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by Sharon Rondeau

George Raudenbush is an elder of Appalachian Youth Missions, whose stated purpose is "to give glory to Jesus Christ through love and service."

(Jan. 8, 2011) —A missionary affiliated with the Appalachian Youth Missions in Monroe County, TN was arrested on December 30 and remains incarcerated in the Monroe County detention facility.

George Joseph Raudenbush III was arrested on multiple charges, including aggravated assault, resisting arrest, “frisk,” driving uninsured, speeding and failure to wear a seat belt.

Someone who spoke to George Raudenbush by telephone on January 6 related the following account of the conversation:

Raudenbush had been stopped by Sgt. Brian Millsaps on Thursday, December 30, 2010.  Raudenbush stated that Millsaps broke his driver’s side car window with his flashlight and opened the door of the vehicle.  Raudenbush said that Millsaps then struck him on the hand and in the head with the flashlight and then pulled out his gun.  At that point Raudenbush feared for his life, got back into the car and drove to where he believed there would be witnesses.

Raudenbush is asking that people call Tom White at Voice of the Martyrs to report his incarceration.  He is also asking that Governor-elect Bill Haslam, who will be sworn in on January 15, be contacted.  Raudenbush reported that he began fasting following his incarceration and plans to continue doing so until his release.  George claims that his arrest is retaliation by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for his reporting of an incident in which a trailer belonging to the Appalachian Youth Missions had been confiscated and presumably auctioned off.

Editor’s Note: The story regarding the seizure of the youth mission trailer was told to us by Mr. Gary Church, who stated that the trailer had not been Raudenbush’s personal property, contrary to the contention of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Deparment, hence its seizure allegedly to pay the cost of a traffic ticket and court costs for Raudenbush.

The person relating the above information said that on the evening of the arrest, he heard Sgt. Millsaps and Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens speaking with each other over a police scanner after Raudenbush had been arrested and was being transported to the Monroe County jail for processing.  He also reported that he had been followed home from work on several occasions the week of Raudenbush’s arrest.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department had claimed that the trailer had been Raudenbush’s personal property, but Mr. Gary Church, an elder for the Appalachian Youth Missions, stated that it was not.

The Post & Email had reported on the seizure of the trailer and its contents on December 23, 2010 following the filing with the FBI of a criminal complaint against Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens.

Raudenbush has been involved with the group Tennessee Christian Citizens Against Corruption (TNCCC) which distributes literature and works to inform the local population of Monroe County, TN about corruption in their community.  Mr. Raudenbush’s account of intimidation and attempted murder against him is told here.

An email notifying The Post & Email of the Raudenbush arrest reads as follows:

George was pick up at his place of res in Coker Creek. last night by Bill Bivens, The sheriff department, and the Tellico police dept. He is presently being held at the Monroe  County jail without bail.

A subsequent email reads:

The charges do not appear to reflect the confiscating, however I am sure the sheriff is happy to have him behind the bars of his jail. He was pulled over in tellico plains for a supposed traffic violation. After checking his tag and his drivers license, he was asked to get out of the car. He did not comply. The officer threatened to break out the window, then George fled to Coker Creek, where he was later arrested, It is my understanding that he has been charged with assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, many traffic violations, including improper reg. of the vehicle, and an invalid driver’s license.

A subsequent email stated:

I found out that the big bad charges that the Tellico Plains Police have on George, is for aggravated assault. The Chief at tellico told me that George had assaulted a Tellico Police several times by running into the police car, By hitting the cruiser with the side of the 80s model ford escort he had assaulted the police officer. Well I went to the yard where the Little assault vehicle is being held. I inspected it to see what the conditions would be,for transporting it, after impound could be paid. Guess what ! There is not even the smallest scratch or dent in the car. Pretty tough little escort to do such aggression and come out with not a scratch, or someone for whatever their reason is bogus in putting such charges on George.

One of multiple charge sheets for Aggravated Assault against George Joseph Raudenbush III signed by Lt. Travis B. Jones
Charge of Aggravated Assault against Raudenbush signed by Sgt. Brian Millsaps
Aggravated Assault charge signed by Sgt. Millsaps but with different wording in the narrative
Charge sheet for Aggravated Assault signed by April Shaffer which states "Raudenbush attempted to ram my patrol car several times. I was in fear for my safety."
Aggravated Assault charge signed by Lt. Travis B. Jones
Statement signed by Lt. Travis Jones stating that Raudenbush's vehicle "refused to stop at one point on HWY 68 near Scott St"
Affidavit signed by Jones stating that Raudenbush "refused to stop at one point on HWY 68 near Pond Ridge Rd"
Aggravated Assault charge signed by Travis Jones identifying a different location for the occurrence
Charges of "resisting stop, frisk, halt" signed by Millsaps
Aggravated Assault charge signed by Millsaps stating that Raudenbush had also tried to "ram my patrol car several times"

Other charges against Raudenbush are cited as:

  • driving uninsured
  • speeding
  • driving unregistered vehicle
  • driving left of center
  • seatbelt
  • failure to signal turn

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  1. Satan has been in Monroe Tenn for sometime now, the worshipers of the serpent are on the bench in the court house and are roaming around in Sheriff cars. The place gives me the creeps every time I’ve been there. They think they are untouchable, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

  2. How have these thugs in uniforms in Monroe County been allowed to proceed
    in such an unlawful manner? They are Communist Marxist just like Obama and his thugs.

  3. Bivens has overreached this time. It’s hard to disprove some of the charges like resisting arrest because there is no witness to what the cops did to this man. But the car register and insurance are matters of state record so even if justice gets miscarried at the first trial he will be able to show the records on appeal and get them to be thrown out.

  4. Sheriff Bivens has become quite predictable. Poor dear can’t seem to help himself, can he? Barney Fife couldn’t have bungled this any better than ole Billy did. Those hounds must be nipping pretty close to his heels to get him this flustered.

  5. TNCCC was the premier voice for the Monroe County citizens. They had been putting out fliers throughout the county and most recently in the churches. It was known that George was instrumental in this effort. His arrest is pure retaliation for publishing the corruption in the county to the citizens. George will be in the jail a good long time; habeous corpus and bonds be damned. So it’s back to business as usual for the MCSO.
    George’s only hope is for us to interpose with the new governor starting Monday week.

  6. Naive me, but it is amazing that out of a nation of millions
    of intelligent professional crime fighters, there isn’t one
    who is courageous and honorable enough to press
    charges against the entire corrupt ‘judicial’ system in Monroe

    Maybe I have seen more than my share of TV, but
    it would be a coup d’etat to place an FBI agent into
    a situation in Monroe County, where he would be
    an irritant to the sheriff and his crooked followers,
    thus he could become an inside mole, a spy,
    tossed into jail through trumped up charges;

    as a mole, with the authority to arrest,
    he could document every thing that happens to him
    and validate all that has been been reported by incarcerated citizens,
    (those who have no influence and whose testimonies are overturned.)

    It is more mind-boggling to me that this backwoods,
    tinhorn sheriff and his cronies are still out there
    terrorizing the residents, than it is that Obama is
    still in office.

    True, both issues are beyond the norm for America,
    both are treacherous deeds, but at least to rid a county of
    corruption should not take this long to resolve.

    Wyatt Earp handled it successfully in the days of yore.