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by Sharon Rondeau

Why won't Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens take action on Mr. Campbell's troublesome and dangerous neighbor?

(Jan. 1, 2011) — The following interview occurred with a Monroe County, TN resident whose neighbor has committed illegal acts and has not been apprehended by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department despite numerous complaints.  The resident has stated that his property has been demolished, that his neighbor has fired a rifle  at him and otherwise harassed him but suffered no consequences.  As a result of his contacting the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, the resident stated that the police report was falsified and the sheriff refused to take action.

MRS. RONDEAU: From our emails, it sounds as if your experience is different from others’ with whom we have spoken regarding events in Monroe County.  You haven’t been in jail, but you say that Sheriff Bill Bivens is “incompetent.”  What makes you say that?

RESIDENT: I know enough about law enforcement – my father was one, my younger brother was one – I walked away from becoming one because of the corruption on the West Coast, as I used to live in California.  I’m back in the South, but it was like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is Monroe County worse than California?

RESIDENT: Yes.  This is the first time I’ve dealt with a person who moved trailers in on the property behind me, tore up my land – I have pictures of it – three times calling the Sheriff’s Department to get a deputy out to take pictures.  When I bought this house back in November 2004, I signed everything in January of 2005 and moved in.  It has a nice view, but now there’s this garbage that’s been moved in.  There’s a declaration which everyone here who buys a house must sign.  There are stipulations:  you can’t do this, you can’t do that.  Well, you can’t put an extra house on the same lot, and when they started doing that, I was still recovering from back surgery, and I had to chase the semi trucks off my land.  They tore up the back of my land; they vandalized it.

MRS. RONDEAU: Does the person who did this own the lot next to yours?

RESIDENT: No, he doesn’t own it whatsoever.  It may belong to his mother, but he doesn’t have it in his name or anything.

MRS. RONDEAU: So what possessed him to move the additional trailer or trailers onto the land?

RESIDENT: When they were bringing it in, semi trucks were at least 25 feet onto my property, which made the trailers come onto my property.  They backed ’em up and set ’em where they needed to set ’em, so they’re not on my property now.  But I had to face ’em off with a gun.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did you first ask them to remove the trailers from your property?

RESIDENT: I didn’t even bother asking.  After several times of running the semi trucks up and down the back side of my property, it was obvious that they did not care.  I told ‘im to get the wheels of the semi truck off my property, but I couldn’t find who it was who was paid to have it done.  Like I said, I was still recovering from back surgery.

MRS. RONDEAU: Were you taking a lot of pain-killers?

RESIDENT: A lot, unfortunately.  So I didn’t call the sheriff’s department at that time.  At the time it was happening, I hollered out and said, “Who’s the owner of the company?” and some guy walked up, and I said, “Look, get these things off my property; they’re tearin’ up my land.”  It still took ’em a bit to even move one of those trailers.  It just sat there, and I was tempted to shoot the engine of the truck because it was on my land.  Of course, I was concerned that bullets can ricochet, and I didn’t want ’em to fly off somewhere.

MRS. RONDEAU: How long were they doing the work to install the trailers?

RESIDENT: It was a full day; they were tryin’ to get it in, get it done real quick, thinkin’ that I wasn’t around.  When I saw what was happenin’, I thought, “This is crazy.”  I walk with a cane; I’m one step up from a walker.  Finally, they moved it and got the truck off my land at the end of that day.  The guy who paid for the trailer ended up bringing someone else in to grade out around the outside of the trailer and was runnin’ all over my property again.

MRS. RONDEAU: So you were back to the same problem except that this time it was the dirt that was being pushed around rather than the trailer?

RESIDENT: I’m not sure what you call it since I’ve been away from construction a few years; it was supposed to level the dirt.  But it was tearin’ up my land again, and this was the time when I called the sheriff’s department to say I’d had enough.  When the first deputy came out, the guy acted ignorant and said, “Oh, I didn’t know where the property line was at,” which is a lie, because he was standin’ out there when they measured from my property line out where they were going to set the trailer.

MRS. RONDEAU: I would think they would have had to have an idea of where the border was before beginning new construction.

RESIDENT: Right.  And I told the guy he was lyin’; I saw him there standin’ with the other guys measuring, and  I said, “If this guy runs across my property again, I will sue.”  When I confronted him, he loaded up the tractor real quick and said, “Bye.”  I did get the license number of his truck.  So after I went inside and called the sheriff’s department to ask for a deputy to come down here and take pictures; I wanted a report filed – and that guy who owned the trailer took off.  The guy doin’ the work took off before him.  So I confronted the guy who paid for the trailers and also told him that it was illegal to have the trailers here because of the declaration statement of the housing community.

MRS. RONDEAU: Wouldn’t he at least have had to obtain the permission of the Zoning Board?

RESIDENT: There’s two separate homes on this property.  He backed the trailers into a corner of the lot that’s behind me, and it’s the same color as my garage and house.  The roof is the same color, so it makes it look like it’s part of my property.  So there’s a house, and then the two trailers which they tied together to make ’em double-wide.  I called Zoning, and I said, “Look:  in this area, there are stipulations; you cannot have two homes on the same lot.”  I said, “Did you approve it?” and he said, “Yeah.”  So I said, “Why?”

MRS. RONDEAU: Someone told you it had been approved?

RESIDENT: Oh, yeah, the guy who stamped off for the approval.  His answer to me was, “I can’t get up and check every time someone wants somethin’ done.  I’d be here forever.”  Well, I hate people who exaggerate.  I hate liars.  I’m disabled; there’s days that when I need groceries, I don’t even go to the grocery store because I’m in so much pain.  Well, if I can go down, leave my house, and get all the information within 30 minutes, and this guy is in the basement of the same building where all this information is at, where he can just pick up the phone and call…there’s ladies that work in the department of deeds and records, and there is a stipulation.  The lady who saw the stipulation said, “You can’t put an extra house out there.”  So it’s been ignored, and like I said, the last time he vandalized my land, I said, “Enough’s enough” and called the sheriff’s department, told ’em I needed a deputy out here to take pictures; I want a report filed because the guy’s torn up my land for the second time, and I’m done with this.”

The first deputy who came out there asked for my social security number, which was strange, I guess so that they can see if I have any record or anything, but I think it’s all illegal.  Social security is for social security purposes only, nothing else.  So I told the guy what was goin’ on, and he said, “Well, the camera’s with another guy at an accident.”   I said, “You guys have only one camera?  Give me a break!  I want pictures taken.”  I gave the guy the report, pretty much what I’ve told you, although it probably had a few more details.

He sent another guy out, a deputy, who tried to tell me, “Oh, I do real estate on the side, and you gotta know where your property line is at before you start accusin’,” and I said, “I know where they’re at.”  There are visible stakes in the ground.

MRS. RONDEAU: Had you had a survey done at some point on your land?

Monroe County Sheriff's Department report instructing Mr. Campbell to ascertain the property line even though it was already marked

Enlarged text of sheriff's office report regarding the property line

RESIDENT: Yes, prior to buying it.  One of the stakes sticks up 12 feet and has barbed wire on it, and the other ones are regular property stakes.  But this guy ended up knockin’ on the guy’s door, talked with him, and I was told, “He said he’ll take care of it.”  I said, “Look, I’m tired of this, and you don’t have a camera.”  So I had to call a third time, and this time they finally brought a camera.  And this is all on the same day.

The last one was captain of the SWAT team (laughs).

MRS. RONDEAU: Why did he come out?

RESIDENT: I have no idea.

Sheriff's Department report stating that photos had been taken of the trailers brought onto the adjoining lot but not the person who took them

Enlarged text of sheriff's report stating that photos of the property damage had been taken

MRS. RONDEAU: Did they really need to send the captain of the SWAT team to go out and take pictures of your land being destroyed?  Didn’t he have better things to do?

RESIDENT: Yeah; it’s hard to say.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did he bring a camera?

RESIDENT: Yes, and he did take pictures.  He was very thorough, very good, and I appreciated that.  Well, the guy I had the problem with started goin’, screamin’ and yellin’, and then started chargin’ at me!


RESIDENT: Yeah, and I looked out of the corner of my eye to see what the deputy was goin’ to do.

MRS. RONDEAU: The guy did it in front of the captain of the SWAT team?

RESIDENT: Yeah, and the guy got close enough…he came over to my land, chargin’ at me.  And I was standin’ on my own land, inside my land at least ten feet.  And then I yelled at ‘im and said, “Get the heck off my property,” and I didn’t sue the word “heck.”  Now I stopped when he got off my property, then a woman, I think his mother, came over; and it was as if both of ’em were playin’ dumb, sayin’, “Oh, what seems to be the problem?”

I kept my mouth shut because I was afraid I’d end up sayin’ somethin’ that I would regret sayin’.

MRS. RONDEAU: What did the head of the SWAT team do when the neighbor charged at you?

RESIDENT: Nothin’.

MRS. RONDEAU: He did nothing?

RESIDENT: No, that’s why I had to yell and tell the guy to get off my property.  I don’t understand why that guy was not arrested for vandalism.  Every time I had called concerning this problem, a deputy showed up and asked, “Was it done to your buildings?” and I said “No, it was done to my land.”

MRS. RONDEAU: Why would it matter if your land or your building was damaged?  If there was an ordinance saying that an additional home could not be put on any lot in the development, why wouldn’t the man have been asked to remove the trailers and make restitution to you for the damage?

RESIDENT: Well, I’ll get to that point soon.  What they told me was, “Well, this is a civil matter, and you need to end up takin’ this to court.”  It’s not our responsibility; it’s a civil matter.  And I said, “Oh?  I hate callin’ Law Enforcement, but law enforcement agencies, especially the sheriff, deal with the county, and I live in the county.  I told ’em, “You’re there to uphold the laws, and not just state, local or county, so that the stipulation and declaration of not puttin’ another house, not tearin’ up someone’s yard to do it.”  The county is different from the city, but because this has been around – the homes were built in 1989 or so – there’s a 26-year stipulation on all this.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is it a housing association?

RESIDENT: Yes, but without the fees.  When you buy a house, you agree to the stipulations.  It’s developed, with houses on every lot, and all these homes have the same stipulations until 26 years are up.  My real estate agent told me, “Oh, it’s great; don’t worry, it will protect you; someone can’t just pull some trailer on…” although I didn’t care too much for it because it reminded me of a homeowners’ association.

MRS. RONDEAU: Isn’t it funny that the real estate agent mentioned that?

RESIDENT: Yeah, I’ve looked at it like that.  There’s several pages of “restrictive covenants” on land use, building-type lot.  Even if you have a shed, it’s gotta look the same as your house.

Pictures were taken, but I never got the guy’s name.  His name is not on the report.  I tried to get that done, but nothin’, nothin’.  I kept dealing with the sheriff’s secretary, but couldn’t get it.

MRS. RONDEAU: When did all of this start?

RESIDENT: In February 2008.  After the deputy left, this guy was coming out and walkin’ up and down the property line, whistlin’, tryin’ to antagonize me, and he’d end up leanin’ on a 2 x 4 fence in the corner of my lot and callin’ for my cat, who will come if you whistle for him.  And this guy was whistlin’ for my cat, and I thought, “This is wrong.”

MRS. RONDEAU: So would you say he was trying to get under your skin?

RESIDENT: It was kinda remindin’ me of that movie that Michael Keaton and Matthew Modeen were in:  Pacific Heights.  Have you seen it?

MRS. RONDEAU: No, I haven’t.

RESIDENT: Well, I have a feeling that this guy has been workin’ on me, tryin’ to get me out of the neighborhood.  People are afraid of this guy.  I went to neighbors to see about getting together to get this guy out when he first came in.  Next to him is a woman, and I talked with her boyfriend, and he said, “No, no, all she’s gonna do is put up a fence ’cause she’s lost her privacy, but she’s afraid to do anything, afraid he’ll retaliate.”  I talked to another guy in the neighborhood, and he was afraid the guy was gonna retaliate.  So I understand now why they kept their mouths shut.

Report from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department dated 11/16/2010 stating that Mr. Campbell's neighbor's dog had "chased him up on his front porch," something Mr. Campbell denies because of his physical disability

Enlarged narrative portion of police report from November 16, 2010

MRS. RONDEAU: Is there a reason to believe that he would retaliate?

RESIDENT: Yes, he has with me, because he has fired a weapon at me.

MRS. RONDEAU: When did that happen?

RESIDENT: It happened this year.  I told the sheriff to his face.  People know this guy, and I’ve seen this guy in a Fire & Rescue jacket.  After he had fired at me – it was a high-powered BB gun – it hit the leaves right above my head, and I was bendin’ over, leanin’ on my cane, tryin’ to trim stuff down.  If I had looked up, it would have either popped me in the forehead or the eye.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did you report that, and was he arrested?

RESIDENT: I did report it, but he was not arrested.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why was he not arrested?

RESIDENT: The only thing I can speculate on is either he’s family or he works for Fire & Rescue, but for some reason, nothing has been done.  This has been going on since 2008.  I waited a couple of days and tried to see where the BB went, but I confronted him that day.  When he fired at me, I walked up to his property and yelled at him.  He was standin’ in his doorway with his right arm stuck in to the house, so I know he was hidin’ the rifle, and I told ‘im then…I said, “If you fire at me again, I will respond with extreme prejudice.”

MRS. RONDEAU: If you are fired at without having provoked someone, Tennessee law says that you can defend yourself.

RESIDENT: I know the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives me the right to treat this man as a domestic enemy and that I can use deadly force. To me, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence supersede all these trumped-up laws that people have made.

MRS. RONDEAU: Many laws seem to dilute the Constitution.

RESIDENT: Exactly.  So I went into my house, grabbed my rifle, and it wasn’t a BB gun.  I laid it out there on the wall where I was trimmin’ off the bad twigs from the small trees…But he tried to come after me the time when I confronted him prior to my gettin’ my rifle, and I stood my ground.  I cannot come out back on this guy.  I can’t run, and I’ve been in martial arts since I was 14; I figure at least I can get one move in quick, and that’s it.  I’ve got six bulging discs in my neck; I’ve got a disc missing in my lower back, but that is another story.

Prior to this man firing at me, I had called the TBI, FBI, and nothin’ was bein’ done.  I reported that he was tryin’ to steal one of my pets, done the vandalism and all that, and all this taunting stuff, and they blew it off.

MRS. RONDEAU: And this is both the TBI and the FBI?

RESIDENT: Yes, I called both of them.  I said, “Look, I’m disabled; I’m a handicapped person, and this person doin’ this stuff is terrorism.”  I told ’em that I had contacted the Sheriff’s Department and nothin’ was bein’ done.  They said, “Oh, no, that’s not terrorism.”  Well, if I was the president, I’d get rid of half these government agencies; they’re worthless.  There are just too many of ’em, and they’ve gotten lazy.  I told ’em that whenever I go out in my yard, this guy comes out and starts walkin’ up and down my property trying to taunt me.

MRS. RONDEAU: And later there was the issue of the BB gun.

RESIDENT: I have a BB gun that you pump up.  Mine is old, and the feet-per-second is about 890.  There are newer ones that are 900 and something.  The ones that you just cock once are $1,200 rifles which go from 1,000 up to 1200 feet per second.  With my BB gun, I can kill a man with it.  Two days after he shot at me, I made the call to the Sheriff’s Department.  The guy who answered the phone, the dispatcher, knows this guy.  He said, “Oh, does the guy drive a white truck and he’s kinda heavy?  Oh, yeah, I know him.”  After that call, the next day, I just happened to come to my kitchen window, and I was watchin’ him and his son with armloads of rifles, and I don’t care how many he has, but he was loadin’ up his truck and drivin’ away, and I knew then that he was warned; he was told that I made the phone call.  So it was like, “Enough of this.”  When I was able to drive to the sheriff’s office, I was talkin’ with the sheriff’s secretary again, and she said, “You’re still havin’ problems with that guy?” and I said, “Yeah, the sheriff’s never set an appointment,” because that was the second appointment that the sheriff had ignored.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did you ever speak face-to-face with Sheriff Bill Bivens?

RESIDENT: I set up the appointment with his secretary, but the sheriff came walkin’ in and the secretary said, “This gentleman needs to talk with you…” and I told the sheriff, “This man who lives behind me has fired a high-powered BB gun at me and missed me, but barely.”  I said, “I couldn’t find the BB, but what are you going to do?”  He said, “Excuse me; I’ve got a meeting to go to,” and walked away into a room where there were a bunch of deputies.  And that was it.  I told his secretary that I’d like to get an appointment set up, but I never heard anything.  There’s been quite a bit that’s gone on that the sheriff’s department has failed to do anything about.  This last time, I took a fall on November 8 and thought I broke my hip.  It was right before my therapy.  Fortunately, I have heated-pool therapy, so that helps.

Doctor's report stating that Mr. Campbell is not capable of running or other sudden physical activity

Text of statement from a Ph.D. affirming Mr. Campbell's disabilities and inability to move quickly, hence casting doubt on the Monroe County Police Department's report that Campbell was "chased up on his front porch."

During this two-year period, this guy has screamed at me, sayin’ that I’m faking my injuries.  The first time he said it, I raised up the back of my shirt and let him see the scars on my back, and of course, his BS was, “Oh, I got friends with back surgery who are worse than that.”

I’m not gonna back up from this guy.  I did at one point because he and I rent from the same video store, and he happened to be there the same day I was, and he was honkin’ his horn.  I didn’t recognize who it was; I was plannin’ on goin’ into the store, and he was honkin’. I turned around, and he was givin’ me a dirty look.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is this how life is in Monroe County, that certain people can do anything and get away with it?

RESIDENT: Yes.  We used to have a cleaning service, and there was a girl who was 18 or 19 working for the company who would come in and clean my house who had had problems with the sheriff’s department.  She told me about an incident that allegedly occurred when she was 16 or 17, that one of the deputies had exposed himself to her.

MRS. RONDEAU: How did she come to be in such a position to have that happen?

RESIDENT: She was with some people – I think she had a boyfriend at the time – and it’s possible he may have had a run-in, but the deputy supposedly said some things to her and then exposed himself.

MRS. RONDEAU: Where did it occur?

RESIDENT: She said it happened outside of a convenience store or fast food place, and nothin’ was done about it.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did she report it to anyone, do you know?

RESIDENT: No, she didn’t.  In fact, she was afraid to based on somethin’ that he may have said, and also the fear of bein’ harassed.  Look at Walt.  There’s still stuff bein’ said about him, and it’s comin’ from the newspaper, and the First Amendment was for the media to tell the truth, not to make up lies.

MRS. RONDEAU: The purpose of a free press is to report on what the government is doing, not to be a mouthpiece for it.

RESIDENT: Right.  And it has to be truthful, not conjecture or speculation.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you have documentation of your attempts to file complaints with the Sheriff’s Department or the other entities you mentioned?

RESIDENT: Well, I have two reports, and his name finally got put on the second one, but it’s not his given name.  His name is “Ricky.”  Well, “Ricky” is short for “Richard.”  Plus, with the dog runnin’ wild and comin’ after me, and it wasn’t just me that it was comin’ after; I had my landscaper on my property, and both of us were standin’ there when this guy’s kid came out of his house and the dog charged ‘im.  That was about two months ago.  I told the kid to keep the dog off my property.  On November 13, this kid walked from the trailer that’s on the property behind me, up through my driveway, and chased my cat up onto the porch.  I looked for my guns, found one of them, went outside and was yellin’ at the kid.  The dog was not on a leash, and I told the kid to keep his dang dog off my property.  Nothin’.  So I figured this kid was goin’ to cut back through.  He started to, and I pointed my gun at his dog, and I said, “If that dog gets on my property, I’m shootin’ it and killin’ it.”  Well, his buddy, who is the neighbor across the street, was watchin’, and I know that’s when my adrenaline started flowin’, my hands started movin’, because I tend to talk with my hands – I put my gun in my pocket.  That way, my gun would not be wavin’ around.  Even though it wasn’t cocked, I didn’t want to take the chance of hurtin’ anyone.  So the kid started mouthin’ off, and I called him an “inbred, better than your father,” then , as he was walkin’ down the road to cut through someone else’s yard to get back to his, the kid called me a homosexual.

I kept my mouth shut.  I called Animal Control about this dog.  All dogs have to be on leashes, penned up or behind a chain-link fence.  Cats can free-roam; they can go wherever they want.  And that was one of the things that the deputy said when he finally showed up:  “Oh, your cat can’t go in people’s yards; they have a right to shoot it.”  No, they don’t.  As I said, before the deputy showed up on the 13th of November, this guy came runnin’ up onto my yard – not the teenager, but the father of the teenager, screaming out that I threatened to kill his son, which was a lie.  And the guy said, “Even his friend says he says it,” and I said, “That’s a lie, because I never said it.”  But he ran back off my property, stood in the middle of the street and pointed for me to come and stand in front of him.  Well, if I were to do that, the courts would probably figure that I would have become the aggressor then.

MRS. RONDEAU: Was this guy ever made to move the trailers?

RESIDENT: Nope.  I have a neighbor one lot over who wanted to put up a clothesline but said, “I know I can’t do it because it’s in the covenants.”  So it’s crazy, but people around here are afraid of this guy.

MRS. RONDEAU: Given what has happened, would you say that he has some protection from local law enforcement?

RESIDENT: Yes, he does.  The last report that I got, with this guy yelling in the neighborhood that I’m takin’ money from the government and I’m fakin’ my injuries – that’s slander and defamation.

MRS. RONDEAU: Can you file a civil suit against him for that?

RESIDENT: I would like to, but when this stuff started happenin’ two and a half years ago, I called the courthouse and talked with a lady, and I asked, “What form do I need to file against my neighbor for doin’ such and such?”  Her answer was, “I don’t know what you need.”

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you have a police report from your complaint against your neighbor?

RESIDENT: Yes, and as I said, the police report omitted everything I said and changed it to where I said the dog chased me up onto my porch.

MRS. RONDEAU: So you’re saying the police report was altered?

RESIDENT: Oh, big-time!  Then, the deputy put in a positive note towards the dog that has come after me and other people that I’m with.  Even down the street, it’s happened.  The facts were omitted and it made it look like I could run, which takes away from my disability.  There’s only one truth in the whole report, and that’s from the teenager sayin’ that his dog did not chase me up onto my porch.  That’s the only truth (laughs).

MRS. RONDEAU: The rest of it is false?

RESIDENT: Yeah. It’s gettin’ to the point where it’s goin’ to end up turnin’ into gunplay.  If that happens, I know I’ll be dealing with the sheriff.  I know he’ll be sending his goon squad and if I remember right, he hires a civilian who is a marksman, which to me is not legal.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Campbell added the following closing statement to his interview after we spoke:

In regard to law enforcement becoming domestic enemies, we do have the right to defend ourselves.  The Second Amendment that our forefathers wrote into the U.S. Constitution was for our benefit because, being Christians, they knew that the hearts of men are wicked and only GOD knows the hearts of men (you’ll find this in the New and Old Testaments)- Luke 22:35-38 is where they got the right to bear arms.

I have seen Americans burned to death, shot at and tasered (can’t find it in any of my dictionaries – this was introduced to law enforcement to subdue people on PCP and is actually a deadly weapon) and using the same kind of dog which Hitler, Stalin and the SS storm troopers used against men, women and children over false allegations, that of not responding as quickly as the officers wanted.

I call the perpetrators traitors and the actions which these officers have committed and continue to commit under the guise of protecting the public terrorist acts. This past summer a man ran from the police and they used their police dog (which is an animal; no more than that).  The dog died of heat exhaustion and the man was charged with murder.  Since when does an animal have the same Constitutional right as a person?  Animals were not created in the Image of GOD. (Genesis 2, Romans 1).

Sobriety checkpoints are illegal (Fourth Amendment).  Did anyone commit a crime in order to be stopped and searched illegally, because that is exactly what they are doing and accusing you of, proof of registration, insurance and drivers’ license. This is an illegal search and seizure.

I am through looking to those whose wages we pay, and they are too lazy or corrupt to do the job we require them to do.  This is not only with the sheriff and deputies of Monroe county, TN, but with the ATF, FBI, TBI or any law enforcement.  It also includes the illegal organization called the Department of Homeland Security.  These agencies have done nothing for me except make me vulnerable to a bully trying to do me harm and drive me out of my own neighborhood.

No more.  My family has been here since the 1700s, and I and my ancestors are and have been American Patriots. GOD (of Israel), Country and Family!

This “bully” Ricky (or Richard?) Best is allowing his dog to run again in the neighborhood and on my land.  He waited a month prior to starting his shenanigans  again, which is his pattern for almost three years.

A questionnaire has been circulated throughout each military branch, but not all personnel have seen it, even though it dates back to the 1970s. This I know because one of my friends on the West Coast admitted to answering it; the other friend never saw it.  However, both were in the Navy at the same time. In 1993 the questionnaire was passed around again on Marine base 29 Palms, then again during Bush Jr’s second term. The sum of $85,000 was offered to a Marine friend of my younger brother who had been planing on re-upping, but when the questionnaire was put before him with another question added to it, he refused to do so.

Here are the questions:

  • Are you willing to go door to door and collect fire arms?
  • Are you willing to collect fire arms from relatives, including family members?
  • Are you willing to collect fire arms by force?
  • Are you willing to take a life to collect fire arms? this one was added during the Bush Jr’s Administration, 1st 3 during Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton’s Administration.
  • see: State Department Document # 7277, 1962 disarming America.

    These Presidents are responsible for this document:  Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson

    Katrina was a trial run on disarming Americans and bringing foreign armies into this sovereign Nation. The Mexican Federal army, UN army in Pensacola, Florida, and NATO is waiting right across the border from California in Canada waiting for the financial implosion, Communist Chinese Military is based in Long Beach, California since 1993, a base that Clinton closed down. This is the largest and deepest military Port on the west coast. Same area that we saw a mysterious missile that was fire. Mikhail Gorbachev is living on half of a military base in San Fransisco, CA called the Presidia, which he wrote The New World Federated Constitution, Nick name Philadelphia 2. Russian army based in Alabama this happened during Katrina. There are FEMA camps through out this country, they are set-up similar to concentration camps of World War 2. there are people in Federal Prisons that have been there for 3 years and more that have not been in court at all; some are there because family members have committed crimes. This info came from my younger brother who was a Federal Officer of Prisons; he resigned after 16 years after seeing the corruption and abuse. In the paperwork that he had to sign he saw a page saying “I volunteer to pay taxes.”

    I’ll also send evidence that I have concerning this.

    These military bases that Bill Clinton closed down while he was President. He cut our military in half, that is where he got the excess money and federal land to put foreign armies on.

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    1. “Here are the questions:

      •Are you willing to go door to door and collect fire arms?
      •Are you willing to collect fire arms from relatives, including family members?
      •Are you willing to collect fire arms by force?
      •Are you willing to take a life to collect fire arms? this one was added during the Bush Jr’s Administration, 1st 3 during Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton’s Administration.
      see: State Department Document # 7277, 1962 disarming America.”

      Sorry, but any government employee that follows illegal orders is best advised to not step foot on my property to follow those orders.

    2. Mrs. Rondeau, you have my number and have my permission to give it to Walter so we can get together and chat. I told him we would after he got out. I been trying to talk him in to moving the heck out of Monroe County. That would make things more difficult for Bivens and his thugs from messing with him……as they will do, at will.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, Tonto. Will do.

    3. Mrs. Rondeau,

      Happy New Year! This article is truly incredible!!

      How is Walt doing? Have you spoken with him recently? I thought he was supposed to be released at the end of December, did the Monroe County Gestapo trump up some reason to continue to hold him?

      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, he was released on Thursday, and a story is coming.