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February 18, 2011

Sen. James Inhofe served as mayor of Tulsa, OK before serving in the U.S. House and Senate

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent in response to the letter posted at The Post & Email submitted by Shireen Boddy about the treatment she received from Sen. James Inhofe’s staffer, John Collison, during a face-to-face meeting earlier this month.

To: John_Collison@Inhofe.Senate.gov
Feb 18, 2011

Mr. Collison,

I’m a retired Oklahoma state trooper, 25-year veteran, shot four times in the line of duty, two-time cancer survivor, cattle rancher, Conservative voter, and Vietnam Veteran.

I heard what you told Ms. Shireen Boddy about her concerns over this issue with Obama hiding his original true birth records, and hiding the first 30 years of his life. You stated that it was a non-issue, that 90% of the country believes he was born here, and I’m told you laughed at her. I’m also told you have not responded to other requests as you promised to do.

Well, you made a fool of yourself, of your office, and of Senator Inhofe. I have always supported Jim, but if he doesn’t get out of his office and correct this mistake, I will never vote for him again. And, I will tell EVERYONE I meet just how arrogant your office has become.

I’m not saying this man wasn’t born here, not saying he was. But, YOU DON’T KNOW. Well, that isn’t good enough for us. Rather, I am appalled that the Senator does not have the courage to DEMAND that Obama cough up his records due to your constituents’ overwhelming concerns and demands that the truth come out. The Senator’s avoidance of merely ASKING Obama to provide that ‘most open & transparent administration’ that he so boldly promised, is a disgrace and an embarrassment. You men now appear to be either gutless or bought off.

All I know is that if you TRULY believe that it is a small fringe group in this country that is seriously concerned over Obama’s effort to hide what is evidently some sort of huge fraud, then you are not capable of staying in touch with your people, and I must inform you that those people are your base! Everywhere I go, this is all people are talking about.

Please relay to the Senator how disappointed and disgusted I am with him and you for circling the wagons around a Communist/Marxist-centered man that has lied his a** off to the American people. You chose to support him over that of a Constitution-protecting Oklahoma constituent. It amazes me that Jim would cow down to this arrogant re-distributor of wealth as he has so obviously done.

Signed- Proud to be an Okie, but Ashamed to be your constituent,

Jack Horath (Oklahoma State Trooper #196, Retired)

P.S. Read below just how ridiculously out of touch you folks evidently are:



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  1. What all the good American Patriots need to realize is that there is a soft, underbelly coup going on in this country. The treasoners designed the coup that way because they know that, unlike in other countries where all guns have been confiscated, in this country we have our guns and we know how to use them. So, the cowards have to take by stealth what they know they can not take by force.

  2. Jack Horath, I salute you for remaining true to the U.S. Constitution. You are an emerging American hero! Thank you for exposing this weak gutless politician.

  3. I have yet to come across any of the elected in this government that can be trusted for the truth, or counted upon to uphold the law involving BHO. The facts are the facts. The obvious is the obvious. Truth is truth. Reality is reality. To believe other, as of this date, is just denial and delay of justice. Over this last year the “chant” among a majority of the tax-paying legal U.S. Citizens was “see you in November”; well, the vote came and went, and where is justice following the November elections? It appears now its the Republican machine that has received the marching orders, in classic choir-boy fashion, and have joined in with the “attack the birther” tactics. Any person, elected or appointed, in government or media, that has in the past, or continues, to OMIT the truth surrounding, involving, or relating to nbC+POTUS=its the Law, should be held to account. Justice delayed, is justice denied, and POTUS fraud, is Breach of the Highest Order. There is no trust in government without justice. There is no order in society, without trust in government.

    1. No,

      All FOIA cases have “Standing”. There is no denying standing in FOIA’s. There is, however, denying based on privacy rights. To what extent of such violation is determined by the Judge if a FOIA was denied by using privacy rights as the reason.

  4. There is widespread needless division in our ranks because so many commit the “either/or” logical fallacy. NUTN2SAY says “stupid birth certificate” and “Instead of arguing about a birth certificate” when this is really a case of “both/and,” not “either/or,” and when far from being “stupid,” authenticating the Kenyan bc or finding no Hawaiian bc would mean GAME OVER. BOTH the citizen issue (bc) AND the nbC questions need to be addressed; it is not a matter of either/or.

    The birth certificate question is sufficient by itself to resolve the Obama eligibility issue, but not necessary to do so. The bc is certainly highly relevant and not “stupid.” The nbC question is likewise sufficient to settle the issue, but not necessary unless Obama has an American bc, which he doesn’t. There is more than one way to skin a cat. It is not a matter of either the bc OR the nbC.

    Actually, there are numerous paths of investigation that would lead to resolving Obama’s fraud, including the birth certificate question, the definition of nbC, Obama’s fraudulent Social Security numbers, Obama’s passport record, Obama’s admission to Occidental College as a foreign student, and Obama’s non-attendance at Columbia University. Congress and the courts have simply refused to subject Obama to the rule of law. No public official has the courage to speak the truth about the naked emperor. Thus our entire system of governance is undermined by ignorance and cowardice.

    I have great respect for Spaulding, but he also errs when he disses the bc issue because he fears Obama might “squash the real certainty of his ineligibility by producing a birth certificate.” Again, this is the either/or fallacy. Even if Obama could produce an authentic U.S. bc (I believe he cannot), the nbC issue would still remain.

    And there is public perception to consider here. Many people, especially Obama’s supporters, will never understand or admit to understanding nbC and woud probably consider that if Obama is found ineligible on that basis, he was disqualified by a mere technicality. In contrast, everyone can understand that a non-citizen should not be our Commander-in-Chief. Since I believe Obama is not even a citizen, much less nbC, I think the easiest, surest way out of this mess is to indisputably verify where the usurper was born. If he was undoubtedly born in the U.S., the nbC question still has to be answered.

    1. If you are obsessed with the birth certificate that is your business! I call the birth certificate stupid because it is being used as a decoy to divert attention away from the Original Intent of Constitutional Law and Natural Born Citizen, which people who know the U.S. Constitution know that Obama is not because of his father, and that is all that is needed to have Obama removed from WE THE PEOPLE’S White House and that is where attention should be because it is a publicly know fact! The birth certificate is irrelevant!

      1. N2SAY, since the nbC issue is “all that is needed to have Obama removed,” and since it so much a “publicly know [sic] fact,” how come Obama is still sitting pretty after more than two years of lawsuits and letter writing and blogging? I agree that it SHOULD be enough to do the job, but so far it hasn’t been. Congressional or judicial authentication of the Kenyan bc WOULD be enough, by itself, and that is why you are wrong when you call the bc stupid and irrelevant. A congressional or judicial finding that there is no Hawaiian bc WOULD be enough, by itself, and that is also why you are wrong when you call the bc stupid and irrelevant.

      2. It is a well-known fact that Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen! Maybe he’s still there because everyone has been chasing the stupid birth certificate and not the Constitutionality of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

    2. Harry,

      You are correct insofar as that the Long Form Birth Certificate is a valid necessity for many controlling reasons.

      The highest legal controlling reason is to verify who the father is listed on the Long Form B.C. (assuming there is one) to ultimately determine if Obama’s father truly is indeed Obama Sr. Maybe it’s listed as someone else, who knows? I for one don’t believe anything Obama says and everything he does say should be verified.

      1. Obama has written a book that sold nationwide declaring who his father was….a non-citizen. That is all that is needed to know at this time! If that should turn out to be not true then that just makes Obama a bigger criminal than he already is! Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and all focus of attention should be directed there. Once WE THE PEOPLE have Obama out of the White House WE THE PEOPLE can demand a full investigation on Obama which will include the birth certificate! All this dwelling on the stupid birth certificate just makes Obama live in the White House longer and looks very suspicious!

  5. 25 yrs a state trooper—-don’t any of these letter-writing “retired” folk, of this ilk, have any friends, colleagues, contacts, currently active in law-enforcement (with guts) who could initiate a criminal investigation( I know it sounds crazy but…any officer can do this right down to the”lowly” beat cop ) against B.O. Jr ; thereby permitting them access, by law, to his “records”–ie the original birth documentation as well as the Social Security Administration application which produced the digits 042-XXX-XXX etc and all other related ‘bona fides’ on file?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Anyone can bring evidence of a crime to a federal grand jury.

    1. Tom,

      Least not forget, there were 2 DeKalb County Officers (Georgia) were suspended for running an NCIC background check on Obama. I am not sure what ever happened to them, job termination or simply remained suspended with loss of pay and disciplined.

      The incident occurred on July 20th and the men-in-black (US Secret Service) were watching and notified county officials. The background check was run using a computer mounted in their patrol car, the same used for all NCIC checks. The Federal Government complained that Obama’s name was run through the National Crime Information Center. The county’s Internal Affairs division was handling the official investigation and I do not know the outcome of that incident.

      Also, do not forget that a United States Military officer, involved with the breach of searching passport records on Obama, Clinton, ect,. was Assassinated in his car while leaving work, and while participating with the DOJ to expose those, including himself of findings and breach. He was also due to testify, which of course, never happened due to his unfortunate point blank head shot from the drivers side window when starting his vehicle to go home.

      Lastly, citizens that have filed legal proceedings against Obama for Treason and Criminal charges in a court of law, are met with personal presence of the Secret Service and FBI at their homes, questioned, interrogated, watched and put on a heighten security watch with placed cars outside their homes. We also have a high ranking U.S. Military officer sitting in Prison for asking the simple question, of which he is duly obligated to ask.

      Therefore, you as a retired State police officer, what would your take be on this? A cover-up and use of intimidation? Certainly there are many that have run checks, checked backgrounds, and legally challenged in courts the very simple question. Yet they are met with termination of job, reprimanded, thrown in prison, intimidated and harassed, and murdered.

      To answer your question. Yes, there are many, but not without consequence.

  6. It is still a little sad that so many well-meaning people don’t understand our Constitution, Commander Kerchner, Sharon Rondeau, Mario Apuzzo, a dozen or more justices of the Supreme Court, or all one hundred Senators who signed Senate Res 511 in 2008 in which sponsor, Judiciary Chair Pat Leahy agreed with former Judge Michael Chertoff:

    “My assumption and my understanding is that if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a natural-born American citizen,” Chertoff replied. “That is mine, too,” said Leahy.”

    Leahy and all senators, including Obama, signed their agreement. “Born of American parents” is only half of the requirement, born on our soil being the other. The “audacity” of Obama’s signing the document shows how confident the left was that few citizens would know enough about our Constitution to realize the con (confidence game). We don’t need to know why Republicans refused vet Obama. We know it was because McCain’s eligibility was uncertain, as Senators McCaskill and Obama demonstrated when, in February of 2008, they tried to pass SB 2678, making McCain eligible (A Bill to Insure that Foreign Born Children of Militiary Citizens are Eligible to be President). It failed to pass.

    The question seldom asked is “Must our president be born of citizen parents?” Every senator signed his and her assent in 2008. Every congressman was provided, by the Constressional Research Service in April 2009, a document to help them parry questions about Obama’s eligibility. No one anywhere can doubt that Obama’s father never possessed sole allegiance to our nation – was never a citizen. They all know the truth, and will eventually plead that they hid it to prevent civil unrest.

    Look at Wisconsin. The British subject in the White House wants civil unrest, in the U.S. The Middle East, and in Europe. Honor, defend and protect the Constitution. It’s framers had reasons for every provision. No congress has ever, in twenty six attempts, consented to change Article II Section I clause 5. Every question about birth certificates, whether by design or ignorance, opens the door for Obama squash the real certainty of his ineligibility by producing a birth certificate. Obama could have been born in Mt. Vernon, but would not be eligible to the presidency because he was born to a British subject, whose allegiance he inherited – the Dreams From His Father.

    I could quote any or all of a dozen supreme court justices, but I’ll quote the abolitionist Consgressman from Ohio who initiated and authored the 14th Amendment, speaking to the house in 1866:

    “I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen….”

  7. All elected and appointed officials by law swear a oath to serve and protect America’s U.S. Constitution.That also means to serve and protect you and me! The Constitution of the United States of America does not say that elected and appointed officials shall violate Constitutional Law and impose upon America a National Constitutional Crisis that has the potential to bring the United States to the brink of a CIVIL WAR!

    It’s right there in the Constitution for all to see if only people would take the time to read the Constitution. To be a member of congress a person must be a certain age and a U.S. citizen! To be a member of the senate a person must be a certain age and a U.S. citizen! But to be a president. A person must be a certain age and be A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! It’s Constitutional Law and it’s written in the U.S. Constitution….two separate and distinct classes of “citizens” had been established! You have citizen and then you have NATURAL BORN CITIZEN which a person must be in order to be a president!

    So why are we hearing and seeing in the MSM only about some stupid birth certificate and Constitutionally minded citizens who are interested in the Rule of Constitutional Law being called “birthers” when that is not the case! What we should be hearing and seeing from the MSM is what in the hell did the Founding Fathers mean by NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? Well if you had 435 members of congress do their job and turn to the Library of Congress to review a little American History in stead of calling constituents names like “birthers” maybe those who don’t already know would know! If we had a senate of 100 members do their job and maybe do a little search through the National Archives those who don’t already know would know! If America had a legal Harvard Professor of Constitutional Law for a President instead of an Illegal Harvard Professor as a White House Usurper who is very busy keeping his origins and past a secret from you and me ….maybe those who don’t already know would know! The meaning of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is in America’s History Records. A person can Google Natural Born Citizen and will learn that NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as originally intended by America’s Founding Fathers means to be born to a mother and father both of whom are U.S. citizens at the time of birth! The Founding Fathers had a very good reason for stipulating into the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND that a president is to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! OBAMA BECAUSE OF HIS NON CITIZEN FATHER WAS NEVER A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AS REQUIRED BY ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!


  8. I’m sick of those spineless conservatives who give in to the liberals, especially those who wouldn’t know a Freudian slip if it smacked them upside the head like this one:

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”
    –Barack H. Obama Jr. aka Barry Soetoro and Barack H. Obama Soebarkah during weekly address from White House on Aug. 21, 2010 (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=197961)

  9. We MUST keep pressuring on this issue, this is THE issue they are afraid of, the left is going NUTS now trying to spin this, trying to make this go away, we are getting to them and we MUST keep it up. If you need letters to copy to fax or email or mail, go to http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility”, use them as is or edit however you wish. Tons of contact info. including fax numbers is posted there too, just scroll down past the letters. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!!

  10. It does my heart good to hear people demand truth and justice rather than beg for it.
    Truth is now hidden and justice no longer comes without great expence.

  11. The Muslim religion allows one to lie to achieve Muslim goals. It pays to listen to Muslims who convert to Christianity, because Christians are very naive, thinking “religion” means honesty and truthfulness. To me, if Obama were a Christian, he would have either quickly shown documents, as McCain and other contested candidates have, or he would not have run, knowing it would be a dishonest fraudulent act. That can only lead one to the conclusion he is a Muslim masquerading as a Christian. I personally think that the Congress people have been warned that if they take this issue on, they and their families will be destroyed. Or they will be denied any opportunities in Congress to work for their states. Pay to play. Honest people do not hide documents. I think Anderson Cooper even knows what is actually going on and is helping to spread the word in an anti-birther way. So many people would be put into prison from the Democratic party for stealing from the public across state lines with a fraudulent candidate, it goes way beyond Obama. I think they are hoping to let his term play out, surround him with velvet security guard, and choose another democratic candidate for next term, maybe citing “health issues” for Obama. Or “more time with family needed.” I hope people abandon the democRATic party in droves and keep getting rid of phony candidates who say one thing and do another. If they get to the Hill and “behave” they get endless benefits and perks…so who cares who Obama is. They are probably told it is low priority to other issues…and since when is an illegal president “low priority.” I do not think highly of Michell Bachmann….she just parrots Boehner, saying we have to believe what Obama says. What sort of parrot brain would talk like that and not have the nerve to speak her own thoughts. They have all gathered together and decided to not speak up, it would be too time consuming to protect the Constitution. Interesting group of people.

    1. I highly respect your determination and clarity here and basically agree with you Jack. However, I’d like to point out that Boehner says he relies on the state of Hawaii (whoever that is?) and Bachman relies on the word of a notorious liar, Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his real name is?

      See my http://einhornpress.com/GovernorNeilAbercrombieontheObamaBirth.aspx and http://einhornpress.com/WasObamaBorninHawaii.aspx pages sometime, and take the opportunity to vote in one or both of the unscientific but revealing polls, if you haven’t already done so.

      No doubt, what may really concern the RINO’s in Congress is that they were originally part of the Obama presidential scam, and don’t want to be left with egg on their faces after the truth about the usurper is revealed. Also, remember that Obama has his finger on the nuclear button, and may be so reckless as to use it if the truth is found out. Furthermore, the bills presently before 11 state legislatures, to essentially demand Obama’s birth certificate before he can run again, worries Democrats considerably, especially since they may have to hustle to put forth a viable candidate once Obama declines to run again in order to continue hiding his past. That’s probably why they have brought the Obama birth certificate issue to the forefront now, to try to reestablish once again that birthers are crazy, and that the state legislators should ignore passing any bills for them that would limit Obama’s second term prospects.

  12. Keep hammering them-demand an investigation just like was done to McCain by the Dems in 08-fair is fair right? Tell them that SR511 written by the Dems provides that a “natural born citizen” is “born to American citizens”-and McCain showed his birth certificate-same should be demanded for Obama!
    They dont listen to complex arguments-keep it simple and undeniable-
    SR511 definition, same treatment for Obama as was done to McCain-just asking a question based on publicly available information-why does Obama hide the info that will answer it-McCain showed his BC-

  13. Harry H,

    You are right, the country is not going to be OK until this issue is settled and Obama and his enablers are behind bars…..which is, of course, why the left is in panic mode and pulling out Alinsky…again.

    If the millions of Americans who know that Obama is a fraud will speak out NOW….this issue can be won.

    We are winning, so do not be depressed and do not be intimidated, the fraud/scam is about to break wide open and it’s going to be a beautilful sight to behold!!

  14. How can someone asking about a simple fact be asking about something foolish? It is like math: 2+2=4

    Well here it is, verified by the government’s own selective service website. It verifies the bogus SSN# the fraud is using: 042-68-4425

    Ask all your senators and congressmen to write a letter acknowledging:
    1) Tim Adams affidavit
    2) Abercrombie’s statements to Mike Evans
    3) Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin
    4) 042-68-4425


    Don’t be put off, keep hammering them. If you feel weak, look at what is going on in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya.

  15. Oh, what a beautiful morning when I see such a letter as this by proud Okie Jack Horath. When more people like him stand up and demand a full and fair investigation of Obamafraud, the whole country will begin to be OK.

  16. Good letter. I also voted for him when I lived in Oklahoma. I have just lost faith in all politicians. None of them have the courage or intergity to live up to their oath of office.

    Thank you for the letter.

    1. This is what you get after 50-60 years of indoctrination. The coming generations are infested with revolutionary socialists, communists and atheists. As one Danish 19th century philosopher said, “Freedom of speech is most often a pretext for freedom of non-thought.”