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by Bob1939

This Bible is handwritten in Latin and is displayed in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

(Jan. 21, 2011) — And what do we know about Liberalism today? Surprisingly, we do know quite a bit about it, because we have had many years to research it. Simply put it is a terrible disease; one which can be fatal; and worse yet, there is really no known cure. If one has this liberalism disease, they are forever after known as a “Liberal”, exactly same as one with Leprosy is known as a Leper. Given a choice of being afflicted with liberalism or with leprosy, I would certainly choose the latter, as leprosy is curable.

Just how can you spot a liberal; it’s real easy if you know what the signs are. There are many indicators, such as…

  • Inflated ego “mightier than thou attitude”
  • Lack of respect for God, and of anything Godly or Good; in fact liberals see God as a threat and display outward hostility at anything Holy.  It was liberals who crucified Jesus.
  • They are a lazy lot, and always wanting something that belongs to someone else, especially if they don’t have to work for it.  Lying, cheating, stealing, murder, subterfuge, conversion, bate-and-switch, RICO, are all fairly common traits displayed by liberals.
  • Usually liberals are consistently on the wrong side of most issues, and often on the wrong side of the law, but that doesn’t bother them at all, because they just try to change, bend or twist the law to suit themselves.
  • They favor evil over good, and tend to always pervert goodness, even to the extent of creating nicer words to mask their evil deeds and/or intentions; a few examples of this are…
    • Choice, which really does means Abortion
    • Transparency, means Hide all the Facts
    • Freedom of Speech, means Kill Conservative Talk Radio
    • Healthcare, means Control Dollars and the People
    • Government Working Hard for the Folks, means Rip-Off/Embezzle the Dumb Public for All You Can.
    • Balanced Budget, means Rob from the Wealthy, and from all those Income Producers in Society
    • Fair Elections, means Steal every vote you can, by Any Means Possible, (prisoners, dead people, using multiple names, cancel/lose or delay the Military Overseas vote, Illegal’s voting, vote multiple times etc) .
    • Fair Treatment, means Exactly the Opposite (Bondage, Control, Marxist, Fascist, DNC, Communist, Stealing, Lying, Evil, Abortion, Voter Fraud, Dhimmitude, ACORN, SEIU, Unions, Corruption, RICO, Shore Bank, Obama Crimes, Alinsky, Sharia, Jihad, Immoral, Unjust, Unemployment, Bigger Government, Smoke and Mirrors, Delusion, Illusion, etc.)

I think you understand what I’m saying, because you see it too;  it’s all around us, all the time.  Liberals have a bad habit of sticking very close together, hence liberalism becomes quite contagious, to the point where they share what they believe is the right medicine (talking points) to try and over-power healthy Conservatives.

How not to catch liberalism – There is only one form of preventative immunize, and that is to study the Bible, and bring God back into ones life, but here are just a few more simple precautions to follow…

  • Stay well clear of Washington, DC, if at all possible.
  • Never attend any Social-Elite Parties.
  • Don’t listen or watch the lame-stream-media, because they are all heavily infected liberals too.
  • When the usurper or his Czars come on TV – change channels immediately.
  • Don’t watch any Sate of the Union speeches until a real Conservative becomes a real President, with a proper vetting and through a normal election process.

If you are one who likes to do research then the “King James Bible” tells us all about liberals…

The Warnings: A Shepherd’s Chapel Article, Deut 23:9 -to- :18,  Gen 19:1 -to-:13, Dan 11:19 -to:21, II Kings 23:35 -to- 24:6, Deut 15:6, Deut 28:12

The Observations: Jer 4:22, 2 Tim 3:1-to-:7, Isa 40:31

The Good News: Mark 13:23, Psa 37:all (1-to-:40), Matt 13:36-to-:43, 2 Chro 7:14

And of course there is much more, good, reliable information that can be pulled out from God’s Letter to us, “the Bible.”

Here are some definitions, or synonyms for liberals = tares, evil-doers, sottish children, the devil’s seed, foolish ones, kenites, democrats, beatniks, dissenters, dissidents, dropouts, heretics, weirdo’s, oddballs, protesters, malcontents, etc, etc. Everything the Democrats (Liberals) touch, build on, do, state, orchestrate, attempt – seems to be pathologically fraught with fraud. Good people must stay alert – we are supposed to be watchmen; stay informed; we are at a very exciting time in the history of mankind; don’t miss it. The Disciples wished that they could have been present to see these “end-time” events.

A great resource to keep up on “the real news stories of the day”, The Post and Email which very adequately covers all of the bases, in a truthful, and factual way.

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  1. WOW, well said!

    All through human history from early Greek and Roman times to the present, the same pattern repeats itself: conservatism builds civilizations and liberalism destroys them.

    We’re supposed to learn from history, lest it repeat itself, yet here we are in the nation that our conservative forefathers methodically and reverently built — now being destroyed by the pandemic disease of liberalism.

    How foolish and tragic is that, when all the answers are under our very noses, in the ages-old shop manual, used by our nations’ founders: The Holy Bible?

  2. And note how they love the word “progressive,” which implies superior insight and modern-mindedness as opposed to the implied backwardness of others. It was by just such word-trickery that killing children in the womb–or even partially delivered–was justified by an entirely fictional “right to privacy.” Clever leftist word-twisting is a powerful weapon against truth.