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by Sharon Rondeau

A grand jury investigating the Arcadia Hotel fire in Boston, MA in 1913. Grand juries once operated independently of government prosecutors as the fourth branch of government.

(Jan. 18, 2011) — Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was arraigned at the Monroe County courthouse this morning for charges stemming from an April 1 citizen’s arrest for which he spent two months in jail.

The grand jury empaneled on January 5, 2011 indicted Fitzpatrick on charges of assault and resisting arrest which allegedly occurred on October 27, 2010, when Monroe County sheriff’s deputies broke down Fitzpatrick’s door, tasered, beat and took him to the Monroe County jail following the issuance of an unsigned arrest warrant claiming that Fitzpatrick had missed a mandatory court appearance.

Fitzpatrick said he was never properly served with notice of the hearing, which the court clerk said was arranged “to assist Mr. Fitzpatrick.”  To our knowledge, the court produced no proof of service.

There was reportedly a heavy police presence in Madisonville, where the Monroe County courthouse is located, complete with police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and a canine unit.  Officers Trent Prock and Lt. Wakefield were among the officers seen at the courthouse today.

Earlier Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that there is a new grand jury foreman in Monroe County after Gary Pettway had occupied the position for 20 years.  The Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA), Section 22-2-314 states:

A juror who has completed a jury service term shall not be summoned to serve another jury service term in any court of this state for a period of twenty-four (24) months following the last day of such service; however, the county legislative body of any county, may, by majority vote, extend the twenty-four-month period.

The new foreperson is Faye C. Tennyson, and Fitzpatrick said that her signature appears on the grand jury indictment.

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood dismissed a juror for recent prior service before Fitzpatrick’s December 1 trial began.   However, he previously had allowed a grand jury indictment to stand despite the repeated service of Gary Pettway and Angela Davis.

While incarcerated, Fitzpatrick had reported that he had learned that Pettway had reportedly attempted to coerce a confession from an inmate at an earlier time.

Carl Swensson

Also arraigned today was Carl Swensson of Georgia, who was arrested on January 4, 2011 after attending a hearing for Darren Huff, who had pleaded “no contest” on December 1, 2010 to charges leveled for the same April 1 incident involving Fitzpatrick and was at the Monroe County courthouse on a federal matter.

At the hearing today, Swensson was charged by the June 3, 2010 grand jury wherein Angela Davis acted as foreman for riot, disrupting a meeting or procession, and retaliation for past acts.  Fitzpatrick had been charged with the same plus other violations but convicted of only disrupting a meeting or procession and resisting arrest on December 1.

Swensson reported that when his name was called, he asked Judge Amy Reedy if it was true that she and the prosecutor had taken oaths to protect and defend the constitutions of the United States and Tennessee, and Reedy reportedly answered “yes.”  Swensson then said:

I appear before this court as a living, breathing, natural-born American citizen with and claiming all rights guaranteed to me in the federal and state constitutions and with my name properly spelled in upper and lower-case letters.

He also asked for a change of venue and for Judge Amy Reedy to recuse herself, to which Swensson reported Reedy replied that she “would think about it.”  Reedy had previously recused herself from Fitzpatrick’s case but presided over the arraignments of both Fitzpatrick and Swensson today.

Both defendants stated that Ms. Martha Cook, court clerk, was present in the courtroom today even though she reportedly chose the jury members for Fitzpatrick’s December 1 trial, about which Swensson commented, “They were caught jury-tampering and said “My bad.'”

Swensson has a court-appointed attorney, and his next court date is March 28.  He stated that his only role in the April 1 citizen’s arrest was “a witness.”  He told The Post & Email, “This has every potential to initiate the take-back of our grand juries as our fourth branch of government.”

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  1. I have email today from persons who are just learning of this case. That means it is now spreading on its own merits through the net. The world IS watching. Let justice begin.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Amen, and thank you for spreading the word.

  2. I wish to THANK both Carl Swensson,Walter Fitzpatrick, and Terry Lakin for being so BRAVE to stand up against the corrupt Judges & Politicians.
    No one should have to endure the pain that these HEROES have suffered
    to stand up for the truth and to fight tyranny.
    Deep down in Our Hearts many of us will say they would do the same thing, but
    many of us cannot for many reasons.
    These MEN among Men & Woman have truly sacrificed their Freedom for ALL of US.
    They are to be compared with Our Honorable ForeFathers who gave US Our Freedom
    against all odds.
    I received a U.S. Silver Lifesaving Medal in 1998, which to me pales to compare to
    the Bravery of Walter Fitzpatrick, Carl Swensson and Terry Lakin.
    These MEN are True Heroes and I am Proud to know of them and will pass their
    names onto my family and friends.
    They will be in Our Archives forever as MEN who Sacrificed for the TRUTH and to restore Our Constitution.
    We must help them as much as we can………Dan Smith, NY
    They should be Awarded a Special Medal in Equal to the Medal of Honor…..

    1. Obviously the “DANIEL JAMES CUTULLA is my slave name and :Daniel-James: Cutulla is my real name” line of thought.

      I always say “to each his own”, I just hope this won’t deter from the actual Monroe County corruption issues. It would just be too easy to laugh this one off if he only relied on the doubtful Sovereign Citizen issues.
      Just imagine if Walt had gone this road. Everyone would just say “he’s in jail because of his crazy theories about his name” instead of “he’s in jail because he stood up against the usurper and Monroe County corruption”.

    2. Obviously, pursuant to oaths taken by the judge, prosecutors or opposing attorneys, there can be no lawful objection to what I stated, including, but not limited to, truth and fact. If what I stated is true, namely, that I am a natural born American Citizen, it would be lawfully foolish and absurd for the judge to object. If they were to object, then, they would be forced to support their objections with fact and law, or their objections are reduced to opinions only and opinions are not valid bases in any court of Constitutional competence upon which to state objections or claim lawful positions. This was my dry run before my next appearance where I will expand on the reasoning. It also lays the groundwork to prevent this court from any other rulings that can be expected in an Article III, Constitutional court. I will force this compliance or disqualify any judge who protests. Hey, when dealing with a rogue court, the best that can be done is to expose them for what they truly are… criminals guilty of treason to the Constitution of both the US and TN.
      More to come…

      1. Give’m hell, Carl. While personally not pleasant for you, that idiot prosecutor at Darren’s hearing did us all a big favor in having you served. Wish there were some big legal guns backed by deep pockets on your side and in your corner; however, that liability is offset by having God and the Constitution backing you which should see you and Walt through in the long run regardless of how dark the times may get.

    3. A close friend of Carl once explained it to me this way. You see “bob” is something you do with hair but “Bob” is a person name and “BOB” is something different. So the words are vessels to carry meaning from what port to another “port of call” under Maritime Law and if the word is not spelled right the meaning of the law is changed. Our constitution is made of words the law is made of words and getting the words wrong is getting the law wrong.

  3. Lo the die has been cast … either the Constitution is the law of the land, or it is not. As more and more Patriots hear the words “All Rise” and then do so only to be told we have no standing, a reckoning will assuredly occur. The citizens beholden to this “unchecked power known as tyranny” will one day Rise Up en masse and the courts will see that “We The People” truly do have “Standing”.

    “We the People” say Thanks and Godspeed Walt and Carl

    Pixel Patriot

    1. You were very wise to insist upon the proper capital letters and low case in your name. Watch out they dont try to serve a paper on you with your name in all Caps because they will try to do it and if they can get away with it. The judge should understand the words are legal vessels. Make sure your lawyer has an assistent to look over all the papers before you see them so you will not get served something with your name written in wrong capitals.