clinton to concede.  They had chosen Barack Obama as the man they wanted in the White House.

And so with no strategic value in it anymore, somebody in the Clinton campaign leaked it to get the public talking.  Maybe it was in the hope of getting Obama bumped off the ticket so Hillary could still get put on.  Maybe it was just out of spite, intended to keep him from winning in the general election.

It worked in terms of getting people asking questions, but the Obama campaign was crafty enough to keep the mainstream media from paying any attention.  They posted an image of a COLB, and the press forgot about it.  Who knows how much help his campaign got from the Conference in trying to bury the questions?  Did they help forge the COLB?  The birth announcements?  Were they the ones leaning on Hawaiian officials?  Did they make Mike Evans change his story last month?

Obama supporters have dismissed all kinds of accusations on the grounds that Obama’s people wouldn’t have the resources or the influence to make everything happen the way they wanted.  But who would have that kind of influence?  The Bilderbergers.  They could make Republicans ignore the issue.  They could make judges dismiss the cases.  And they could forge documents and scrub records in their sleep.  Obama doesn’t need to be the one pulling the strings; he’s just another puppet of the Bilderberg group, their perfect puppet in the Oval Office, because they control the key to his downfall if he steps out of line.

It’s ironic how this didn’t work out the way the Bilderbergers wanted, though.  They asked Hillary to concede so they could sweep the eligibility questions under the rug.  Instead, now everyone knows about the questions about Obama’s eligibility and is demanding proof.  Sooner or later, their house of cards will get too heavy to keep standing.

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  1. I think you sent a menacing email to me, in 2011, Shannon Becker. You sent it to me for exposing the fraud that Obama perpetrated with his phony short form birth certificate which was photographed by Factcheck. I still have not forgotten.

    1. To whom is your comment directed? As had been said here many times before, the Comments section is not intended to be a place where personal communications or attacks are expressed.

  2. How could we Ever trust anyone in politics again? All of those in all branches have been asked about o’s eligibility and give us the SAME ANSWER. This fraud started on 8-4-1961. I remember the news in 1961! I remember the interviews Ann Dunham had. There ARE news reels out there somewhere that will prove the eligibility issue. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!!!!

    1. Donna,
      We can’t and never should have. As we all now know too well, it is WE THE PEOPLE’S responsibility to actively oversee our elected officials and to remove them from office if they get so much as one inch out of line. We allowed this to happen and therefore, we have to take responsibility for it. MP

  3. i believe the bildenbergers also instructed john mccain to take a dive inthe general election. he was only going through motions the last month or 6 weeks of the campaign. anybody that ran an add against obama or criticized him were scolded badly by mccain. also he would go to his own rallies and praise obama and tell all that obama was such a nice person. i did not see that as a way to win the election and as far as i am concerned mccain is a national disgrace and he also shamed his family name.

  4. Yes, Holbrook was like the Godfather of the Bilderberg’s/Illuminati. You could see how all the people you named in this article were extremely upset when Holbrook died, but they couldn’t really explain his importance in the news, because their whole scam is a secret. Funny how Immelt took over his position, ANOTHER Bilderberg.

    Then someone beat me to the Valerie Jarrett connection to Vernon Jordan. Did you know that Vernon is senior counsel at Akin Gump, which just happens to be the firm that runs the SCOTUSBlog…this is why you have not seen one shred of info about a single case that has gone to the Supreme Court on the eligibility issue. I mean nothing at all on any of the cases and I’ve searched nearly every day, from the time when the first case showed up there, til the last one left there.

    We’ve got a case there now (link below), but you’ll never see a word about it, on ScotusBlog: http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/10-678.htm

    1. Ooops, didn’t mean that Immelt TOOK Holbrooke’s position, but meant to say that since the top man was out of the picture, they needed to get the next top man CLOSE to Obama and that was bringing in Immelt!

  5. Didn’t mccain and huckleberry hillary also bow to their ‘globalist’ masters?

    They choose Obama because of only one speech and they thought he’d be able to sell the ‘globalist’ agenda to the American people.

    But the masses are waking up.

  6. If you want the full picture about Obama — Go to Amazon and get the book- “OBAMA – INELIGIBLE TO SERVE – LIES, CRIMES AND DEADLY AMBITION” — this is the ONLY book published that addresses ALL of Obama’s legal problems – the LEGAL FACTS re: his INELIGIBILITY for POTUS. Many other legal issues against Obama (and his mother & father), besides just the long Form Birth Certificate, are detailed and PROVE that he is NOT ELIGIBLE. There is proof that he was born in Kenya and many other astounding facts!!

  7. The title implies that Hillary–or, more to the point, Billary– is eligible for prez, whereas the 22nd Amendment limits presidential power to 8 years, and Billary has already served 8 years as co-president. Her campaign was built on the notion that she could do the job because she already had.

    Moreover, Bill and Hillary are a legal unity, and Hillary said Bill would be her chief advisor. I recall one of Bill’s campaign speeches which he ended by saying that everything he had said was not just his views but also Hillary’s views. He was very clearly speaking for her on the whole host of political issues he had discussed. Returning the Clintons to the White House would violate the intent and, I believe, the letter of the Constitution.

  8. Interesting perspective – Would explain a lot.

    Seems I read somewhere that the (or at least some) MSM CEOs were Bilderberg members (but they were forbidden to write or speak about what happened at meetings). That would certainly explain the rock solid wall that has been erected against anyone questioning “The ONE”.

  9. Who Obama is as a person is hidden. To judge him we must rely on his interviews alone. His entire political view of the nation is one he assumes to be the same as his tiny little world he has lived and organized in. Just read two published interviews with him from his early career and you will see the same man doing anything and everything trying to move the levers of power as he put it. It is an insult to America to be viewed through his little lens which he admits is focused on harnessing black rage to benefit the African-American community without requiring it assimilate.

    His views on sex he admits are derived from his first year at college, the one where he was doing all the drugs. He then transfers that to his Chicago area of operation and states that he is proud to see how society has changed regarding gay sex. All the while he claims to be championing the uplifting of a drug and violence culture around him. Does he seem out of touch with reality or is he so focused on another political reality altogether that it doesn’t matter what he says so long as those levers of power become his to pull. His contradictions are almost a constant when he speaks. There is no logical reason to believe he intends anything good to America as a nation only to what his small views of race, social justice and economy he can manipulate for what we now know was the reverend Wright’s theology. What he studied in school would tell us so much about what his politics are that it is shear lunacy to allow them to be secreted. I don’t even have to delve into legitimacy any further than that to show he is a petty misfit who is playing with a nation by his own set of rules.

  10. Does anyone actually believe that Obama knowingly usurped the office of POTUS for a measly $400K per year, free housing and free golf? You can be sure money is being funneled into offshore accounts by those in charge as he achieves each item on his Marxist checklist. I am sure Obamacare was worth a handsome bonus. Also, have you ever wondered what Obama’s exit plan is if his house of cards comes failing down? A life of luxury in Saudi Arabia perhaps as the guest of the Saudi king???

  11. I have long suspected an external influence in our Marxist president’s case. Ordinarily conscientious judges and public servants suddenly turn up brain-dead, refuse to perform their duties according to the oath that they took, or, like one of Orly Taitz’ judges promising that her case would be judged based on its merits then reneging at the last moment, a judge who feels it is more important to not embarrass an illegal alien than it is to imprison an Army hero, all the cases that have been thrown out for lack of standing, Supreme Court Justices who refuse to recuse themselves when they have a clear bias.

    Many of us had great hopes when Darrell Issa took over chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We thought that he might investigate the loss of our fifth amendment right to have grievances addressed or even maybe investigate the illegal alien in the White House, himself. But no, those of us with such hopes were sadly mistaken. According to this morning’s paper, Mr. Issa intends to investigate the bureaucracy but not obama. He originally said that obama is one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times. Obviously some outside influence made him change that to the administration but not the president. DUH! Now Issa says that he certainly wouldn’t feel bad if Americans were working and he [the illegal alien] got another four years. (Sadly, he means as President, not four years or more where he belongs — in prison.) “My goal is to strengthen the president.” he added.

    There has clearly got to be a reasonable explanation for these people who know that obama is ineligible, who have received certified letters with proof, and who have heard from thousands of citizens questioning obama’s eligibility. Shannon Becker probably hit the nail right on the head. Influence by the Bilderbergers would certainly explain the strange behavior of our public officials and media these past two or three years.

    So now. What shall we do about it? Pull an egypt on Washington, D.C. ?

  12. I agree with the article to a point. I do believe that there are major international forces behind Obama. Unlike Mr. Becker’s analysis, however, I believe these forces were behind Obama long before he decided to run for president. I believe he is essentially the Manchurian Candidate or a Trojan Horse with a much longer choregraphed history behind his accension. I believe there is an unholy alliance going on amongst One World Order types, Communists, Black Nationalists, Islamists, and Middle East financing. I recall the June 2008 events and remember a news report that said Hillary and Obama were huddling in someones home in D.C. on the evening when it was later learned they had slipped out to the Bildenberg conference. Thus, they even tried to keep their attending the conference secret. At the conference, I believe the big shots told Hillary for the first time that Obama was their man and that she had to bow out and shut up. While some Hllary supporters may have assisted in “leaking” the BC issue, I believe the heavy lifting was already being done by a wide swath of Internet bloggers in general. I know that I was working the issue hard by mid-2008 and posting on many sites at the time that were dealing with the issue. One site that bothers me to this day is the African Press International site where the editor, a man named Korier, reported that Obama was born in Kenya. A huge web firestorm immediately ensued with the Editor claiming he had gotten a telephone call from Michelle Obama and she read him the riot act over his claim and she said he was a disgrace to the black race. Korier said he had taped the conversation and was going to make the tape public, but, of course, the goon squad got to him and it all went away. In the telephone conversation, it was reported that Michelle said words to the effect that there was no stinking U.S. law that was going to keep her husband from becoming president. It turns out she was right but she had the benefit of knowing the dirty little secret of the international forces propelling her husband.

  13. I remember very well when Obama put his press on a plane and said he would join them but instead took Hilllary to a Bilderburg meeting, and soon thereafter she conceded to him. Don’t remember exactly where I read this but I bet others do.

  14. — so as a starting point, first day after Obama is removed as ineligible POTUS/CINC suggest the US simply confiscate the assets of every Bilderberger (as well as any so-called foreign nation-state aiding this US constitutional assault and political fiasco) worldwide and put the assets into a US general fund account — China had special role to play and 18 $T USD should help balance the past 30+ years of US de-industrialization

  15. The Bilderburg Groups money all put together won’t match the Saudi Prince’s money who is the one who put Obama through Harvard & who is still the big money man today.
    I hope Americans will move away from the NWO type stuff & start looking at Saudi Arabia. Obama is a Saudi plant & sharia law is the end game.