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Press Release from LibertyChalice

Patriots Heart Network was founded by Sharon Ann Meroni in 2009

(Jan. 14, 2011) — Patriot’s Heart Network announces that the eligibility challenge in the state of Illinois is progressing. Meroni V ISBE

Steve Boulton, renowned election attorney from McCarthy Duffy LLD, has filed his appearance in the case before the 4th District Appellate Court.  In addition, he has filed a motion to extend the due date of the filing for the appellant brief to February 3rd.  Mr. Boulton plans to request oral arguments.

Counselor Boulton finds the issues in this case to present “intriguing Constitutional questions” and will take up the appeals for Meroni V ISBE.  Mr. Boulton has a distinguished background as an election attorney that includes victories in election issues before the Illinois Supreme Court.

In addition to his law career with McCarthy Duffy, Mr. Boulton is also the General Counsel for the Chicago GOP.  This case is not connected with his role within the Republican Party.


Editor’s Note: LibertyChalice is a website of Patriots Heart Network.  Ms. Meroni previously discussed her case  in Illinois with The Post & Email here.  She also petitioned the Illinois Grand Jury to investigate election fraud from the 2008 presidential election.

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  1. These kinds of charges should be filed with every sitting Grand Jury in the Nation.

    There should be over 3,000 of them, but a number of States have illegally done away with them, and many have so corrupted them (like Tennessee) that they are now criminally complicit in sending many people illegally to prison (do I hear ‘Damages’ here), as well as covering up the ‘Treason of the Centuries’.

    We will be mounting an effort to do just that, with some guidelines on how to scout out your local Grand Jury – its makup and qualifications for jurors, citizenship requirements, types of charges they must hear and deliberate, jury nullification authority, etc.

    Most Grand Jury members are retired civic-minded and service-minded citizens who are still concerned about their oath to the Constitution. Somewhere, somehow, in some small and untarnished county in America lies the key to bringing charges – and eventual justice – to this issue of election fraud and treason.

    Since every citizen in every town in every county in every State in America was defrauded by the fraudulent actions of Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, and the forces behind Obama, then every sitting Grand Jury can be asked to hear and deliberate the charges.

    Every patriotic citizen in America should be now thinking of ways to uphold their sworn duty – to uphold and defend the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution of the United States of America. Grand Juries may just be the key.

  2. Why did the’ Illinois Grand Jury to begin investigation of Election Fraud (Dec. 9, 2009)’ not go any where? That has led to this filing (Jan. 14, 2011) a year later? Why was Illinois, of all places, the test case? The AG knew the civil action did not fly in the face of the court, thus criminal under Election Fraud was the proper venue, yet a year later has gone to never never land. The criminal Grand Jury is the way to go about this and must be done in state after state prior to 2012 and his name on the ballot. What are the dems going to do, have another write in fraud, like in Alaska?