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by JB Williams, ©2011

Many species of cacti grow in Arizona with blossoms which open during the night

(Feb. 10, 2011) — The Arizona State legislature has introduced the USPU Nullification Act and like Montana, who introduced it first a little more than a week ago, the AZ bill was introduced without alteration.  Senator Lori Klein introduced the bill and she has a number of co-sponsors for both bodies, including the President of the Arizona Senate. So we are very excited about the early progress we are having with this very important initiative.

The bill is AZ SB 1433 and hearings on the bill are scheduled for next Thursday, one week from today. I spoke with Ms. Klein last night and she is requesting that AZ residents who support this bill come and testify next Thursday.

Several of our members were involved in making this happen and we are grateful for those efforts. Now that the bill has been introduced, we need members to support this effort by working with their AZ legislators to get the bill passed into law.

We continue to work with 28 more states on this bill at present and expect to have more announcements soon.

The Constitutional Justice Division – Barbara Ketay
U.S. Patriots Union, LLC
Sheridan, Wyoming


JB Williams is Co-Founder of the U.S. Patriots Union and Editor of The Patriots News.

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  1. Now it’s time AZ sent a very specific message by joining others who have opted to disallow any Federal interference with regards to the 2nd Amendment issues now under attack by Obama and Company.
    Wyoming just did it and there are other States already defying the U.N. , Our Representative to that body (and an Obama Lackey) and to the misguided attempts of the new head of the ATF.
    America has a Constitution covering these laws and it is time (past time) that Americans take ACTION (not just talk about it). As each and every one of our Rights are under attack.
    Why do you think that Obama wants his own little Army, just like Hitler and Stalin and Mao ? And a disarmed and unable to communicate body of people is much easier to control than an armed and mad as all H&%$ Citizenry !
    He’s even signed the START Treaty without Congressional or Senatorial approval and the last time I looked ANY treaty signed must be approved prior to implementation and signing.
    Come on Folks ! America is going from one of the most powerful Nations on Earth to the laughing stock of the same. We’ve allowed this impostor his day in the sun, now let’s do the RIGHT thing and swap him and Terry Lakin and if necessary push like crazy on the Supreme Court as it is their reluctance to move on this issue that is keeping most politicians from making even a peremptory move to take this Fakir from office.
    This is OUR Government. One for the People, by the People and if you’ve surfaced and looked at the issues that is NOT what we have going on and it’s high time we put it back the way it was intended. As a Republic with voted officials acting in the interests of the People rather than there own interests and how much they can tear this country apart (Obama ((Or whomever he is)) Pelosi, Reid, and the Clintons and Soros and a cast of hundreds).