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January 1, 2011

Is this woman a true investigative journalist or just a Barbie doll? Or is she something else?

Dear Editor:

The following email was sent to Megyn Kelly in regard to her recent “report” on the court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin:

From: Judy
To: kelly@foxnews.com
Sent: 1/1/2011 2:06:11 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: When Dishonesty Hurts

Ms. Kelly,

I cannot help but wonder what you do with your time on a daily basis.  I have to imagine that you must spend hours every day with the hair and makeup department at Fox News so that you can go on air looking like a Barbie doll.  You were fortunate enough to have good looks and a great personality and you have a Law Degree.  Great, that puts you right up there with hundreds of thousands of other lawyers in this country, lawyers who are the butt of endless jokes, many of which are well-deserved.

It is apparent that that is all it takes to stay employed at Fox News, for it is also painfully apparent that you do no research on the stories on which you report.  You just tell your audience whatever news is placed in front of you, so, essentially, you are a highly-paid entertainer.  Unfortunately, your viewers deserve more than that.  Many of us want truth in the news.  We sure don’t get that from you.

Six out of ten Americans do not believe that Mr. Obama meets the qualifications to be the President and Commander-in-Chief of our great nation.  What gives you the authority to doubt the majority of Americans?  Hundreds of thousands of hours of investigative work has been done by thousands of American Patriots working for free on their own time to do such research.  What gives you the right to dispel and ridicule those people when you have failed to complete even a fraction of the work which others have done?  Your excoriation of Lt. Colonel Dr. Terrence Lakin was disgusting.  Col. Lakin has more integrity in his little finger than you and your buddy Bill will have in your entire lifetimes combined.

You will not question the eligibility of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama who has also gone by many other names:  Barry Soetoro, Barack Steve Obama, and Steve Dunham, just to name a few.  He has used several different social security numbers, which has been documented by two highly regarded investigators.  No, you will not question the Fraud-in-Chief of our nation because that would be too risky to your career.  You might risk losing your job if you were to do any research into the supposed “News” that you repeat on air. Truth is of no value to you.

Of course, you might also watch your ratings go sky high if you were to speak the truth about Mr. Obama, but then you wouldn’t want to be the recipient of threats from the “Regime” or to put your precious job at risk because you obviously do not have the sense of Patriotism and Duty to the Constitution that Dr. Lakin has.  “Fair and Balanced”  is nothing more than a joke.  We all hoped that Fox News would report the real news.  Unfortunately, it’s just another entertainment channel.


Editor’s Note: Doing a search for “Megyn Kelly” revealed that she might be pursuing that “something else” in addition to her position at Fox News.  The photo of her appearance in “GQ” magazine does not meet publication standards for The Post & Email.  Did she really need the money considering her hefty salary as a news anchor?

Kelly also states that Obama is “clearly not a Muslim” but provides no evidence to back up her assertion.

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  1. The fact that they all use the Alinsky technique of ridiculing and marginalizing their opponents gives them away as one cohort serving one and the same puppet master. Fair and balanced motto is only a smoke screen. In fact, all American media has come to resemble the communist media in the former USSR – the news have no truth and the truth has no news, and there is no other line but the party line.

  2. Very good letter. As one person pointed out – what is Mrs. Kelly doing to her children? Does she want them to grow up in a marxist society. She has already surrendered her first amendment rights. Don’t her children have the same rights to grow up and participate in a free country like she did?

  3. So funny to see all this uproar over Megyn’s pathetic attempts to tell us to move along as there is nothing to see here. Rather, she herself is inadvertently adding fuel to the fire. If she really wants to put this issue to rest, she needs to start taking the so-called “birthers” as the patriotic constitutionalists they are and boning up on the issues. It’s not our fault that she can’t handle the truth and can’t make us take her seriously that this matter has been settled.

    1. Again you are all falling for the “Red Herring Birth Certificate non-issue.” This is a ploy to keep everybody focusing on the BC when the real issue is his dual citizen status which was clearly the founders’ intent in the Natural Born section of the Constitution. They are laughing at us for taking the bait. It would be helpful, however, to see the actual BC so as to determine who his father actually is.

      1. yes, the birth certif. is a misdirection but then they got busted with the COLB having a forged seal, which is irrefutable

        so yes, NBC=jus soli jus sanguinis (both parents) but a forged COLB is a couple of felonies worth 25 years+ treason + it means he’s an illegal alien

        I believe had Fukino not sent the official seal before she left (for whatever reasons) it’d be still more difficult an issue.
        As it is, abercrombie can’t forge another one since the new forgery would have to eitherhave another forged seal or an authentic seal which doesn’t match the current one…
        either way he’s exposed for treason himself

      2. Also, Lakin noticed himself that his child’s seal (born in HI) did not mach the forged colb’s, but he could not introduce any evidence.