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by Ron Ewart, ©2010

If the power is inherent in "We the People," how will we use it?

(Jan. 12, 2011) — Each week, this author and a close friend have lunch together and discuss the issues and events of the day, political and otherwise.  These are constructive discussions, as it allow us to expand our perspective on those issues.  Over the last several years we have covered lots of ground and when we think we have come up with a solution to one or more of America’s problems, we are brought up short on how to implement them. Identifying the problems is not all that difficult.  Coming up with a politically palatable solution is outright problematical.

The other day he said: “You are a good writer, but for the last 4 years you have found a thousand ways to say the same thing.” After mulling his ego-deflating statement over a few times, the tone of our articles was indeed, similar from one to the other ….. a description of the problems, over and over again, but without plausible solutions.  It would appear he was probably right.  We had no defense.

On many occasions, we exchange e-mail messages with others on these very same issues and we can sense the frustration of those who are engaged in trying to make sense of what is going on and searching for workable solutions.

One gentleman said the other day in an e-mail, in part: “I would like to identify the enemy before the fight begins and I want to know that we are going after the root cause of our problems …….” A logical goal if there ever was one.  “Know thine enemy.”

After digesting his statement, we were prompted to provide the following response:

The root cause is an anti-American, anti-freedom, dependency-is-best ideology, that has been drummed into millions upon millions of Americans over the last 100 years, using a number of fronts, but mostly through the education system and free handouts from the public treasury.  America, Americans, academia and the news media have been bought off with this covert assault on our freedoms.  This ‘system’ has become institutionalized in the culture for at least 5 generations.  While the re-education and massive manipulation of Americans was going on, the puppeteers moved in from the start of the 20th Century and maybe even before,. with their goal to fundamentally transform America.

In the 1880’s, the judicial system was further bastardized with the introduction of legal ‘positivism’, wherein the adjudication of law and legislation by the judiciary was converted into using “case” law as the standard, rather than strict interpretation of our Constitutions.

Undoing what has now been institutionalized for 5 generations or more, is not only a tall task, it may be virtually impossible.  It is on the order of removing people from a religious cult and de-programming them.  Many just won’t be de-programmed.  If you can’t de-program the people on a very large scale, you can’t change the corrupt government and you can’t get rid of the puppeteers because they too have institutionalized themselves within the government.

This is what happens when people start breaking the rules and falling away from the guiding principles.  Before the ink was dry on the Constitution, people started breaking it.  The examples would fill volumes.

So many of us want something to change right now, but it isn’t going to happen until the ‘people’ change.  And unfortunately, no matter how many well-meaning individuals advance ideas to effect the change, the people may never change until a violent event changes them, like it did in 1775.  If the people do change without violence, it could take another 5 generations, or more.  We sincerely hope not.

The fact is, if we want honest and honorable politicians, we had better be honest and honorable ourselves.   If we find cheating acceptable, our politicians will cheat.  If we are corrupt, so too will they be.  If we do drugs (and we are) people will die by the thousands around those that provide the drugs.

Until the masses wake up and decide to heal themselves, nothing will change!   Even with Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Beck, Savage, Larson and a whole host of other conservative talk radio and TV folks, the masses are still dumbed down and bought off, and big government, big banks, big business, big unions and the one-world-order crowd still rule the day.

But the next day, the gentleman went even farther with another e-mail.  He wanted to name the names of all the bad guys (the puppeteers) and expose them to the people, in the hopes the people would wake up with that information.  We again responded with:

Some of the ‘names’ of the puppeteers are well known.  Soros, Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Buffett, Gates and the Rothschilds come to mind.  The fact is, the ‘theys’ are huge in number.  And there are millions more puppeteers that are profiting from the ‘system’ and fully entrenched in the ‘system’ and they will fight like hell to maintain it.  Unfortunately, ‘getting’ or ‘exposing’ them is like trying to pick a terrorist out of a crowded market place in Iraq or Afghanistan.  They blend in and the list of ‘names’ would be in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions.  Coming up with a giant list to show to the electorate who the ‘bad guys’ are, would be an exercise in instant boredom.  We don’t believe for one second that there is a cabal of five people say, who are internationally pulling the strings of all the rest of us peons.  It’s the world ‘system’ that is corrupt and way too many people are ‘playing’ the ‘system’.  America has joined in and is actively participating in the world ‘system’.

The problem is, how do you extract or even replace the puppeteers in the ‘system’ without the ‘system’ coming apart at the seams?  Every government entity is staffed by people who have been indoctrinated in our public schools and liberal colleges.  They believe in and practice the progressive/socialist mantra.  How can you replace them in one fell swoop?  You can’t!””How do you pull all of the liberal professors out of our liberal colleges and replace them with objective professors who teach the truth, not a particular agenda?  And are there any such men or women?  Do they even exist?

Then, you have the ‘people’ themselves who are entrenched in and profiting from the ‘system’ as well.  Gore their ox and they will rebel, just like what is happening in Europe today.  Many a politician has ended up on the ‘replace’ list for daring to suggest changes to America’s entitlements, even small changes.

Ayn Rand, in her book Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957, did an excellent job of forecasting what would happen with the current system.  Every big organization, whether it be unions, corporations, NGO’s, associations and the like, all have ‘their man in Washington’ pouring money into the ‘system’ in exchange for political and legislative favors.  Every new piece of legislation has one or more special interest groups attached to, or was the author of it.  Just about everything that Rand forecasted in her book has come true.

It has taken us 200 years to get here.  It could take another 200 years to get back to where we were, when freedom was born by the American Revolution.  However, with the population of the planet heading towards ten billion in the not too distant future, I’m not sure that that many people could ever live in freedom (much less peace), when the battle for food, water, energy and resources begins to take a nasty turn and wars erupt all over the world.  The fact is, a hungry belly has nothing to lose by going to war, especially if that hungry belly has access to nuclear weapons.

Do I have a short-term answer to all of these problems?  Hardly!  If I did, the world would beat a path to my door.  But my doorbell hasn’t rung for years.

So, ladies and gentlemen, maybe the reason for saying the same thing in a thousand different ways is because simple solutions do not exist in a highly complex world, where anyone with an axe to grind, or a wish list of “goodies” to secure, has a vote and where politicians are only too eager to be of service …… for that vote!  The battle cry will always be, “take the other guys lunch away, but don’t take mine.”  The battle cry is a direct result of us breaking the rules along time ago, or looking the other way when the other guy broke the rules.

We keep writing articles in the hopes of waking up more people.  It is a puny effort by any measure.  Now maybe, if we had a TV show and we could reach millions with a one-hour program, we might have more of an impact, but even that is doubtful.  There are many such men and women right now who ply the airways with their conservative message, but America is still in deep, deep trouble.  Limbaugh is in his 23 third year and still the march towards socialism moves on.

Oh America, Sweet America, What Fate Awaits You? That depends on the people, and as we have seen, the people are fickle.

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  1. Great article! Even though it is the “same ole”….it still opens minds and eyes. Each of us who believes must keep on doing something. I’ve been screaming for 25 years to wake up…It’s heartbreaking to suffer through the apathy of the people. My eyes were opened in 1985. Been a long road. Not being dramatic but we can’t surrender to the evil worthless scoundrels!

  2. This is an excellent article and expressed exactly what I feel and have been saying. What is important is the truth and responsibility. Until the people Stop making excuses for bad and criminal behavior of others, nothing will change and they will just keeping doing what they do. Nice guys finish last, so to speak. It is not a popularity contest. I would much rather deal with a tell it like it is person than one you have to figure out what they said. At least the shoot straight person, one knows where they stand. People need to walk their talk. Since the people of authority are not doing their job, then it is up to the people of this country to fix it, with whatever it takes to fix it. This is not the time for Ms. Manners. I am fed up with this nonsense. Honestly, I do not think I could tolerate these air head people that are so different and lack substance. I am considering buying my own country before I go nuts fixing this one. Those without hard working talent and skills need not apply. Anyone know how to get in touch with Noah that is building an arc?

  3. Contact your congressman, senators, County Sheriff, DA, State Legislators, Governor, and County Grand Jury Foreman and demand that they indict and prosecute BO and all his local co-conspirators for the Murders and False Imprisonment of Opponents of the BO regime, Birth Document Forgeries, TSA Sexual Assaults & Illegal Searches, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft, Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions, Aiding and Abetting of Muslim Terrorists, Poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, Theft of Private Property, Embezzlement of Government funds, WikiLeaks etc.



  4. Article is right on the money, but as Ewart says, it’s the same ol, same ol. Jesus tells us to change people, not systems. They will change when people change. His gospel changes the flawed nature of men. When they see that, accept it and turn to Christ, they change. What America needs are more people with the Christ mind set. That alone will save America.

  5. I believe there is now enough of the masses to make a difference. what we must do is cut off the blood lines to these criminals. Cutting off the blood lines and that is-THE MONEY SUPPLY.

    When we pay taxes, it does not go into our own general fund, it goes straight to the Federal Reserve to pay off the debts to the criminals above who own the Federal Reserve. We make a difference the same way our fore fathers did in 1773. Cut off the blood supply of money.

  6. Certainly there is a degree of apathy and ignorance in this country. However, those in that category might not even know enough to escape their house if it were burning. Therefore, those of us who are awake and care enough to do something, regardless of what we think is the chance for success, must do it! It truly bothers me to hear or read fatalistic prognostications about where this country is heading, even if they have a large degree of truth. But to give in and let it happen without fighting with every resource we have? Never! Action is needed now more than ever since we have a Republican majority in the House. If we don’t press our Congressmen with a full court press right now, this country just may be relegated to the ash heap of history because her people could only moan and groan but not take substantive action. Those who care must care enough to start pressing hard on their Congressmen to take action in the House. If you don’t, don’t blame “the other guy”.

  7. GEE, are you reading my post on “American Grand Jury”?
    I just posted, not an hour ago that because of America’s Citizens being so Enthralled with “REALITY SHOWS”, we should contract for a show named: “The Independence Reading Room” or Come Meet and Understand America!!”, or Something!! I mean NO Offense to Anyone, but in Honesty: I am amazed at the IGNORANCE of the American Citizen!!
    “The Constitution of the United States of America”, the “Federalist’s Papers”, the “Declaration of Independence” and YES, Even the USC/LAWS, should be REQUIRED READING by Citizens!! These are NOT “Living Documents” that are TOO OLD to be Understood, and RE-Written, Ad Hoc~~These are the BLUEPRINTS and ADMONISHMENTS for Establishing, Protecting and Ensuring that “The Government OF, BY and FOR the People, SHALL NOT PERISH from this Earth!!